Worst Halloween Candy Taste Test (Day 1)


  1. mlplover568

    mlplover5682 시간 전

    I love dots, my dad loves woppers, my mom loves good n plenty

  2. Retro Beast

    Retro Beast7 시간 전

    Nik L Nips are so good. I usually just eat them like gushers.

  3. Hey It's Ron Here

    Hey It's Ron Here일 전

    I like Dots.

  4. supergirlloth floarrow

    supergirlloth floarrow일 전

    I personally like dots

  5. Idk I dont know

    Idk I dont know일 전


  6. Alfredo Ayala

    Alfredo Ayala일 전

    Doesn't Link look like Scott Lang?

  7. Boris F

    Boris F일 전

    jaw breakers are bad there challange candy

  8. Boris F

    Boris F일 전

    in the netherlands licorice is one of the favourite candy's for some people

  9. Boris F

    Boris F일 전

    some licorice are pretty good

  10. Tami Orsino

    Tami Orsino2 일 전

    Are Whoppers rabbit turds

  11. OleMiss_Chr15

    OleMiss_Chr152 일 전

    Y'all never heard of a Miracle Berry?? It turns everything sweet. I can literally eat a raw lemon and it tastes sweet!

  12. Kylee McKeirnan

    Kylee McKeirnan2 일 전

    who else got a little offended when they said dots were bad😂

  13. Ecliptic Angel

    Ecliptic Angel3 일 전

    I love whoppers and raisenets😂

  14. CriMsOn Pirate

    CriMsOn Pirate3 일 전

    Yea dots are my dads favorite candy to

  15. Michael Wall

    Michael Wall3 일 전

    My favorite candy you guys have is the atomic fireballs I love those

  16. Noah Josefski

    Noah Josefski3 일 전

    Here in Austrailia we call Whoppers Malteasers and there freaking schmexy

  17. Lianne Conroy

    Lianne Conroy3 일 전

    I love raisinets and dots. 2 of my faves

  18. Juice Wrld is the goat

    Juice Wrld is the goat4 일 전

    Dots are my childhood and if you dare disgrace the name of the holy candy you are about to have a bad time

  19. Kathia Ayala

    Kathia Ayala4 일 전

    I liked whoppers though

  20. Haku The Magic Dragon

    Haku The Magic Dragon4 일 전

    Hearing Rhett refer to himself as “The Rhettster” is one of the best things ever

  21. Evelyn Roberson

    Evelyn Roberson4 일 전

    Wtf guys.....(people that voted) woppers and butter scoch are fire

  22. Micah Humes

    Micah Humes4 일 전

    I actually like Dots and Whoppers...

  23. Courteney Campbell

    Courteney Campbell4 일 전

    I can eat atomic fireballs all day

  24. Courteney Campbell

    Courteney Campbell4 일 전

    Good and plenty 😍

  25. alina Coleman

    alina Coleman4 일 전

    Dots are awesome heated up

  26. ThatTorrosonKid

    ThatTorrosonKid4 일 전

    Dots are my favorite candy

  27. Randomninja47

    Randomninja474 일 전

    I saw the title and the only logical conclusion is candy corn. Is it even candy? It shouldn't exist.

  28. musicgeek

    musicgeek4 일 전

    Dots are so good!!!

  29. Evan's Megazord reviews

    Evan's Megazord reviews4 일 전

    11:24 Now this scene is just too hillaorus "bye bye rabbit turds"

  30. Evan's Megazord reviews

    Evan's Megazord reviews4 일 전

    1 like will make cotton candy randy like link and 1 comment will make link like cotton candy randy

  31. shua sensai

    shua sensai4 일 전

    I love Dots perfect movie candy. Butterscotch is good too.

  32. Videogamme RZ

    Videogamme RZ5 일 전

    Omg I love Nik - L - Nips I grew up on this

  33. mary johnstonwright

    mary johnstonwright5 일 전

    Dots are yummy

  34. mary johnstonwright

    mary johnstonwright5 일 전

    I eat dots

  35. bri taylor

    bri taylor5 일 전

    I can't express to you how much I want that bowl of raisinets😩

  36. Zalgo Lp

    Zalgo Lp5 일 전

    Good & Plenty looks like Medecin Pills.

