YouTube's copyright system is broken


  1. Mumbo Jumbo

    Mumbo Jumbo9 개월 전

    UPDATE (as taken from my twitter) Things are a bit muddy. - I do have written permission from the artist to use the claimed song. - However; the song uses a sample that has been picked up by Warners content ID bot. So I am being claimed for a sample, not the song. I'm still hoping we can resolve this. And take this as a lesson from me: Not only should you ensure you have complete rights to the music you are using for your videos, but also ensure that you ask about any samples that have been used. Otherwise you could end up in this situation (And you wouldn't want that). Will do a video on Tuesday explaining. I am taking a day off tomorrow!

  2. Twich

    Twich2 일 전

    the sample is used in a way that is transformative of the original audio, WB had no right legally. KOreporter's muddy waters are dirtier than ever.

  3. Fish sticks

    Fish sticks개월 전

    Your Profile Picture is Gone

  4. Colin Mills

    Colin Mills2 개월 전

    The worst part is the strikes you get from failed copyright claims

  5. Mr. Sponge

    Mr. Sponge2 개월 전

    Just copyright claim ur own revenue

  6. Carlos Benavides

    Carlos Benavides4 개월 전


  7. Ducko23rd

    Ducko23rd3 일 전 This describes mumbos pain

  8. The diary of Fharish Ahmed

    The diary of Fharish Ahmed4 일 전

    Guilty until proven innocent? I wonder where I heard this before, Oh right, the Bangladesh Justice system. lol

  9. Matthew Mendens

    Matthew Mendens5 일 전

    Copyright disclaimer under section 107 of the copyright act of 1976; “allowance is made for ‘fair use’ for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research.”

  10. Michał Krzyżanowski

    Michał Krzyżanowski6 일 전


  11. CheerioDude 666

    CheerioDude 6667 일 전

    *This Video Was Claimed by Warner Chappell*

  12. Soviet Ninja

    Soviet Ninja8 일 전

    It’s not just youtube. Twitter, Facebook and instagram as well.

  13. CrazyComedyKid

    CrazyComedyKid12 일 전

    Fun fact: Warner Chappell also owns the Happy Birthday song. Happy Birthday is copyrighted. They actually insist that nobody can sing it without paying royalties, so that tells you how stingy Warner Chappell is.

  14. There is not a fish in my my boot!

    There is not a fish in my my boot!21 일 전

    I just got copyright claimed for having 5 seconds, of music on a video, I don't have any subs or normal viewers

  15. Oh Yeah yeah

    Oh Yeah yeah23 일 전

    The architect of your house will copyright claim u now

  16. ArmedEnt 2206

    ArmedEnt 220627 일 전

    Just send a spider house to their studios

  17. SappyJupiter37

    SappyJupiter3728 일 전

    Came here from The Original Ace

  18. TeraFlare Games

    TeraFlare Games개월 전

    am not even monitized but a big youtuber oroboro claimed a video of mine playing the same demo xD when i was at the same event for code vein last year how is that fair do i need to contact youtube about this... i find it a bit sad video had like 200 vieuws

  19. info games

    info games개월 전

    No suprise those idiots copyrighted the happy birthday song

  20. sargam dey

    sargam dey개월 전

    Fuck youtube I love KOreporter dont sue me

  21. Che Li

    Che Li개월 전

    This is fraud. Not only is KOreporter's copyright system broken, but Warner Chappel should be punishment for all this copyright funny business. They can't just walk around claiming all the videos from innocent KOreporterrs. Even so, KOreporter is the ONLY place where companies could get away with false copyright claims. Under the Copyright Act, false claimants can't and won't be punishment, BUT they will not get any of the revenue the supposed abusers get, except on KOreporter, you claim something, suddenly money that doesn't belong to you gets funneled in and for some reason, you keep getting it until KOreporter, at their sole discretion, decides to stop it! Their system needs to change. Not only is KOreporter significantly biased on companies and they want to make AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE, but they also do so by taking away the rightful revenue of content creators. KOreporter needs to consider the backbone of why they are much more successful that other video sharing platforms. Then, they need to change how this is handled. The money the content creator gets when they are claimed should be given to KOreporter for handling, and the claimants shouldn't get ANY of the money until the case has been settled and the Content Creator has been proved guilty. Only this way, can KOreporter treat content creators fairly and not with bias (ie Presumption of Innocence, not Presumption of Guiltiness).

