Yung Gravy, bbno$ - Whip A Tesla


  1. Hoplan

    Hoplan27 분 전

    0:28 make a ok google version

  2. Sparky

    Sparky40 분 전

    Baby no money

  3. OddityDeclan •

    OddityDeclan •시간 전

    Bbno$ and yung gravy? *oh my lord my work here is done*

  4. Green pewdiepie Bird

    Green pewdiepie Bird시간 전

    It’s been so long since I’ve heard a chuck testa reference

  5. A YouTube Channel

    A YouTube Channel2 시간 전

    Wow 1:17

  6. Jordan Joestar

    Jordan Joestar4 시간 전

    heard this when it came out and it ages like wine, ill be listening to this for a long time

  7. Tyler Bishop

    Tyler Bishop4 시간 전

    Y'all need to get back to the Apple Store and pick up your shifts. Tf is this song.

  8. Joacso Fire

    Joacso Fire5 시간 전

    lalalala a no this was not ...

  9. Quincey Gonzalez

    Quincey Gonzalez6 시간 전

    sometimes you gotta like your comment first to get the ball rolling

  10. Sub and Like

    Sub and Like7 시간 전

    Gravy’s mom in the vid lol

  11. なな8号車

    なな8号車7 시간 전


  12. Michau

    Michau8 시간 전

    someone: White people can't rap Yung gravy: hold my tesla

  13. Sgt.StickyTits

    Sgt.StickyTits8 시간 전

    Lil WIndex Collab NOW!!!! :D

  14. Random Cat

    Random Cat11 시간 전

    Excuse me? *Video ad : 15.09* _Soo how guys write coments 2 week_

  15. Baconhair Boobs are awesome

    Baconhair Boobs are awesome12 시간 전

    Elon musk: oh yeah this is gonna be good

  16. FatDoodlePuff

    FatDoodlePuff13 시간 전

    these two need to drop a tape asap

  17. Josh Thomas

    Josh Thomas15 시간 전

    No thank you.

  18. Ruby Molloy

    Ruby Molloy16 시간 전

    Lol 2 song

  19. mchale20201

    mchale2020117 시간 전

    bbno$ has the outfit you wear for a bad bitch safari.

  20. Brian Uriel

    Brian Uriel17 시간 전

    questi obiettivi sono il nuovo stadio della trappola

  21. this video is retarded

    this video is retarded17 시간 전

    deadass bbno$ always ruins my trips.

  22. Peyton WDYM

    Peyton WDYM17 시간 전

    Was waiting lol


    THE TRUTH18 시간 전


  24. XxxMR.DaDđY

    XxxMR.DaDđY19 시간 전


  25. The alligator on a Motor bike

    The alligator on a Motor bike19 시간 전

    Bruh I had my alexa on in the background😂

  26. 8en young

    8en young20 시간 전

    Low key Tampa bay bustdown goes hard



    Bruh chuck testa is actually in the video I used to watch him like 6 years ago

  28. Shane DeezNutz

    Shane DeezNutz21 시간 전

    This track go unreasonably hard.

  29. David Duvall

    David Duvall22 시간 전

    when the kids with lawyer dads start spitting bars

  30. Jostyn Padrinoz

    Jostyn Padrinoz일 전


  31. ScottishTaken

    ScottishTaken일 전

    Looks like Filthy Frank has progressed in the ranks.

  32. Adapterraptor Games

    Adapterraptor Games일 전

    When gravy came with hey alexa how many bitches can fit in tesla i thought he was gonna go in but he didnt

  33. Eduardo Puebla

    Eduardo Puebla일 전

    Me: hey Alexa hey Alexa Alexa: STFU!!

  34. who8myfish

    who8myfish일 전

    Dope. side note: God damn Chinese women have amazing facial features. 0:22

  35. v0x91

    v0x91일 전

    0:50---shout out to J. Spooks!!! #swah #swah #swah

  36. tenfodowin 7u7

    tenfodowin 7u7일 전

    The man of lalala 😯

  37. Tim Käfer

    Tim Käfer일 전

    Elon Musk wants to know youre location

  38. Sunny_Waifu

    Sunny_Waifu일 전

    She look 41, man I think I'm dyslexic Oh oops wrong lyrics

  39. Ana Diverte

    Ana Diverte일 전

    hey Alexa!hey Alexa! sera que você cabe em um tesla?

  40. skrt skrt

    skrt skrt일 전

    0:25 mah boi rich brian

  41. Spencer Levi

    Spencer Levi일 전

    Too many lumps in this gravy.

  42. Maggie Sizeland

    Maggie Sizeland일 전

    Elon Musk I want a response.

  43. Fl Adventures

    Fl Adventures일 전

    Young Gravy Is The Younger Better Looking Post Malone

  44. thepunch gamer

    thepunch gamer일 전

    Sorry if i'm picky but its not butterfly doors

  45. JP 10

    JP 10일 전

    Hey Alexa bitch

  46. farah mirza

    farah mirza일 전

    I love u

  47. Cloud Chaser

    Cloud Chaser일 전

    When you borrow tesla from dad

  48. RealMattPlayz

    RealMattPlayz일 전

    This tesla ad is lit

  49. i God Fall

    i God Fall일 전

    This is in canada?

  50. 冨江亮

    冨江亮일 전

    i thought it was ocarina of time rapping shit

  51. Erick Palma

    Erick Palma일 전

    Brasil por aqui?

  52. Taylor

    Taylor일 전

    I feel like this could be a Lonely Island song lowkey Im-

  53. Andrew Snedeker

    Andrew Snedeker일 전

    For people who don't understand the Chuck Testa line:

  54. Evan Stankowski

    Evan Stankowski일 전

    These 2 are like Steve Carell and will Farrell when they met in the office




  56. DÆVE

    DÆVE2 일 전

    0:29 Thats why you‘re here

  57. gustavo Gustavoportobarbosa

    gustavo Gustavoportobarbosa2 일 전


  58. Toxiic Pumpz

    Toxiic Pumpz2 일 전

    Not gonna cap I just now noticed the feature of this song made la la la😂

  59. Jacob D

    Jacob D2 일 전

    At least we have Yung gravy and his bitches saving the world with electric cars

  60. Jacob D

    Jacob D2 일 전

    "Hey alexa" Play Whip a tesla