Ylvis - The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) [Official music video HD]


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    Wow! Thank you all so much for the amazing feedback we've gotten from you on "Ylvis - the Fox" the passed days guys! Keep on viewing, the fox is still out there! Also feel free to tune in to the Ylvis - [Official music video playlist HD] for more Ylvis moments! Enjoy!

  2. isabell nurminen

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  3. Corrina Gaskins

    Corrina Gaskins2 개월 전

    I love your song so much

  4. Rubí Pérez

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  5. Mazen Mady

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  6. yen10tan

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    We are moving to a new generation of youtubers who consider this nostalgic

  7. Vincenzo Boccuti

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    Commenti chi è italiano pls

  8. Leo Caldwell

    Leo Caldwell15 시간 전

    The 2010’s were a crazy time.

  9. amir babadi

    amir babadi15 시간 전

    Nice! Realy What Does Fox Says :)

  10. wiiwiibaguette

    wiiwiibaguette15 시간 전

    bruh i only just realised how laughable this is, like after 7 years idk

  11. Elemental Horizon

    Elemental Horizon15 시간 전

    what the furry national song is.

  12. Bengsu Bengsu Genius

    Bengsu Bengsu Genius15 시간 전

    This is what inspired mumble rapping


    - _PRO IN EVERYTHING16 시간 전

    ok like really what does the fox say?

  14. Toffeefeathers

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    We need to work to get this past 999k, we could totally do it

  15. Toffeefeathers

    Toffeefeathers16 시간 전

    Why did I search for this

  16. Jonah Strack

    Jonah Strack16 시간 전

    I wonder how he/they came up with this, did it just hit him/them like it did to the Doc (Back To The Future Reference) or what?

  17. Minh Pham

    Minh Pham18 시간 전

    What does the fish say

  18. Noob landia

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  19. Roy Sapkota

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    Why, this video has so much unlike , wow haters !!

  20. vTex assassin1

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    Please let’s get this to a billion views

  21. YEIGO

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    What Does The Fox Say? The fox: HAYAAAA!!! HA!! FIRE!!! COME ON!!! Smash bros fans will understand

  22. FarmingRacingMore

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    The Time When Pop Music Wasn't Sh*t!

  23. not_that_cashmoney_of_you

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    Ever heard of google smh😤😤

  24. Ken Not Cat

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    Still like the ending.

  25. Meme palace

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    2:25 is that David dobrik?

  26. oLectro

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    If you're seeing this in 2020, you're a legend..

  27. Emmaaa

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    For some random reason I had this song Stuck in my head and couldn’t figure out what song it was then I realized it was this. My inner child is quaking.

  28. Izak 2.0

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    this prooves: leyends never dies f**ing never

  29. luis sofonias castillo chamorro

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    pierdo mi fe en la humanidad

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  31. Arianya Jackson

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    Arianya Greer Jackson lip

  32. Seith Bennett

    Seith Bennett22 시간 전

    Damn bro that's crazy. But I don't remember asking.

  33. Alinne

    Alinne22 시간 전

    im crying

  34. LemonCider

    LemonCider22 시간 전

    I am not ashamed to admit that I still was able to sing along for the entirety of the song even after 6 years.

  35. Michael Garcia

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  36. Marcus Crosby

    Marcus Crosby22 시간 전

    This really has 915 million views if you would asked me in 6th grade if this would have blown up I would have said this annoying stupid song no how wrong and young I was

  37. Twiztid Rage

    Twiztid Rage23 시간 전

    Cool song! Wanna know what my favorite part was? It was the part where the fox was singing. And no not the human fox the real fox.

  38. Bradley’s Game reviews and more

    Bradley’s Game reviews and more23 시간 전

    Everyone in this video contributed to the creation of furries

  39. RoseySive

    RoseySive23 시간 전

    I liked this song cause it sounded mystical

  40. Ruby_Eevee 624

    Ruby_Eevee 62423 시간 전

    Man I remember when I was little only knowing this from Just Dance.. I loved this song so much

  41. Kasey Razo

    Kasey Razo23 시간 전

    so I'm making a dance for this and performing it in front of my whole school lol

  42. Ricardo Milos

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  43. Potato the gachatuber

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    So where my fellow furries at?

  44. RainbowLuckyCat

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    I can't believe this almost a billion views, I rember singing this with my friends in elementary school.

  45. Edwin lopez

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    What does the fox say😃😃😃😃

  46. Evelina

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    this really do hit deep when u high

  47. dad

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    This song is awesome! Leave a like if you also like furry porn!

  48. Elijah Bill

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    Vintage meme right here ladies and gentleman.

  49. tyler Hardin

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    What the fuck zan

  50. Matthijs Berkelaar

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    I was playing minecraft with my cousin, we captured some foxes, then I started to sing this song, memories flew by

  51. Gandalf The White

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  52. Ashley Mayfield

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    *Me and the boys jammin to this bop in 3rd grade*

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  54. Suelen tuber

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    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeree wwwwwwwwooooooowwwwwwwwwwww moooocres?

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  56. ꧁༺PR꙰I꙰M꙰E꙰༻꧂

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    motrds xzad sqadd nbvb gcgb xdfccs

  57. Noah Obando

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    my son in the future: Daddy, what does the fox say? me: *ugly cries*

  58. Lama Goat

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    I hope this is studied in 100 hundred years like Shakespeare is studied today

  59. Aesthetic_ Queen

    Aesthetic_ Queen일 전

    Omg I remember this..

  60. Jonkea The Gamer

    Jonkea The Gamer일 전

    Hello random 2020 viewer. You're not the only one who's returned back to this legendary video.

  61. JANZyt

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    When I was yuonger i thought hes said "what the fuck says*

  62. zeren köksal

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    2020 anyone bdbndndmd



    What does the fox say Ning Ning ning

  64. mariam ayub

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    why tf am i listening to this in 2020 LOOOL