Will Smith hosts Meme Review


  1. Zoey Ann

    Zoey Ann32 분 전

    Trending? Am i on KOreporter rn or am i dreaming

  2. Kirby The Cowboy

    Kirby The Cowboy32 분 전

    #1 on trending, we did it boys

  3. Tyler Yost I

    Tyler Yost I33 분 전

    13:23 Legend has it that wheel is still spinning

  4. louis shah

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  5. Your Друг

    Your Друг33 분 전

    This is literally number 1 on trending

  6. Miguel Ramos

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  7. Abdifatah Hassan

    Abdifatah Hassan34 분 전

    This is how long opportunity will live in our hearts 👇

  8. YoshiMan128

    YoshiMan12834 분 전

    Can we get an Elon musk cameo on Rick and Morty justin

  9. DerPachu J.V

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  10. FreeX7

    FreeX734 분 전

    27 trending in Malaysia


    JONAPROYT34 분 전

    13:35 thanks me later

  12. Tech Nerd

    Tech Nerd34 분 전

    Mr.beast has to buy a Tesla model X

  13. poutipou

    poutipou34 분 전

    Please talk about the new ad crisis...

  14. Hansel Nava

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  15. johnnie edwards

    johnnie edwards35 분 전

    Has anyone noticed that HD videos don't look as clear as they used to lately, or is it just me? I really want to know if others have seen HD videos lately and noticed they were not has clear and focused as they should have been. I'm talking about on and even off KOreporter.

  16. kaynaat Bano

    kaynaat Bano35 분 전

    Very bad u can not defeat t series

  17. mochimin

    mochimin35 분 전

    19:24 *Reddit has joined the chat*

  18. Harley_yelrah

    Harley_yelrah35 분 전

    Pewds on trending is it 2012 again

  19. Captain Frismo

    Captain Frismo35 분 전

    Number 1 on trending who hacked KOreporter

  20. Esteeven Cepeda

    Esteeven Cepeda35 분 전

    You shouldve put elon in the title=more views

  21. CookieKat

    CookieKat36 분 전

    hi dad

  22. Your Mother

    Your Mother36 분 전

    9:51 Majin Smith

  23. Nihilistic Onion

    Nihilistic Onion36 분 전

    Justin and Elon are like my two personalities in physical form

  24. Hippo

    Hippo36 분 전

    This video is pretty much PewDiePie saying "roover" instead of "rover" over and over

  25. Margaret Chiloquin

    Margaret Chiloquin36 분 전

    Justin Roiland 💖💖💖🤓💖💖💖

  26. Relena •

    Relena •36 분 전

    UPNEXT: pewds copystriking disney.

  27. Diamond Cannon

    Diamond Cannon36 분 전

    F there is your F my meme king

  28. Cassandra Cookson

    Cassandra Cookson36 분 전

    You did it. You absolute madman

  29. Cringy 7-Year-Old

    Cringy 7-Year-Old36 분 전

    Most views the #1 trending video has had EVER!!!

  30. Fred Smith

    Fred Smith36 분 전

    Pewdiepie #1 on trending Mr. Beast #2 on trending T-Series doesn’t stand a chance

  31. Scott Jensen

    Scott Jensen36 분 전

    Pewds #1 trending Mr Beast #2 Jablinski games #3 All is right in the world

  32. Nick Gorecki-こんにちは-ツ

    Nick Gorecki-こんにちは-ツ37 분 전

    BIG CHUNGLES didn’t die yet!

  33. Bird Is the word

    Bird Is the word37 분 전

    YES!!!!! YEEEEEEEEESS!💞💕💞😍💕

  34. ChronicSociety

    ChronicSociety37 분 전

    What if TSeries is actually run by youtube? 🤔

  35. John BUNbun

    John BUNbun37 분 전

    There are a lot of ads Felix. Maybe that’s why you’re #1 on trending...

