YouTubers Go BACK to SCHOOL for 24 Hours! **FIRST DAY**


  1. Bella Olmedo

    Bella Olmedo16 시간 전

    12:16 had me died I couldn't breathe

  2. genesis Reyes

    genesis Reyes일 전

    In the first few seconds when you were leaving in the car you left the camera man behind

  3. Theavir R

    Theavir R일 전

    Go sub to me 😁 rug first

  4. Melany Aguilar

    Melany Aguilar2 일 전

    4:30 *Me trying to make an excuse*

  5. Alex Ghebru

    Alex Ghebru3 일 전

    3:18 killed me

  6. Lenny

    Lenny5 일 전

    Anthony got fat asf

  7. Poptart animations

    Poptart animations9 일 전

    8:54 there is a hydroflask in the background. SKSKSKSKKSKS AND I OOOOOPP


    BEAN BEAN9 일 전

    Ok boomer 6:00 - 16:09

  9. Vy Truong

    Vy Truong9 일 전

    I went to miramar college too. I also quit too. I just started my KOreporter channel. I also work while doing youtube.

  10. MarianaRoblox C

    MarianaRoblox C11 일 전

    I was dieting when faze rug brother throw the pence

  11. Lol LnxyFTW

    Lol LnxyFTW11 일 전

    8:25 Kanada before the fame?

  12. Jayden Bylilly

    Jayden Bylilly12 일 전

    My boi said ouchi

  13. SassyJ Keep it real

    SassyJ Keep it real12 일 전

    WAIT did you just say you miss it YOUR NOT MISSING ANYTHING!

  14. SassyJ Keep it real

    SassyJ Keep it real12 일 전

    School starts at 8 for me i have to wake up at 6:30 like my brains not gonna work better at that time🙄

  15. Jillian bryant

    Jillian bryant13 일 전

    Me watching this while going to school

  16. TryHard Fortniter123

    TryHard Fortniter12313 일 전

    Rug: we need to go to school Me: you think Prison

  17. Nandani Pratap

    Nandani Pratap13 일 전

    brawadis says ohh the school starts today omg i don't even have a backpack lol

  18. DanGoCrazy

    DanGoCrazy14 일 전

    Hey Guys I Hope your year is going great❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥 I wish u are successful in what U Grind for😊😊 And if u please make my Dream true ❤️ BY letting me hit 1k subs IT WILL mean ALOT

  19. AustinTheFortnitePig Yt

    AustinTheFortnitePig Yt14 일 전

    Anaheim Ducks 🦆 Toronto maple leaves 🍁 and me with Carolina Hurricanes people love hockey 🏒 agin I’m proud

  20. sammytone 04

    sammytone 0415 일 전

    .5 lead is my favorite

  21. michael vukich

    michael vukich15 일 전

    Yes because school starts in the middle of the day

  22. Matthews music displays

    Matthews music displays15 일 전


  23. hi pepole

    hi pepole16 일 전

    Sub to faze rug

  24. hi pepole

    hi pepole16 일 전

    Did you know that reaction time has more sub than you he has 14.007.000

  25. hi pepole

    hi pepole16 일 전

    Got to catch up

  26. Sahib Hundal

    Sahib Hundal16 일 전

    Someone in 2nd grade has Gucci

  27. vlogswith.Lonlon

    vlogswith.Lonlon18 일 전

    I hate working my brain

  28. Liz Garcia

    Liz Garcia18 일 전

    12:06 starts funnny 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  29. Liz Garcia

    Liz Garcia18 일 전

    12:21 is funny as helll

  30. zach goodman

    zach goodman20 일 전

    school is kinda boring but some kids just snitch for doing things that r'nt even bad

  31. Colten Kirk

    Colten Kirk21 일 전


  32. Dope Loop

    Dope Loop23 일 전

    What 2+2 Anthony 7 Me 45

  33. CrypTIK_ SnipeHype

    CrypTIK_ SnipeHype23 일 전

    R.I.P rugs lunch box

  34. china collins

    china collins24 일 전

    Nobody: Anthony:2+2=7 Me:😭😭😂😂😎I'm dead

  35. UselessMemes Time

    UselessMemes Time24 일 전

    Technically couldn't you do college for free since you can just walk in.

  36. ImKobe

    ImKobe25 일 전

    2020 anyone?

  37. Kovid Gupta

    Kovid Gupta25 일 전

    Braden in a basketball

  38. Kovid Gupta

    Kovid Gupta25 일 전

    You are very cool

  39. Max Kubicki

    Max Kubicki26 일 전

    Who else just came back from school

  40. King_Nikolass ;-;

    King_Nikolass ;-;26 일 전

    12:23 so funny

  41. Kaylee Keelin

    Kaylee Keelin26 일 전

    Nobody: Not a soul: Brawadis: start singing

  42. Owen Wesley

    Owen Wesley26 일 전

    Chargers suck😤😤😤😤👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎trash Steelers is better

  43. Andrea Bonilla

    Andrea Bonilla26 일 전

    Anyone 2020

  44. Sofia Jeon

    Sofia Jeon27 일 전

    12:23 got me laughing so loud and im in the office

  45. mase master

    mase master27 일 전

    Bro cammera hella dirty

  46. lilpapel69

    lilpapel6927 일 전

    8:27 "Yeah😒"

  47. Unerving Silence

    Unerving Silence28 일 전

    0:46 he just leaves his camera man

  48. Manuel XD

    Manuel XD28 일 전

    Bruh 2014 was when I stared kindergarten

  49. Edward Frankham

    Edward Frankham28 일 전

    His camera is a bit grubby with the bits on it but do I care No

  50. Guillermo Delatorre

    Guillermo Delatorre28 일 전


  51. ILoveGachaLife 1234567

    ILoveGachaLife 123456728 일 전

    I still have paper homework, My brother and sister have HW online and on paper so it’s both where Live cause it’s the same for me but not as hard my sister is in middle school 8th grade my brother is in 11th grade and when he’s gone I want his room. ;)

  52. Chonny

    Chonny28 일 전

    No one: school supply’s in us: AK-47

  53. PuR3Vanix

    PuR3Vanix29 일 전

    Brandon’s got hops🤣

  54. Trenton Kirchman

    Trenton Kirchman29 일 전

    Bro best vid funny 😃

  55. Renata Hrickova

    Renata Hrickova29 일 전

    I smell phone😂😂😂

  56. Cindy

    Cindy29 일 전

    What up Rug you insane

  57. Marijac Hunt

    Marijac Hunt개월 전

    You can wear Gucci and Supreme no

  58. Parody

    Parody개월 전

    Wait what. Why dont the vid have 720 60. It only has normal 720

  59. Tesla Gaming

    Tesla Gaming개월 전


  60. Genesis Gardea

    Genesis Gardea개월 전

    I can’t believe you found Sherman the verman

  61. Wyatt does Magic

    Wyatt does Magic개월 전

    Fuck u