"Women Of Country Performance" | Live from CMA Awards 2019


  1. Cacola337

    Cacola3374 시간 전

    The only real country artist in this whole group is Dolly Pardon!!

  2. Jack dull

    Jack dull14 시간 전

    Man, Sara Evans still looks hot as ever! Still have a crush on her.

  3. J Fro

    J Fro17 시간 전

    Absolutely didn’t want that to end!!!

  4. mdmejia67

    mdmejia6720 시간 전

    Sara Evans debut album is a classic. Stone cold country.

  5. mdmejia67

    mdmejia6720 시간 전

    Should have been longer and had Pam Tillis Patty Loveless Suzy Boguss Kathy Mattea Faith Hill Trisha Yearwood Lee Ann Womack

  6. ivan mackay

    ivan mackay일 전

    Kacey Musgraves in the audience, not onstage........yeah ok

  7. Brave Sky

    Brave Sky일 전

    now this kind of country actually sounds very pleasant- i don’t care for artists such as luke bryan, jason aldean, and florida georgia line

  8. Aaron Patnode

    Aaron Patnode2 일 전

    I loved it all just wish Carrie didn’t try to steel the show on everyone’s songs lol

  9. bgbdcam

    bgbdcam일 전

    I couldn't agree more. Especially at the end during Independence Day.

  10. Miguel Angel

    Miguel Angel2 일 전

    I love all of them....Great singers, great performance and great women....👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💜💜💜👏👏👏👏👏

  11. Shelly Allen

    Shelly Allen2 일 전

    Gretchen 🙌🏻❤️

  12. First Last

    First Last2 일 전

    Was it Dolly off key on the memorieeeessss in the beginning?

  13. First Last

    First Last2 일 전

    This made me obsessed with Tanya Tucker

  14. Fancy Butterfly

    Fancy Butterfly2 일 전

    This isn't "Women of Country" if the rest of good country singers aren't there! Clearly you see is all the "then country female singers" but Carrie has to be there "the typical attention seeker" she has nothing related or authentic to country I feel like people just like her for whatever reason. Faith, Trisha, Shania, Joe Dee, Lean Womack, Allison Kraus, Deana Carter, and others weren't there! I'M DISAPPOINTED!!!

  15. D LUV

    D LUV3 일 전

    Sara Evans totally stole the show.... hot as ever

  16. D LUV

    D LUV3 일 전

    I mean carrie .... did u have to go and blow ur lips up ! Looks horrible.

  17. Andrew LaRose

    Andrew LaRose3 일 전

    If only cash was here today.

  18. Arnesha Powell

    Arnesha Powell4 일 전

    Amazing I’m new to country music. Can someone please comment the artist and the song of all of the ladies here?

  19. terryhull63

    terryhull634 일 전

    Ahh Crystal Gayle and Loretta Lynn real queens of Country Music

  20. terryhull63

    terryhull634 일 전

    I just can't put Carrie Underwood there in that mix

  21. pandybear24

    pandybear244 일 전

    Missed shania, the Dixie chicks, and Taylor Swift... you can argue the last two die various reason both they both have plenty of cma awards, and an impact in country music.

  22. Paula Johnson

    Paula Johnson4 일 전

    Jennifer Nettles nailed it in the fashion department!! She looks flawless!

  23. firebase delta

    firebase delta4 일 전

    Thank God for Tanya -- the Real Deal

  24. Breah Saldana

    Breah Saldana5 일 전

    I've got to give it to Gretchen Wilson absolutely love her big hit!

  25. Lauren :

    Lauren :5 일 전

    i swear like half of these views are from me😂

  26. BigBlueFan1987

    BigBlueFan19875 일 전

    Women of Country and only about 3% of them are true Country singers.

  27. BigBlueFan1987

    BigBlueFan19874 일 전

    @Jess R Obviously Reba, Dolly, Martina, Sara Evans, Terri Clark, Tanya Tucker, Crystal Gale. Loretta Lynn in the crowd asking who everyone was. They had no Judds, or Barbara Mandrell.

  28. Jess R

    Jess R4 일 전

    BigBlueFan1987 I’ll bite. Who would you have selected?

  29. Kords928

    Kords9285 일 전

    I feel like its cause most of tue songs sung on stage were female empowering songs. And I actually dont recall trisha, lee Ann Womack, etc having g female empowering songs. I may be wrong tho.

  30. Not-An-Asian

    Not-An-Asian6 일 전

    How the hell are you gonna put Reba and Dolly on stage and then put Carrie Underwood in between em? That’s like putting bbq sauce on a couple of delicious, crispy donuts.

  31. Carly Pena

    Carly Pena6 일 전

    I can't wait to see reba in concert in may. I'll be 8 months pregnant but I'm not gonna miss her coming to the twin cities!

  32. sisi429

    sisi4296 일 전

    The only country singer my Chinese mother who also lives in China and doesn't care about music know -- Reba!!!

