'You freeze,' witness describes Thousand Oaks shooting scene


  1. Paul Flynn

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  2. Paul Flynn

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    Hhahaha i love it

  3. Eye Gotcha

    Eye Gotcha3 개월 전

    I could have done a much better acting job.

  4. Patriot 1776

    Patriot 17763 개월 전

    Too much deep breathing to work up emotions

  5. HAL

    HAL4 개월 전

    Of course they had a moment of silence at the start of Monday night football for this hoax. I'm torn watching when they acknowledge these fraud events.

  6. Onazzz808

    Onazzz8084 개월 전

    She’s giving Robbie Parker some competition

  7. Passion613

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    KOreporter has been deleting false flag videos on this incident. KOreporter is in on the deception.

  8. steroidsR4losers

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    Can't the ELITES BRIBE better CRISIS ACTORS?

  9. mutalix

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    Just to let you all know, the fake stuff extends well beyond false flag events and crisis actors. Most things from our political teams to our presidential puppets are compromised, presidents are not elected, but selected. We are living in a false narrative, surviving in an artificial psy-op.

  10. AntiFakeJews Revelation2:9-10/Zechariah9:6

    AntiFakeJews Revelation2:9-10/Zechariah9:64 개월 전

    Those spineless kisemono soul eat s**t for them fake reports 1611kjv#Job13:4& Exodus23:1

  11. Koko Bradley

    Koko Bradley4 개월 전

    Horrible crisis actors

  12. Yurik

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    Yea yea yea, some say here that these bitches are in shock thats why no tears, well Robbie Parker back in the days was so shocked he couldnt stop laughing, while he lost hes daughter 1 day ago, at the end of the conv. he pretty much said "fond is opened send money". They all laughing and trying to cry but no tears just POCKETS FULL OF DOLLARS!

  13. Tracey Liang

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    Laura lee?

  14. DJ F

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  15. Kiki Boo

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    There was no tears.why? What happened to eye drops? Bad acting.

  16. Catharsis

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    Everyone say hi to JewTube.

  17. hudna1

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    So dumb...so fake.

  18. xxxDemonknightxxx

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    Fake news

  19. rendezvouswithpablo

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    Faux news for dinner trumpfi

  20. James Rafferty

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    Fake ass bs

  21. ᑕᖇEᗩᗰY ᖴETᑌᔕ

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    Ok now this is Epic

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  23. JoJo

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    "We heard the bang bang of the gunshots" *DID YOU???!? REALLY????* 😑😑😑😑

  24. JoJo

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    For some reason this video is only 19 seconds..... *HMMMMMMMMM* 🤔

  25. Snaggy Head

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    KOreporter took away all my likes on a comment I posted earlier, was up to 4hundred and sumthing now it only has 7. Nervous KOreporter handlers?😂

  26. Jammzy

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    Russia has infiltrated the comments once again, but they have gone overboard this time

  27. Mike Smith

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    Lol it’s not fake. It’s not her fault it’s just the next gen of desensitized millenniums where they only genuinely cry for the new iPhone but hey Cheer up!! Black Friday is coming up!!!!

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  29. Ninja k

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    Fake news

  30. Brain

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    Never forget that the person responsible was a vet.

  31. Echad Lev Shtim

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    Somebody get a bucket for all those tears

  32. Sock Monkey

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    Why didn’t the gun laws work?

  33. Dani Morrow

    Dani Morrow4 개월 전

    *good acting has left the chat*

  34. steroidsR4losers

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    Keep trusting your TV's... They got it down to 6 CORPORATIONS! The ELITES OWN almost everything!

  35. steroidsR4losers

    steroidsR4losers4 개월 전

    It's the ELITE'S AGENDA to ATTACK the 2nd Amendment!

  36. Human Cancerbag

    Human Cancerbag4 개월 전

    Voting straight dem till the day i die because of these comments and amazing amount of brain washed idiots on this earth. You and your kin all deserve your heads on spikes.


    Bob SCHMENGLE4 개월 전

    If even one person had a conceal carry permit and a gun perhaps you can save lives and perhaps his own. It's the wild west baby strap one on

  38. Human Cancerbag

    Human Cancerbag4 개월 전

    The people that say this is fake, kill yourself. Youre a living joke.

  39. TilDeath1776 US

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    Have you watched the video of the two victims who are laughing during an interview? Please give me your insight on that. O, wise one. Or the father who stayed 24 hours giving interviews bout his son.

  40. Connor Thompson

    Connor Thompson4 개월 전

    What leads someone to commit a mass shooting is a combination of being suicidal and a grandiose sense of self. These people want to be remembered. Even if their legacy is an evil one.

  41. MrChiCity3

    MrChiCity34 개월 전

    How did you find one the black person who showed up to this event ....must've been hard as hell lol

  42. Connor Thompson

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    I think the KOreporter algorithm only let mentally ill people find this video... am I the only sane person here or are the comments and dislikes bots?

