Worst Halloween Candy Taste Test (Day 1)


  1. jaq nah

    jaq nah3 시간 전

    I’m obviously late to the party but wtf is going on with American lollies.... some of this stuff is wild. Also those “whoppers” just sound like Maltesers and I don’t get how anyone could not like those....

  2. eyeheartcheese100

    eyeheartcheese1009 시간 전


  3. Twila Slease

    Twila Slease13 시간 전

    I love Dot's

  4. King Turtle

    King Turtle13 시간 전

    I feel insulted by the dots,they're amazing.

  5. Fanboy 25

    Fanboy 2515 시간 전

    Happy cotton candy day daddy’s

  6. Austin Franklin

    Austin Franklin17 시간 전

    You know why that they called it good and plenty because it's not good and there's always plenty of them left.

  7. Addy Klein

    Addy Klein17 시간 전

    I like whoopers...

  8. Camila Tavarez

    Camila Tavarez17 시간 전

    i love dots if yoou like them too then give me a like

  9. Comrade Boi

    Comrade Boi19 시간 전

    Oh my candy spirt butterscotch Is good

  10. Comrade Boi

    Comrade Boi19 시간 전

    I like dots

  11. MysteryMicrowave

    MysteryMicrowave21 시간 전

    Tf dots are good

  12. Wiggeoli The third

    Wiggeoli The third일 전

    Dots are amazing!!! They are the best change my mind

  13. Trash

    Trash일 전

    How don't you like butterscotch

  14. Emmy Swan

    Emmy Swan일 전

    Not gonna lie I hate Whoppers, and anyone who likes them.... Is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that

  15. Derpy Pomeranian

    Derpy Pomeranian일 전

    I never tried any of these candies lol since these candies are not sold In my country

  16. Akatsukicrazy4life

    Akatsukicrazy4life일 전

    dots are amazing!

  17. Michael Bryant

    Michael Bryant일 전

    The best flavors for all candy are grape, orange and sour apple. Wild cherry ain’t too shabby either. Oh and lemon.

  18. Sophia Ledyard

    Sophia Ledyard일 전

    Atomic fireballs are amazinggggggggg

  19. Gatlin forestadventures

    Gatlin forestadventures일 전

    We Swedish people hate licorice 🤮🤮🤮Netherlanders love it😍😍😍 I can’t understand that🤔🤔🤔 also 7:14 CHUCK YOU ARE A WIMP BRO

  20. I love Leopard geckos

    I love Leopard geckos2 일 전

    What yr is this?

  21. Jeff Does Stuff

    Jeff Does Stuff2 일 전

    Watching Link chew that wax bottle made me crave one so bad. I loved chewing those as a kid.

  22. lil Mexican

    lil Mexican2 일 전

    I love nik-l-nips

  23. Jimu Rhew

    Jimu Rhew2 일 전

    I love whoppers

  24. Rogue Agent 48

    Rogue Agent 483 일 전

    I like raisinets as well

  25. Jaimie Porter-Walsh

    Jaimie Porter-Walsh3 일 전

    Whoppers look like British Maltesers

  26. Pink Avocado

    Pink Avocado3 일 전

    I used to be in London


    ITS SO NORAH3 일 전

    Wait... I love Nik-L-Nips!!!! 😂😂😂😂

  28. NotNormalDude Barber

    NotNormalDude Barber3 일 전

    I like butterscotch. (BUTTERS!)

  29. Kaogor

    Kaogor3 일 전

    Most of these are good candies⁉️

  30. Have you seen Gavin?

    Have you seen Gavin?3 일 전

    Atomic fireballs are amazing! Who hates those

  31. Jenna Abdo

    Jenna Abdo3 일 전

    Is it just me or does that sound like something Dwight would say? 7:07

  32. Unreadbump !

    Unreadbump !4 일 전

    I love dots

  33. fartface321 321

    fartface321 3214 일 전

    I like dots.....

