1. John Gallagher

    John Gallagher3 일 전

    hey i love the khyzyl saleem styling but they really butchered the fitment and color styling...i dont think the black and white was the best choice to show off the detail...and also the wheel fitment was terrible.

  2. Darrin Ramcharith

    Darrin Ramcharith5 일 전

    Awesome Beautiful 💯 %amazing content 💖 it 👌 👍 🤙.

  3. Young Fox

    Young Fox8 일 전

    #DailyDrivenExotics ------------------- its RACE STREET REPLICAS


    GROM_ MOBILE_ BTW -9 일 전

    TJ is brave going for that type of color

  5. Tony Abreu

    Tony Abreu10 일 전

    It sounds like a Agera

  6. Asraf Zaman

    Asraf Zaman11 일 전


  7. Sod-Gabe

    Sod-Gabe11 일 전

    We want y’all to do it

  8. Ziltoid 240

    Ziltoid 24013 일 전

    What ls engine is inside that lambo I have a 1965 Chevy Impala ls3 swap

  9. Diarmo

    Diarmo14 일 전

    Doing and NSX would be Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements but in a good way

  10. danni Timbukar

    danni Timbukar14 일 전

    What name song in 11:11

  11. Yankee Stone

    Yankee Stone15 일 전

    10:11 the Canadian comes out in him “This is crazy over here ehh?” 🤣🤣

  12. Youtube University

    Youtube University16 일 전

    Man the wheel game was hurting this year

  13. Steven Cathey

    Steven Cathey16 일 전

    B is for Build has been dope! I’m still waiting for more yacht content

  14. Mark kemeny

    Mark kemeny16 일 전

    Do it

  15. LaPulgaM

    LaPulgaM17 일 전

    Mostly Everyone: "that 2020 Supra is meh, just another BMW... blah blah sucks blah" EVERYONE at SEMA: Forty Five custom 2020 Supras at the SEMA 2019 floor.. me: ...............................

  16. Benjamin Carney

    Benjamin Carney17 일 전

    Dean's last name is "Kearney," which is the Irish version of my last name. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

  17. hendra yana

    hendra yana17 일 전

    Kieu weh mun sakirana teu kabeli bisa meren kredit sakali2mah. Nah ieu mobil aralus pisan nepi aing ngacay.

  18. Randopalooza

    Randopalooza17 일 전

    Oscar did a great job

  19. aaron abel

    aaron abel18 일 전

    Khaleed is such a turd he really sucks ass

  20. Fabijan Fabijančić

    Fabijan Fabijančić18 일 전

    7:31 Isn't transmition from gallardo?

  21. Daniel Baze

    Daniel Baze19 일 전

    2:20 You are a car guy and you call British racing green forest green.......Brah

  22. Sean B

    Sean B19 일 전

    over 50 Supras there, god awful things.

  23. Unknown Unknown

    Unknown Unknown20 일 전

    Amazing cars great video

  24. No Content

    No Content20 일 전

    Wheres Chris the prime builder of bisforbuild?

  25. Cameron Stubbs

    Cameron Stubbs20 일 전

    Convert your huracan to a super trofeo evo

  26. monster_of a car

    monster_of a car20 일 전

    Yes i do watch b is for build he is one of my best youtubers

  27. Bich Phuc

    Bich Phuc20 일 전

    Fucking overrated supra

  28. Base

    Base20 일 전

    Nice coverage of Sema! Really enjoyed it

  29. WRXBaez

    WRXBaez20 일 전

    has he ever watched the channel?? lmao thought kyle was chris.

  30. WRXBaez

    WRXBaez20 일 전

    "b is for build, subscribe, link in the description" lmao where my dude?

  31. mateo mathew

    mateo mathew20 일 전

    Daily driven supras

  32. Samuel Mercado

    Samuel Mercado20 일 전

    I thought revving was not allowed inside the sema?

  33. Hort Kevin

    Hort Kevin21 일 전

    Those turbos are not going to work lol.

  34. Blurgamer 17

    Blurgamer 1721 일 전

    Can't wait to see Khyzyl Saleem do a render of the Huracan kit for NFS Heat like he's done for Five of the cars in there already!

  35. Bska T

    Bska T21 일 전

    B is for Build lambo sounds meaaaan!!!

  36. Chauvin Emmons

    Chauvin Emmons21 일 전

    Sounds like a plan man. might scare the shit out of you how much that body you like cost.

  37. A T

    A T21 일 전

    The look of disappointment @9:16 😂🤣😂

  38. John Morris

    John Morris21 일 전

    That corvette thingy reminds me of a donk lol on 24s really

  39. NinjaxBart

    NinjaxBart21 일 전

    Epic 🤘


    RH2RACING21 일 전

    A street gate lookalike? Sounds familiar... Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements.... hmm. Why does that sound familiar?

  41. Marcelo Mendoza

    Marcelo Mendoza21 일 전

    Damien with a car enthusiast voice instead of a looking for fanboys one. Great video