Zero | Official Trailer | Shah Rukh Khan | Aanand L Rai | Anushka | Katrina | 21 Dec 2018


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    They say it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. Thank you for being with us on this journey from Zero to 100 million!

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  4. Vishnu Reddy

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    WTF, it's been 4 days since you said 100M views but youtube still not updated? Are you lying or what?

  5. Ankita Gupta

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    It seems difficult to complete 100M views first

  6. Ankita Gupta

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  7. Shubham Jauhri

    Shubham Jauhri6 분 전

    4K Likes Needed For 2M

  8. Marjory Amante

    Marjory Amante14 분 전

    Love you srk

  9. Satyajit Talukdar

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    Srkians film v at least 5 times dekhna u srk

  10. Shivaprasad sanikop

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    Sandal wood K.G.F fans like here... 👇👇

  11. Gaurav Kodape

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  12. Prashanth Kumar

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    Most viewed indian trailer zero it gon a be blockbuster love u srk die hard fan of him

  13. Vik Sembhi- ViKS MB

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    And i am the 1 here to watch trailor after 107 M views 🤗😒

  14. Sarthak Mishra

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    Who is here after titu talks ?

  15. Ashok Arora

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    Who is here to see.. 2M likes hue k nahi

  16. Vidhyavati Chillargikar

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    +Sarthak Mishra link bhejo na phir plzz

  17. Sarthak Mishra

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    +Vidhyavati Chillargikar because its an awesome chat show with shahrukh khan for promotion of zero , no 1 trending

  18. Vidhyavati Chillargikar

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    +Sarthak Mishra why

  19. Sarthak Mishra

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    Bhai jaake titu talks with srk dekh

  20. Vidhyavati Chillargikar

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    I think this is the only trailer who crossed 100m views

  21. Praveen Kumar

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    Very nice.....srk king

  22. Jaweed Khan

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    Booking start karo

  23. Kota city

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    2M likes karo

  24. Bahubali return back

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    200m+agree toh like kro

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    2:46 🙏🙏🙏

  26. dev vashist

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    Very nice trailer and I hope movie will also be nice

  27. St T

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    Kgf vs zero Aap ki Support

  28. St T

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    A movie dheek ke kamm height ke logo ku proud ho ga 😎😎😎

  29. Aar God

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    Shahrukh baunaa jaisa lag nahi Raha h.untill he stands near someone else

  30. St T

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    A rocket ka scene persnol hi mujhay lagta hi chand ki bhi sair hoge

  31. tahamid hasan ashik

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    Non stop views keep it up guys 😉

  32. Perdian Perdi

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    zero to zero..

  33. Sambhu Durga

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    Love srkkkk

  34. MUGHAL shaab

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    1.9 million like 154k dislike 107 million views only on youtube 226k comments King to king hota ha Bollywood ka king srk ta srk ha or srk he rahe ga

  35. Sreekar Reddy

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    SRK is back

  36. Amaresh N

    Amaresh N4 시간 전

    Not sure if anyone has noticed the inconsistency in Khan’s character. He looks small in few scenes and normal size but just shorter in most.

  37. MUGHAL shaab

    MUGHAL shaab4 시간 전

    107M Srk aap ne Bollywood ka record lagaa deya ha ab koye nhe toor skta 5 saal tk

  38. Perdian Perdi

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    many view just..And the result just ordinary..this film no special no unic..

  39. Furkhan Ahmed

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    Almost 4k likes left guys keep it up 👍👍👍

  40. Shahidkhan Khan

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    Who is see in now this trailer

  41. Riad Prem

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    Its gonna be the best movie of 2018

  42. abdul Salam

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    Hugh blockbuster this year

  43. samik chakraborty

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    0nly 16k likes to go hell yeah

  44. nazmul islam

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    king kkkkkkkkkkkkk and king sk.

  45. Md. Rizwan. Zahid

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    i love yuo

  46. Md. Rizwan. Zahid

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  47. Rahul Kumar

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    Thank yo

  48. Saba Ahmed

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    Good luck

  49. Sheng Zhou

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    Catchy song, epic dance. Yes please, even though I dont speak Indian at all.

  50. Kishan Chakraborty

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    Gudka khate ho gapa gap.. Hahahaha

  51. gursewak singh

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    Blockbuster hogi zero movie

  52. mudiganti priyanka

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    Another "love story"..Sick of bollywood's obsession with love stories..Pls be innovative..

  53. Sonu Khan

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  54. Arjun Chandel

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    kgf only kgf

  55. Arjun Chandel

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    kgf is best zero is 0

  56. Ajith A

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    Only 5k likes needed for 2m likes

  57. Thug Rider

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    West UP Meerut, ki accent esi nhi h jese SRK baat kar rhe h.

