Will It Meatloaf? Taste Test


  1. Devlynn Noel

    Devlynn Noel19 시간 전

    Will it videos are my favorite

  2. RedDragon Fury

    RedDragon Fury일 전

    Will it fry chicken

  3. Juliana Manansala

    Juliana Manansala10 일 전

    Lowkey bothered by Link saying balut is from Vietnam, when it’s a delicacy from the Philippines...

  4. Hannah Gilbert

    Hannah Gilbert13 일 전

    You should invite Gordon Ramsay to a Will It episode

  5. Kylan Kikuyama

    Kylan Kikuyama18 일 전

    Rhett: "Think of a new idea" Me: "What's your favorite idea? Mine is being creative."

  6. Kyle Boise

    Kyle Boise20 일 전

    How many Will Its did I miss during the dark times?

  7. Deborah Wood

    Deborah Wood20 일 전

    Pizza meatloaf, Taco Bell meatloaf... I like it!:)

  8. IDK Studios

    IDK Studios21 일 전

    I think for the chip loaf instead of wat u did, I would’ve made regular meatloaf but instead of breadcrumbs use chips

  9. Gabrielle Virga

    Gabrielle Virga23 일 전

    Taco Bell wins every time!

  10. Kyra Ditto

    Kyra Ditto28 일 전

    My cousin said you don’t get time to eat in med school

  11. Julius Muertetgue

    Julius Muertetgue개월 전

    Woooohoooo Baluuuut😂

  12. benzmansl65amg

    benzmansl65amg개월 전

    In Philippines now 😊

  13. EXE KonatDonut

    EXE KonatDonut개월 전

    11:32 Balot/Pinoy galing pinas 🇵🇭

  14. Elizabeth Stolmeier

    Elizabeth Stolmeier개월 전

    Link vs. Taco Bell Loaf 🥰

  15. Hsar Hsaw

    Hsar Hsaw개월 전

    I guess they had a lot of loaf-over

  16. Jovi

    Jovi개월 전

    The last one was literally a duck abortion loaf.

  17. Cyborg panda 113 Panda

    Cyborg panda 113 Panda개월 전

    In my town there used to be a free food charity thing well not quite basically you went to the place they held it at and they cooked a big meal and you can eat for free but it was only every Tuesday well one time they didn’t have time to cook so they ordered a bunch of pizza from a local pizza place and I was eating them I had ranch on my paper plate I was walking and talking to a friend and then a kid says pizza which ranch ewwww! Me and my Frei de turned and were like what the heck are they talking about it was like they had never heard of it

  18. Timothy Newton

    Timothy Newton개월 전

    Balut... Will it food?

  19. Goaty McGoaty

    Goaty McGoaty개월 전

    Link: *gags* Me: it's fiiiiiine... Rhett: *gags* Me: 😓

  20. homie

    homie개월 전

    come on link, be a man. you overreact all the time

  21. Nathaniel Connolly

    Nathaniel Connolly개월 전

    I love that jacket links got, I’d buy that! Sometimes I wish I could go back to the day I first discovered good mythical morning, I remember I watched so many hours worth of these videos and at that point I’d never laughed so hard from a KOreporter video. These videos inspire me to seek bigger things in life and to be confident and let myself have fun. I’ve been listening to Ear biscuits for a while now to and I just can’t get enough of this content.

  22. Flórián Nagyfejeő

    Flórián Nagyfejeő개월 전

    What's the recipe of the pizza loaf? Pls I need it!

  23. kaaustin5

    kaaustin5개월 전

    That pizza loaf could take me out and I’d love it

  24. David Agudo

    David Agudo개월 전

    Balot tastes really good... from the Philippines...

  25. Bryster Myster

    Bryster Myster개월 전

    They said it's the idea that makes them vomit. But still...

  26. Gavin Bush

    Gavin Bush개월 전

    will it bull penis please doo it

  27. Spencer Glade

    Spencer Glade개월 전

    I'm going to be a dipper

  28. Panther Nation

    Panther Nation개월 전

    that marinara sauce is actually what Italians call "Gravy" or "Red Gravy"

  29. darkdolphin 336

    darkdolphin 3362 개월 전

    Is it possible to get recipes for some of these?

  30. Ethan Fairbanks

    Ethan Fairbanks2 개월 전

    *Duck embryo FEATHER THINGY*

  31. Alex Little

    Alex Little2 개월 전

    i seriously need to stop watch these while i eat

  32. Aspen Ramirez

    Aspen Ramirez2 개월 전

    Meatloaf is garbage

  33. Skurwozaur Jakub

    Skurwozaur Jakub2 개월 전

    Why am i eating why watching them

  34. Nintus986

    Nintus9862 개월 전

    Give me that sushi roll

  35. George Bush

    George Bush2 개월 전


  36. crystal savage

    crystal savage2 개월 전

    We really did have pizza loaf when I was a kid. Meatloaf with pizza topping in it and it was delish

  37. Garrett Donner

    Garrett Donner2 개월 전

    is there a way to find season one? I cant seem to find it in their playlists.