  36. AmyG1218 _

    AmyG1218 _37 분 전


  37. NeocryptMyth

    NeocryptMyth37 분 전

    This is the number of people who hate T series 👇

  38. NotTheBestGaming

    NotTheBestGaming37 분 전

    Elon, you can't laugh at dead deer on camera

  39. My Tuber

    My Tuber37 분 전

    3.55 Spiderman is a speaker !!! ,, this is very funny because spiderman has no mouth. Lol

  40. Hungarian Nationalist

    Hungarian Nationalist37 분 전

    If the AI from 14 years ago is THAT good imagine how much other technology they have that isn’t disclosed to the public.

  41. Chris P Bacon

    Chris P Bacon37 분 전

    Eat me pls

  42. Sam Hewitt

    Sam Hewitt37 분 전

    #1 on trending!!!!

  43. Chris P Bacon

    Chris P Bacon37 분 전

    Eat me pls

  44. Jackson Frieze

    Jackson Frieze37 분 전

    Rhett and link vs Elon and justin

  45. Chris P Bacon

    Chris P Bacon37 분 전

    Eat me pls

  46. VandileVids

    VandileVids38 분 전

    We did it boys, we made trending

  47. Chris P Bacon

    Chris P Bacon37 분 전

    Eat me pls

  48. Jack

    Jack38 분 전

    Elon: laughs at dead deer meme Finds out dead deer meme features a real dead deer Elon: *laughs harder*

  49. ebrahim norden

    ebrahim norden38 분 전

    finnaly pew is no 1 trending

  50. ThatAnimatorDude Kyle

    ThatAnimatorDude Kyle38 분 전


  51. Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos ?

    Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos ?38 분 전

    #1 on trending? *KOreporter dose an oopsie*

  52. AndersonDiaz _

    AndersonDiaz _37 분 전

    its an winsie


    LA KALAKA38 분 전

    I tought it was prank i was a day late lol

  54. Powerjj13 ____

    Powerjj13 ____38 분 전

    Or has any one thought that 15 years on earth could be 90 days on Mars 🤔🧐🤖*wearing tin foil hat*

  55. angela christy

    angela christy38 분 전

    Elon on dead deer: Laughs frantically Elon on a jabba purse: Das a crab Elon on elon laughing on elons idea of laughing on elon: Elon

  56. kevin Philip

    kevin Philip39 분 전

    Why does elon loaughing feel so good lol

  57. Steve

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  58. Austin The Slav

    Austin The Slav39 분 전

    Give me the Leeds nudes!!!!!

  59. INFIRESmyJAM _

    INFIRESmyJAM _39 분 전

    This is my first pewdiepie video (sorry ;-;) but it’s the best thing in the world. I have subscribed~

  60. i’m done

    i’m done39 분 전

    #1 trending?

  61. I slapped Your mama

    I slapped Your mama39 분 전

    Get off my lawn. That’s how I feel about that meme

  62. The Gaming Otaku

    The Gaming Otaku39 분 전

    #1 on trending

  63. Kianna _Alex

    Kianna _Alex39 분 전

    This is still on trending wow

  64. Tre Flip

    Tre Flip39 분 전

    My favorite people in the world... all in one video

  65. Jax Axel

    Jax Axel39 분 전

    If the opposite of pro is con, is the opposite of Progress Congress??

  66. Neo Canadian

    Neo Canadian39 분 전

    If i had 2 wishes left i would wish for fotnite and markass Brownlee

  67. Trevor Manson

    Trevor Manson40 분 전

    thank u pewdiepie u are such ab inspiration ao i decided to make my own youtube videos thank you so much pewdiepie

  68. Me No Have Name.

    Me No Have Name.40 분 전


  69. Nozerz

    Nozerz40 분 전

    Like to be in meme review

  70. NinjaMaster

    NinjaMaster40 분 전

    *Trump hosts meme review*

  71. Jeanine16

    Jeanine1640 분 전

    Pewds is first on trending, this is so weird

  72. Itz Blaze

    Itz Blaze40 분 전

    I wonder how much weed Elon musk smoked before they filmed this

  73. Simon

    Simon40 분 전

    The top 3 videos on trending are the reason why I still have hope

  74. Otto von Bismarck

    Otto von Bismarck40 분 전

    number 1 on trending

  75. just another person who over thinks

    just another person who over thinks40 분 전

    KOreporter finally doing a portion of their part with the trending page here.

