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  1. Jordan Ashley

    Jordan Ashley13 시간 전

    I found this by accident, and I don’t even drink wine... but this lady is so enthusiastic and into this that it makes me happy lmaoo

  2. nya uwu

    nya uwu일 전

    i really love her. she's very informative and easy to understand. i also like how excited she is talking about wines, i can feel her passion with her job. idk it's just nice to see i guess. also the fact she doesn't talk down cheaper wines. she's probably one of my faves in this series. i hope she comes back again for more wine price points :)

  3. amdneels

    amdneels2 일 전

    *Me who knows nothing about wine and sees a can of wine* “Yup that’s gotta be cheaper”

  4. Halogen bLINDNESS

    Halogen bLINDNESS3 일 전


  5. Kamikaze Kuban

    Kamikaze Kuban3 일 전

    Anyone else get Sunny in Philadelphia flash backs with the canned wine?

  6. Nork Mork

    Nork Mork3 일 전

    What a fantastic presenter! I'd love to see her matching wines to the food you guys make ^_^

  7. Cindy V

    Cindy V3 일 전

    After watching this video... Nobody: Me: 🗣 I’m a wine expert!

  8. greg king

    greg king3 일 전

    I hate how they never give the names of the products, so when they say something is good we can never taste it

  9. Zalán Faragó

    Zalán Faragó4 일 전

    how to become wine expert? just go through midlife chrisis

  10. Zanky Yanky

    Zanky Yanky4 일 전

    Make on perfume expert , thank you.

  11. Boston Black

    Boston Black4 일 전

    She's so cute! lol

  12. SkanMLL

    SkanMLL5 일 전

    Ma'am I'm concerned you may be an alcoholic

  13. Louie C

    Louie C6 일 전

    Would you be able to link the wines that you used in the description please?

  14. Stranger Happened

    Stranger Happened6 일 전

    *1. CAN sparkly wines be really for daily drinking?* Especially cheaper ones? They always give headache, unlike non-bubbly wines. 2. Why every expert says that a product costs "a little bit more", making two mistakes: the difference is not "a little", and not "a bit". The correct phrase would be "This should cost a huge chunk more" or something.

  15. John Bravo

    John Bravo7 일 전

    I'm not even a wine drinker and now I want some wine

  16. Michael H

    Michael H7 일 전

    "feel like I want to keep one in my purse at all time" 😂🤔

  17. Julia_aaa

    Julia_aaa7 일 전

    She has such a great personality and really informative, this has to be the best episode.

  18. Daniel Warfield

    Daniel Warfield8 일 전

    But the “opa” style pop is the funnest part!

  19. Ken Emm

    Ken Emm8 일 전

    She a dude?

  20. Liam Farrell

    Liam Farrell8 일 전

    No offense to this lady, but she is buzzkill. Shooting the cork off of sparkling wine is the single best part about a sparkling wine

  21. Jagdeep singh

    Jagdeep singh8 일 전

    0:32 why must the napkin be black, why can’t it just be a napkin?

  22. Anton Dereke

    Anton Dereke8 일 전

    lol "wine experts" are the best actress or actors

  23. Sebrina Shelton

    Sebrina Shelton8 일 전

    She is so charming! Love that ya'll always find experts who don't act like snobs.

  24. Ariel Currá

    Ariel Currá8 일 전

    Great video,I learnt quite a lot about wine

  25. mig san

    mig san8 일 전

    Wtf are your descriptions lady

  26. H. Lewin

    H. Lewin9 일 전

    wow she's good, apreciate every wines

  27. TheCode

    TheCode9 일 전

    allways wierd to hear sparkling wine when you are used to hearing "sekt" and didn't they have the normal glasses for sparkling wine? or are they not as good for tasting?

  28. FairClaw

    FairClaw9 일 전

    "You're gonna hear a little whisper" _ur mom gey_ "And that means you've done it correctly"

  29. Abby L

    Abby L10 일 전

    Uhhh that transition from bottle b being closed at 2:06 to both glasses and both bottle open at 2:10 has me confused

  30. Kelci F

    Kelci F10 일 전

    mhmm... kinda sorta an oaky afterbirth

  31. robert13605

    robert1360510 일 전 Wine "experts" are either everyone or no one .

  32. Runar Andersen

    Runar Andersen10 일 전

    She looks like she is just a girl drinking for fun. But she knows what she is talking about.

