Will It Pizza? Taste Test


  1. Coooko.slimes -Slime Channel-

    Coooko.slimes -Slime Channel-5 시간 전

    Will it caca

  2. Rejkuu

    Rejkuu18 시간 전

    kto od mniej wiecej XDD

  3. Mary Comiskey

    Mary Comiskey18 시간 전

    11:27 speaks for itself. 😂

  4. DJ Demon

    DJ Demon21 시간 전

    i wish i was eating that brain pizza

  5. Thea Lee

    Thea Lee일 전

    Link the true american does not like asian food

  6. dzasdvas basadgas

    dzasdvas basadgas일 전

    Lol idk how you are approaching age 40 and are a more picky eater than my 6 year old sibling. I will eat nearly anything

  7. just your average trashbag

    just your average trashbag일 전


  8. Fierce -_-Gamer

    Fierce -_-Gamer2 일 전

    “There’s bones in this” im dead😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Mono832

    Mono8322 일 전

    Will it pizza, ketchup? Yes it will (try it)

  10. mrs mozzarella sticks

    mrs mozzarella sticks2 일 전

    Rhett: goll-y! * spazzes out *

  11. John Fleming

    John Fleming3 일 전

    How bout will it tire?

  12. John Fleming

    John Fleming3 일 전

    Stop the dinking

  13. john smith

    john smith3 일 전

    @goodmythicalmorningwithrhett&link y’all ever keep count of how many times you’ve thrown up??

  14. Dylan Gamer81

    Dylan Gamer815 일 전

    Will it salad

  15. XTA UpstartGem45133

    XTA UpstartGem451336 일 전

    The day old question how have they not died

  16. FundiMations

    FundiMations6 일 전

    Will it jello?

  17. IceTeaNPizza

    IceTeaNPizza7 일 전

    Have anyone tried chips on pizza? Or icecream on pizza?

  18. Jenna marks

    Jenna marks8 일 전

    Will it trail mix ?

  19. Baltimore Z-Wad

    Baltimore Z-Wad11 일 전

    Love how happy Link got after tasting the Bugles pizza. 2:37

  20. Staries

    Staries11 일 전


  21. Staries

    Staries11 일 전

    I typed that while I was asleep and it was too hilarious not to post

  22. Invidia

    Invidia13 일 전

    Rhett: You need to be evaluated! *starts dying* Link: Takes another bite

  23. finlay dunford

    finlay dunford13 일 전

    Tea pizza. Not a good idea

  24. Emily Rose

    Emily Rose14 일 전

    Link could be on My Strange Addiction with “I eat dry tea leaves” 😂

  25. britaniefruit12

    britaniefruit1214 일 전

    the giggle link does after Rhett says youd be the life of the party if you bring this on the bugal pizza

  26. insanasim Morgan

    insanasim Morgan17 일 전

    Will it bean

  27. Danny Svetlick

    Danny Svetlick17 일 전

    Before Link became a total douche

  28. ShuviSenpai

    ShuviSenpai19 일 전

    I watched this video in 1.25x speed and I didn't even realize until about 5 minutes in...

  29. Jeremiah Hernandez

    Jeremiah Hernandez19 일 전

    How is Rhett and links reaction to wasabi is different than In will it sushi, because in will it sushi, when they tried wasabi, they look like they were dying. Please somebody explain this to me?????🤨🧐🤨

  30. calen17

    calen1720 일 전

    Rhett will happily eat just about anything while Link is the pickiest eater on the planet and Rhett's going to get judgmental about Link's enjoying the tea pizza? Jeez.

  31. Romain Tarayre

    Romain Tarayre20 일 전

    Will it cookie

  32. Brianna G Murray (2021)

    Brianna G Murray (2021)20 일 전


  33. DAN PS

    DAN PS21 일 전

    these animals didnt deserve this

  34. DAN PS

    DAN PS21 일 전

    what did the pigs and cows do to u people

  35. Hoseok's Sprite

    Hoseok's Sprite21 일 전

    Who else is on a will it marathon?

  36. Hilary Ainsley

    Hilary Ainsley21 일 전


  37. Nova Knight

    Nova Knight22 일 전

    Will it casserole

  38. carter4784

    carter478423 일 전


  39. Michelle Ramos

    Michelle Ramos23 일 전

    11:10 the brains are pig brains lol

  40. Alexis Skelly

    Alexis Skelly24 일 전

    They actually put mayo on pizza in China because that’s their version of “western cuisine” mayo is the “American” condiment.

  41. Iamarobotbanana4

    Iamarobotbanana424 일 전

    They're still digesting that bubble gum pizza



    This is kinda sad

  43. Jessica Beatty

    Jessica Beatty24 일 전

    I'm also from Erie!! 👍🎉👏

  44. Fancy Potato9

    Fancy Potato925 일 전

    Who’s here in 2018?

