XXXTENTACION - Royalty (feat. Ky-Mani Marley, Stefflon Don & Vybz Kartel) (Audio) | REACTION


  1. STAN

    STAN6 개월 전


  2. Jemani Clarke

    Jemani Clarke5 개월 전

    Yow Kimani Morley the chorus bob Morley son xxxtentacion next and steffle don and the greatest last vybz kartel

  3. bhago east

    bhago east5 개월 전

    The king of dancehall @vybzkartel 👑

  4. DJ Architect

    DJ Architect5 개월 전

    You should review vybz kartel songs on KOreporter, you will get a more understanding

  5. SuaviiVEVO

    SuaviiVEVO5 개월 전

    the one b4 xxx was x singin in the jamaican accent

  6. Donna Wallace

    Donna Wallace5 개월 전

    Yes he is vybz kartel the last guy he is a legend worldwide jamaican artist

  7. Jowell Walkers

    Jowell Walkers3 개월 전 #vybzkartel #Gaza world.👍👍👍👍👍💯

  8. Dan Joseph

    Dan Joseph3 개월 전

    vybz kartel is the king of dancehall

  9. Tenx09

    Tenx093 개월 전

    Kymani sings the hook XXXTENACION was the 1st verse he was flowing in patois and into English Kyamani's Hook 2nd verse Steflon Don Kymani Hook 3rd verse Vybez Kartel

  10. Christopher Mckenzie

    Christopher Mckenzie4 개월 전

    Listen to Eminem feat Vybz Kartel - WTP remix you'll love that too

  11. iNotTraviis

    iNotTraviis4 개월 전


  12. Kamelee tomelee Williams friedl

    Kamelee tomelee Williams friedl4 개월 전

    World boss the best aka vybz karyel

  13. LeoRichies

    LeoRichies5 개월 전

    Vybz Kartel is Jamaican but him lyrics from space bro gad

  14. Sky Drone

    Sky Drone5 개월 전

    Free vybez kartel

  15. Gaza Run dancehall forever

    Gaza Run dancehall forever5 개월 전

    Vybz kartel the goat

  16. akeem fletcher

    akeem fletcher5 개월 전

    yow bro god a vybz kartel is the last person who sing check him out a him a run dance hall welcome to the g Gaza family

  17. anthony radcliffe

    anthony radcliffe5 개월 전

    vybz kartel world boss

  18. Tariq Brown

    Tariq Brown5 개월 전


  19. James Jackson

    James Jackson5 개월 전

    He means he com in a any girl pussy

  20. James Jackson

    James Jackson5 개월 전

    He says this girl a real buddy bruka

  21. Rajea Garcia

    Rajea Garcia5 개월 전

    It’s obvious u didn’t go to school fuck head

  22. leroy thornes

    leroy thornes5 개월 전

    lmao. please leave our jamaican culture alonw..u dont even knw the artists name

  23. Kumiko Tinker

    Kumiko Tinker5 개월 전

    Vybz went harder on xxxx own song man

  24. lCatty Sweets

    lCatty Sweets5 개월 전

    Check out some of Vybz Kartel songs. He's incarcerated and keeps dropping songs after songs.

  25. lCatty Sweets

    lCatty Sweets5 개월 전

    Kymani Marley is Bob Marley's son Vybz Kartel is literally the king of Dancehall. Everyone on this song is Royalty and has Jamaican roots. Remember X Dad is Jamaican.

  26. terry sawyers

    terry sawyers5 개월 전

    One world gaza world thanks bro for your Reaction gaza nation appreciate your love💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  27. Roland Weeks

    Roland Weeks5 개월 전

    Vybz Kartel is pronounce Vibes Cartel..and he the best to do it..vybz kartel has a song with Eminem go and look it up, you won't be me..#gazanation

  28. Jessamar Mckoy

    Jessamar Mckoy5 개월 전

    Vybz kartel verse is last

  29. Christoff Gardener

    Christoff Gardener5 개월 전

    He's high asf..

  30. Stafford William

    Stafford William5 개월 전

    "Chance" by Vybz kartel feat Sean Kingston

  31. Krayz_1 Mitchell

    Krayz_1 Mitchell5 개월 전

    up till now... not a single reviewer without Jamaican background pronounced Ky-Mani right lol

  32. zeko bowes

    zeko bowes5 개월 전

    last one is VYBZ KARTEL he been locked up 8 years now

  33. zeko bowes

    zeko bowes5 개월 전


  34. Roshawn Xavier

    Roshawn Xavier5 개월 전

    You got a like n sub because of vybz kartel.