  22. Planean4191

    Planean4191개월 전

    YT workers / managers are stupid are they not scared of someone comes and shoot them all or raping their children and families skinning them alive and burning them and killing every disgusting person working for KOreporter ? I mean if I live where they are I will kill them all with their families KOreporter fucks for me alone getting life in prison or even execution is worth it 500%

  23. Xzurath Gameplay

    Xzurath Gameplay개월 전

    Edit: As soon I contested the copyright thing, the company removed the claim that I had used someone else's video chunks on my content. Original post: It just happened to me. A big Vietnamese channel reclaimed two little parts of my Inside Walkthrough gameplay. First thing is: I have 30 subscribers, meaning I am not eve eligeble to make money off my channel. Second Thing is: I don't even have an intro yet and I do not use any music aside the game's own sounds. Third thing is: PlayDead, who owns the copyright of the game have this published on their website's contact us section: " You want to share INSIDE or LIMBO footage (e.g. a review or "Let’s Play" on KOreporter) Permission granted. We own and control all rights to LIMBO and INSIDE and hereby grant you permission to share footage in the mentioned context. Please do not present the audio or visuals detached from one another. You are welcome to add your voice-over commentary. You can find additional supporting and useful materials at" Concluding that someone can claim you stole their material based solely on the fact that both of you are playing the same game and happen to, you know, follow the same linear path in the story. Sorry for my outburst and possibly horrible english, I am Brazilian.

  24. Eldridge Calm

    Eldridge Calm개월 전

    let's help out! jukin media ( ) email them. call them. tweet them. go on their utube channel. ask them why are you extorting utubers .

  25. Fatal Error

    Fatal Error개월 전

    Copyright should be abolished

  26. Bailujen

    Bailujen개월 전

    If your channel got a copyrightbstrike you should sue the holder

  27. AlexU

    AlexU개월 전

    How can i claim this video? :)))

  28. Jasim Mirza

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  29. Waynos Fotos

    Waynos Fotos개월 전

    Making a false claim for which involve monies is “fraud” but the trouble here is that a bot is used and YT would say it is in good intentions of the creator, (the song owner holder) I have heaps of claims, relating to music I use which I source from a paid subscription “storyblocks” which is supposed to be copyright free. But apparently bots aren’t to smart. Well I still have to dispute them. The system is somewhat broken, It should not be set up that the claimant is presumed right (from a bot) before you give a reason. If you say you have a licence, or fair use, then YT should step back; YT should then say it has been disputed, we will now uphold the published video, if you the claimant want to take it further and you still believe it is copyright theft, here is the creators details, please take legal action directly through the court system.

  30. Rubber Horse guy

    Rubber Horse guy개월 전

    Yo guess what, warner Chappell stole that song, its not even there's fully

  31. Tenzin Chogyal

    Tenzin Chogyal개월 전

    sorry but your lamp in the background is owned by Ikea Furniture

  32. Milo Youtubes

    Milo Youtubes개월 전

    Somebody's voice was copyright claimed

  33. AlchexD Gaming

    AlchexD Gaming개월 전

    Warner chapel also claimed mine videos :(

  34. XultroniX

    XultroniX개월 전

    I'm sorry but this video has been claimed because your shirt has a copyrighted design on it

  35. allmightynoob

    allmightynoob개월 전

    KOreporter is supporting companies more and more now and only cares about money.

  36. Thijs Broersen

    Thijs Broersen개월 전

    Hi mumbs

  37. Michael Raul Sosa Lezama

    Michael Raul Sosa Lezama2 개월 전

    These shaders are going insane

  38. Random Chicken

    Random Chicken2 개월 전

    when the bob ross of minecraft, a children's game, gets pissed at youtube

  39. BobCat

    BobCat2 개월 전

    Instead of KOreporter making KOreporter more “kid friendly” they should fix their gosh darn copyright system!!!

