Your Mom's House Podcast - Ep. 513 w/ Anthony Jeselnik


  1. Paul Leonard

    Paul Leonard7 시간 전

    John Malkovich?

  2. Voscillate

    Voscillate7 시간 전

    Fuckin hater of tik tok... :/ how dare you

  3. Kurt Folkerth

    Kurt Folkerth11 시간 전

    So much genius comedy in this episode. You guys are fucking great. Also, Christina when speaking Spanish sounds like someone who had hearing and then lost it.

  4. Enrique Marquez

    Enrique Marquez22 시간 전

    Josh you're my hero....but you arent getting my 20 bucks

  5. BasicallyBrentt

    BasicallyBrentt일 전

    52:38 to skip all the unfunny bullshit and get to anthony right away.

  6. Ron Cox

    Ron Cox일 전

    Tony: the 'unfunny comedian'. Should team up with the Gatsby gronk

  7. Zebulous

    Zebulous2 일 전

    I still don’t get the Shakespeare joke. Am I dumb

  8. Connor Harris

    Connor Harris2 일 전

    The editing team’s only goal seems to be zooming in on Christina when she is drinking

  9. soda989

    soda9892 일 전

    Tom Segura / COUNTDOWN /

  10. Noam Paval Chomsky

    Noam Paval Chomsky3 일 전

    "You would noooot -wanna be- a fuckin' dirt worshipping heathen... from this point onward." Al Swedgen 1887

  11. Vanessa Gutierrez

    Vanessa Gutierrez3 일 전

    That end rap was soooo good!

  12. Juan Larronde

    Juan Larronde3 일 전

    Anthony knows why Tom let's his wife do what she's doing. And Tom knows Anthony knows. And Anthony can't be more clear. This should be material for Anthony's next special.

  13. John Layton

    John Layton4 일 전

    😁😁😁If John Malkovich and Christopher Walken had a baby... Anthony Jeselnik. At first I didn't like Anthony but now I think he's the greatest. Love his stuff 👏👏👏👏👏

  14. Carter Dougherty

    Carter Dougherty4 일 전

    Anthony just told the greatest joke that podcast has ever seen.

  15. Nick Bottorf

    Nick Bottorf4 일 전

    Who was the person that bombed at the trump roast

  16. Nick Bottorf

    Nick Bottorf4 일 전

    The next Howard and robin

  17. A R

    A R4 일 전

    Christina was so butt hurt when hot Dean Cook didn't like her stupid shit.

  18. J0ker 13

    J0ker 134 일 전

    i don't get it why they have such a low views and subs...

  19. Cody Fike

    Cody Fike3 일 전

    Theres only a few popular podcasts. Share it to social media give em free marketing if you like it enough i always share this and Chris delias podcast

  20. Marko Dukic

    Marko Dukic5 일 전

    2 bears 1 cave would've been a better outlet

  21. Shiny Catcher Christy

    Shiny Catcher Christy6 일 전

    Love Tom & Christina and wanted to try listening to their podcast... and I. Just. Cant. No way. Between the burps and the disgusting feet... no thx... I'll just keep watching them in other places. No podcast for me, disappointing.

  22. Wes W

    Wes W6 일 전

    My favorite part of these podcasts are the background laughter

  23. ..che'bastard..

    ..che'bastard..6 일 전

    "Are you asking me to leave??" I'm dead.

  24. BlassReiter1100cc

    BlassReiter1100cc7 일 전

    lol I can't fucking understand what Christina's last name is when she says it on the opening.

  25. Dustin Lefdal

    Dustin Lefdal7 일 전

    That looked like a plug for a water bottle company at 1:10:57. Or the cameraman is Rick Grimes-ing Christina like in Love Actually.

  26. calebrogers777

    calebrogers7777 일 전

    Why does one hysterical laugh in the background get me every time

  27. Beau Green

    Beau Green8 일 전

    Dude, why does it take an hour to start the show?

  28. Ian Mora

    Ian Mora8 일 전

    I really love when you hear everybody in the booth laughing their asses off. Man,.....I wish I enjoyed my job like that.

