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Yoona and Lee Seung Gi Teasing Moment


  1. yeyen fitri

    yeyen fitri2 일 전

    I don't know why, for some reason I ship LSG and Suzy, they look good together.

  2. Huyen Cao

    Huyen Cao22 일 전

    I am a huge fan of Yoona so Im really happy if Yoona is happy too. I was a fan of this couple cuz I saw LSG’s sincerity and I absolutely regretted when hearing the breaking-up news of them. But all of this are in the past. When he in military, he had poster of Seolhyun who comes from AOA girl group so actually I have had no sympathy for LSG ever since. I hope Yoona could find someone who suits her and makes her happier instead of this couple being together again

  3. Winger Strike

    Winger Strike13 일 전

    Huyen Cao it seems like you are an idiot fan. No wonder most immature yoona fans are called yoonaTARDS fans because they lack research abilities. It was already CLEARED THAT ALL RUMORS AND ALL things what LEE SUGEUN SAID WERE NOT truee including the SEOLHYUN PHOTOS. So shut the f up!. Im glad.. LEE SEUNG GI IS TOO GOOD FOR i Overated yoona who can't act lol

  4. Anh Tuyet Tran

    Anh Tuyet Tran개월 전

    still hoping tho xD

  5. Yuli Anawati

    Yuli Anawati개월 전

    Balikan 😂

  6. anunzaya zugch

    anunzaya zugch개월 전

    SNSD is sooo shippable

  7. camila AC

    camila AC개월 전

    Ojalá regresaran

  8. camila AC

    camila AC개월 전


  9. Halena Dyas

    Halena Dyas개월 전

    Are they broke up? I'm sorry, I'm not Yoonaddict😆

  10. min yoongi

    min yoongi개월 전

    Yups in the late 2015 or 2016 I think ㅠㅠ

  11. ᄋ ᄋ

    ᄋ ᄋ개월 전

    왜 헤어졌었던 거지 기억이 안나네 까먹은건지 아니면 이유가 없었던건지 아 그나저나 군대 문제가 참 우리나라 좆같네 ㅠㅠ 재앙.... ㄹㅇ

  12. Sheila Ford

    Sheila Ford개월 전

    Jan 1 2019

  13. GF TV

    GF TV개월 전


  14. Aura Shabrina

    Aura Shabrina개월 전


  15. BLACK ON

    BLACK ON2 개월 전


  16. Sem David Timothy Sitanggang

    Sem David Timothy Sitanggang2 개월 전

    she is really good at playing roung or spin it 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Ileen Monteroyo

    Ileen Monteroyo2 개월 전

    Yoona and sehun are now dating

  18. Nyalala Fabi

    Nyalala Fabi2 개월 전

    November 2018 and it seems like it is really over!

  19. Siddiqa Ahmad

    Siddiqa Ahmad2 개월 전

    The name of the background song pls

  20. J x J

    J x J2 개월 전

    Siddiqa Ahmad meghan trainor - like i'm going to lose you

  21. ehring ehro

    ehring ehro2 개월 전

    Yoona is one of my least favorite snsd member and seunggi is my favorite since 2d1n but these two together makes a great couple,they both have this genuine vibe of feeling to each other...too bad they broke up but hey love is sweeter the second time around so we must all wait when that time happen and i really hope it will....

  22. ShngTgtg Gybn

    ShngTgtg Gybn3 개월 전



    KIM JISOO3 개월 전

    2018))) i miss this couple❤❤

  24. Nur Sakinah

    Nur Sakinah3 개월 전

    I hope in 2018 until forever...yoona have same ideal type for seunggi....❤😶

  25. Devi Oktoviyanti

    Devi Oktoviyanti3 개월 전

    Omg i dont believe they are break up 😥 i hope they can be together again, YOONGI ship till the end 🙋

  26. Ade Fitri

    Ade Fitri3 개월 전

    😍😍😍😍 miss them so much

  27. Yoong Yoongie

    Yoong Yoongie3 개월 전

    Married soon please

  28. Shuifong Kwok

    Shuifong Kwok3 개월 전


  29. 베타카

    베타카4 개월 전

    이승기 윤아 잘어울림

  30. Parma Singh

    Parma Singh4 개월 전

    True love never separates people LSG deserves better and has better

  31. zwy xyw

    zwy xyw4 개월 전

    Wth BGM

  32. Noy Dimalanta

    Noy Dimalanta4 개월 전

    Here I am still waiting for them to comeback together again 😂😂😂

  33. 정선영

    정선영4 개월 전

    bgm이 너무 커서 말이 잘 안들려요 ㅠ

  34. 쮸기욥

    쮸기욥4 개월 전

    노래좀 줄이지 안들리잖아;

  35. 2003반의반 더하기

    2003반의반 더하기4 개월 전

    육감 엉덩이와 더러운 변태당;;; ㅎㄷㄷ 아~맞다. 융개에겐 백마탄 (변태) 왕자.ㅋㅋㅋ

  36. 노래가좋다

    노래가좋다5 개월 전

    음악소리 더럽게크네



    i hope they didn't broke up..

