Worst Halloween Candy Taste Test (Day 1)


  1. I αm Rҽԃ Pαnԃα

    I αm Rҽԃ Pαnԃα13 시간 전

    Dots and whoppers never deserved to be up there

  2. Carly Bwago

    Carly Bwago22 시간 전

    HOW CAN ANYONE HATE FIREBALLS??¿ Whoppers are pretty good every once in a while too

  3. Lily Willing

    Lily Willing일 전

    Dads rootbear is the worst candy of all time!

  4. Faith Rubeck

    Faith Rubeck일 전

    I mean, all of those candies are pretty gross

  5. Miles Thompson

    Miles Thompson2 일 전

    dots are the best halloween candy.

  6. KateKarnage7

    KateKarnage72 일 전

    I love Atomic Fireballs and Whoppers! How could either of these be on this list?

  7. Minisamy Arumugam

    Minisamy Arumugam2 일 전

    Give me da hedphoens

  8. Laney Smith

    Laney Smith2 일 전

    I like dots but they get stuck in my stupid braces

  9. Tabitha Crouse

    Tabitha Crouse2 일 전


  10. Stormie Moore

    Stormie Moore2 일 전

    My nana eats fire balls like they're nothing. I guess 65 year old women have nothing to lose.


    GIZMO SPAZZ2 일 전

    I love DOTS! 😊

  12. Luke Oliviero

    Luke Oliviero3 일 전

    Whoopers and licorice are god tier

  13. jacas Grant

    jacas Grant3 일 전


  14. Jennis Angel

    Jennis Angel3 일 전

    Half of those are low key good though. I would murder someone for whoppers

  15. Cameron Crosby

    Cameron Crosby3 일 전

    Dots look good but trust me they are a trap of vomit 🤢🤮

  16. Logan H

    Logan H3 일 전

    Everyone is sleeping on Dots. The plastic sealed large box in a warm place for awhile creates the perfect Dot.

  17. Cameron Crosby

    Cameron Crosby3 일 전


  18. Princess Karma

    Princess Karma3 일 전

    Are whoppers like American maltesers

  19. Fire Wolves

    Fire Wolves3 일 전

    Your videos are so funny and addicting ❤️

  20. Ian Rogers

    Ian Rogers3 일 전

    Cotton candy randy: "you can go take a walk". Another great episode with the cotton candy king

  21. Cara Ventresca

    Cara Ventresca3 일 전

    I love raisinets and dots

  22. Ethan Dyer

    Ethan Dyer3 일 전

    I love dots

  23. cat meow

    cat meow3 일 전

    why is good and plenty bad. that should be the best one.

  24. Ayano Aishi

    Ayano Aishi3 일 전

    Give me it all and I won't complain once

  25. Noah Walsh

    Noah Walsh4 일 전

    Did anyone see the vampire dentures

  26. willow lovegood

    willow lovegood4 일 전

    I love all of these. Especially licorice.

  27. MrMummy

    MrMummy4 일 전

    I love DOTS

  28. Alpha17 Vids!

    Alpha17 Vids!4 일 전

    I’m that guy who’s like “Candy is candy, EVERYTHING IS GOOD” so basically Rhett.

  29. Louise Evil

    Louise Evil4 일 전

    Dots and whoppers are the best halloween candy

  30. Unknown Man

    Unknown Man4 일 전

    Nips are the best. You all are uncultured.

  31. Busshy

    Busshy4 일 전

    Nips can die there os nothing in there but wax

  32. Kalli Xo

    Kalli Xo4 일 전

    Lol atomic fireballs are my fave American candy aha

  33. Meme Mam

    Meme Mam4 일 전


  34. Glamour Girl

    Glamour Girl4 일 전

    Link- it’s like eating a blanket... Link * realizes what he said looks around confused* Rhett- it makes me want to be old!

  35. Alma Arismendiz

    Alma Arismendiz5 일 전

    Wth woppers are good

  36. Kelsey Altman

    Kelsey Altman5 일 전

    Raisenets sre awsommmmmme

  37. Cheer_face16

    Cheer_face165 일 전

    raisinets and dots are the best. no cap

  38. Nancy Tackett

    Nancy Tackett5 일 전

    Dots are really good what you talking bout!

  39. Austin Coombs

    Austin Coombs5 일 전

    All these people commenting about their favorite candy being hated on but I’m just here wondering why it said Link would be in the description. We’ve been lied to. I didn’t see him anywhere in there.

  40. herc shaw

    herc shaw5 일 전


  41. Hailyn Toedter

    Hailyn Toedter5 일 전

    I love candy corm!!!!!

  42. camchatelain

    camchatelain6 일 전

    I love dots

  43. camchatelain

    camchatelain6 일 전

    I’m sorry but skittles are trash

  44. Furious super Fortnite channel

    Furious super Fortnite channel6 일 전

    I love RAISANETS!!!!!!

  45. Jessica Bake

    Jessica Bake6 일 전

    Unpopular opinion but Maltesers and whoppers are disgusting

  46. Jackson Lynch

    Jackson Lynch6 일 전

    Whoppers are malteasers

  47. Ethan Dyson

    Ethan Dyson7 일 전

    I am insulted that butterscotch and rasinets were even on the list.

  48. Z C

    Z C7 일 전

    I like all that candy. But DOTS are my favorite.