  33. homie6801

    homie680110 일 전

    Let me stick my nose in.....hmmmm, yes , yes...I smell alcoholism.

  34. sakura 0127

    sakura 012710 일 전

    Fvck it! I wanna be a wine expert!!!!

  35. Cloompis 123

    Cloompis 12311 일 전

    No it’s called an alcoholic

  36. Jaylon Jackson

    Jaylon Jackson11 일 전

    I'm sittin here underaged like, I gotta cook with wine off smell

  37. 1995DylanJ

    1995DylanJ11 일 전

    Do you guys insist on editing these videos in obvious non-chronological ways, or does that "accidentaly" happen every single time?

  38. Krikor Lewis

    Krikor Lewis11 일 전

    Remember from chemistry class. Lady don't give me those memories

  39. RzSkin

    RzSkin12 일 전

    This girl looks amazing but am I the only one to find awkward that little sip sound ?? 😂😂

  40. Dillon Polok

    Dillon Polok12 일 전

    Who else is drinking wine while watching

  41. mahlogonolo mphahlele

    mahlogonolo mphahlele13 일 전

    Im so excited too

  42. Kryptos4u

    Kryptos4u13 일 전

    This is about the only time an Asian woman can legitimately boast about length and breadth of something she's putting in her mouth ....

  43. Mike Letterst

    Mike Letterst14 일 전

    Talented speaker

  44. Gregory Powell

    Gregory Powell14 일 전

    I appreciate that she took the time to teach techniques for opening and appreciating the wine, rather than just answering the question on which is more expensive.

  45. sicheng's head lice

    sicheng's head lice15 일 전

    What a pleasant lady, I enjoy listening to her.

  46. German Survivalist

    German Survivalist15 일 전

    This woman is adorable, I could listen to her for hours :D



    Yea I got to keep my job lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣 3:45

  48. imarowbot11

    imarowbot1116 일 전

    She makes being an alcoholic look fun!! Honestly I adore her!

  49. Chilly Willy 88

    Chilly Willy 8816 일 전

    I taste a lot of wine but can never taste or smell any of the the fruits described on the label it just taste like what I know red wine taste like sometimes I might get a little spice but that's it i wonder if years of eating chillies And eating with hot sauce has dulled my taste

  50. Maciek

    Maciek16 일 전

    You could tell its cheaper by its bottle only

  51. DangerTaco

    DangerTaco17 일 전

    I played bass for serious bubble structure in high school

  52. Win Nguyen

    Win Nguyen17 일 전

    When did bobby lee become a wine expert?

  53. Jeff Doe

    Jeff Doe18 일 전

    This woman is an alcoholic

  54. umarth

    umarth18 일 전

    With that difference in price, even I could guess which one is better without knowing beforehand.

  55. Perico de Jerez

    Perico de Jerez18 일 전

    the best the sherry wine!!

  56. JK C

    JK C19 일 전

    10:40 "WTF is thisCRAP?!"

  57. amaterasu

    amaterasu19 일 전

    Every food expert looks like their food they are reviewing XD

  58. Lu Del

    Lu Del23 일 전

    How the hell can someone be a wine expert? What are the requirements to be considered one? Just drink a lot?

  59. Bakonsfield

    Bakonsfield23 일 전

    Does the napkin have to be black?

  60. oncebluemoon

    oncebluemoon24 일 전

    She seems so fun, I want to hang out with her at a party.

  61. Chris Pickering

    Chris Pickering24 일 전

    Why aren't we told what each wine is? It'd be interesting to know what each is as she talks about the good points on the cheaper one too.

  62. Joshua Ward

    Joshua Ward25 일 전

    As a professional sommelier of 10 years now, her technique with opening bottles is apalling. Definitely a wine drinker at heart 😂

  63. Fern Jones

    Fern Jones25 일 전

    The cheese lady and this woman are my two favorite experts on this series

  64. blaine pond

    blaine pond26 일 전

    It's not so much as what's less expensive but which one is a collector wine and a session wine which there is a huge difference in all aspects of the wine from vinter to price to taste

  65. Rose Juliette

    Rose Juliette26 일 전

    I hate wine. I hate wine culture. Why did I watch this?

  66. Kait Gardner

    Kait Gardner28 일 전

    I love her and I want her to reach me everything

  67. esteban embroglio

    esteban embroglio28 일 전


  68. sqrt-1

    sqrt-129 일 전

    why only women in this series?