  35. Roshawn Xavier

    Roshawn Xavier5 개월 전

    Vybz kartel aka Jamaican Jesus ✊🏾

  36. Kashwayne Stone

    Kashwayne Stone5 개월 전

    Go check out vybz kartel video

  37. Orando McLean

    Orando McLean5 개월 전

    Vybz Kartel!!! The Man

  38. Derval Murphy

    Derval Murphy5 개월 전

    Lol his name is pronounced Vibes Cartel but spell Vybz Kartel

  39. Juelzzz & Khadderz

    Juelzzz & Khadderz5 개월 전

    Review vybz kartel one way bredda

  40. Kez357

    Kez3575 개월 전

    kartel the king of dance hall

  41. Kez357

    Kez3575 개월 전

    Ky-Mani Marley is bob Marley son the legend bob Marley

  42. Twinbwoii Ent

    Twinbwoii Ent5 개월 전

    Research vybz kartel and do more vlog of his music

  43. Twinbwoii Ent

    Twinbwoii Ent5 개월 전

    by the way the beat is Dancehall beat

  44. Twinbwoii Ent

    Twinbwoii Ent5 개월 전

    it is a jamaica yard man style.... Vybz kartel always killing the riddim research more about vybz kartel and do more vlog of him and see how fast your subscriber reach 100k

  45. Sechoo Mcknight

    Sechoo Mcknight5 개월 전

    Listen to Jimmie Hoffa bro he'll brake it down for you



    Hey who made the beat.?



    Man umif u were a jamaican making all this mis ups we would block u rite away😂😂😂😂thats how far u are 😁😁👍👍respect.big up world boss tr88t.



    World boss nail it that pic is up.

  49. What 3RV

    What 3RV5 개월 전

    You got all love name wrong

  50. jeff lione

    jeff lione5 개월 전

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz react to vybz kartel go go whine

  51. Ruth Frank

    Ruth Frank5 개월 전

    The hook is kymani then XXX followed by stefflon don then vybz

  52. Helloim Rudz

    Helloim Rudz5 개월 전

    Mi feel sorry fi deh yute ya... Him no understand nutn... Everyting fly ova di man head... Big up yuself still tho

  53. Villa FlameZ

    Villa FlameZ5 개월 전

    Kymani Marley first XXX Tentacion second, Steflon Don , and the Emperor of Dancehall Vybz Kartel on the last verse

  54. Paulray Adair

    Paulray Adair5 개월 전

    tipe this on youtube XXXTentacion & Vybz Kartel - Royalty (Kartel's Verse Explained In English!) R.I.P. XXX

  55. Sheldon Nelson

    Sheldon Nelson5 개월 전

    Vybz kartel Jamaican dancehall king on the last verse

  56. michael walker

    michael walker5 개월 전

    xxx was the 2 first verse kymani on the chorus steflon then vybz kartel killed it

  57. dutingz boss TV

    dutingz boss TV5 개월 전

    Vybz kartel is the king of dancehall

  58. g max

    g max5 개월 전

    It was xxx is mom is a jamaican bro

  59. Mental_Muzik Mentalicist

    Mental_Muzik Mentalicist5 개월 전

    Smoke high grade and fly pigeon 🔥🔥🔥 High grade (name given to the strongest strand of weed in Jamaica

  60. Y 19

    Y 195 개월 전

    Your dumb if you knew xxx was half Jamaica everyone on the track has a Jamaican root that's why the cover photo is like that no it won't chance

  61. Master Mind

    Master Mind5 개월 전

    1st. Kymani, 2nd. Xxx, 3rd. Steflan, 4th. Vybz kartel.

  62. Imxgeking

    Imxgeking5 개월 전

    Gaza Gaza Gaza yooooow 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 Jamaican here right here

  63. Arnoldo Adaire

    Arnoldo Adaire5 개월 전

    Dunce like ova Halle selassie

  64. Dwayne Grant

    Dwayne Grant5 개월 전

    Gaza nation

  65. Dwayne Grant

    Dwayne Grant5 개월 전

    Vybz Kartel coming last