  43. I like sandwiches

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    This comments section is straight poison.

  44. I like sandwiches

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    +TruthMediaFilmsProd. Yes with the retarded conspiracy theories of people who suffer anxiety, depression and delusions of persecution.

  45. Neptune Area 7E

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    All interviews seem so fake lmao. I’m no dummy.

  46. Neptune Area 7E

    Neptune Area 7E4 개월 전

    Dude it’s all fake. Can’t you tell???

  47. Cedric Terry

    Cedric Terry4 개월 전

    Wtf are u white people on man ? Yall call every single shooting a false flag...

  48. whoo else

    whoo else4 개월 전

    Its called white denial. Just like when they called sandy hook a hoax & others alike. Deep down inside, they know its real.

  49. Aaron Morris

    Aaron Morris4 개월 전

    Wish I was there with the second amendment to try my best. #notafraid

  50. John Dough

    John Dough4 개월 전

    Why does she inexplicably rub her eye? I am calling BS!!!

  51. Bruce Trevino

    Bruce Trevino4 개월 전

    Bad acting

  52. 55wassup

    55wassup4 개월 전

    Have people in this comment section lost their minds? This was a real tragedy that actually took place and you all have the audacity to say people in these interviews are acting?? Shame on you if you think these people are actors.




  54. Alicia Fox

    Alicia Fox4 개월 전

    Guns guns guns!

  55. James Hawkins

    James Hawkins4 개월 전

    Still better acting than Twilight..

  56. Jerry Ostrowski

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    Very pathetic, where is the rest of your we's

  57. DeenScene

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  58. Ravenphin2

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    How is this fake

  59. Norb J

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    Soo real😂😂😂

  60. fade Ben

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    Crisis actors!!! Stay woke.

  61. Alice

    Alice4 개월 전

    I'm so confused. Why is everyone saying this is fake? I'm not on any side I'm just confused

  62. Dani

    Dani4 개월 전

    fake, no tear THOT

  63. Mich Ah

    Mich Ah4 개월 전

    Why is someone targeting Vegas massacre victims? There were over 60 of them at Borderline, congregated together when all a sudden this happens again? Coincidence?

  64. ShonColle

    ShonColle4 개월 전

    Gosh! Even in tragedy, most of you people are still racist and ignorant.

  65. Melanie Ruggiero

    Melanie Ruggiero4 개월 전

    These comments are horrible and make me sick. Oh my god

  66. Denniss7420

    Denniss74204 개월 전

    Time to Wake Up!

  67. Colored Shovel

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    Imagine being so dumb gunshots and firecrackers sound the same to you

  68. Alberto Gonzalez

    Alberto Gonzalez4 개월 전

    Oh shit a black person " wow I only saw white folks on the news bulletins!!

  69. Kurisu

    Kurisu4 개월 전

    Just look how small the gap is between thumbs up and thumbs down. A lot of people are not buying into the bullshit.

  70. Militant AceColleti

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    Where's the tears???🤔😓

  71. Anonymous

    Anonymous4 개월 전

    You people in the comments are the most ignorant hateful people I’ve even seen saying it’s a false flag and fake news and crisis actors is disgusting you people have zero proof that it’s fake you people are pure disgusting god is looking down on you all shaking his head

  72. Anonymous

    Anonymous4 개월 전

    SOUTHERNCALI NIGHTMARE and you are truly a ignorant hateful person




  74. Denniss7420

    Denniss74204 개월 전

    You have ZERO proof that it happened.

  75. steroidsR4losers

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  76. N M

    N M4 개월 전

    You shouldn’t have been there anyway sister... guess you was looking for white daddy

  77. ShonColle

    ShonColle4 개월 전

    N M or maybe she was just enjoying the music like everyone else you dumbass

  78. Arobed Unam

    Arobed Unam4 개월 전

    "bAng BaNg" "wE tHoUghT iT wAs a JoKe"

  79. me

    me4 개월 전

    She lyin

  80. Zane (Ragin_Pacifist)

    Zane (Ragin_Pacifist)4 개월 전

    Bad acting

  81. Lens Perspective

    Lens Perspective4 개월 전

    Yeah, everyone suspects this one, too, people are realizing that the mobs and agencies have done way worse to get results, it's also a gun grab right after they won the election


    KITT FOXXE4 개월 전

    Liar! she wasn't there..!

  83. ShonColle

    ShonColle4 개월 전

    Kitt Foxx were you there? If not, shut the hell up

  84. YouTube u

    YouTube u4 개월 전

    This is my opinion and thoughts : shootings have been going on more often then ever from the school shooting to the Las Vegas shooting! I don’t think it’s a coincidence I think all these disasters are connected ... and you may ask what’s the objective here? They want to stop making guns available to the public and why you must ask ? So we can be defenseless when they try to in-force one world order. Also, I’m not saying these shooting and the people that past are fake I’m just saying someone was pushing it to happen and unfortunately people lives were taken. I constantly pray for all this stuff to stop happening and I feel like lord our savior will be coming soon.

