You shouldn't watch this Rainbow Six Siege video


  1. Marley

    Marley5 개월 전

    burger keyboard that like button boys

  2. Ghcsty -_-

    Ghcsty -_-3 개월 전

    I would love to see a ranked only vid. Just one

  3. Jacques Mienie

    Jacques Mienie3 개월 전

    Oooh very sore about us South Africans hey bud? XD

  4. Miaa LavishTv

    Miaa LavishTv4 개월 전

    Add me

  5. Miaa LavishTv

    Miaa LavishTv4 개월 전


  6. Christopher Ortiz

    Christopher Ortiz4 개월 전

    Marley please friend me on rainbow six siege My name is Charliem101112

  7. Nathan Marshall

    Nathan Marshall6 시간 전

    Raid sucks though xD

  8. Cashlin Rowley

    Cashlin Rowley23 시간 전

    Raid shadow legends

  9. Kill Marks

    Kill Marks일 전

    Nokk nokk Whos there Rey Rey who Reyd shadow legends

  10. Declan de Sylva

    Declan de Sylva일 전

    Marley you tell custard he just disrespected my country 🤬😂 I also cant be the only South African watching right now right?

  11. Lee Brown

    Lee Brown2 일 전

    Someone tell marley to stop dying after every laugh cause it killing me

  12. Vintage

    Vintage2 일 전

    Man this is a really nice game but you know what else is a good game? RAID SHADOW LEGENDS, DOWNLOAD AND PLAY TODAY

  13. Freddie Okelly

    Freddie Okelly4 일 전


  14. whatanawsomeusername

    whatanawsomeusername7 일 전

    I don’t care what the title says. I’m going to watch it anyway

  15. Brandon Conway

    Brandon Conway9 일 전

    Wow after watching that Raid Garbage Legends video, every time I hear an RSL ad I can’t unhear the same script

  16. IAmStridle

    IAmStridle10 일 전

    if this is Marley not trying I don't wanna see him try his hardest

  17. PayItForward60

    PayItForward6010 일 전


  18. ツAsil

    ツAsil11 일 전

    But we watched

  19. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader13 일 전

    Raaaaaid shadow legendsssssssss

  20. Sip Gaming

    Sip Gaming13 일 전


  21. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump15 일 전

    me: looks at title also me: looks at views the title got rekt

  22. Captain Crunch

    Captain Crunch15 일 전

    Me: *Skips a Raid Shadow of Legends ad before the video* Marley : THINK AGAIN FUCKBOI

  23. flx wagweez

    flx wagweez16 일 전

    No marley uve joined the darkside u were one of the ones that sort to be persistant not give in

  24. Jessie Knight

    Jessie Knight16 일 전

    I’ve got my first ace about a week ago feel bad

  25. Logan Hunts

    Logan Hunts19 일 전

    Yo how many people say you use hacks when it just looks like pure talent

  26. YourMomsAFurry

    YourMomsAFurry21 일 전

    The only reason the vid has this many dislikes is cus of raid

  27. Air Drop

    Air Drop23 일 전

    1:25 Skip the sponsor

  28. Kuba K

    Kuba K25 일 전

    I know this icon too well

  29. ødd

    ødd26 일 전

    i respect how custard just randomly shot marley's drone when they were speaking about burgers

  30. Malachi Harris

    Malachi Harris26 일 전

    Why is you shouldn't watch this video the title but it has more views than how much subs he has

  31. Trisha Trotta

    Trisha Trotta27 일 전

    Did anyone realize that the left hand had seven fingers?

  32. hi

    hi28 일 전

    Me: watches a video Raid Shadow Legends: I am inevitable

  33. Ezzra

    Ezzra개월 전

    Nobody: Marley: awwww mate!

