Work Stories (sooubway)


  1. Geoff Lees

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  2. Slash Valkyrie And Ace DRAGON LOVER

    Slash Valkyrie And Ace DRAGON LOVER54 분 전

    You said subway not sooubway

  3. Toxic Weird Gurl101

    Toxic Weird Gurl1017 시간 전

    If u guys play smash of clans tell me ur town hall level nd clash of clans username I'm town hall 8 and my username is AikoTheWolf

  4. Littlelilith

    Littlelilith8 시간 전

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. Rat Friend

    Rat Friend8 시간 전

    Uhm uhm uhm hi

  6. Czar Padecio

    Czar Padecio9 시간 전

    subway not sooubway

  7. Aarnav Soin

    Aarnav Soin10 시간 전

    Tyler and Cory Dude perfect Is that a coincidence

  8. Christopher Lee

    Christopher Lee10 시간 전

    4:14 Are you trans?

  9. RealDerp Broz

    RealDerp Broz11 시간 전

    i just need to be paid in free sandwiches

  10. MechaDestroyer

    MechaDestroyer13 시간 전

    They spend 99% of their time at the sooubway Does that mean that they hardly sleep That explains why he had crazy eyes And besides why do they go to James sooubway to get food when they have their own

  11. Bill Linda

    Bill Linda15 시간 전

    Why are you saying subway but not subway😕😶

  12. Kesha House

    Kesha House16 시간 전

    it's like having roommates, but in a sooubway.

  13. XcellGamer

    XcellGamer18 시간 전

    Is mike there it’s his friend Michael !

  14. XcellGamer

    XcellGamer18 시간 전

    James in videos* 😀 James by himself 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  15. Sanjeev Ramlall

    Sanjeev Ramlall21 시간 전

    Have a cookie

  16. Addy Marie

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  17. Addy Marie

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  18. zerogravity 345 2.0

    zerogravity 345 2.0일 전

    Thanks to this video I’m thinking of working at sooubway

  19. Elle Torres

    Elle Torres일 전

    Why people always saying "who's watching in 2019?"

  20. Krystal Hoffman

    Krystal Hoffman일 전

    2:51 Wait... Who would steal from a Sooubway? And why? What would they steal!? I need to know!

  21. Siti Aisah

    Siti Aisah일 전

    2020 anyone?

  22. Squidward Tortellini

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  23. Dillonator X

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  24. Catherine Humphrey

    Catherine Humphrey일 전

    hey James u should listen to this Sooubway song

  25. Gaming TV for Kids

    Gaming TV for Kids일 전

    Plz support me

  26. Sarah Mickelson

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  27. VikandLuk

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    chakra dattebayo

  28. Pikapotato Vlogs

    Pikapotato Vlogs2 일 전

    Ivan and Andy are gay the poop there pants and I Hate dem

  29. אילן דרל

    אילן דרל일 전

    Me very english too.

  30. אילן דרל

    אילן דרל일 전

    Me very english too.

  31. •DayDream• Gacha•

    •DayDream• Gacha•2 일 전

    Likes! For Ice cream Me first 🍦

  32. Jeremy Dion

    Jeremy Dion2 일 전

    James! Your the inspiration of me watching asmr! I’m proud of you! ^-^

  33. Ameer Kamil

    Ameer Kamil2 일 전

    He said subway In 2:08 instead of sooubway

  34. jen jary24

    jen jary242 일 전

    Ameer Kamil he doesn’t even say that word at the time stamp u said

  35. Sarah J

    Sarah J2 일 전

    i love sooubwayyyyyyyyyy

  36. Finnley Axe

    Finnley Axe2 일 전

    cookies are the beeeeeeest

  37. Kaden Garcia

    Kaden Garcia2 일 전

    Subway makes me throw up five times but I’m not allergic to it I was allergic to it when I was three years old

  38. Sponge Plays YT

    Sponge Plays YT48 분 전

    Wait what?

  39. Liquidare

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  40. viridiana mata

    viridiana mata2 일 전

    2:06 I just put this because (INSERT REASON HERE)

  41. dana nieves

    dana nieves2 일 전

    No it's 6

  42. sans untertale

    sans untertale2 일 전

    :b español beach :v

  43. Danzan Battumur

    Danzan Battumur3 일 전

    You put too many o l i v e s

  44. DurpyWolfDude Gaming

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