  76. Lavender-Cat

    Lavender-Cat41 분 전

    R U V E R

  77. Masonツ

    Masonツ41 분 전

    Arigatou gozaimaSUU

  78. Skyler Reed

    Skyler Reed41 분 전


  79. John Doe

    John Doe41 분 전

    Elon musk: *asks if it's real* Elon musk: *laughs harder*


    CENTIS XE41 분 전

    Everything is 6? 666??? OOOOOO

  81. kyle bacon

    kyle bacon41 분 전

    Thank you Elon, very cool

  82. Nunuk Kewer

    Nunuk Kewer41 분 전

    Wow our video on 1st trending

  83. Neodeleux

    Neodeleux41 분 전

    Elon Musk laughing at the dead deer made me almost piss my pants.

  84. Anthony Gates

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  85. Chris P Bacon

    Chris P Bacon34 분 전

    Eat me pls

  86. Jayden Zavior

    Jayden Zavior41 분 전

    Who else came down to see if will Smith commended

  87. Gabriel Renteria

    Gabriel Renteria42 분 전

    Why is he trending I thought they like blacklisted him lmao

  88. Jessica Martinez

    Jessica Martinez42 분 전

    mars rover isnt little at all its huge not even playing

  89. Nick Gorecki-こんにちは-ツ

    Nick Gorecki-こんにちは-ツ42 분 전

    What an adventure this video was.

  90. Chloe Jewelight

    Chloe Jewelight42 분 전

    We did guys we finnaly got pewds to the trending page give yourself a pat on the back everyone😀👏👏👏👏

  91. EpicGamerGuy 1212

    EpicGamerGuy 121242 분 전

    justin roiland just kept explaining the joke

  92. DaRedSpade137 NV

    DaRedSpade137 NV42 분 전

    WHAT IS THIS LOW QUAILTY????? I EXPECT MORE FROM U PEWDS S M H :| (at least u got #1 on trending ;) letSKITTTTTTTTTTTIT

  93. Tirthankar Ghosh

    Tirthankar Ghosh43 분 전

    Number 1 on trending boys.....we did it.

  94. PR3D4T0R

    PR3D4T0R43 분 전

    Seeing Elon laugh at the deer made my day

  95. SovietShepherd

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  96. LifeOfXYZ

    LifeOfXYZ44 분 전

    If this is gray,you are gay 👇

  97. xd R4P1Dx

    xd R4P1Dx44 분 전

    Pewdiepie #1 trending Mr beast #2 trending *THE PROPHET IS TRUE*

  98. Lower H250

    Lower H25044 분 전

    Dont have a spare battery but i have a MEDIC BAG

  99. OrphanPuncher

    OrphanPuncher44 분 전

    number 1 on trending wtf?

  100. David Durako

    David Durako44 분 전

    "Ruver" F in the chat

  101. Georgia Grace Maher

    Georgia Grace Maher44 분 전

    I like the video, but then I come back and my like is gone??? KOreporter literally isn’t letting me like this video. I click like, it says it’s been added to my ‘liked videos’ playlist, but then i check and my like is gone and it’s not in the playlist??

  102. Michael Zheng

    Michael Zheng45 분 전

    Pew nudes 👍🏻👍🏻

  103. Faris Guerouate

    Faris Guerouate45 분 전

    Elon musk: Laughs at dead deer PETA:

  104. GaryGems Librran

    GaryGems Librran45 분 전

    Waiting for mr.beast video to give elon a tesla

  105. Mr. Murica

    Mr. Murica45 분 전

    We did it bois, #1 on trending

  106. online gta5

    online gta546 분 전

    In tendenza italiana ma che OOooo