Young Dolph, Key Glock - Water on Water on Water (Official Video)


  1. Drukkid Kidddn

    Drukkid Kidddn4 시간 전

    If you did that solo you’d had more views

  2. Hennessy *

    Hennessy *10 시간 전

    Dis song gots lots of bass 🙃 I got two 12" memphis audio Bass reference subwoofers

  3. Vj Johnson

    Vj Johnson13 시간 전


  4. Bad_Muh_ Fka

    Bad_Muh_ Fka14 시간 전

    yall best quit sleepin on dolph! yuh!

  5. Calvin Sayles

    Calvin Sayles14 시간 전

    Glock and Dolph really living life

  6. johny blaze

    johny blaze15 시간 전

    This vid go hard asf dawg, who’s behind the 🎥

  7. N0ir i am N0ir

    N0ir i am N0ir일 전

    God damn bruh that their some good females 😍,young dolph and glock done said fuck the budget meing!! Know what am tah bout? This song fyre dough.

  8. oskee305

    oskee305일 전


  9. Kevin Arrington

    Kevin Arrington일 전

    Straight 🔥

  10. Joshua Martinez

    Joshua Martinez일 전

    This video clean af #PRE

  11. Outdawayfool P

    Outdawayfool P일 전


  12. E'lester payne

    E'lester payne일 전

    Best video ever.

  13. Signs Signss

    Signs Signss일 전


  14. Pull Up

    Pull Up일 전

    Key glock and young dolph = best friends

  15. Rellydagod G.O.D

    Rellydagod G.O.D일 전

    They got some bad ones in this video 😍

  16. Slimey Beatz

    Slimey Beatz일 전

  17. Electrical Planet

    Electrical Planet일 전

    I just keep seeing that power puff girls villain coming out of that limo😂

  18. Zxch Attxck

    Zxch Attxck일 전

    Electrical Planet right ☠️

  19. Jonathan Pineda

    Jonathan Pineda일 전

    Sheeeesh 🐍🐍

  20. Chobani Yogurt

    Chobani Yogurt일 전

    This song turned my dog into my dawg 🔥

  21. Rodney Palmer

    Rodney Palmer2 일 전

    That boy had sum hoes in that video!!!!

  22. celli351

    celli3512 일 전


  23. mr I

    mr I2 일 전

    Dolph?? That short for dolphin??? WTF man, no gangster from the 90's ever going to name them selves after a god dam fish, WTF happened to this music these days....

  24. N0ir i am N0ir

    N0ir i am N0ir23 시간 전

    mr I you dumb af bro idk why am even acknowledging you’re dummy ass lol, his name is Adolph so he shortened it, he’s been shot like five times and pushed work, the budget for this video is insane. Can you do better?

  25. Duke Childers

    Duke Childers3 일 전

    If I ever had the chance to rap it be wit "dolph" poried... No one else. And its fuxked up how he worked for everything he has... and the fuxking boys wont leave him alone..dolph can't stop wont stop...

  26. Stephanie Smith

    Stephanie Smith3 일 전

    Dolp always droppin sum 🔥🔥💯💯

  27. SycON Krapt Official

    SycON Krapt Official3 일 전

  28. Sammie Dingle

    Sammie Dingle3 일 전

    The women in this video, is why a lot of other women be jealous.

  29. Jazzie Relentless

    Jazzie Relentless3 일 전


  30. Clinton Stewart

    Clinton Stewart3 일 전

    Them some bad nasty ass darkin skin video chickens, I love em. That nigga showed love to em

  31. wax on wax off

    wax on wax off3 일 전


  32. Insanedemolisher V

    Insanedemolisher V3 일 전

    Thats Myyy Shhhiiiiiiitttttt!!!!!!

  33. Ad0pted Black kid

    Ad0pted Black kid3 일 전

    Dat ass is so fkn disgusting fat af

  34. Bay Biz

    Bay Biz3 일 전

    Ina camouflage thong supa thicc

  35. Go6e

    Go6e3 일 전

    *T O O T H I C C*

  36. highway hero

    highway hero4 일 전

    Dolph got flavor... But he been on an "ugly pants" streak

  37. Clinton Stewart

    Clinton Stewart3 일 전

    yeh and loosen them them ugly mfers up

  38. MR NICE

    MR NICE4 일 전




    GAWD DAMN !!!!

  40. Arturo Williams

    Arturo Williams4 일 전


  41. Gerod Deleon

    Gerod Deleon4 일 전

    The meme brought me here from ig 😂 boogy man

  42. Spirit Bros

    Spirit Bros4 일 전

    This song was my favorite ona Album 🚫🧢

  43. sssniperkiller437

    sssniperkiller4374 일 전

    This video deserve a 100 mill just by itself😂Honestly.

  44. 222pmb

    222pmb일 전

    i bet it'll get there, just wait. its gonna be one of those songs that gets slept on for a month or two then when the radio really gets a hold of it it'll blow up, i sure hope so at least !


    ANGEL YOUNG4 일 전


  46. Grave Yard Shift

    Grave Yard Shift4 일 전

    them water glasses the hardest glasses I've ever seen a rapper wear

  47. Manu Ginobili

    Manu Ginobili4 일 전

    Tired of these women and there asses in the videos I miss early 2000s rap

  48. Shad Chollack

    Shad Chollack5 일 전


  49. highway hero

    highway hero5 일 전

    Yoooo. This video dope af

  50. Zach Nytsch

    Zach Nytsch5 일 전

    This song underrated asf

  51. Skii Hendoo

    Skii Hendoo5 일 전

    This video is "MUSIC VIDEO CINEMA", So UNDERATED!😎😋😍😍🤔👀👀👀👀💓❤️💕💖👅👏🏼👏🏼

  52. Sean Flynn

    Sean Flynn5 일 전

    Water on water on back to back to back to back to water on water on back to water on water on back

  53. RecklessYT

    RecklessYT5 일 전

    Who came from worldwide spotlight

  54. Eddie Kane, Jr.

    Eddie Kane, Jr.5 일 전

    Dolph, you know I can’t have chocolate on this diet!😂🍫🍫🍫

  55. BusinessLawAngel

    BusinessLawAngel5 일 전

    I love Dolph for this video . Keep putting dark skins in the videos 💯

  56. Brian Renteria

    Brian Renteria5 일 전

    All these black girls looking good af 😍😍😍😛

  57. Spider man

    Spider man5 일 전

    This music video tho 🔥🔥🔥

  58. Кирилл Рогач

    Кирилл Рогач5 일 전

    Пиздатый целюлит, чуть не блеванул.

  59. Q Taylor

    Q Taylor5 일 전

    No IGs?! Y'all really lacking today.

  60. Anthony Newson

    Anthony Newson5 일 전🔥

  61. MrDurtyred60

    MrDurtyred605 일 전

    If I wasn't so horny I would have never wasted that 4mins, mute to really enjoy 🤣🤣

  62. Brandyn Milam

    Brandyn Milam5 일 전

    So that’s not where they shot butterfly effect

  63. Bear Knuckles

    Bear Knuckles5 일 전


  64. Lledrac Designs

    Lledrac Designs5 일 전

    Over 8M views and I swear this is my first time hearing this. 🤔 I must not be a true Dolph fan. Been bumping Young Dolph. 💯

  65. 24 Blessedchild

    24 Blessedchild일 전

    Cause he coming with new work.👌🏿🔑🤞🏿