  37. Simon Blanchard

    Simon Blanchard5 일 전

    I LOVE Dots!!! They're my FAVORITE CANDY!!!

  38. GlitterGirl xoxo

    GlitterGirl xoxo5 일 전

    Hey! You guys should do vegan candy vs. Regular candy because some candies are accidentally vegan :O

  39. JairOG

    JairOG5 일 전

    11:20 Thank me later

  40. JairOG

    JairOG5 일 전

    11:11 oops

  41. cobrasvt347

    cobrasvt3476 일 전

    Dots 🖓

  42. puttputt524

    puttputt5246 일 전

    I like candy corn, but I’m totally over it by the second piece.

  43. Xavier yount

    Xavier yount6 일 전


  44. Sarah Liebert

    Sarah Liebert6 일 전

    The ather candy is bad but rishetes Are good I love risetes

  45. Kie Haz

    Kie Haz6 일 전

    Whoppers = Maltesers

  46. STEFAN Odowd

    STEFAN Odowd6 일 전


  47. Lord Tachanka

    Lord Tachanka6 일 전

    Niklnips are actually fire

  48. StuntVevo

    StuntVevo6 일 전

    "That's just a Tuesday for us" I cannot stop laughing at that

  49. XxAlexOG _OG

    XxAlexOG _OG6 일 전

    How is laffy taffy there :(

  50. Annette Fischer

    Annette Fischer7 일 전

    Most of these are my favorites

  51. Alice Wonders

    Alice Wonders7 일 전

    Who else is a swed and love licorice. Salt and sweet and chewy. I love it. Offended 😂

  52. BHoward

    BHoward7 일 전

    Sooooo whoppers are maltesers?

  53. Hanakati !

    Hanakati !7 일 전

    DOTS used to be my favourite candy lmao

  54. Lasse Alexander Christiansen

    Lasse Alexander Christiansen7 일 전

    who doesn't like liquorice? Is this an American thing i don't understand?

  55. Hunter Trantham

    Hunter Trantham8 일 전

    DOTS are baller.

  56. Alex Masciari

    Alex Masciari8 일 전

    Am I the only one who likes dots and whoppers?

  57. Josh Kaid

    Josh Kaid7 일 전

    Dots are my favorite candy.

  58. Z3R0

    Z3R09 일 전

    Bruh, Dots are great

  59. Maximilian PabonYoung

    Maximilian PabonYoung9 일 전

    dots are good....

  60. Sabrina Shevlin

    Sabrina Shevlin9 일 전

    Bro half these candies are the best.

  61. cassandra lozano

    cassandra lozano10 일 전

    I freaking love whoopers, idk why people don't like them.

  62. Chester Carpenter

    Chester Carpenter10 일 전

    I'm addicted to butterscotch

  63. Amber Lyon

    Amber Lyon10 일 전

    I have always liked licorice Whoppers and dots

  64. Jarrett Brandt

    Jarrett Brandt10 일 전

    7:04 to 7:07 ręfęrāńčę to āńtì-čāp

  65. Savannah Hajek

    Savannah Hajek10 일 전

    Nil-l-nips are the best

  66. wailingnormal

    wailingnormal10 일 전

    I'll end the ones who voted whoppers.

  67. Smooth Yoda

    Smooth Yoda11 일 전

    Whoppers?! Those things are the best!

  68. Fishylord14

    Fishylord1411 일 전

    Like if Rhett is better than link

  69. Ann Garvin

    Ann Garvin11 일 전

    Nik-L-nips are my absolute FAVRIOTE CANDY !!!!!