  33. jeremystaylor

    jeremystaylor6 일 전

    What about Dixie Chicks?

  34. donny hud43987

    donny hud439876 일 전

    hell yeahh!!! beautiful job ladies!! beautiful!!

  35. Melissa Hernandez

    Melissa Hernandez6 일 전

    In tears! I’m so happy they did this❤️

  36. Melissa Hernandez

    Melissa Hernandez6 일 전

    No words can be said to this!! Legends!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  37. Jason Parker

    Jason Parker6 일 전

    Tanya Tucker! I still love the twang in that voice!

  38. Damien Rasheed

    Damien Rasheed6 일 전

    What's the story behind this performance? It's awesome and all, but there's so many additional "Women of County" in the audience, and even more not there at all not to mention all the great music from women of county music. I'm just really curious as to how the songs and the performers were narrowed down.

  39. Josie

    Josie6 일 전

    Who's the redheaded girl at 1:32 shes gorgeous and I need to find out how to get that hair style

  40. Kevin Petteys

    Kevin Petteys4 일 전


  41. Gianna Madrid

    Gianna Madrid6 일 전

    I am all for the woman empowerment and stuff but are we just going to ignore the fact that one of the first jokes was about dolly’s “rack”. Three great women but the jokes could have been better

  42. Donny Vaughan

    Donny Vaughan7 일 전

    The ending couldn't have been better finishing it with the VOICE Martina McBride!!!!!

  43. Cars n cows • r Cool

    Cars n cows • r Cool7 일 전

    they didn’t pay homage to Patsy Cline one of the greats!

  44. KeKe’s Kreations

    KeKe’s Kreations7 일 전

    carrie outsang everyone on independence day! she was gettin it! i bet that brought back american idol days.

  45. Kristy Barker

    Kristy Barker7 일 전

    Where was Trisha Yearwood ?

  46. Kyle Irwin

    Kyle Irwin7 일 전

    So we're not going to talk about the fact that they were singing in front of a giant glowing vagina?

  47. dec

    dec3 일 전

    I didn't wanna be the one to say it but damn there it is!

  48. Copper Holmes1

    Copper Holmes13 일 전

    Kyle Irwin hahaha 😆

  49. James Kingsmill

    James Kingsmill7 일 전

    Crystal Gayle belongs in the Country Music Hall of Fame!

  50. hejiranyc

    hejiranyc8 일 전

    The top female singers of country performing in front of a giant abstract vagina? Yes, please!

  51. moneyneversleep

    moneyneversleep8 일 전

    It's MagiX

  52. Dylan Streibig

    Dylan Streibig8 일 전

    Good Lord, yes some names were missing, but this was damn good. People will b**** about anything

  53. The Official Andy Saenz

    The Official Andy Saenz8 일 전

    I feel like Crystal Gayle is the Barbra Streisand of country music! She’s got a similar voice to her, they both have that sweet, buttery, smooth tone to their voices. I’m obsessed with this performance because it shows you the full spectrum of what country music can sound like. No 2 of these artists are exactly alike.

  54. Cody Bergstrom

    Cody Bergstrom8 일 전

    Hearing Crystal Gayle sing "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" was the most magical part of the opening of the CMA's.

  55. 83candlestick

    83candlestick8 일 전

    So many female artists in the crowd that could've also been onstage. Wouldn't it been great to hear Barbara Mandrell up there too?!

  56. Cindy Brewer

    Cindy Brewer8 일 전

    Where's Patty Loveless

  57. Cindy Brewer

    Cindy Brewer8 일 전

    The girls today cant hold a candle to the ones of yesterday

  58. Shimonah Miriam

    Shimonah Miriam8 일 전

    Who is the girl in the sparkled blazer jacket? Been away from country for a while so forgive me.

  59. Alera John

    Alera John8 일 전

    Great line-up of Iconic Country Female singers for Old-Country to the 2000's. Any1 notice REBA & DOLLY singing w/ Ease (#RESPECT) & CARRIE forcing her vocals to match the other 2?

  60. Kitten Lyric

    Kitten Lyric5 일 전

    no, I noticed Dolly was quite off

  61. Jennifer Thom

    Jennifer Thom8 일 전


  62. Michael Van Houten

    Michael Van Houten8 일 전

    lets hear it for reba is there life in that sky

  63. Brandon Garcia

    Brandon Garcia8 일 전

    No other award show will you see the audience collectively singing along to every song

  64. Twilight Irons

    Twilight Irons8 일 전

    They are all such amazing singers

  65. milchuck

    milchuck8 일 전

    Whose the sexy cowboy at 0:52...yumm

  66. Mary Hart

    Mary Hart8 일 전

    Best opening to an awards show ever!

  67. Jordan King

    Jordan King9 일 전

    Halsey at the CMA?