1. aazn.__

    aazn.__2 시간 전

    I wish I lived closeby :(

  2. Yuno Em

    Yuno Em4 시간 전

    That toilet tho damn

  3. Himanshu Agarwal

    Himanshu Agarwal일 전

    Crazy bro 😆😆

  4. Gelo martinez

    Gelo martinez일 전

    You can see the bond the friendship that has been built through out the years with these people, they are so cool!!!

  5. Jean-Maurice Mamet

    Jean-Maurice Mamet일 전

    "This is a 1000 years long project"...those words!

  6. Gabriel Ponce

    Gabriel Ponce일 전

    The electricity bill :)))

  7. Alexandra Albano

    Alexandra Albano일 전

    That bathroom 🤮 Who's cleaning that?

  8. upper_middle_ class_trash

    upper_middle_ class_trash일 전


  9. Lillian Schweitzer

    Lillian Schweitzer일 전

    We’ve seen a lot of this house in the previous videos from like 3 months ago

  10. Ramsey Elmachtoub

    Ramsey Elmachtoub2 일 전


  11. Raquel Garbanzo

    Raquel Garbanzo2 일 전

    Yes theory needs more women representation...

  12. Mason Street

    Mason Street2 일 전

    I’ve always wanted to do something like this here in Denver, CO. I’ve met so many brilliant and open-minded people here who have pure harts and that I know are destined to do good in this world. Creating a place for people to feel welcomed and to be creative would be awesome here in Denver. I love the idea of yes theory hubs all across the world. You guys have inspired me so much over the years. Yes theory has helped me come out of my shell a lot more and got to know people from all across the world.

  13. Zayaan Sallie

    Zayaan Sallie2 일 전

    YOU WENT TO ALA 🤯😱 how did i not know this.

  14. maddigoitu

    maddigoitu2 일 전

    The editing skills are something else...WOW

  15. Angelique Verdugo

    Angelique Verdugo2 일 전

    Is that Grandson/Jordan at 18:32 ?? Super dope if it is

  16. Hot Tea

    Hot Tea2 일 전

    The House low-key be looking like a whole LSD trip😂😂😂

  17. Abs Q

    Abs Q2 일 전

    One of the best vids tbh

  18. Chaos_Plasma

    Chaos_Plasma3 일 전

    I didn't know he studied in Joburg 🇿🇦🍉

  19. Jobin George Kachora

    Jobin George Kachora3 일 전

    There'll be snakes in the toilet if you make it look like their habitat

  20. Daniel Pruitt

    Daniel Pruitt3 일 전

    one week later. Hold up i want to move _____ .

  21. Youssef Essam

    Youssef Essam3 일 전

    Hey @Yes Theory i've been following you guys for a while now and i honestly admire what you guys are achieving, im from egypt and i was wondering if there is a community sorta thing for yes theory in egypt since ammar is originally from there

  22. Conner Isaacs

    Conner Isaacs3 일 전

    Thats a very interesting house not gonna lie. I dont think i could get used to all those colors. Very creative.

  23. J J xD

    J J xD3 일 전

    Yoo Liam is pretty fuego

  24. therealryanrob

    therealryanrob3 일 전

    You didn’t have to flex on us like that 😂

  25. M.G.

    M.G.3 일 전


  26. Joe Tolo

    Joe Tolo3 일 전

    Well deserved.

  27. Fab and Keyla

    Fab and Keyla3 일 전

    If you were to be on acid in this house will be a trip

  28. Doctor Bond

    Doctor Bond3 일 전

    That is the coolest house I've ever seen

  29. Martin Schmidt

    Martin Schmidt3 일 전

    you forgot the bedrooms

  30. Balyeet Bhagaloe

    Balyeet Bhagaloe3 일 전

    Nice house but imagine the cleaning it needs

  31. Jaxon Packebush

    Jaxon Packebush3 일 전

    No beds or bedrooms though, that would suck not sleeping there every night! But the best house ever still

  32. Maddie Dobbl

    Maddie Dobbl3 일 전

    wait was that grandson?!?!?

  33. Ayesha Shahzad

    Ayesha Shahzad3 일 전

    This makes me happy and depressed at the same time

  34. Iam theshit

    Iam theshit3 일 전

    this happens when stoners build a house! :)

  35. Salma Narjaøu

    Salma Narjaøu3 일 전

    18:00 is that Grandson???? Im-

  36. Paranoid Vision

    Paranoid Vision3 일 전

    1:53 mmmmmmm yes.... *uSiVeRcKy*

  37. dylan hart

    dylan hart4 일 전

    Broooooo imagine doing mushrooms in this house!

  38. Lewn

    Lewn2 일 전

    dylan hart fr that y i clicked this or acid lol

  39. peter mueller

    peter mueller4 일 전

    why are Colin and Samir from TLN there?

  40. mary karen

    mary karen4 일 전

    This new house is a lot way better than last one. Thanks to their land lord for destroying the house

  41. Jens _YT

    Jens _YT4 일 전

    Were do they sleep

  42. Jock Eee

    Jock Eee4 일 전

    This is way better than google Headquarters

  43. Arabella Michaelis

    Arabella Michaelis4 일 전

    The ultimate hippie bathroom 😂

  44. the mighty blue duck

    the mighty blue duck4 일 전

    imagine taking a shit in a fucking forest bathroom

  45. andrew encinas

    andrew encinas4 일 전

    pewdiepie and yes theory. only channels worth 100mil subscribers.

  46. EbolaWL7

    EbolaWL74 일 전

    So when can i move in?

  47. Hitman Battlelands YT

    Hitman Battlelands YT4 일 전

    18:19 first time in a while that I've seen der-bear

  48. Steevens Delices

    Steevens Delices4 일 전

    team tree

  49. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Federal Bureau of Investigation4 일 전

    I hate being poor, ugly, and working my ass off everyday. They are living the life :(

  50. RipTydz

    RipTydz4 일 전

    I remember when you guys had like 200k

  51. perfectly imperfect

    perfectly imperfect4 일 전

    I am happy

  52. Ellis Warmington

    Ellis Warmington4 일 전

    This reminds me of the semi failed 368, alot of style not so much substance. It really just seems like a glorified office for them to work out of with alot of preaching and proselytizing on the side.

  53. BHostile XJoker

    BHostile XJoker4 일 전

    I like that idea or a book signing on a mantle saved in the walk in area

  54. Loup Géant Targaryen

    Loup Géant Targaryen4 일 전

    4:55 : YOUR SHOW IS COMING !

  55. Chloe Baker

    Chloe Baker4 일 전

    Nothing makes me feel more inspired then yes theory

  56. Island cooking with Denise

    Island cooking with Denise4 일 전

    Hippy AF! I love it !👍🏿😁

  57. Alex Jones

    Alex Jones4 일 전

    14:16 i wanna Seek This Comfort

  58. JDKeeling

    JDKeeling5 일 전

    Hide and seek in the yes house?...🤔

  59. Rishikesh Gandhi

    Rishikesh Gandhi5 일 전

    Why does this people have less subscribers ? Break up - Hurts Yes theroy less subscribers - death issue ! Come on fam do subscribe yes theory , these guys are amazing 🤘🏻

  60. spiralXprtsnow

    spiralXprtsnow5 일 전

    Ahaha thats hot!

  61. Ochre Wooden-wolfs

    Ochre Wooden-wolfs5 일 전

    I love how when they described Tom Franco they didn’t mention his famous brothers