  70. Breanna Rose

    Breanna Rose11 일 전

    All of these are amazing but butterscotch EW

  71. JayDoesThings

    JayDoesThings11 일 전

    Raisinets are better than dots, Change my mind

  72. BlueCake Gaming

    BlueCake Gaming11 일 전

    Dots are my favorite candy 😥

  73. Alannah Corona

    Alannah Corona12 일 전

    I love dots. Especially when frozen🤫

  74. Andrew G.

    Andrew G.12 일 전

    Ooh! i've never tried that! Maybe they're better that way.

  75. SokeriNakki

    SokeriNakki12 일 전

    Se salmiakki syödään vikisemättä perkele. I love you Rhett because you like licorice which is very popular in Finland.

  76. Halo Brovo

    Halo Brovo12 일 전

    In America you break jawbreakers. In Soviet Russia jawbreakers break you.

  77. Monkey Bubble

    Monkey Bubble12 일 전

    I love whoppers and the wax bottles with juice... Ik.. I am weird😂

  78. Lucy Gill

    Lucy Gill13 일 전

    But I love whoppers and Candy Corns!

  79. thanos nut

    thanos nut13 일 전

    Who thinks these are actually good

  80. flowerly Wolff

    flowerly Wolff13 일 전

    I love Whoppers don't know about you but that's my opinion on them

  81. brxkenwinqs •

    brxkenwinqs •15 일 전

    K but I'll take 2million orange tic tacs

  82. Quantum Theory

    Quantum Theory15 일 전

    My brother loves butterscotch brachs... He's 7

  83. Lightningduds/ GTXarmed

    Lightningduds/ GTXarmed15 일 전

    I like dots and raisinets

  84. fink ployd

    fink ployd15 일 전

    Dots and whoppers are amazing especially compared to bottle caps.

  85. Turai12

    Turai1215 일 전

    Wait, Americans doesn't like licorice? What's wrong with you?

  86. samuelsav

    samuelsav16 일 전

    Um Nik-L-Nips are bomb so..😂

  87. Toxic Prime

    Toxic Prime16 일 전

    My opinion: Round 1: Whoppers Round 2: Atomic Fireballs Round 3: Raisinets Round 4: Good & Plenty

  88. Colleen C

    Colleen C16 일 전

    I like Dot candies

  89. nome_ secretrose

    nome_ secretrose16 일 전

    I love licorice! In Finland we have a similar candy called Salmiakki. I absolutely love salty candy ❤

  90. Zachary Gulecki

    Zachary Gulecki16 일 전

    Heyyyyy i like Whoppers and BScotch cuz i grew up with it.

  91. SnipeGhost

    SnipeGhost16 일 전

    I’m eating butterscotch while watching this. whoever voted for butterscotch to be on there you are evil.

  92. Makayla Dickens

    Makayla Dickens17 일 전

    I choked on a dot when I was 5

  93. Troy Plant

    Troy Plant17 일 전

    I love raisinets tbh lmao

  94. Shann Ford

    Shann Ford17 일 전

    WHOPPERS how dare you

  95. Abby Kubala

    Abby Kubala17 일 전

    Dots are good omg

  96. melody parra

    melody parra17 일 전

    Good and Plenty candy looks like unmarked pills Rhett's popping drugs licorice flavored drugs

  97. Brightyest

    Brightyest17 일 전

    Im actually a huge butterscotch fan

  98. Xach Mustel

    Xach Mustel17 일 전

    I LOVE Raisinettes, even when I was a kid. Honestly, I'd rather have a box of Sun Maid raisins than anything with coconut in it when I was a kid.

  99. 007robotchicken

    007robotchicken17 일 전

    Personally, I like all of these.

  100. Joshua Howard

    Joshua Howard18 일 전

    Links hair is on point

  101. Norue

    Norue18 일 전

    Dude I LOVE dots whaaaaaaaat

  102. Bravo Zayas

    Bravo Zayas18 일 전

    Who’s the weanie that hates whoppers

  103. Gooberus Goober

    Gooberus Goober19 일 전

    dots are good

  104. Admiral Biscuit

    Admiral Biscuit19 일 전

    Soooooo ASMRS