  34. Ninja Wolf003

    Ninja Wolf0034 일 전

    Never eat dots alone. U gotta share um Dats beautiful When trading, you can trade greens for oranges 🥬 - 🍊 But never oranges for reeeeeeeedddds 🍊x 🍓 Dats rite 🥴

  35. Abbigale Shi

    Abbigale Shi4 일 전

    Whoppers and dots are all amazing y’all just like overly sweet sticky disgusting caramel peanut butter chocolate things

  36. Anna Fed241

    Anna Fed2414 일 전

    I hate whoppers Love candy corn and Dots

  37. Neesha EJ

    Neesha EJ5 일 전

    I love raisinets and dots!

  38. Orivyx Productions

    Orivyx Productions5 일 전

    Am I the only person that likes dots

  39. HipHop Jazz

    HipHop Jazz5 일 전

    I love Liquorice too #liquoricebois

  40. Syd M

    Syd M5 일 전

    lol butterscotch candies and good and plenties are the shit.

  41. Mississippi King

    Mississippi King5 일 전

    Why do people not like Candy Corn? I love it!

  42. Crazyface18

    Crazyface185 일 전

    I like whoppers

  43. Jersy Chase

    Jersy Chase5 일 전

    9:20 i love raisenets and dots

  44. Isabella Robinson

    Isabella Robinson5 일 전

    I don't like Whoppers

  45. noe rart

    noe rart6 일 전

    Someone elses finger?

  46. Annoying Giraffe

    Annoying Giraffe6 일 전

    I love butterscotch... any other teens?

  47. Kylynn Guajardo

    Kylynn Guajardo6 일 전

    I never knew people hated raisinets I love them

  48. Gorgeous Freeman

    Gorgeous Freeman7 일 전

    the absolute worst candy is candycorn. people are backwards lol, whoppers are decent but aren't awful. as well as dots..which only stick to your teeth but taste alright.

  49. Zeynab Ibragimova

    Zeynab Ibragimova7 일 전

    Bull whoppers are the best

  50. Josefine Andersson

    Josefine Andersson7 일 전

    Where's my licorice-loving swede-crew?

  51. It’s ARGGhGARG

    It’s ARGGhGARG8 일 전

    Is it sad that I love most of these candys...like licrish...

  52. Serenity Johnson Vlogs

    Serenity Johnson Vlogs8 일 전

    But I love dots they are amazing!

  53. Chip Hip

    Chip Hip8 일 전

    I love dark chocolate raisenets

  54. connor grice

    connor grice8 일 전

    Dots are like the goat tho

  55. Scarlett Acid

    Scarlett Acid8 일 전

    Excuse me but Whoppers and Butterscotch are delicious you h e a t h e n s

  56. Nasty boy

    Nasty boy8 일 전

    Dots, whoppers, and butterscotch candies are actually pretty good. *Change my mind*

  57. Kawaii Glowstick

    Kawaii Glowstick8 일 전

    I agree with Rhett.. Dots are amazing

  58. Kinda Emo

    Kinda Emo8 일 전

    Not woppers

  59. _Blasphemy _

    _Blasphemy _8 일 전

    I lovvvveeeee Nik-L-Nips, the wax is so satisfying

  60. The Fox of Laurels

    The Fox of Laurels9 일 전

    Dots & especially Good and Plenty are awesome. Whoppers and Nik-n-Lips are solid too. You want bad? Fruit Slices.

  61. Smittie King

    Smittie King9 일 전

    Dots and whoppers didn’t belong

  62. DeepDog87

    DeepDog879 일 전

    I like atomic fireballs I like spicy stuff

  63. nerd neck

    nerd neck9 일 전

    *i love all of these candies but ok*

  64. Collin And Friends

    Collin And Friends9 일 전

    No need for this video it's automatically Heath bars

  65. Marimar Mancia

    Marimar Mancia10 일 전

    just give Rhett all the candy you don't want lol

  66. melody knightly

    melody knightly10 일 전

    Bru I loved nickel-nips

  67. mags zqx

    mags zqx10 일 전

    I love dots

  68. Emmalee Bruce

    Emmalee Bruce10 일 전

    I love good and plenty

  69. Natalie Nashed

    Natalie Nashed10 일 전

    RASINETS ARE AMAZING!!!! Get them off that list!

