YouTube Rewind 2019, but it's my honest reaction


  1. SethEverman

    SethEverman개월 전

    hey guys! this year's youtube rewind was honestly not even that bad, just maybe a bit boring. i'm super thankful to be in it with the 6th most liked video of the entire year (even though it's got more likes than the video at #5? uuhhh anyway) so thank you all so much for supporting my content through all of 2019.

  2. WindyNexus

    WindyNexus8 일 전

    It was horrible

  3. mehdi Haddou

    mehdi Haddou9 일 전

    It wasnt do BALD *laugh in depression*

  4. Nintendo Ninja For Life

    Nintendo Ninja For Life12 일 전


  5. MaxDou28

    MaxDou2817 일 전


  6. Alex Almaraz :v

    Alex Almaraz :v19 일 전


  7. Saitama

    Saitama16 시간 전

    Seth it's so self-conscious it's almost scary these days. Taking KOreporter as a hobby and not a job takes balls and talent. Please don't stop making videos Seth. Stay hydrated and sleep well.

  8. The StompArtist

    The StompArtist2 일 전

    Number 9: ... 👀❓

  9. Merchgod

    Merchgod2 일 전

    I Love How Seth Give Some Respect and Interest on Some Content Creator by The Way He Dressing " Love When He Dress Up With Sweden Flag For Pewds and The Hair Wig For Billie Eilish and Smash The Laptop at The End LOL "

  10. Little Bit Of Anime

    Little Bit Of Anime3 일 전

    Copy strike KOreporter for using you clip- idk if it’s used

  11. La loquilla del anime

    La loquilla del anime4 일 전

    face that I don't care about anything XD 0:12

  12. LK Computes

    LK Computes4 일 전


  13. котэ PS4

    котэ PS45 일 전

    Я русский

  14. Animazarro

    Animazarro7 일 전


  15. Lord Xalasa

    Lord Xalasa7 일 전

    as much subs than views

  16. Glyde `

    Glyde `8 일 전

    1:33 I so dead 🤣🤣

  17. ur ugly

    ur ugly8 일 전


  18. ActuallyAPizza

    ActuallyAPizza8 일 전

    1:05 Hey look, *-It’s him and his brothers getting thrown!-*

  19. Kana Beats

    Kana Beats9 일 전

    yes this was the superior video

  20. SpeedyGamer228

    SpeedyGamer2289 일 전

    A4 is so rat

  21. BEKUCHI i

    BEKUCHI i9 일 전

    the ending was spot on

  22. Velvet Playz

    Velvet Playz10 일 전

    I recognize burj khalifa uwu)

  23. Class Consciousness

    Class Consciousness10 일 전


  24. Banoo Far

    Banoo Far11 일 전

    1:29 Seth got swedish outfit boi

  25. Sakura ساكورا

    Sakura ساكورا11 일 전

    KOreporter : 7k comments! Me: can i see them? KOreporter: NO.

  26. I'm the Bald Guy

    I'm the Bald Guy11 일 전

    Only bald guys watch videos without Headphones or earphones

  27. Initial D Style

    Initial D Style12 일 전


  28. dedenne br

    dedenne br13 일 전

    Hitman did some strange shit after stoping killing peaple

  29. Rama_2_vandama GG

    Rama_2_vandama GG13 일 전


  30. Oliveira

    Oliveira14 일 전

    Lanso a braba

  31. D4Ncc1

    D4Ncc114 일 전

    F¡nd the odd letter

  32. лол

    лол14 일 전

    No one is going to go out

  33. potato game A.

    potato game A.14 일 전

    Seth's eyebrows be like: _/ \_

  34. Giorgqkis xD

    Giorgqkis xD15 일 전

    Wow what a good reaction !

  35. Persimmon juice

    Persimmon juice15 일 전

    This one is better than actual one must watch

  36. blazy

    blazy15 일 전

    Lets be honest, we didn't search for this video.

  37. Ezequiel Delgado Jimenez

    Ezequiel Delgado Jimenez15 일 전


  38. Relax time! juegos del momento!

    Relax time! juegos del momento!16 일 전

    this KOreporter rewind was uncreative and low budget

  39. Astro Samurai

    Astro Samurai15 일 전

    Yeah ikr it wasn't like last year's rewind

  40. not walknem

    not walknem16 일 전

    Is this suppose to be a creepy version of pewdiepie?

  41. Coach marvs

    Coach marvs17 일 전


  42. Alan GAMER YT

    Alan GAMER YT18 일 전

    Bot _nerd

  43. PlatinumCurlz Productions

    PlatinumCurlz Productions18 일 전

    If I wanted statistics I would've just googled it lmao



    Who likes roblox in 2020 ⬇️




  46. SoloN Wtp

    SoloN Wtp15 일 전

    Better 2012

  47. Hat Kid but it's Sans

    Hat Kid but it's Sans16 일 전

    *f a t y o s h i*

  48. Arsenus Pro

    Arsenus Pro19 일 전


  49. Wira Kampung

    Wira Kampung20 일 전

    i'm the bald guy

  50. Raizul islam Raju

    Raizul islam Raju20 일 전


  51. Аноним_РФ

    Аноним_РФ21 일 전

    Что я тут делаю ???

  52. Júlio Stonks !!!

    Júlio Stonks !!!21 일 전

    Miserável é um Gênio!!!! Brazil

  53. Kiwanka Chan

    Kiwanka Chan21 일 전

    Everytime seth gets angry

  54. Gwen Estandarte

    Gwen Estandarte22 일 전


  55. Whoosh Bait

    Whoosh Bait22 일 전

    he's literally making fun of reaction videos

  56. ofaka tornado

    ofaka tornado22 일 전

    I like it how he dresses up as a egg at 1:06

  57. Mohammad Aamir

    Mohammad Aamir2 일 전

    i think someone finna get r/whooshed here

  58. Eddie - Csgo

    Eddie - Csgo4 일 전

    i generally laughed at a comment .

  59. Banoo Far

    Banoo Far17 일 전

    Don't make fun of him but 😂😂😂that was funny

  60. Rubiex XD

    Rubiex XD22 일 전


  61. Timothy Lopez

    Timothy Lopez22 일 전

    Would you marry me?

  62. no one likes me

    no one likes me22 일 전

    Big PP!

  63. espanta pajaros

    espanta pajaros23 일 전

    Bad guay

  64. Tio Kazimir The fighter man 2.0

    Tio Kazimir The fighter man 2.023 일 전


  65. Kevlar

    Kevlar23 일 전

    reaction videos be like

  66. abcd 123

    abcd 12323 일 전

    We didnt get those fun subtitles

  67. Rat Smacker

    Rat Smacker23 일 전

    It’s the bald guy

  68. Fólliá ê Ámoré

    Fólliá ê Ámoré24 일 전

    That's more like WatchMojo videos

  69. Can I get 1000 subscribers with NO VIDEOS??

    Can I get 1000 subscribers with NO VIDEOS??24 일 전


  70. MC-gaming NOOB to PRO

    MC-gaming NOOB to PRO24 일 전

    This is a reaction 😂

  71. //sheriwazza\\

    //sheriwazza\\24 일 전

    That isn't rewind that's a repost

  72. Lichi Lichi

    Lichi Lichi24 일 전

    1:12 i dont know why i always Laugh at this point😂😂