  45. Himawari

    Himawari25 일 전

    is this the first dink it and sink it moment?

  46. Nathan Var

    Nathan Var26 일 전

    I like bugles

  47. Matthew Matsu

    Matthew Matsu26 일 전

    will it sweet and sour

  48. Kim K.

    Kim K.26 일 전

    U do know the idea that gum stays in your stomach for 7 years is a myth right?

  49. nemesis t3ddi

    nemesis t3ddi26 일 전

    NN November 2018?

  50. Lydia McDaniel

    Lydia McDaniel27 일 전

    Link:I’m on a verge of gagging Rhett:Hot sauce!

  51. DrunKenKilLaH

    DrunKenKilLaH27 일 전

    Will it sushi

  52. Julie Immordino

    Julie Immordino28 일 전

    will it Bob Ross

  53. Sarah Rabbit

    Sarah Rabbit28 일 전

    I hadn't really THOUGHT this through aHEAD of time

  54. Hannah Kathleen

    Hannah Kathleen개월 전

    Link: Isn't this stupid?? Rhett: No it's smart cause it's a brain!!!

  55. Zeek Labbee

    Zeek Labbee개월 전

    Because Rhett and Link have different taste when it comes to food makes them perfect to judge whether or not food "will it".

  56. Arleon

    Arleon개월 전

    Kto od gargamela?

  57. SoulKey 20

    SoulKey 20개월 전

    I died When Link would gag and then randomly freeze in place and then gag again and then freeze in place😂😂😂😂

  58. RocMegamanX

    RocMegamanX개월 전

    11:27 That groan LOL

  59. Meme searches -_-

    Meme searches -_-개월 전

    I liked the part where they eat pizzas

  60. Logan

    Logan개월 전

    Man we had it so good on GMM in previous seasons. If this episode was today, we’d get maybe 5 items.

  61. Benjamin Denverstone

    Benjamin Denverstone개월 전

    I just had Bugles yesterday. I chuckled when they had it.

  62. Ianchian35

    Ianchian35개월 전

    This needs to be a tv show

  63. Unoriginal Walnut

    Unoriginal Walnut개월 전

    Will it omelet

  64. svihan solo

    svihan solo개월 전

    Will it "digest?

  65. David Salmon

    David Salmon개월 전

    okay, youtube music. There is really no need for an ad every 3 minutes. It's getting ridiculous. I'm not signing up for your silly service, I have spotify, I like spotify. Please stop.

  66. Lucas

    Lucas개월 전

    my god the sushi pizza looked so good

  67. Einar Blood-Axe

    Einar Blood-Axe개월 전

    I dislike mayonase in or on anything but BLTs, tuna and chicken salad, and chicken sandwiches. So were I a single man living alone mayonase likely wouldn't even be in my refrigerator. Also I agree that mayo was a huge mistake on the condiment pizza.

  68. Fearless Girl

    Fearless Girl개월 전

    I knew from the beginning that this was not links funniest moment

  69. Dreso Harrison

    Dreso Harrison개월 전

    When Links about to throw up, he sits right back and tries to take it😂 I'm so weak

  70. ᑕᕼEᔕTEᖇ_ᗩᑎIᗰEᒪOᐯEᖇ

    ᑕᕼEᔕTEᖇ_ᗩᑎIᗰEᒪOᐯEᖇ개월 전

    Will it tune? Music Test

  71. The Bugged Gamer

    The Bugged Gamer개월 전

    Love ya guys but OH that chewing sound!!!! 😖😖😖😖🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  72. xraex xbiresx