  85. Thylacod

    Thylacod4 개월 전

    This is more fake than acrylic nails.

  86. Darth Dulla

    Darth Dulla4 개월 전

    Bang bang fake

  87. Mfbh Jhhj

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    an epic win for the gamers

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  89. Seraphy

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    *I never freeze*

  90. Creeping Shooter

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    Whenever I need a reason to hate humanity and commit suicide by sticking a high voltage dildo up my ass I go down to the comments of this video for help. 👌

  91. Fighters Entertainment Network

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    When fake News goes Trending C,Mon youtube I'd rather you recommend Logan Paul new movie. His acting is better then this

  92. Fighters Entertainment Network

    Fighters Entertainment Network4 개월 전

    Damn fake tear wipes🤣 like damn the voice changes to to keep sounding sad .

  93. steve miller

    steve miller4 개월 전

    Lmao 😂

  94. Trucks

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  95. Suman Rauf

    Suman Rauf4 개월 전

    It looked like some type of acting lol even I’m a better actor than this

  96. M G

    M G4 개월 전

    I fail to trust these "interviewees." They always seem disengaged with what just happened. Her eyes were closed for a moment...where the hell are the tears.

  97. Jdk4jesuschrist

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  98. Jeff Censored!

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  99. Napoléon Bonaparte

    Napoléon Bonaparte4 개월 전

    ALERT ROBOTIC NRA TROLLS are in the comments, they dont have same emotions as human, U cant even bring sensible gun laws in the country as these trolls will download video and scream in the comments conspiracies, false flag etc

  100. Denniss7420

    Denniss74204 개월 전

    ALERT!!! Napoléon Bonaparte is a cancer TROLL channel. POS!

  101. Napoléon Bonaparte

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    Comment section is the cancer of internet

  102. Napoléon Bonaparte

    Napoléon Bonaparte4 개월 전

    so be careful guys

  103. Jonah Welch

    Jonah Welch4 개월 전

    DIRECTOR: “smile, then breath heavy, then rub your eyes, then talk in a really high voice, then smile!” ACTOR: Why? Am I on coke? DIRECTOR: NO you’re SAD! ACTOR: Oh... so you’re on coke.


    PHOENIX FIRE4 개월 전

    More Bullshit for the masses

  105. Temujin

    Temujin4 개월 전

    A gunshot in an enclosed space such as a bar will not sound like a firecracker - unless you're deaf or a very bad crisis actor.

  106. AndresM

    AndresM4 개월 전

    Gee.. Yet Another shooting against a Country Music venue.. I wonder why? Maybe has something to do with the political violence started by people like Maxine Waters and Antifa.. Yet, another pissed of liberal goes in a rampage looking for Maga hats.

  107. Vada Ann

    Vada Ann4 개월 전


  108. Michael Sam JR

    Michael Sam JR4 개월 전

    Fake new are weak new.

  109. moon walker

    moon walker4 개월 전

    This is fake news if you can’t see that..... then you can’t see

  110. Jason Peng

    Jason Peng4 개월 전

    the number of idiots who think this shooting didn't happen is honestly concerning. i knew Americans were stupid, but this is another level. Like this is close to mental retardation.

  111. Denniss7420

    Denniss74204 개월 전

    Do more research

  112. Chowdhury Productions

    Chowdhury Productions4 개월 전

    This fake shit pisses me off. Like wtf

  113. ⱤᴱᴬᴸҬᴬᴸᴷ

    ⱤᴱᴬᴸҬᴬᴸᴷ4 개월 전

    Since you fvck niggaz are watching you can clearly see that us "goyim" know what the fvck is going on. WE SEE THROUGH YOUR BVllSHIT. JUSTICE IS COMING

  114. star dust

    star dust4 개월 전

    Congratulations, she earned herself 7 thousand dollars a week for life. She needs to poke her eyeball to get a tear out next time

  115. ominous thoughts

    ominous thoughts4 개월 전

    it was a orchestrated killing by our government to get rid of our 2nd amendment.

  116. greatt-big dong

    greatt-big dong4 개월 전

    These are the type of bitches who call 911 at the shooting range reporting hearing gunshots.

  117. greatt-big dong

    greatt-big dong4 개월 전

    From 0:00 to 0:11 she was semi cry ish. She breaks character at 0:12 when she snaps out of sounding cryish. Fake. I cant believe this actress sucks so bat At 0:12 she sounds so happy. When she says we thought it was a joke. Say what you want i made my conclusion.