  58. Asif Ansari

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    Awsm trailer

  59. Shah Rukh Khan

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    Who is excited 🔥🔥🔥

  60. Ali Bhai

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    block buster 😉😉😉love u shahrukhkhan

  61. Arun Bawa

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    Very nice

  62. Waleed Khan

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    Simba out.....Zero a clean blockbuster...give it for zero 👍

  63. Syed Hashim

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    Salman sir thanks to u bcoz of u 100 million like will crassing 👌👍

  64. Kushal Chavan

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    Who was here after titu talks bb ki vines

  65. arpit mohan

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    Me..titu nd srk was i waiting fr

  66. Bhavya Pipil

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    SRK Motivational Speech.. In the link..

  67. coc clashers

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    I will make sure that I watch this film on first day of its release😍😍😍😍😍

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    1,983,860 likes!!! Just need 16,140 more likes till 2 million! The craze continues, zero will be a blockbuster 🔥🔥🔥

  69. WhereAreTheAvocados ?

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  70. manas Jaiswal

    manas Jaiswal9 시간 전

    Shahrukh khan if you are reading this then please stop doing such idiotic films about. Nobody is interested in this shit. Be like pankaj Tripathi of Mirzapur n you will succeed

  71. Pavan chama

    Pavan chama9 시간 전

    How things kgf. = zero?

  72. C.L.SAGAR kattahalli

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    Kgf... kgf...... Record break movi... in India...Film industry.....

  73. being Rashed

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    He s movies are entertaining inspiring whole family can enjoy the movie..

  74. Mousumi Kayet

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    107 million views🔥

  75. Justen Raj

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    Loda bee Acha nhi hea salea SRK Pakistani 🖕

  76. Sarwar Shaikh

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    Beautiful trailer

  77. Sharma Santosh

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    Guys we have achieved!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  78. Aasif Khan

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  79. Ali Saim

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    Srk best Love from Pakistan

  80. Abdul Mutallib

    Abdul Mutallib10 시간 전

    Bhaiyo kaun kaun chahta zero bollywood ki sabse badi movie bane like thoko boss

  81. Abdul Mutallib

    Abdul Mutallib10 시간 전

    I Am biggest fan of srk and i am watching zero trailer more than 100 times

  82. Shadman MuzammilVevo

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    2M kab Honge yaar

  83. Funny VINES

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    Who is waiting for movie and 2million likes

  84. Moin Shaikh

    Moin Shaikh10 시간 전

    Maha flop hai

  85. Abhijeet S. Rawat

    Abhijeet S. Rawat10 시간 전

    Srk always on the ToP.💐👍😊

  86. لوكا Loka

    لوكا Loka10 시간 전

    ILave anosuka

  87. Kaddus Ali SRK F

    Kaddus Ali SRK F10 시간 전

    are yaar jadse ise 2M like kardo na please

  88. Rafeek Mohammad

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    like video

  89. asha Chowdhury

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    Excellent............ love you sharukh

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    hey guys check out the top 10 movies of Shahrukh Khan - SRK and get reacquainted with entertainment!!비디오-vymw1PjLR8A.html

  91. Akram Khan

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    Love you SRK. Zero will be blockbuster.. !!

  92. Jayaprakash B

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    1:17 👌👌👌

  93. aniket modi

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    1994687 likes, only around 6000 likes needed for 2 Million likes, srkians lets do it !

  94. Mr King

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    Trailer To Aag Laga Dii.🔥🔥🔥🔥 Lakin Songs Ki Views ku Baad Nahi Rahi Hai??🙄🙄

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  96. who is Modi

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    Chudail banke


    RAJ PRAJAPATI10 시간 전

    Bekaar acting, super duper flop

  98. who is Modi

    who is Modi10 시간 전

    Suar ka aulad

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    14k likes more just do it guys for 2M

  100. Shahil Ali

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    107 million aur aap log dua kariye ki like bhi 2 million ho jaye

  101. GAURAV Prajapati

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    abhi kitne likes bache h 2m ke liye?koi bta skta h

  102. F_B

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  103. Emad Raza Khan

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    aag laga dega zero

  104. gurdas singh maan singh gurdas

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  105. Amit Jerath

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    Srk is back

  106. humanity is still alive

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  107. Sindhu Dev

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  108. Abul Kalam Azad

    Abul Kalam Azad11 시간 전

    Waiting for this amazing film

  109. N N K

    N N K11 시간 전

    Kya film banai hain

  110. Honey Dev

    Honey Dev11 시간 전

    Why no one is talking about kgf here ?

  111. Honey Dev

    Honey Dev10 시간 전

    Oh sorry ... wrong room ... full shit here

  112. Shayan Debnath

    Shayan Debnath10 시간 전

    Why Anyone Will Talk About Kgf In Zero Trailer...Common sense hain Bhi ya Nahi😐😐😂😂😂😂

  113. who is Modi

    who is Modi10 시간 전

    Chal bata ye kfg kya bakchodi hai?

  114. Shahina Rasi

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    Who all waiting for 3Million likes which will happen soon


    TANVIR HASAN11 시간 전

    how many people watch trailer after bb ki vine video ? please like and reply thanks

  116. Parikhit assassin

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    Whatever people will say but deep down we all know Shahrukh Khan is the legend

  117. anish don

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    Will remain most viewed tailor till next Srk's movie 😍😍

  118. Digesh Sahu

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    107 million congratulations