Your Mom's House Podcast - Ep. 513 w/ Anthony Jeselnik


  1. Elmerphant

    Elmerphant7 시간 전

    I seriously have the same Zombie experience. Where I wake up thinking zombies are real, but I went the other way with it where I'm so scared of zombie movies because I half think it could actually happen lol.

  2. Ryan Rhoades

    Ryan Rhoades3 일 전


  3. Kris Karl

    Kris Karl4 일 전

    AJ sounds like Walken doing a Schwarzenegger impression

  4. Cad Chamberlain

    Cad Chamberlain7 일 전

    15:50 im crying

  5. nyk31

    nyk318 일 전

    If you Google "Garage worker crushed by car" the first search result is a picture of Tom Segura captioned, "Tom laughs at man being crushed by car"

  6. jdowell2009

    jdowell20098 일 전

    The guy mooing like a cow is a Nova Scotian celebrity. Google Frankie Macdonald and watch his weather forecasts

  7. Random Gaming Videos

    Random Gaming Videos8 일 전

    1, you guys need to bring Anthony more often. 2, please! Please go to eithee Jeselnik's postcast or his new show. You guys are hilarious.

  8. tamara 117lgoe

    tamara 117lgoe9 일 전

    can someone explain the Shakespeare joke :/

  9. Mason Lakoski

    Mason Lakoski12 일 전

    Can Christina please not be on the show anymore?

  10. Eric Spencer

    Eric Spencer12 일 전

    Christinas got a beautiful complexion. Just buttery soft white glowing skin. That reminds me I need a new shade for the lamp in the living room.

  11. Rey Double Oh Seven

    Rey Double Oh Seven16 일 전

    The interview begins @ 52:35

  12. J. Patrick

    J. Patrick19 일 전

    Bernie or Bust a Nut!

  13. Joe McJoe

    Joe McJoe20 일 전

    1:29 Christina not helping with the sell

  14. Nick Miller

    Nick Miller21 일 전

    They picked the perfect person to show tiktok to

  15. The Many-Faced God

    The Many-Faced God24 일 전

    This interview perfectly highlights how little christina adds to the podcast shes literally just a glorified echo. No original thought adds nothing new or something on her own just repeats what everyone else says after they say it or says "I agree like fuck that" to act like shes on the same page and can relate to shit shes not famous enough or talented enough to actually relate to. She even acts like being a guy and having a dick is relatable to her FFS it's so cringe 😣 please please please tom, move onto the dalmatian phase of your life already 🙏

  16. pringles mega stack

    pringles mega stack25 일 전

    best fucking outro song ever

  17. Jay A Lay

    Jay A Lay28 일 전

    That tik tok shit is wack af

  18. dik2bik

    dik2bik28 일 전


  19. My Leg

    My Leg23 일 전


  20. DriftSp3c

    DriftSp3c개월 전

    Hahahaha Indians. I'm out of touch, burp, my husband pays my Bill's, snort hahaha. You just wait until you get replaced with that dalmatian.

  21. flatfizzy

    flatfizzy개월 전

    anthony: fuck what’s the last comedian’s name!? me: TIG DUMB BITCH ITS FUCKING TIG AHHHHHH

  22. Kevin Christensen

    Kevin Christensen개월 전

    Mr. "Repeats his joke setup" Jeselnik says, "I've never once written a self-deprecating joke," which is hilariously false. He often makes jokes about him being a pedophile, being a serial killer, an alcoholic, being abusive, etc. I understand it's done under the guise of shock value and being offensive or horrible, but c'mon man. Lol. Christina agrees with him and I had to think about it for a second. He's awesome though, one of the greats.

  23. Clueless

    Clueless개월 전

    How many bodies, Tommy? How many?

  24. Space Man

    Space Man개월 전


  25. Juan Ulysses

    Juan Ulysses개월 전

    Tell me if I’n wrong, but it seems like Christina keeps flirting, Anthony ignores it, feels for Tom.. and then doesn’t laugh at her bullshit tiktok thing

  26. justin moretti

    justin moretti개월 전

    59:30 Can someone explain the Shakespeare joke

  27. Brandon

    Brandon개월 전

    Those tic toks were hilarious🤣



    What is the croissant tiktok?

  29. What YouWant?

    What YouWant?개월 전


  30. Samuel Torres

    Samuel Torres개월 전

    The "Are you guys asking me to leave?" line at 1:47:00 after the talk starts turning into meme show-and-tell is the kind of top shelf finesse that I'd like to think Anthony's normally reaching for. One of the best lines I've heard in a while. Fun interview too

  31. My CS GO Highlights

    My CS GO Highlights개월 전

    Can someone explain the Shakespeare joke to me? I don't get it.