  38. Wawa Leha

    Wawa Leha5 개월 전

    I’m really happy person when knew they officially announced as a couple. They suit each other. Handsome and pretty. Both of them are so humble and kind. I hope they can be together again and get married soon. Please......

  39. Gargi Mahanty

    Gargi Mahanty5 개월 전

    what song is playing?

  40. Mary Hoboken

    Mary Hoboken4 개월 전

    Gargi Mahanty Like I'm Gonna Lose You ( Meghan Trainor ft John Legend )

  41. Park Sooyoung

    Park Sooyoung5 개월 전

    Do they have drama?what is it?

  42. yoon shi

    yoon shi5 개월 전

    My gut said they didn't broke up but they kept it low. I have that instinct after watching Knowing Brothers ep 88 where SNSD appeared as guest. Heechul & Yong Chul kinda mention Seunggi on the show. So I kind of have a feeling they didn't broke up but kept in private. They are so careful after what happened in 2014.

  43. tanyanan chaitanakulnan

    tanyanan chaitanakulnan5 개월 전

    น่ารักจังเลย Seung gi I love love

  44. Cathy Allera

    Cathy Allera6 개월 전

    Now that Lee Seung gi had finished his mandatory military service. Hope YoonA and Seung Gi rekindle their romance and be couple again. 😍🤣

  45. N Ama

    N Ama6 개월 전

    1:09 what is show?

  46. như phạm

    như phạm6 개월 전

    What’s the show at 1:16?

  47. Yoong Tv

    Yoong Tv6 개월 전

    như phạm kbs guerrilla date

  48. Mitchelle Durchess

    Mitchelle Durchess6 개월 전

    I still ship this couple. I just can't move on 😭😭

  49. 김미연

    김미연6 개월 전

    한국사람 손...?

  50. I am Sehun's First & Last wife 4ever

    I am Sehun's First & Last wife 4ever6 개월 전

    I miss yoongi so much😭😭😭

  51. 겨울구역

    겨울구역6 개월 전

    이승기도 ㅈㄴ스레긴게 예전에 윤아좋다고 노래를불러놓고 사귀고나니까 여배우만봄

  52. Shin Hyuk Hae

    Shin Hyuk Hae6 개월 전

    It's been a year and still I ship YoonGi #KhunFany #BaekYeon #SeoHwa

  53. Fc XXX

    Fc XXX6 개월 전

    Lck yr pssi Yoona

  54. Nene kim

    Nene kim6 개월 전

    i miss this couple

  55. Ankita Gurung

    Ankita Gurung6 개월 전

    They are the cutest creature in this earth 😭 Both are my fav❤️

  56. Quỳnh Chi

    Quỳnh Chi7 개월 전

    Đây là bài j vậy nhỉ

  57. your fav

    your fav7 개월 전

    Yoona look so cute when she got jealous hahahaha. I really ship this couple please comeback again. 😭😭

  58. Jungkookie's Wifeu

    Jungkookie's Wifeu7 개월 전

    please tell me the reason why they broke up

  59. jeon lisa

    jeon lisa7 개월 전


  60. Byuntae 101

    Byuntae 1017 개월 전

    I'm still rooting for this couple. Until today. 😭😭😭😭

  61. biba Lounice

    biba Lounice7 개월 전

    I think that they are remain good friends and still have respect to each other becoz even after seperation they still smile when they mention their names... thumb up for both of u lee seung gi oppa and yoona ssi ❤

  62. winnie tao

    winnie tao7 개월 전

    So big mouth......

  63. 백승옥

    백승옥7 개월 전

    음악소리 때문에 잘안들리네요 다음엔 적당히 조절좀요ㅠㅠ

  64. Bloom Life

    Bloom Life8 개월 전

    So cute 💓💓💓💓

  65. sophiaa swan

    sophiaa swan8 개월 전

    Oh how I wish BaekYeon was like this.

  66. Julius Romario

    Julius Romario7 개월 전

    Taengoo is Heart No, Taeyeon wont be like that if Exo "crazy" fans didnt hate her. (I mean Exo crazy fans not Exo normal fans)

  67. T W

    T W8 개월 전

    He's too ugly for her though.. She should be with Nichkhun or Lee min ho

  68. Julius Romario

    Julius Romario7 개월 전

    T W Idk but they match each other. Couple not just visual,if they really love each other they can be a couple. Do you know? Ex- Kpop Idol, Lee Hyori was married with Lee Sangsoon (he is not too handsome) but They still married until now.