  29. mortdeus

    mortdeus8 일 전

    1:45:10 im still trying to get that joke he did in thought and prayers where he's telling a story about his dad, and then he says a convoluted punchline and he said to somebody in the crowd "that one to smart for you? thats a GOOD joke." i dont know if the joke is that he's fucking with us trying to get us to think about it too hard, or if there is actually something to smart for me to understand. :'( AM I THE JOKE JESELNIK!? I NEED TO KNOW!

  30. mortdeus

    mortdeus8 일 전

    1:43 as we say in hacker parlance. "less is more" or "kiss" (keep it simple stupid.)

  31. mortdeus

    mortdeus8 일 전

    "My day is like... No zombies! :)" Sounds awful. >:)

  32. Gavin McNicholl

    Gavin McNicholl9 일 전

    Is that Milkman by Anna Burns on the table!?

  33. YouTube Junky

    YouTube Junky9 일 전

    I have shown many people Anthony’s comedy and everyone I have show it to has laughed

  34. imwatching you

    imwatching you9 일 전

    I'm a first-time listener and hearing Christina snort when she laughs and belch is fucking gross.. have some class bitch

  35. mero40k

    mero40k10 일 전

    Jesselnik has such a specific style I can see how people wouldn't be into it. Hes brilliant but hes probably not gonna be the main stream comedian selling out stadiums.

  36. James

    James10 일 전

    I love when you can hear the staff laughing

  37. James Miner

    James Miner10 일 전

    Anthony is an amazing comedian.

  38. horustortoise

    horustortoise10 일 전

    Did they bring George from tiger belly in to laugh like a retard in the background? Really killing it for me

  39. Johnathan Utahzio

    Johnathan Utahzio10 일 전

    Hey, Christina isn't wearing a Staten Island track suit. That's new.

  40. TheCoolTable

    TheCoolTable10 일 전

    I love Anthony Jeselnik so much more after seeing his reaction to Tik Tok...

  41. Paige Bee

    Paige Bee10 일 전

    Anthony Jeselnik at 53:00 😊

  42. iheartjared74

    iheartjared744 일 전

    Wish I would've seen this half an hour ago

  43. David Powers

    David Powers11 일 전

    At this point I've seen the auto shop video as many times as Tom has and this is the first time I noticed that the dude smashes his head into the hood. So much better now.

  44. David Powers

    David Powers11 일 전

    Anthony Jeselnik is my spirit animal. The way he reacts honestly to everything and doesn't give a shit about how that affects you,, that's honesty in its truest form.

  45. Eric Hart

    Eric Hart11 일 전

    Can we put a stop to these tik tok videos? They are awful

  46. Gavin Wilhite

    Gavin Wilhite12 일 전

    What the fuck is in the mouth of that Dog Bust

  47. Templesdarkest

    Templesdarkest12 일 전

    These guys are two of my top 5 rn. Love them both. Absolutely hilarious.

  48. mattlines

    mattlines12 일 전

    Christina bringing the show to a screeching halt at the end with that tik tok shit.

  49. neongateway

    neongateway12 일 전

    So wildly uncomfortable from the acupuncture song

  50. Lightspeed

    Lightspeed12 일 전

    I like how Christina thinks every place is her homeland (i.e. Canada, Budapest, LA)

  51. A R

    A R11 일 전

    When her real tribe is Tik Tok, because she is just as retarded.

  52. RexNon PotestePeccare

    RexNon PotestePeccare12 일 전

    1:16:02 - 1:16:33 **cough cough** hannah gadsby **cough cough**

  53. hozzyboy

    hozzyboy12 일 전

    Hey that guy who did the cow impression is kinda already famous in Canada. He got famous for reading the news

  54. mickey abbot

    mickey abbot13 일 전

    Bluebans scooter story is gold

  55. Clutch Casady

    Clutch Casady13 일 전

    Does Josh Potter have legs? He looks like a little kid with his elbows on the dinner table. Who's feet were those really??

  56. Clutch Casady

    Clutch Casady13 일 전

    Cowboys and Indigenous People just doesn't have the same ring to it.

  57. hozzyboy

    hozzyboy13 일 전

    is it me or is the bill of his hat shorter than normal?

