Wonder Woman 1984 - Official Trailer


  1. ur meme savior is here

    ur meme savior is here17 분 전

    Black Widow movie or WW1984?🤔

  2. EyeOnTheTV

    EyeOnTheTV17 분 전

    Not exciting.

  3. knee grow

    knee grow17 분 전

    Wait how is steve alive

  4. J Chr G

    J Chr G17 분 전

    Er schuilt geen enkle "blood on the altar" deze keer, you just gave birth to our son! That's it!😕 Poenie

  5. Chang Wookie !

    Chang Wookie !18 분 전

    Wonder women : Swings on lightning Thor : I like this one Spiderman : Am i a joke to you

  6. Utpal Sethiya

    Utpal Sethiya18 분 전


  7. cole gordon

    cole gordon18 분 전

    honestly the music is what made this trailer a million times better

  8. Yogi Vineet Malik

    Yogi Vineet Malik18 분 전

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    ABHI.G. PRASAD18 분 전

    Feeel the BGM 😍😍😍😍😍

  10. The Catmother

    The Catmother18 분 전

    Will it contain coke, arcade games and lamborghinis?

  11. Kolkata Guruji

    Kolkata Guruji18 분 전

    How many times you watch this Trailer? #kolkataguruji

  12. Risingofthephoenixx x

    Risingofthephoenixx x18 분 전

    Wonder Woman >>>> Black Widow

  13. Captain GreyBeard

    Captain GreyBeard19 분 전

    It's gonna suck

  14. Дмитрий Титов

    Дмитрий Титов19 분 전

    looks like just poor copy of Thor's 80s atmosphere. dislike

  15. Коррумпированный Библиотекарь

    Коррумпированный Библиотекарь19 분 전

    Давай, Галя, жги под blue monday! Отличная песня! она мне очень понравилось, как саундтрек фильма «взрывная блондинка»

  16. jacoblgames

    jacoblgames19 분 전

    So far, the only details from the alleged leak that have proven to be true are: Max Lord has a rock, and Steve's back. Currently, it has yet to be seen whether he's an illusion or if he possesses the body of a different man.

  17. Reece Bonehill

    Reece Bonehill19 분 전

    How does the wonder women trailer come out before The Batman

  18. Dean Winchester

    Dean Winchester19 분 전

    damn she can ride the lightning literally

  19. Key Loads

    Key Loads19 분 전

    Is that the same mall from Stranger Things

  20. Kuldeep Prajapati

    Kuldeep Prajapati19 분 전

    Damn man I have to wait for 1 and a half year for the movie. Nooooooooooo

  21. Sanket Sanket

    Sanket Sanket19 분 전

    Deathwish: I want MJ's Dirty Diana played in a wonder woman movie.

  22. looper 01

    looper 0120 분 전


  23. I Am Batman

    I Am Batman20 분 전

    Free Palestine


    GEREMIA GIL21 분 전

    Any BTS Armys here??

  25. Humura Ruth

    Humura Ruth21 분 전

    Another one! Yess!

  26. Roshan Kattil

    Roshan Kattil22 분 전

    Black Widow: I finally got a solo movie Wonder Woman: nice I just got a second solo movie

  27. Abhishek Sharma

    Abhishek Sharma22 분 전

    The music literally takes you back to 80's Goosebumps

  28. Assassinext

    Assassinext22 분 전

    This is like a gta trailer.

  29. California troller

    California troller22 분 전

    Music caught me 😍😍😍😍


    DC FAN FOREVER22 분 전

    My marvel friend became dc fan after 0:29

  31. J Chr G

    J Chr G22 분 전

    Doe jij je reseach dan doe ik mijn research om daarna te passen en meten voor op correctheid en echtheid, maak een mooie op waar gebeurde gebeuringen film ervan...kort maar krachtig!

  32. Random Person

    Random Person22 분 전

    I LOVE the 80's feel of the movie.

  33. l234sir4 k

    l234sir4 k22 분 전

    Seting this trailer to blue monday makes it so awesome. Also maybe DC has finally turned a corner here after the boring first installment, this one might not be as boring.

  34. Alexjandro Ceron

    Alexjandro Ceron23 분 전

    I’m not entirely sold on the concept at all but well see how it goes


    MEK_MEZAN23 분 전

    0:33 what are they doing

  36. Pakkito Guerrero

    Pakkito Guerrero23 분 전

    I’m so excited for this movie 🎥 💕💕💕 I love Wonder Woman 😍

  37. danzoil

    danzoil23 분 전

    Feminist PC trash. Of course they get a female to play Wonder Woman. What is the world coming to?

  38. Indian Music Station

    Indian Music Station23 분 전

    Any Marvel fans here 👇👇

  39. Mad Max

    Mad Max23 분 전

    So he will be Max Lord and not Maxwell Lord

  40. Avetor UAC

    Avetor UAC23 분 전

    2:12 ahahah ppc why only 1 time have...)?