  34. Sterling Watson

    Sterling Watson개월 전

    im sorry marley, you told us not to watch this video but over 2.2 million of us did

  35. myst nickYT IG

    myst nickYT IG개월 전

    2:46 someone got banned in the feed

  36. Ninerempir 5591

    Ninerempir 5591개월 전

    WTF is that laugh 😆 9:27

  37. Bhavya Tyagi

    Bhavya Tyagi개월 전

    marley, i love your videos. i literally watch them everyday and they make me laugh so much. especially Dom and that bloody Wheeze!!

  38. Bertalan Szoukup

    Bertalan Szoukup개월 전

    6:00 7fingers?

  39. Arky Navalta

    Arky Navalta개월 전

    Hi im ahhhh pro gamer like marley and my account is lost then one day i open my pc and play R6 the uplay have a problem and i cant open R6 because of the uplay and i was thinking selling my account but my brain said its yours dont sell it and my account name is snipro21 all operator unlock diamond rank many black ice skin many skin of gun and skin of operator then one day that happend and my brain that i want to suicide that was all my happynest and that happend and i cry all day hmmmmm? I think a 10 day and i cant removed that think in my head until now 😭😭😭😭just sharing so you guys will take care of your account in R6 thank you bye 😢

  40. Sebastian Harley

    Sebastian Harley개월 전

    Could you please don’t swear you’ll get paid more

  41. jarred hanslow

    jarred hanslow개월 전

    The rekoil though

  42. Kenneth Hichens

    Kenneth Hichens개월 전

    fk u south africa is where its at

  43. Edin SULjic

    Edin SULjic개월 전

    7:48-7:52 was a really good edit

  44. HEX LAS3R

    HEX LAS3R개월 전

    4:14 that’s not how chocking works in Minecraft

  45. TempoLynx

    TempoLynx개월 전

    up down down down bumber bumber left right left right (enemy explodes in the backrounds)

  46. Fog Z

    Fog Z개월 전

    8:52 proud to be South African


    MRXDBOB개월 전

    Why do you always say hello



    His wheezing laugh gets obnoxious after a while it feels like he's exaggerating but I still enjoy the banter

  49. Righteous Retribution

    Righteous Retribution개월 전

    “You Shouldn’t Watch This Rainbow 6 Video” 2 million people: (quicksaving...)

  50. SeñorSmoothyBunz

    SeñorSmoothyBunz개월 전

    Big F for Custard's Ace 😂

  51. aledoes roleplayz

    aledoes roleplayz개월 전

    How old is Marley?

  52. afritroll

    afritroll개월 전

    Oy, South africa is a wonderfull place and tell tl.custard that

  53. DN_ND _

    DN_ND _2 개월 전

    Marley: *exist* Dom: "HOW DARE YOU!"

  54. CreepzGamer

    CreepzGamer2 개월 전

    Best edits ever

  55. Engibeer

    Engibeer2 개월 전

    Lol why are all your titles for your video "Do this" and "Do that"? I like the contecnt, but the way you serve it is garbage.

  56. 20 comer

    20 comer2 개월 전

    *Custard loste her ace to copper*

  57. 1ove2Act

    1ove2Act2 개월 전

    What’s that song basically in the background at 11:02 when shown editing in premiere pro?

  58. Václav Podráský

    Václav Podráský2 개월 전

    That monkey sounds like a marley's laugh😂

  59. Tompppu

    Tompppu2 개월 전

    who else got an epilepsy panic three times

  60. Zakary Laroche Bouthillette

    Zakary Laroche Bouthillette2 개월 전

    Try hard bitch u smoke weed jk I’m not toxic

  61. Zakary Laroche Bouthillette

    Zakary Laroche Bouthillette2 개월 전

    Fuck you

  62. Ace Is Phantom

    Ace Is Phantom2 개월 전

    I love his wheezes

  63. EpicGiants

    EpicGiants2 개월 전

    4:59 Lol

  64. Uygar Akkaya

    Uygar Akkaya2 개월 전

    Juan man🧠

  65. VetsuOtaku

    VetsuOtaku2 개월 전

    y love you'r fuc*ing laughter