  58. Tri Beard

    Tri Beard13 일 전

    Tom's sti in denial of his wife cheating on hi.

  59. Kyle C.

    Kyle C.13 일 전

    Dear Tom, Christina & Your Mom's House Podcast Team, It has come to my attention that someone by the name of Rose Mulet has been claiming to be my official producer. I just want to make clear that this is completely false. Even though it is true that she has autotuned a few of my songs in the past, under no circumstances has she ever been part of my creative process. Absolutely all of my content is 100% original. I literally write/compose and sing my own songs. Having said that, I'm still looking for DJs, music engineers and producers willing to collaborate with me in creating amazing instrumentals/sound effects for my original a cappella songs! Here's my entire repertoire in case someone’s interested: Furthermore, I’d like to share with you guys a booklet I recently wrote where I talk about how I became a victim of Acupuncture malpractice. Hope you all enjoy it ;) ↴ Thank you so very much for your time to read this! Sincerely, Carlos Vera aka Kyle C.

  60. Carlos

    Carlos2 일 전

    @rose mulet....Rose, are you actually trying to take down a poor thirty three year old Venezuelan who has been suffering from an unknown chronic illness due to acupuncture malpractice? Do you even have a heart or a soul?...Are you even human? Believe it or not, this speaks wonders about how ridiculously entitled you are! I won’t deny that I’ve always known you were somewhat of a nutcase. But, I honestly didn’t know to which extent. In fact, I thought I was a bit crazy myself for coming up with such weird lyrics for all of my songs. But, after getting to know you, I realized that I’m 100% normal. Like, I’m as normal as someone could possibly be. That said, you’re literally out of your mind to say the least! As I said millions of times before now, there are only three main reasons why you’re making up all these nonsensical stories about me: 1- You’re jealous that a poor artist from a third world country was lucky enough to be featured on The YMH Podcast, and receive all the extra online attention that comes with it. 2- You’re trying to disassociate yourself with me in order to claim full rights on a song I myself wrote/composed and sang in, which I called ''Fly Away''. You probably think it’s yours simply because I used one your instrumentals as a tool for me to get inspired to write it. While it is true that we had agreed to collaborate on it by having you insert your instrumentals in my song, it is also true that it’s been a little over a couple of years, and you still haven’t done so. 3- You’re purposely creating all of this new and unnecessary drama with most of your acquaintances/collaborators in order to manipulate your parents into agreeing to appear on the Dr. Phil Show with you. You’ve mentioned countless of times on Twitter that Producers from that show have already asked you to be on at least on a couple of occasions. And that you’ve always had to decline given that your parents are not OK with it. Just do yourself a favor and read the booklet I recently wrote about my traumatic experience with acupuncture. Perhaps, that way, you’ll finally be able to understand what I’ve been dealing with for the past five and a half years of my life! ↴ It pains me to say this, but please do not talk to me EVER again! Take care!

  61. rose mulet

    rose mulet3 일 전

    +Katie C. I just released a video on my channel where I debunk all of his lies about me.

  62. María X. V.

    María X. V.5 일 전

    @Katie C Check out some of this crazy girl's Tweets!

  63. Katie C

    Katie C10 일 전

    Okay? I'm glad you keep your receipts I guess? ...Wait. WAIT. Receipts of the kindness of your heart?

  64. rose mulet

    rose mulet10 일 전

    @Katie C I have receipts.

  65. Mr Horse

    Mr Horse13 일 전

    How the fuck has no one commented a time stamp??? I had to scroll through 52:45 minutes of bullshit to finally get to the person we all came to see....

  66. Angelica O

    Angelica O14 일 전

    can't have shit rolling around in your washing machine? No kids huh....

  67. Francisco Torres

    Francisco Torres14 일 전

    I was driving on the tollway and my windshield was cracked by a rock that was kicked up by a semi. I want to replace it with one of Potter's eye glass lenses. Added strength and I'll be able to see what traffic is like in the next state over.

  68. Dylan Gretchokoff

    Dylan Gretchokoff14 일 전

    Please stop with the damn tik toks now that Anthony told you they are awful.