Will It Pizza? Taste Test


  1. AceReflex

    AceReflex8 시간 전

    Im dying Rhett: gaging and shaking Link: Its good 8:49

  2. Melissa Ducote

    Melissa Ducote일 전

    Rhett was sitting there with a smile

  3. Crystal Lizard

    Crystal Lizard일 전

    This is a purty pizza!! See why I feel

  4. LaurenTiare

    LaurenTiare2 일 전

    Rhett looks so excited for this episode *2019 binge watching*

  5. Moony

    Moony2 일 전

    They have eaten a lot of disgusting stuff over the years....but this last pizza nearly made me vomit aswell!

  6. blackmail boi

    blackmail boi2 일 전

    its weird how Link hates Sushi but likes *_T E A L E A V E S_*

  7. have a Good day

    have a Good day3 일 전

    2019 loving these episodes

  8. L U

    L U4 일 전

    Got my mug!

  9. Sourav Banerjee

    Sourav Banerjee4 일 전

    "We don't have to do that everytime" And now they do it everytime.

  10. TheCreepingDeath1984

    TheCreepingDeath19845 일 전

    Rhett gagging while link is taking another bite... This is probably the only time I will witness that

  11. pandapanda🐼💕

    pandapanda🐼💕5 일 전

    Fart pie 😭😭

  12. Sean O'Brien Plays

    Sean O'Brien Plays5 일 전

    "This is like a fart pie" Link Neal 2015

  13. Mininessie

    Mininessie6 일 전

    Bugles would work even better if you laid them down

  14. Aaron Parrales

    Aaron Parrales6 일 전

    The very first GMM episode I ever watched. It will always be special to me because of that!

  15. Delenn Vidican

    Delenn Vidican6 일 전

    Theses guys really are imbeciles

  16. Cullen Applegate

    Cullen Applegate6 일 전

    2019 anyone

  17. Cullen Applegate

    Cullen Applegate6 일 전

    Will it FAT DEC

  18. -XxPhantomSNiPSxX -

    -XxPhantomSNiPSxX -7 일 전

    *When you realize sand is not a food and obviously shouldn't be eaten so it's not gonna taste good* Lol

  19. Vera Swearnger

    Vera Swearnger10 일 전

    Gum dose not stay in your stomach for 7 years but if a eat say 20,000 pieces of gum one after the other you will have to go to the hospital

  20. Captain CringeBeard

    Captain CringeBeard10 일 전

    12:50 Boneless Pizza 💀🍕

  21. Service Dog Stories

    Service Dog Stories12 일 전

    Head cheese isnt cow brain. It's literally just a pigs boiled head WITHOUT the brain in it.

  22. PhantomTehM8

    PhantomTehM814 일 전

    that sushi pizza looks lowkey really good

  23. Sharp Entertainment

    Sharp Entertainment20 일 전

    feel like this would be a cool one to re-do with Chef Josh

  24. HyperActive1OO

    HyperActive1OO20 일 전

    Do it Rhett, open a restaurant with all the best will its

  25. Zach Duncan

    Zach Duncan20 일 전

    They did a re-do on Will it Taco! Now do Re-Will it Pizza!! Plz! I love you guys!😛

  26. Darian Dalili

    Darian Dalili22 일 전

    That brain pizza. I'm curious. I want some of that

  27. A Skeleton

    A Skeleton22 일 전

    Fun fact in Eastern Europe people eat pizza with condiments true fact

  28. Nishant Singh

    Nishant Singh22 일 전

    What is pidza

  29. Timothy Michael

    Timothy Michael23 일 전

    Tea Pizza is still the most split decision I’ve ever seen on these “Will It?” videos.

  30. Aniah Preston

    Aniah Preston24 일 전

    What about will it gill cheese

  31. David Dawes

    David Dawes24 일 전

    Will it toupe........ Links hair...... No it won't.

  32. UndertaleRP

    UndertaleRP26 일 전

    Will it penis?