  49. Happy Channel Crazy Cool Guy

    Happy Channel Crazy Cool Guy7 일 전

    I like whoppers

  50. airwolf45 gamer

    airwolf45 gamer7 일 전

    The nick-l-lips I eat the plastic

  51. Dawn Elston

    Dawn Elston7 일 전

    Rasinets are delicious

  52. Pineapples Lul

    Pineapples Lul7 일 전

    I remember I’d would always eat dots when I was 3

  53. george white

    george white7 일 전

    I cant tell if the shirt Link is wearing is murch, but either way I want it

  54. george white

    george white7 일 전

    ... the video answered itself

  55. Dollie Cookies

    Dollie Cookies8 일 전

    I love whoppers and butterscotch!!!

  56. Morganisis

    Morganisis8 일 전

    I used to love the nikl-l-nips 😂😂

  57. Ngo Boope

    Ngo Boope8 일 전

    I’m sorry but whoppers and rasinets are awesome

  58. Crystalluss

    Crystalluss8 일 전


  59. KingChickenwing

    KingChickenwing8 일 전

    Whoppers perfectly fit into the category of "I hate it and love it at the same time."

  60. Molly Lindell

    Molly Lindell8 일 전

    Um escuse me dots are my actual life

  61. Billkaran Singh

    Billkaran Singh8 일 전

    If u think dots are bad, then gfys

  62. Isabella Miles

    Isabella Miles8 일 전

    Excuse me I love whoppers and those wax things, they were my childhood.

  63. Alfonso Flores

    Alfonso Flores8 일 전

    Whoppers are good but trash for candy standards. Raisins tho, wtf

  64. Isabella Brinkman

    Isabella Brinkman8 일 전

    Them wax bottles are the best

  65. shadow arts

    shadow arts8 일 전

    Why am I watching this near Christmas

  66. Furiousflames

    Furiousflames9 일 전

    I freaking love fire balls fight me

  67. Snap Queen

    Snap Queen9 일 전

    1 like for red licorice = 1 follow for Red licorice 👍🏻

  68. bnikiz

    bnikiz9 일 전

    My 5 year old loves Dots!

  69. Brenden Chilcote

    Brenden Chilcote9 일 전

    How could you hate any of these

  70. Zandolf the great wizard

    Zandolf the great wizard9 일 전

    Dots is my republic they taste like a wierd soda

  71. Cat Mastebroek

    Cat Mastebroek10 일 전

    Whoppers are the absolute worst XDXDXD Maltesers are the best ever for little crunchy balls

  72. bboots

    bboots10 일 전

    Why do americans have so many differnt names for the same candy we have other places ie: malteasers (whoppers) and rockets (smarties)

  73. ATOMIC_GAMER Kovalcik

    ATOMIC_GAMER Kovalcik10 일 전

    noooo! not the nicle nips

  74. Matthew Brauhn

    Matthew Brauhn10 일 전

    10:03 me too Rhett

  75. Michael Haburay

    Michael Haburay10 일 전

    Dots are great wtf

  76. Elizabeth Grazier

    Elizabeth Grazier10 일 전

    Atomic fireballs are the best

  77. Sarah Taylor

    Sarah Taylor10 일 전

    Niklenips are my fav candy of the hole candy world

  78. Jettrail

    Jettrail10 일 전

    Honestly atomic fireballs look and sound like they are from fallout

  79. Samuel Meredith

    Samuel Meredith10 일 전

    Who doesn't like butterscotch

  80. minty508 New

    minty508 New10 일 전

    Is it weird that I like dots?

  81. Gacha Angel

    Gacha Angel10 일 전

    Butter scotch is good watcha meannn

  82. Gacha Angel

    Gacha Angel10 일 전

    Whoppers make me cringe cuz the inside 😷😷

  83. Linda - Beauty in Decay Explorations

    Linda - Beauty in Decay Explorations10 일 전

    I love ALL those candies especially Good and Plenty!

  84. ClockworkNinja24

    ClockworkNinja2410 일 전

    Didn't even realize people considered Raisinets halloween candy. I always associated them with movie theater snacks

  85. Can we get 500 subscribers with no videos?

    Can we get 500 subscribers with no videos?11 일 전

    Why not tide pods

  86. Tman Studios

    Tman Studios11 일 전

    I love dots

  87. Danny B.

    Danny B.11 일 전

    I actually like Dots, Fireballs, and G&Ps. The rest I can't stomach

  88. marthisme

    marthisme11 일 전

    i love butterscotch!!!!

  89. marthisme

    marthisme11 일 전

    i am offended that almond joy is on that bracket

  90. Soviet Comrade

    Soviet Comrade11 일 전

    is it bad I love all of these?

  91. Easton Sturgeon

    Easton Sturgeon11 일 전

    Whoppers are delicious

  92. Prism - Rocket League & More

    Prism - Rocket League & More11 일 전

    Come one dots are pretty good when refrigerated right?

  93. Mr Akali

    Mr Akali12 일 전

    Liquorice is sooooo good

  94. Thouy FE

    Thouy FE12 일 전

    Why do people hate Whoppers but people like maltesers?

  95. William England

    William England12 일 전

    I've never had a nic l nip...😥

  96. Laura Lerma

    Laura Lerma12 일 전

    Once I was eating dots after Halloween in the school locker room and it broke my permanent retainer lmao that shit pulled it right off

  97. Dr. Gingerbread

    Dr. Gingerbread12 일 전

    I hate almond joy, worst candy in my opinion

  98. Officialnick

    Officialnick13 일 전

    Dots are delicious just an opinion

  99. Bryson Henry

    Bryson Henry13 일 전

    I love dots

  100. Differentbutrational 2696

    Differentbutrational 269613 일 전

    Candy corn is awful

  101. Meme Dogeman

    Meme Dogeman13 일 전

    Im gonna get hate for this but I actually like candy corn...

  102. truthbetold82

    truthbetold823 일 전

    You like what you like

  103. BlinePanda

    BlinePanda13 일 전