You shouldn't watch this Rainbow Six Siege video


  1. Marley

    Marley27 일 전

    burger keyboard that like button boys

  2. doodletron65 b

    doodletron65 b9 일 전

    lol hes paid and he doesnt even play it I bet

  3. B.D.O dubz

    B.D.O dubz17 일 전

    Do the camo transfer glitch from the 417 to the f2

  4. saike

    saike17 일 전

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  5. TTV_FIFABEE Heighton

    TTV_FIFABEE Heighton17 일 전

    Marley you do have a black ice for IQ

  6. Jakob Loomis

    Jakob Loomis19 일 전

    Hey Marley have you ever Ben to america

  7. Ványi András

    Ványi András8 시간 전

    That subtitle preparation stage is legendary

  8. serban dalia

    serban dalia13 시간 전


  9. serban dalia

    serban dalia13 시간 전


  10. BestofShooterGames

    BestofShooterGames일 전

    is actually every single Gaming Video on this Plattform sponsored by Raid? i doesn't matter if i watch, Rainbow Six, Leauge, Rust, or even fucking clash of clans, everything is sponsored by these guys, they must be rich af, the game is still shit tho, the most important thing in a Hero collector game (wich is guess what, collecting heroes) is garbage in Raid

  11. Nyan Pugz

    Nyan Pugz2 일 전

    Does anyone realise every time he says f*ck the subtitles say fr*ck

  12. Koeptus

    Koeptus2 일 전

    8:44 That jackal is actually idiotic.

  13. Glover Productions

    Glover Productions2 일 전

    Jesus is the only way to heaven ✝️

  14. Buz2z

    Buz2z2 일 전

    Did anyone see that nicely time edit at 2:39

  15. Us. 3 Legends

    Us. 3 Legends3 일 전

    Nobody: Dom: Anthony: Marley: WHEEZE

  16. Doruk Ayan

    Doruk Ayan3 일 전

    That was a legit ace. If he peer pressures his enemy into killing himself that counts as a kill too. Congrats Custard!

  17. Beta

    Beta3 일 전

    I love how he used the minecraft things

  18. Red Gaming12

    Red Gaming124 일 전

    Image only haveing black ice for all pistols

  19. Максим Кец

    Максим Кец4 일 전

    10-59 - 11:03 song name?

  20. bobby joe

    bobby joe4 일 전

    Did u see the guy getting removed for being boosted by a cheater

  21. Elitesheep 7

    Elitesheep 75 일 전

    I swear Marley's already used half of these clips...

  22. Leopold Lecareux

    Leopold Lecareux5 일 전

    Epilepsy warning

  23. August

    August5 일 전

    IDOT!!! I loved that I remember that called Marley idot, it was hilarious

  24. MilesIsAShorty

    MilesIsAShorty6 일 전

    I happy that's there animal crossing music

  25. christiandk09

    christiandk096 일 전

    Marley:shoots gun Dom:OmG

  26. Heythew

    Heythew6 일 전 if you have time please watch our videos. We wanted to be youtubers in our future. But our parents won't let. My only hope is to share this around. Fulfill our dreams. We will make more vids in the future

  27. X F

    X F6 일 전

    I should’t have watched this Rainbow Six Siege video

  28. The Name Is Coco

    The Name Is Coco6 일 전

    I almost shit myself during the Maverick moment

  29. Braiden Pitarro

    Braiden Pitarro6 일 전

    10:27 siege language in tact

  30. Keith Larkin

    Keith Larkin6 일 전

    Let’s not play rage shadow legends

  31. Christopher Fawaz

    Christopher Fawaz7 일 전

    Great shit

  32. TheQuacKING

    TheQuacKING7 일 전

    4:57 le monke

  33. Cruz Gibson

    Cruz Gibson7 일 전

    Meaty Marley should buy me r6 and all the operators

  34. Dr Blu

    Dr Blu7 일 전

    2:40 changes games look at his operator symbol

  35. —TheLegend27 —

    —TheLegend27 —7 일 전

    My favorite part is 12:31

  36. —TheLegend27 —

    —TheLegend27 —7 일 전

    ARK _ No it was to give him free ads

  37. ARK _

    ARK _7 일 전

    Y u hatin

  38. Bruna Reche

    Bruna Reche7 일 전


  39. HYDRA Clan

    HYDRA Clan8 일 전

    Every video Marley has to say “We’re gaming baby”

  40. OneVOneME

    OneVOneME8 일 전

    When he gets sponsored by a game you can tell he has no actual interest in the game at all😂

  41. OneVOneME

    OneVOneME8 일 전

    When he gets sponsored by a game you can tell he has no actual interest in the game at all😂

  42. lucas marcon

    lucas marcon8 일 전

    Casual king

  43. Mrbacon0209

    Mrbacon02098 일 전

    definitely slapping that bell

  44. TK Steampunk195

    TK Steampunk1958 일 전

    Marley... My guy... YOUR A FUCKING GOD AT THIS GAME

  45. Darius Phillips

    Darius Phillips8 일 전

    I friggin love your videos. They make me whole. That sniper elite clip was spicy as fuck as well.

  46. Blackfrazzle05

    Blackfrazzle058 일 전

    Who else hates videos titled like this

  47. OXCIDE

    OXCIDE8 일 전

    Hey just wana say im from South Africa too😢

  48. Salici Purser

    Salici Purser8 일 전

    Anyone else see the subscribe on the c4?

  49. ChampXs5 ツ

    ChampXs5 ツ9 일 전


  50. Brenden Selck

    Brenden Selck9 일 전

    I lost it 5:26 )😂😂😂

  51. Tanned p0tato

    Tanned p0tato9 일 전

    I had a seizure watching this.

  52. Seax !

    Seax !10 일 전

    I found you channel today and i like it so much 10 out 10

  53. burkan basgol

    burkan basgol10 일 전

    Please do a face reveal??

  54. Jupitrean Music

    Jupitrean Music10 일 전


  55. kiosuke

    kiosuke10 일 전


  56. red bugzbunny

    red bugzbunny10 일 전

    That what we South African's do

  57. Petrus Van Schaklwyk

    Petrus Van Schaklwyk10 일 전

    8.50 f*ck south Africa lol. Sad place tho

  58. Cat Cooker

    Cat Cooker11 일 전

    1:00 tachuncka reborn

  59. NATBITE10

    NATBITE1012 일 전

    Marley attacking Marley:"planting the bomb" me: what do you mean your planting the bomb

  60. Nakita Kruger

    Nakita Kruger12 일 전

    his so angry he doesn't like my country? haha

  61. Braydan_Games111

    Braydan_Games11112 일 전

    This is my last video on yr at the age 11

  62. V1p3r 78832

    V1p3r 7883212 일 전

    why is there 7 fingers on on hand

  63. cliff hulsey

    cliff hulsey12 일 전

    i like your video but i hate that shaky cam that you do in edit when you get a kill lol

  64. Mister Cyborg

    Mister Cyborg13 일 전

    I got the games two days ago I’ve already got 5 aces

  65. SimpleGeometry

    SimpleGeometry13 일 전

    This editing is comedy genius

  66. PuppyDog06

    PuppyDog0613 일 전

    Pit don't blame the burger

  67. non existent

    non existent13 일 전

    marleys videos: sup epileptic people: yo wtf

  68. STX iBeast

    STX iBeast13 일 전

    Marley uploads a 20+ minute video. My ALARM CLOCK🤪🤪🤪🎇🌠🌅