  33. Jake Burns

    Jake Burns27 일 전

    I could die instantly

  34. Håkon Høyem Olsen

    Håkon Høyem Olsen29 일 전

    12:51 OMG IM DEAD😂😂😂

  35. Charles Rowlett

    Charles Rowlett29 일 전

    2019 has joined the chat

  36. abhishek rana

    abhishek rana29 일 전

    I love ur job also you pissed of like 80 percent of italians after this

  37. Kate Patterson

    Kate Patterson개월 전

    -peta has left the chat-

  38. Leslie Ramos

    Leslie Ramos개월 전

    Hey mythical morning I have an idea can you do will it chocolate fountain?? Also can there be two parts? Part 1 can be with weird things to put in a chocolate fountain then part 2 can be weird things you can put in a chocolate fountain also I love your videos! Have a nice day uwu

  39. wt f

    wt f개월 전

    Its my birthday ;_;

  40. Elisabeth Slater

    Elisabeth Slater26 일 전

    Happy belated birthday! Hope you've had a good birthday week so far!

  41. TomerG

    TomerG개월 전

    can i just point out that link is wearing 3 layers and rhett is just wearing a t shirt?

  42. Justin R

    Justin R개월 전

    Before dink it and sink it Oh and before they were allowing the crew to ruin the show.

  43. Roxxiee _

    Roxxiee _개월 전

    Here's a will it idea.... Will It Cake?

  44. Colton McClune

    Colton McClune개월 전

    Will It Reheated!!

  45. Patrick Fairbanks

    Patrick Fairbanks개월 전

    What is that?? Like a 1970's haircut???

  46. Alfie White

    Alfie White개월 전

    All right my british lads we gonna have a great time tonight down at the pub restaurant, but I aint paying for your drinks. I slipped the chef a fiver and he making us a special pizza. Vodka as our base sauce, hardened coffee beans as our cheese, and three toppings, tea, orange juice and a good old healthy mouthful of sea water. Enjoy and leave slices for everyone! Dig in!

  47. Wo Lf

    Wo Lf개월 전

    -You’re such a big sushi fan -I do not like sushi

  48. Rai320's Channel

    Rai320's Channel개월 전

    Will it soda

  49. Blaze Osirus

    Blaze Osirus개월 전

    Im eating pizza

  50. Biohazard Knots

    Biohazard Knots개월 전

    Shoulda done ramen

  51. Noob Master69

    Noob Master6913 일 전

    How would they do that?

  52. JustARegularManiac

    JustARegularManiac개월 전

    will it doughnut?????

  53. Rutger Koudijs

    Rutger Koudijs개월 전

    They still haven’t digested the gum

  54. Aiden Hofeling

    Aiden Hofeling개월 전

    Bugles can’t go through your mouth alright😹

  55. •Sammy •

    •Sammy •개월 전

    I've played @12:08 at least 10x.. Links retching and Rhett looking at him through corner of his eye, just waiting for his reaction, gives me life.

  56. Álvaro Serrato Mendez

    Álvaro Serrato Mendez개월 전

    That sand one!!! You guys are crazy!!! Kinda reminded me of the Little Rascals hahaha! I like how Link asked "Isn't this stupid!' after the sand pizza hahaha and that Tea Pizza!!! I was dying when Link said he liked it and Rhett's reactions!!! Lmao hahaha!

  57. Sandra Mennell

    Sandra Mennell개월 전

    You guys should do a will it instrument😊

  58. Jeremazing

    Jeremazing개월 전

    The condiment Pizza needed ketchup and mustard

  59. SpookySkeleton 15

    SpookySkeleton 15개월 전

    Rhett- You need to evaluated GOLLY! *spasm hits*

  60. Cullen Herrera

    Cullen Herrera개월 전


  61. Noob Master69

    Noob Master6913 일 전


  62. Ali akin Vlogs

    Ali akin Vlogs개월 전


  63. Farriz Danez

    Farriz Danez개월 전

    Will it cake

  64. PianoDiva24

    PianoDiva24개월 전

    You know it’s bad when Rhett barfs!

  65. Mr. Rex

    Mr. Rex개월 전

    Will it hoagie!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  66. XxsteelxX Random Videos

    XxsteelxX Random Videos개월 전

    Even though some will it food disgusting i am still hungry

  67. EliteGaming

    EliteGaming개월 전

    3 years until digestion

  68. cesar cruz

    cesar cruz개월 전

    12:09 is funny

  69. Nacknone

    Nacknone개월 전

    We all know that Rhett was looking for revenge on that sand pizza

  70. Bobby Lobby

    Bobby Lobby개월 전

    Will it pasta?