    xraex xbiresx개월 전

    They’re gags, “brrrip” 😂

  73. planetary•devil

    planetary•devil개월 전


  74. 79centsoutofadollar

    79centsoutofadollar개월 전

    Okay, so... I've been on a GOOD MYTHICAL MARATHON for the last three days. Before then, I had NEVER seen an episode of your show. Never seen any videos from any of your channels. Only vaguely knew who you both were via the KOreporter Rewinds and various friends and family who have said your stuff was great. And so, in the last three days, I started from the beginning... I even went far back ...BEFORE season one, back when it was "Good morning, Chia Lincoln". ...and I watched my way through AT LEAST ten or twelve episodes from every season..from season one to this one right here (currently season seven). NOBODY has a more RECENT, NEW, NEUTRAL opinion than I did, three days ago, going in.... I've seen as many as 20 or 30 episodes in the last seven seasons...to...some, only about ten or twelve. I have to admit, I didn't watch all of the episodes in any season, mostly just the ones that caught my interest or amusement. ....and it's been a very rich, epic journey so far... one I fully intend to keep going with, ....nay, in the next three days, or so, I hope to finish off the history and finally be FULLY CAUGHT UP and be, by all accounts, A FULL FLEDGED, OFFICIAL, MYTHICAL BEAST....number one of millions..... ...and I will give my full thoughts on all of the seasons and episodes and stuff more so, then, I promise....but for now... ....this one. THIS ONE RIGHT HERE.. THIS episode. THIS show. THIS video. It was legendary. It was the greatest one ever. It was the BEST so far. The brains, at the end, was INCREDIBLE. Your food ones always are. Anything that has to do with FOOD, FOOD TESTS, BLIND EXPERIMENTS, "WILL IT _____", ETC....those are always the best ones, IMO. I will watch them all. I have watched them all, so far. Also, your crew, the background folks who work on this show, they're great too...huge troopers, as well....and I LOVE the "more" (yep, been watching pretty much all of the GOOD MYTHICAL MORE" episodes that accompany each of these, that I watch) episodes where they're just as willing to try the "interesting" foods and combinations are you two are. Seriously, I've seen it said MANY TIMES already and I'll say it again: YA'LL TOTALLY need to give the crew their OWN SHOW, practically. Seriously, I'd watch a female version of GMM that starred Jen and Stevie. IT WOULD BE JUST AS POPULAR. Crew deserves to be in more than just the "more".. eh...maybe they are, these days, I don't know yet. I guess I'll find out, still only about halfway through all of these episodes/seasons. But I'll say it right now, JUST IN CASE IT'S STILL NOT THE CASE yet, MORE CREW! You should have one of the crew members join you, like, EVERY EPISODE...it should be Rhett, Link, and random crew member, maybe assign each of them their own day. Seriously, think about it for next season, maybe? Not that I'll be there any time soon...I still have about 6 more seasons to catch up on. All in the next three days. THIS ONE ROCKED!!!

  75. Nikisha Wilson

    Nikisha Wilson개월 전

    Will it 🥞

  76. Kaitlyn Varvarikos

    Kaitlyn Varvarikos개월 전

    2018 anyone???

  77. Dracula

    Dracula개월 전

    So let me get this straight, they can shove a sand pizza in their mouths like nobody's business but have a hard time eating brains? What?

  78. Afishy

    Afishy개월 전


  79. Renata Williamson

    Renata Williamson개월 전

    I was making my dinner while watching this and hearing you guys barfing after the brain pizza I think I may have lost my appetite. I almost barfed with you guys

  80. BanglaBish

    BanglaBish개월 전

    I half expected the bean pizza to have jelly beans :(

  81. Daniel Combs

    Daniel Combs개월 전

    Will it poptart?

  82. Charlie Angels

    Charlie Angels개월 전

    I can't stand listening to Link's jaw cracking 😂😂😂

  83. Coley N Lynnette

    Coley N Lynnette개월 전

    I know many people in internet land hate pineapple on pizza but it probably would have been appropriate for the beach/island themed one?

  84. Edlomaja

    Edlomaja개월 전

    Will it chicken

  85. Ilina Ivanova

    Ilina Ivanova개월 전

    Best episode everrrr

  86. Barry Mccockinner

    Barry Mccockinner개월 전

    Links hair used to be so awful holy

  87. cookie cupcake sparkels fun

    cookie cupcake sparkels fun개월 전

    The brain pizza made me feel so sick

  88. MarkDoesRandom Stuff

    MarkDoesRandom Stuff개월 전


  89. MarkDoesRandom Stuff

    MarkDoesRandom Stuff개월 전


  90. NumbMuch

    NumbMuch개월 전

    Will it milkshake or will it smoothie pretty please bros 🙏🏾🙏🏾🔥

  91. VxKopyKattxV

    VxKopyKattxV개월 전

    thats just a myth... it doesn't take 7 years to digest bubble gum it actually is like corn and jyst goes in and out the same way

  92. Cody Collinsworth

    Cody Collinsworth개월 전

    I forgot about the brain pizza, I think it would be great. Souse is really popular in my area. It is essentially pork cheek, snout, and ears ground up, mashed together, and sliced. We eat it like a bologna sandwich.

  93. DAS

    DAS개월 전

    A Bugle pizza would be very metallic, considering, y'know, brass.

  94. cori belton

    cori belton개월 전

    Ughhh the mouth noises lol 😿🤣

  95. joey rhodes

    joey rhodes개월 전


  96. Dani Bright

    Dani Bright개월 전

    How many times have they thrown up on this show, I wonder. 😂



    12:20, Link gags like crazy.

  98. ouennouri chouaib

    ouennouri chouaib개월 전

    ppizza with tea on wtf

  99. ShiiDox

    ShiiDox개월 전

    Rhett : Theres a hard par- Link : "Bruuahhhh" 12:15 Lmao

  100. E X I T I

    E X I T I개월 전


  101. E X I T I

    E X I T I개월 전

    Will it hot dog please oh please