  70. Katelin Johnson

    Katelin Johnson11 일 전

    Butterscotch is not nasty!! People whats wrong with you😂

  71. Mindy Escoto

    Mindy Escoto12 일 전

    Can’t relate because we don’t have these candy in Australia

  72. Mason Aguirre

    Mason Aguirre12 일 전

    Whoppers aren’t bad In my opinion.

  73. Mason Aguirre

    Mason Aguirre12 일 전


  74. Mason Aguirre

    Mason Aguirre12 일 전

    Same with Nik-L-Lips

  75. SlowEtho

    SlowEtho12 일 전

    Candy corn is so good. It tastes like marshmallows.

  76. Roman’Etta O’Sullivan

    Roman’Etta O’Sullivan13 일 전

    That’s like a Maltese which is english

  77. Peach 90952

    Peach 9095213 일 전

    I disagree with so much stuff in this. I love whoppers. I love candy corn. I love so many of those candies. Including some candies in the other videos.

  78. Jalah Lenee'

    Jalah Lenee'13 일 전

    Whoppers are amazing

  79. Jalah Lenee'

    Jalah Lenee'13 일 전

    Nik’n lips are good

  80. Olivia B

    Olivia B14 일 전

    Okay Almond Joy's are AMAZING

  81. khadija bellarbi

    khadija bellarbi14 일 전

    I just dyed my hands red and tomorrow I have school isn't that embarrassing yeah I'm just going to try to get it out of my hands before it's way too late love you guys bye

  82. 3D Art Nerds

    3D Art Nerds14 일 전

    Almond joys are the best why are the hated

  83. Wesley Henderson

    Wesley Henderson14 일 전

    Asmr scares me

  84. ha hahah

    ha hahah15 일 전

    Whoppers, niklnips, dots, then butterscotch. Hands down. I don't think any kid likes raisenets. They're SO unpopular, Ive never in my life gotten them for Halloween

  85. Giraffes and pugs are superior !

    Giraffes and pugs are superior !15 일 전

    Came back a year later, still upset about my candy corn!

  86. Nehla SOUAKER

    Nehla SOUAKER15 일 전

    I FRIKIN HATE RAISINETS AND LICORICE i mean I’m not judging you can like whatever you want I mean

  87. Rainbowmangleartist

    Rainbowmangleartist15 일 전

    I actually like licorice...

  88. Craftingcrazy _gachalover

    Craftingcrazy _gachalover16 일 전

    Is it bad that I like ALOT of these candies

  89. Silver Mercy

    Silver Mercy16 일 전

    But I like good and plenty . :)

  90. Dj RivGade

    Dj RivGade16 일 전

    I love whoppers

  91. Logan R

    Logan R16 일 전

    Dots aren't that bad

  92. Piece of Pizza

    Piece of Pizza16 일 전

    I love dots!

  93. Ravenclaw Randomness

    Ravenclaw Randomness16 일 전

    This show is just o show you how many people hate your favorite candy

  94. Bella Fella

    Bella Fella16 일 전

    I like whoppers,dots and rasinets

  95. Ravenclaw Randomness

    Ravenclaw Randomness16 일 전

    Oh. I love Nick L Nips. They’re my favorite. Unless you can’t cupcakes. Are cupcakes 🧁 candy?

  96. Brody N

    Brody N16 일 전

    I actually love whoppers and dots. I can understand not liking dot but who in there right mind dosent like whoppers

  97. Alvin and the trash rats

    Alvin and the trash rats16 일 전

    Nik l nips are also good for people with braces as the bottle can help with the ends of the wires

  98. Adrian the Monkey

    Adrian the Monkey16 일 전

    I love whoppers

  99. Rock Holiday

    Rock Holiday16 일 전

    Dots are one of the best.

  100. Rock Holiday

    Rock Holiday16 일 전

    Man y'all can just leave all this stuff at my house. Most of these candies were considered the good stuff when I was growing up in the 80's and 90's.

  101. Dregan Rucker

    Dregan Rucker16 일 전

    i love whoppers)): poor lil guys

  102. Tom Butler

    Tom Butler17 일 전

    Whoppers are terrible