  71. MiMi!

    MiMi!2 개월 전

    That sushi pizza is gooood i wanna try it

  72. tim charles

    tim charles2 개월 전

    Will it slap

  73. Christopher Wilf

    Christopher Wilf2 개월 전

    3 years until the gum digests

  74. Deformed Barnacle

    Deformed Barnacle2 개월 전

    8:45 to 8:49 10 year old me when I drank beer for the first time=Rhett My dad when he drinks a sip with me=Link

  75. This is going down in history

    This is going down in history2 개월 전

    *T H E S U N I S A D E A D L Y L A Z E R*

  76. This is going down in history

    This is going down in history13 일 전

    Michael J Caboose Darn it

  77. Noob Master69

    Noob Master6913 일 전

    +This is going down in history darn*

  78. This is going down in history

    This is going down in history13 일 전

    Michael J Caboose Dang it

  79. Noob Master69

    Noob Master6913 일 전

    Wrong video bro

  80. Jay's Brick Co.

    Jay's Brick Co.2 개월 전

    Rhett has Xray food vision.

  81. Jay's Brick Co.

    Jay's Brick Co.2 개월 전

    Did they cook the pizza in the retro rustic firewood stove in the corner?

  82. Jay's Brick Co.

    Jay's Brick Co.2 개월 전

    Combos pizzeria? Will it pizza?

  83. Jay's Brick Co.

    Jay's Brick Co.2 개월 전

    Im eating a pizza thst i made and MF is piping hot 👌 🔥 pizza so fresh its from 2029!

  84. ErikESG

    ErikESG2 개월 전

    The fact I only watch this to see their faces when the gag

  85. Slo Motifs

    Slo Motifs2 개월 전

    My Opinion: Beans ✔ Bugles ✔ Sushi ✔ Bubble Gum ✔ Condiments ✖ Tea ✖ Beach Sand ✖ Brains ✖



    Who else knew it was little Caesar’s crust they used

  87. Pearce Twins

    Pearce Twins2 개월 전

    Don't eat the sand! IT'S GAME OVER!!!

  88. Gilana Sims

    Gilana Sims2 개월 전

    It's 2019, they should redo this Will It with mythical chef Josh.

  89. Anon Piatt

    Anon Piatt개월 전

    This is a genius thought except do it with all the popular will it's or all of em lol, but why are there so few upvotes come on guys let's make this a thing.

  90. Sass Master XIII

    Sass Master XIII개월 전



    POTATOGAZE2 개월 전

    Will it hot dog



    No they didn’t

  93. malcolms memery

    malcolms memery2 개월 전

    They did that

  94. John Deer

    John Deer2 개월 전


  95. Serena Strand

    Serena Strand2 개월 전

    Why do they make a full pizza when they only eat 2 slices. Such a waste

  96. Cubing Indo

    Cubing Indo2 개월 전


  97. KillerRaiin

    KillerRaiin2 개월 전

    Sushi pizza....has gordan ramsey flashbacks

  98. Matthew Noel

    Matthew Noel2 개월 전

    ERIE PA!!!! REPPIN THE 814!! I cant believe my hometown made the wheel of mythicality!!

  99. Colton Barnes

    Colton Barnes2 개월 전

    Btw, I’ve been watching these videos not in the morning, but *at night*

  100. Marc Lima

    Marc Lima2 개월 전

    Will it lasagna?

  101. bob jones

    bob jones2 개월 전

    Why you putting beans on a pizzzaaaa.

  102. The SkrubLords

    The SkrubLords2 개월 전

    Classic episode ❤

  103. SDT NGUYENDebt

    SDT NGUYENDebt2 개월 전

    That’s a red x mark. 7:29 He just said that’s not first I said that.” 7:18

  104. Mr Vlogger

    Mr Vlogger2 개월 전

    What about jelly beans?

  105. Ramiro

    Ramiro2 개월 전

    Brains, Head Cheese, and Congealed Blood

  106. JaxmanDaBoss

    JaxmanDaBoss2 개월 전

    I just got a Quickbooks ad and I knew the music sounded familiar- THEY’RE USING OLD GMM INTRO AND OUTRO MUSIC

  107. yikes

    yikes2 개월 전

    the mouth sounds are strong in this one.

  108. Josh Ananymous

    Josh Ananymous2 개월 전

    Links dance still gets me 4 years after lmao

  109. theacp127

    theacp1272 개월 전

    There's a weird cut at 2:54. It jumps so suddenly.

  110. Daniel Brown Agtbøl Johansen

    Daniel Brown Agtbøl Johansen2 개월 전

    will ir bacon ?????

  111. Riot !!

    Riot !!2 개월 전

    I'm British I prefer coffee.