  32. Brian Comiskey

    Brian Comiskey개월 전

    Christina smashed... I'll hire the assassins

  33. mossattacks

    mossattacks개월 전

    Idk if I would call Foxwoods “really nice” lmfao I used to work there and the whole vibe of the place is exceedingly depressing

  34. Alex Clark

    Alex Clark개월 전

    See handicapped people not funny. Asian person hits himself with a car, amazingly hilarious

  35. David Martinez

    David Martinez개월 전

    Anthony’s fit for this casual podcast is astonishing

  36. Dustin McDaniel

    Dustin McDaniel개월 전

    I have felt like such a fucking weird guy recommending ‘“I Think You Should Leave” to coworkers and now I feel less like that since some comedians I enjoy are laughing too. Great episode here also, really interesting back and forth between everyone about the ins and outs of working as a comedian. I want to do comedy but have no idea how to find my way in it to begin. Maybe I should just do an open mic, but as far as fat comics go it seems there’s always self deprecation and I just think it’s a cheap laugh that I feel like I would be required to write about or something. Idk, maybe I’m just holding myself back from something that might be fun and exciting. Why am I writing this out when I should be sleeping for work tomorrow?

  37. Barney Ray

    Barney Ray개월 전

    I'm an American and I was born here and I'm not voting for Bernie Sanders because his policies are bananas! It's not because of his ethnicity. I love the Jews.

  38. NoneForYou

    NoneForYou개월 전

    Tom, your show in Greenville, SC was off the charts!! Hahaha, I didn't grow up here but fully enjoyed you destroying the South!! Lol, did not disappoint. Though the black couple sitting directly next to us didn't crack a smile one time throughout your set...which I thought was both impressive and amazing while my wife and I were dying laughing. WUUUUU!!!!

  39. Ernie Beltran

    Ernie Beltran개월 전

    @15:57 hell no... if a jew was in charge taxes would go up but nothing would ever get spent... would probably convert all our tax money to gold stick it in a vault and scrooge mcduck that shit...

  40. hammondo7 slaymaker

    hammondo7 slaymaker개월 전

    Fucking tik tok, I'd have ĺeft! !!

  41. oma15

    oma15개월 전

    You cannot turst a woman with such a tight pony-tail. Mommy Jeans has turned to the dark-side.

  42. Dr T

    Dr T개월 전


  43. Desperado AllanPoe

    Desperado AllanPoe개월 전

    “Filling an Hour” Loved Bill Burrs Paper Tiger, but also saw him last year and half those jokes I saw live. Lucky me.

  44. Carl Scruggs

    Carl Scruggs개월 전

    did that sonofabitch just try and stuff three syllables into 'song?'

  45. Nicholas Trigg

    Nicholas Trigg개월 전

    Anthony is at 52:37, thank me later

  46. Brandon Newby

    Brandon Newby개월 전

    So Christina. You went from Boston, Massivehugetits to Nardsville, Tennessee. I missed those dates. Was that because they were private shows?

  47. Brandon Newby

    Brandon Newby개월 전

    Me: "your moms house podcast?" Who is hosting this? *Hears 3-minute ball hair trimmer commercial. "Oh. Must be Tom Segurra

  48. Chris Williams

    Chris Williams개월 전

    That dude acting like a cow gets me every time!

  49. Jon Dunmore

    Jon Dunmore개월 전

    1:55:38 -- I believe this tictoc is meant to demonstrate IRONY: dude talking about dating > obviously a virgin. 1:56:46 -- I believe this one is to demonstrate the early reaction of your body to estrogen injections. 1:57:56 -- This one is a Dumbo Donald supporter.

  50. Edward OBrien

    Edward OBrien개월 전

    I thought the idea on is to hear him the guest talk? Aka you 2 should listen more share less! Listen to the podcast and do the painful thing of timing who gets most air time.

  51. C M

    C M개월 전

    1:13:00 to hear about The Situation shitting the bed at the Trump roast

  52. Travis

    Travis개월 전

    Those Tik Toks made the video of the dude in the car garage 10x funnier *_life is all about balance_*

  53. Jeff A

    Jeff A2 개월 전

    ShitMySelf, Take Immodium D, daily! It's over the counter, generic, and will stop that butt-spew!

  54. The Redmons

    The Redmons2 개월 전

    Jessilnik is one of the best guests in a long time.

  55. Dan DeCamello

    Dan DeCamello2 개월 전

    My manscaped razor still nicks the shit out of my balls. I feel had

  56. Alex Becker

    Alex Becker2 개월 전

    1:47:10 best part of the interview. TikTok is terrible.

  57. Moderately Amused

    Moderately Amused2 개월 전

    Jeselnik, Burr and Chappelle are the best at mocking their own applause breaks. They say a premise, audience thinks it's a political statement starts to applaud and then you hear them say something like "you aren't going to like what you hear next."

  58. PotatoeSeeds

    PotatoeSeeds2 개월 전

    Watches weird Tik Toks: they're mentally unstable you'll love these. Watches car accident: you guys are sick fucks.

  59. Dennis N.

    Dennis N.2 개월 전

    You can tell Christina was butt hurt

  60. Frank Quin

    Frank Quin2 개월 전

    52:33 Jeselnik

  61. Zeroskator1 Wanted

    Zeroskator1 Wanted2 개월 전

    The fuckin dog mask thing in the background is unsettleing as fuck