  69. Kastyn M.

    Kastyn M.29 일 전

    I wanna watch something like this except with like homegrown v dispensary weed

  70. JY Z

    JY Z29 일 전

    Expert compares cheap versus expensive honey

  71. Yash Kshirsagar

    Yash Kshirsagar29 일 전

    "Mmm, sort of an oaky afterbirth" - Michael Scott

  72. Andrew Mcconnell

    Andrew Mcconnell29 일 전

    Wine isbt the only thing she puts her nose in hahaha

  73. Alfred Claimor

    Alfred Claimor개월 전

    Its funny how she repeats "a little more" on the price stage to avoid being overconfidence

  74. MrLavender Valentino

    MrLavender Valentino개월 전

    legit drank a bottle of wine with 2 mins left in the video

  75. THE BUDDHA 420

    THE BUDDHA 420개월 전

    Wow an expert on how to get yourself poisoned didn’t know there was an expert for that which is the best way to kill yourself you people do realize alcohol is poison

  76. hellsjester1

    hellsjester1개월 전

    how is it that wine testers are always so very posh

  77. AmethystEyes

    AmethystEyes개월 전

    “Neutral vessel”= nice way of saying cheap storage.

  78. Whiskey PadaJuan

    Whiskey PadaJuan개월 전

    Please do a version of this with a Cigar expert. Would love to learn what to look for in a cigar.

  79. WolfsbaneFilms

    WolfsbaneFilms개월 전

    Well spoken, lovely, and not at all pedantic about the information and drinking techniques. She was genuinely excited about trying each selection and was never demeaning about the less expensive wines.

  80. Sdtok

    Sdtok개월 전

    Lol, wine expert and swirls her champagne

  81. Amal

    Amal개월 전

    I have literally been waiting for this episode since this show started.

  82. Daniel

    Daniel개월 전

    0:32 does it have to be a black napkin? I have other types and colors, hues, like more vibrant kinda younger, vintage mineraly, a little woody but sweeeter but not black T____T

  83. meme loving garbage

    meme loving garbage개월 전

    I would subscribe to this channel just for her

  84. Opal64

    Opal64개월 전

    I really enjoy how she talks about the notes of the wines. Makes me feel bad that all wine tastes/smells like rubbing alcohol to me rip.

  85. Taargus

    Taargus개월 전

    4:41 wait, lead capsule? Isn't that dangerous?

  86. Mark Ellington

    Mark Ellington개월 전

    Olive oil expert!!!!

  87. agizzy23

    agizzy23개월 전

    “You can tell this is cheap because it’s the one agizzy asked for friends who were 21 to get for her after her last breakup.”

  88. ImEndGame

    ImEndGame개월 전

    Ngl I thought it was gonna be some 50 yr old named Jane with short brown hair

  89. Mr. Limekiller

    Mr. Limekiller개월 전

    Are you sure she's not a mayonnaise expert? That is an absolute thumb of a woman.

  90. J E

    J E개월 전

    Given all scientific studies on wine tasting show people having a 50/50 chance of guessing, how much leading was done with this?

  91. Herv3

    Herv3개월 전

    Change the title to, "the most boring way to open champagne."

  92. Jesper van den Berg

    Jesper van den Berg개월 전

    "99% of what you taste is what you smell" according to the cheese expert some cheeses do taste 99% like diapers then xD think more in the range of 30% tbh

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    Cmsmart TVChannels개월 전

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  94. kev3d

    kev3d개월 전

    Up next: A Wino guesses Franzia vs Carlo Rossi.

  95. BHQC. EXE

    BHQC. EXE개월 전


  96. Cristero Warrior

    Cristero Warrior개월 전

    Man I hate that movie Sideways

  97. missdarkeyes

    missdarkeyes개월 전

    Knowledgeable yet unpretentious! I like!

  98. Alejandro Gutierrez

    Alejandro Gutierrez개월 전

    why she snap like that

  99. TrueWOPR

    TrueWOPR개월 전

    Now put the same wine in two different labeled bottles and ask her opinion.

  100. H̵̡͟E ̨C̡͠O̶ME͘͢S͞

    H̵̡͟E ̨C̡͠O̶ME͘͢S͞개월 전

    کاکو!! کو شراب شیرازت پ؟! انگو هنو شراب ناب شیراز نچشیدی.. بیو یهی چیکش بیریزم تو حلقت مشتری ثابت شی