Young Dolph, Key Glock - Water on Water on Water (Official Video)


  1. ex eaux

    ex eaux18 시간 전

    That one ass it BOTCHED!

  2. Jhonr Q2103

    Jhonr Q210319 시간 전

    Soy el único boliviano que escucha esta canción :v ??? 🇧🇴 calidad!❤️

  3. Kory Linch

    Kory Linch일 전

    Check out superior recordz song (hustlen)

  4. whatever Whitney wants

    whatever Whitney wants일 전


  5. Alex Lopez

    Alex Lopez3 일 전


  6. Jamaal Byers

    Jamaal Byers4 일 전

    Yeah yeah!!!!

  7. Afro Baddies

    Afro Baddies5 일 전

    Thankyou for the chocolate 🍫

  8. Devante Summz

    Devante Summz7 일 전

    😂😂😂 drunk ass bih keep tryna lick me

  9. Maryan Sesay

    Maryan Sesay7 일 전


  10. Max Martinez

    Max Martinez9 일 전

    the dolphins jumping out the sand is fire

  11. Robjh o j f2 Valentik

    Robjh o j f2 Valentik9 일 전

    Nice young ladies!

  12. C-Da-dope Pa-Cee

    C-Da-dope Pa-Cee9 일 전

    This video is like a moving picoso painting. Dope 💉💦💧💦💧💦💧✌👑

  13. jump da

    jump da10 일 전

    Does anyone know the name or instagram of the model in the video 0:29??

  14. jump da

    jump da10 일 전

    Does anyone know the name or instagram of the model in the video 0:29??

  15. Rod Allredd

    Rod Allredd10 일 전 DOPE NEW ARTIST

  16. Jennifer Juarez

    Jennifer Juarez12 일 전

    Drunk ass bitch keep tryin luck me 👅 see you in LA 🐬

  17. The Real King James

    The Real King James12 일 전

    Chocolate everywhere 😍😋

  18. Chef Wang

    Chef Wang12 일 전

    This video is produced so well

  19. Honeyy Goldiee

    Honeyy Goldiee13 일 전

    Nothing but baddies chocolate sista in the video I love it.. But I need those glasses those ladies wearing so cuteeeeeee mane.

  20. Maria Mangum

    Maria Mangum13 일 전

    My fake friends hate me . Cuz I listen to toooo much Dolph

  21. Manny Araujo

    Manny Araujo15 일 전

    This video is fire I like the fake flippers swimming around haha tha shit had me rollin 🔥🔥🔥

  22. Dira501

    Dira50116 일 전

    Finally, some black girls!!!

  23. MrFeyerwire

    MrFeyerwire16 일 전

    I love all the dark skin beauty queens !!!

  24. David Gallego

    David Gallego16 일 전

    Tennessee is still showing out running it!

  25. King James Mayo

    King James Mayo16 일 전

    I love this fucking Track

  26. So Shantell Kiera

    So Shantell Kiera18 일 전

    I wish I could’ve been in this video! 🔥




  28. Rasheed Harper

    Rasheed Harper19 일 전

    Going to UR SHOWWWW

  29. Shon De'Niro Don

    Shon De'Niro Don19 일 전

    Man I can’t lie man everybody went stupid in this one song and the video🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥and the ladies lookin flavorous😍😍😍😍😍foreal foreal 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥y’all snapped with this one Bruh I’m 42 yrs old and I been watchin videos faithfully since the 80’s and this one of the hardest concepts I seen before and I do a lil editin myself but this bih stupid ahz hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥I’m watchin that On God video right now this bih🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥too I like what you doin with ya videos tho Bruh I fuck with ya music too since A+ but yeah y’all keep on shinin on these hatas Bruh I like what key glock doin too with that look at they face🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥that beat on that bih stupid🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥but yeah I’m Audi✌🏾y’all hold it down✌🏾

  30. Trey Gaines

    Trey Gaines19 일 전

    got dam blood

  31. Nate Haji

    Nate Haji20 일 전

    Who else paused at :41

  32. Nate Haji

    Nate Haji20 일 전

    Damn Dolph

  33. UK Antics

    UK Antics21 일 전

    Dolph got the waviest videos

  34. ImSplix

    ImSplix22 일 전

    All da fake comments 💀💀

  35. Nuh Mercy

    Nuh Mercy22 일 전




    How can I contact the videographer

  37. roski The_don

    roski The_don22 일 전

    Bruh this shit go dumb hard no cap

  38. Andreas Wells

    Andreas Wells23 일 전

    Oh she just want to have some drinks and have some fun

  39. Andreas Wells

    Andreas Wells23 일 전

    This my shit

  40. Devil dawn

    Devil dawn24 일 전

    Young Dolph and key Glock when was born in Austria do you have those manufactured there

  41. Jean-Michel

    Jean-Michel24 일 전

    Video dopppp af

  42. Shon De'Niro Don

    Shon De'Niro Don25 일 전

    Video and song🔥🔥🔥🔥

  43. Marcus Valentine

    Marcus Valentine25 일 전

    Who is that thicc ass lady

  44. cool l.a. wi fi man

    cool l.a. wi fi man29 일 전

    sounds like belgrade

  45. carl mondesir

    carl mondesir29 일 전

    Yeah yeah YEAH!!!!!




  47. BackHoods Nation

    BackHoods Nation29 일 전

    I need ole girl with the name ASAP thickest in video

  48. Terry Johnson

    Terry Johnson29 일 전

    When Dolph said yellowrosewhitegoldigoton3tonechocolatebitchsupathickinacamofloagethong I knew he was that nigga

  49. Dee Joyce

    Dee Joyce26 일 전

    That part!

  50. Truce G

    Truce G개월 전

    I live at the bank commas n commas n commas🤣🤣🐐🐐🔥🔥🔥

  51. Everything’s Real

    Everything’s Real개월 전


  52. Double A

    Double A개월 전


  53. Gabriel Louchart

    Gabriel Louchart개월 전

    Giant wait to smoke a op and make bond

  54. BoluBalla

    BoluBalla개월 전

    I need dolph and glock to stop rapping independently and to start rapping as a duo. I wish they both were like how suicideboys or rae sremmurd,you know as a group cuz they are 2 fire🔥🔥🔥. They can cause global warming and I'll be fine with it 💯💯💯🙌🙌🙌

  55. Brandon Ayers

    Brandon Ayers개월 전

    shorty at 1:18 thick asf 😬

  56. Brandon Ayers

    Brandon Ayers개월 전

    0:41 all them women are fine.

  57. Rohit roy

    Rohit roy개월 전

    Video god produced it of course it's gon be good

  58. Blake Adamos

    Blake Adamos개월 전

    Who is that lady with the wagon in the green oh my god

  59. Serathi

    Serathi개월 전

    Blake Adamos @maddymorebuckss

  60. Keith OConnell

    Keith OConnell개월 전

    I seriously don’t get the clothes dudes in the industry be wearing I don’t give a fuck it’s fashion shits tight as hell like female clothes

  61. Sergio Hernadez

    Sergio Hernadez개월 전

    Kings N Lord's exist 1. SFvalley California.....

  62. Tyrell Johnson

    Tyrell Johnson개월 전

    Chocolate dimes! Melanin flawless