  40. Samuel Skala

    Samuel Skala2 개월 전

    Eventually we cannot upload any more sounds or videos to youtube as everyone has a bot looking for anything that looks similar and we will eventually run out of combinations of notes

  41. The Randomist

    The Randomist2 개월 전

    Please can u tell me what camera r u using ?

  42. Richard Zhang

    Richard Zhang2 개월 전

    The same thing just happened to Matt Lowne, another youtuber

  43. Callum Barker

    Callum Barker2 개월 전

    :0 mumbojumbos face AND swearing!!!!

  44. Deborah McDaniel

    Deborah McDaniel2 개월 전

    Someone should play the song 1 note lower so they can’t claim it

  45. Aiden MNZ

    Aiden MNZ2 개월 전

    Sorry this is claimed by Mumbo Jumbo, They now have your life savings.

  46. TheBestDoorKnob

    TheBestDoorKnob2 개월 전

  47. JauntyM

    JauntyM2 개월 전

    Easy solution is to not use songs even if you bought them if they are free or whatever and pray things go well

  48. Samuil Iliev

    Samuil Iliev2 개월 전

    "Guilty until proven innocent".....unfortunately so much people think like that. It has to be the opposite 🙁

  49. mamashiba

    mamashiba3 개월 전

    I can't tell if thats your house in the background because the lighting is exactly the same but the trees in the back arent moving. wack

  50. Blazing Shadow6

    Blazing Shadow63 개월 전

    Hope everything is alright pal

  51. Sirus the Pomeranian

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  52. Y Bonn

    Y Bonn3 개월 전

    Time to make Warner Chappell face the same thing

  53. TorchicyYT

    TorchicyYT3 개월 전

    matt lowne is now suffering from that

  54. ShardPlaysRoblox

    ShardPlaysRoblox3 개월 전

    Warner Chappell: HMMM my robot friend says this has my sound in it Mumbo: Why is this happening I have the rights to use it- Warner: my BOT says no Everyone else: bot = noob

  55. Louise Acford

    Louise Acford3 개월 전

    you sound worried ):

  56. Caleb Holton

    Caleb Holton3 개월 전

    Saw this on Matt Lowne’s Channel too, KOreporter’s copyright system is bullshit, hope u can fix this

  57. Evelyn Splatoon

    Evelyn Splatoon3 개월 전

    Insert copyright free by Viantastic here

  58. omar raja

    omar raja3 개월 전

    what name of last music part

  59. Pumpkin

    Pumpkin3 개월 전

    Please consider making a Patreon.

  60. EndSourceGaeming Not4Keeds

    EndSourceGaeming Not4Keeds3 개월 전

    some of my minutes are also being claimed by this clown ass, which is originally and actually own by nobuo uematsu, it says that it is own by Tina Guo lol, did tina guo created all final fantasy 7's music? 😅

  61. CStafford-14

    CStafford-143 개월 전

    Hm... KOreporter should add a CAPTCHA to the dispute page.

  62. Sam-pson Smith

    Sam-pson Smith3 개월 전

    KOreporter has become so much fun in the last years. I hope they keep going this way, it will only get better guys. Soon you will have to use VPN and behave like criminals just to watch normal things on KOreporter because KOreporter is all about big corporate now.

  63. 1000 subs before youtube removes me [Dec 10]

    1000 subs before youtube removes me [Dec 10]3 개월 전

    Just claim your own video and split the revenue 50 / 50

  64. PewdieguyPewdie pew

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  65. George Quilitz

    George Quilitz3 개월 전

    This video has been copyrighted by Warner Chappell.

  66. youll get your rent when you fix this damn door!

    youll get your rent when you fix this damn door!4 개월 전

    mumbo jumbo: gets demonetised on yt also mumbo jumbo: “lets make a complaint video about this on yt”