You won’t believe what she did to him on camera...


  1. Jager With acog

    Jager With acog일 전

    Nigga said ima pound your ass 😂

  2. Damanpreet Billing

    Damanpreet Billing2 일 전

    brandon is every mom in a grocery store

  3. Haroon Bashir

    Haroon Bashir4 일 전

    Anthony keeps saying Brandons broke wen his credit card got declined 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💯👍🔞🔞🔞

  4. Ayden Angel

    Ayden Angel9 일 전

    U r supposed to get drunk after going to the grocery store not before

  5. Felipe Rodriguez

    Felipe Rodriguez10 일 전

    They must be drunk or something

  6. xXxHALODOGxXx

    xXxHALODOGxXx12 일 전

    Me: Reads Title Also me: *Sighs* Okay Brandon, what *did* she do to him *on* *camera* ?

  7. Ugo

    Ugo14 일 전

    Thumbnail looks sus

  8. Danilo Garcia

    Danilo Garcia15 일 전

    No lie but our cousin she is hot asf

  9. Haylee Gallagher

    Haylee Gallagher17 일 전

    They all scream JAYYYYYYYY so he comes down and says HOW DRUNK ARE WE !!!😂😂😂

  10. OnePiece01

    OnePiece0117 일 전

    Yesssss can’t believe you watch stevewilldoit aswell 👌🏼

  11. Jose Garcia

    Jose Garcia20 일 전

    Your videos are hilarious!

  12. culo

    culo20 일 전

    18:12 jessica is so fucking sexy and ughh i want her 🤧🤤

  13. Mariyam Haider33

    Mariyam Haider3322 일 전

    At 4:31 he is cheap cuz he is stealing water cuz he can't buy it

  14. Carina RodrigueZ

    Carina RodrigueZ22 일 전

    Did he gain weight or was he always like this I swear he looked different in the old videos with faze rug

  15. Abdul Ahmed

    Abdul Ahmed23 일 전


  16. carolyn osaias

    carolyn osaias23 일 전

    Cmon Brandon everyone knows ur brokeass Juss grow up u n Anthony are so childish virgins

  17. Bree Reidy

    Bree Reidy23 일 전

    This is the best and funniest video on KOreporter I love you Brandon , Jackie, Anthony and others 😍😍😍

  18. unicorn L

    unicorn L24 일 전

    Giving iphone 11 pro go sub to enter

  19. Arelli Romo

    Arelli Romo24 일 전

    he seems drunk

  20. Lina Nguyen

    Lina Nguyen24 일 전

    When all his videos get demonetized: Gets water that’s 1.79 instead of 6.99

  21. Amy Ballew

    Amy Ballew24 일 전

    The initials for jackass lmao jk jk!!!

  22. Veronica Orellana

    Veronica Orellana24 일 전

    Don’t run from me bitch 🤣❤️

  23. Sussie Diaz - A

    Sussie Diaz - A24 일 전

    You must love those aqua colored shorts & white tee, since you tend to wear them in almost all of your videos 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️

  24. Walberto Torres

    Walberto Torres25 일 전

    Hey shop smart not dumb just cause you have money DOES NOT mean shop like you’re and idiot

  25. greg crew

    greg crew25 일 전

    You guys are nuts

  26. Eddy Vazquez

    Eddy Vazquez25 일 전

    You should get a aventedor but in a different dealership

  27. DaRksniper

    DaRksniper26 일 전

    I feel so bad fo those employees also brain cell count 20

  28. Twinkle Star

    Twinkle Star26 일 전

    I've watched till 4:44 that too skipped a bit, WTF am I watching Brawadis!! Bullshit contents! Like are you 24 ?? You behave like a 14 years old!! So dumb!

  29. Gustavo Martinez

    Gustavo Martinez26 일 전

    Anthony fat asf

  30. Trinity Avalos

    Trinity Avalos26 일 전

    Jessica is so hot 👀

  31. Froszt

    Froszt26 일 전

    How to save a life by The Fray is still played in a grocery store 😀😀😀

  32. DANK SAGE420

    DANK SAGE42027 일 전

    The short shorts that Anthony where's wdf like whhhhhhaaaaatttt are thoes🙊

  33. Adan Sandoval

    Adan Sandoval27 일 전

    8:11 CVS😭😂

  34. antonio sandoval

    antonio sandoval27 일 전

    I have the black and white prestos can you tell Anthony

  35. Jose Torres

    Jose Torres27 일 전

    Bruhhh u my nigga since day uno 😂💯

  36. Mr StealYoGirl

    Mr StealYoGirl27 일 전


  37. j kush23

    j kush2327 일 전

    these guys make me wanna go grocery shopping 💀

  38. lala x annge

    lala x annge27 일 전

    whats romels instagram ?

  39. Cristian Henriquez

    Cristian Henriquez27 일 전

    And he only got water.. this guy smh

  40. Cristian Henriquez

    Cristian Henriquez27 일 전

    & he acts like 4 year old Brian is more mature no wonder hes always getting demonatized videos

  41. Cristian Henriquez

    Cristian Henriquez27 일 전

    Not only does he goes and do groceries hes so cheap can't pay 6.99 his homie offering to buy it smh I wonder how he pays for that I8 smh


    ZULU ZERO27 일 전

    How does Anthony even get girls hes so ...

  43. lorettaanaya

    lorettaanaya27 일 전


  44. Luis Perez

    Luis Perez27 일 전

    Lol lol lol lol lol

  45. Rosie Shamoon

    Rosie Shamoon27 일 전

    awww Brandon and Anthony have the same laugh LMAOAO

  46. Taqi Raza

    Taqi Raza27 일 전

    the waxing part reminds me of when they waxed Dennis 😂😂😂😂

  47. Dylan B

    Dylan B27 일 전

    Your od asf

  48. Miggs G

    Miggs G27 일 전

    Brandon needs to act his age. Jesus Christ.. you're worse than a kid at the store..

  49. Slash

    Slash27 일 전

    I really hope he doesn’t turn into faze rug and have different types of videos

  50. Dizzel Boy

    Dizzel Boy27 일 전

    1:10 Brandon got a phone like if you agree

  51. Lazaiah Bruner

    Lazaiah Bruner27 일 전

    What happened to your camera ?

  52. scientific undera

    scientific undera27 일 전

    Is he ever gonna address the fact that he’s the biggest meme

  53. Jessica Amoah

    Jessica Amoah27 일 전

    Jessica did my initials

  54. Seventiger26295 Hernandez

    Seventiger26295 Hernandez28 일 전

    You should go to the hood like a nerd and act bad but you are actually good

  55. Mysterious Cat

    Mysterious Cat28 일 전

    Heart. LOL

  56. carti

    carti28 일 전

    since you disabled comments on the actual video i'm gonna comment it here… i know your squad is close knit and y'all are like a family, but you're never going to win a championship with them. they aren't championship material. people like romel aren't playing ball for the same reasons you are and it shows. just some food for thought

  57. Taha Haider

    Taha Haider28 일 전

    Brandon or aka brawadis I want you to kiss Jackie for two minutes it's a dare from your fan group

  58. كن سعيد

    كن سعيد28 일 전

    I love the cultural stuff lmao

  59. Melanie Flores

    Melanie Flores28 일 전

    I had the EXACT same story as the eyebrows. except it was my mom and yeah I was very sad to start high school. they never grew back the same

  60. Carla Bermudez

    Carla Bermudez28 일 전

    No wonder he gets his videos demonetized because he does the stupidest shit ever 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️