  69. Phương Huỳnh

    Phương Huỳnh8 개월 전

    0:37 what show

  70. we love Yoona

    we love Yoona8 개월 전

    i hope they get back together.

  71. Anne Justine

    Anne Justine8 개월 전

    After I heard that LSG already finished his military training the first thing that comes into my mind is his relationship with Yoona..I really really hope that they’ll be together again❤️😢

  72. Knullified

    Knullified9 개월 전

    this made my day

  73. nct zen

    nct zen9 개월 전

    Its already 2018 , but still can't move on by this Hope they will be together again! :-)

  74. Ronaida Lumambas

    Ronaida Lumambas9 개월 전

    2018 and my ship sank way years ago but im not moving on yet T.T

  75. RuNe 07

    RuNe 079 개월 전

    Even years after break up, many people still love this couple and hope for a 2nd chance. It really shows how much these 2 are loved and respected. But seriously, I'm hoping for a miracle lol

  76. Indraswari Rahmadani

    Indraswari Rahmadani9 개월 전

    It is a little disappointing that they are not being together anymore. Their relationship was gladly approved by both of their fans, not like most of others celebrities. However, it is ok as long as Yoona is happy and fine.

  77. Eloisah Pillado

    Eloisah Pillado9 개월 전


  78. hoseok and maknae

    hoseok and maknae10 개월 전

    2018 and I'm still missing them )):

  79. Season Villen

    Season Villen10 개월 전

    Maybe they're broken up now, but believe me they will get married later.. #sorryformyshipping

  80. Season Villen

    Season Villen10 개월 전

    Maybe they're broken up now, but believe me they will get married later.. #sorryformyshipping

  81. hyattenism diaries

    hyattenism diaries10 개월 전

    Still rooting for them to be back. #nohate 💕

  82. Bhear Hanna

    Bhear Hanna10 개월 전

    I miss them they are siooo cute hehe

  83. BTS iKON

    BTS iKON10 개월 전

    Takte Di kayo bagay yoona napaka pabebe mong buset ka Di ka bagay Kay Lee Seung Gi ni Oh yeon seo tse. ¶u+@ ka 9@90!!!

  84. Wing Wong

    Wing Wong10 개월 전

    I gonna fail you if mention your family again!

  85. Wing Wong

    Wing Wong10 개월 전

    Yoona is a shit not mentioning Seungi's name!

  86. Tosha Patel

    Tosha Patel10 개월 전

    what is the name of song in beginning?



    I miss them😢

  88. yulyulk

    yulyulk11 개월 전


  89. Tatiana Villegas

    Tatiana Villegas11 개월 전



    EXO & NCT PUTAS11 개월 전

    I feel so bad for Taeyeon

  91. Wing Wong

    Wing Wong11 개월 전

    But that bitch wear my style.

  92. 연주

    연주11 개월 전

    음악때문에 하나도 안들린다..;;;;;;;

  93. Chen Xhai

    Chen Xhai11 개월 전

    2018 comment. He got out from the military and I'm looking forward for their videos together soon.

  94. kaleyvani moonoosamy

    kaleyvani moonoosamy11 개월 전

    Maybe they will started to date in the future. I like this couple.

  95. Dani Mateus

    Dani Mateus11 개월 전

    What is name of the music?

  96. yana liyana

    yana liyana년 전

    The sub is correct or fake?

  97. Kim Villajos

    Kim Villajos년 전

    Someone tell me when did start dating and why did they broke upppo

  98. Shar

    Shar년 전

    2018 and still my ship.

  99. Cathylene Bulado

    Cathylene Bulado년 전

    ouch my hearteu😭💔

  100. 심영민

    심영민년 전

    backsound too big

  101. 김보미

    김보미년 전

    브금 ㅈㄴ크네

  102. Najwa Najwa

    Najwa Najwa년 전

    Please comeback

  103. 박예찬

    박예찬년 전

    노래좀 꺼라;;;

  104. angelangelic

    angelangelic년 전

    last clip what show?

  105. Kendra Kurusu

    Kendra Kurusu년 전

    What's the title of the song?

  106. 성현

    성현년 전

    노래 제목아시는분? what is this song?

  107. Nabina Shrestha

    Nabina Shrestha년 전

    Like I'm gonna lose you-Meghan Trainor ft John Legend

  108. Chan Moeee

    Chan Moeee년 전

    That BGM is sooo irritating! like just let me hear them talking! OH MY GOSH!