  38. crystina crews

    crystina crews2 개월 전

    I'm voting for a cookbook to be put together. I'd buy that for sure.

  39. My life is RUINed RUINED

    My life is RUINed RUINED2 개월 전

    Whos Filipino reply if you are... Im not asking for likes and im not those people who beg for likes... Edit: Balut is also in the Philippines

  40. Jason G. Charles

    Jason G. Charles2 개월 전

    8:29 I think I just climaxed.

  41. JTundra

    JTundra2 개월 전

    14:30 LMFAO

  42. CallOfPundy1192

    CallOfPundy11922 개월 전

    Why can't they just do sample size of these food challenges

  43. Cass Grissom

    Cass Grissom2 개월 전

    What a waste of good sushi

  44. Jackey Boy

    Jackey Boy2 개월 전

    The sushi loaf sounds dead ass amazing

  45. Jareth Harrell

    Jareth Harrell2 개월 전

    8:15 that seemed so innapropriate link lol. Starts shaking his head while Rhett talks about a (sushi) boat.

  46. madkatt333

    madkatt3332 개월 전

    Community College is amazing and prevents debt. It’s what people should do in most cases.

  47. ArtAction

    ArtAction3 개월 전

    Link: "It even has Baja Blast mountain dew mixed into it" Me: Wow, Michael Kovach would love this.

  48. ashley steinhaus

    ashley steinhaus3 개월 전

    Well it lasagna?

  49. Crissy Haley

    Crissy Haley3 개월 전

    "look right there, right there is like hairy duck embryo feather thingy. *oh gosh* but we do have salt and pepper" atleast you have salt and pepper link >>

  50. FTGU

    FTGU3 개월 전

    The pizza rolls I’m eating now just don’t compare to the glory of all of this 😩

  51. Handsome Sam

    Handsome Sam3 개월 전

    I had to rewind when Link said “will it” because I heard whippet, and was wondering why he thought that would be a good idea

  52. GoldenGoose GG

    GoldenGoose GG3 개월 전

    I need the recipe for the pizza loaf. I'm serious lol.

  53. Fire Angel Productions

    Fire Angel Productions3 개월 전

    balut loaf looks like a dinosaur turd

  54. Beefaroni Bert

    Beefaroni Bert3 개월 전

    Dink me, sink me, if ya wanna Link me

  55. Madeline Rodrigues

    Madeline Rodrigues3 개월 전

    2:06 pre-mature wheel of mythicality appearance

  56. Joe Cole

    Joe Cole3 개월 전

    Link got sushi and balut down. I’m proud of him.

  57. Ann Margarette Sambilay

    Ann Margarette Sambilay3 개월 전

    "You gotta squint coz it's so bright" I squint, Master Link.

  58. Ice Bear

    Ice Bear3 개월 전

    When they started talking about college I thought they had a instant noodle loaf

  59. neocycle

    neocycle3 개월 전

    So when are we getting a GMM cookbook?

  60. Savanah White

    Savanah White3 개월 전

    I feel like they need to collab with Clevver and do a cheat day episode

  61. Wyatt Shook

    Wyatt Shook3 개월 전

    Will it poop? Dont eat for a day and eat something then poop it out and eat it again

  62. MR Jeramy the amaze

    MR Jeramy the amaze3 개월 전


  63. Jerem0y

    Jerem0y3 개월 전

    balut should be eaten warm

  64. lucaspttrsn

    lucaspttrsn3 개월 전

    i questioned the idea of taco bell being the food of college students but then i realized as one that i just had taco bell like three days ago lol

  65. Reyes Isaac

    Reyes Isaac3 개월 전

    Dont let your meatloaf!

  66. Vasiliosjdjshbdnsjjs Koumoundourosjdjbebbdbsb

    Vasiliosjdjshbdnsjjs Koumoundourosjdjbebbdbsb3 개월 전

    You should do discussing ones blindfolded and see who last the longest in the challenge please like

  67. Janine Laconsay

    Janine Laconsay4 개월 전

    Balut is a delicacy in the philippines..

  68. Syrus Alpha

    Syrus Alpha4 개월 전

    That sushi meatloaf looks delicious!

  69. DP91

    DP914 개월 전

    People who put ranch on pizza need to be exiled.

  70. TheLavaOwl 360

    TheLavaOwl 3604 개월 전

    Its not that bad when you eat normally.

  71. andrea bauman

    andrea bauman4 개월 전

    The poor mystical crew that had to make all these will it foods

  72. Comare Nerute

    Comare Nerute4 개월 전

    balut isnt native to vietnam its from the Philippines

  73. Devin Howell

    Devin Howell4 개월 전

    How can you make the pizzaloaf and taco-bell loaf too?????????😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🇺🇸🇲🇽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏀🏀🏀🏀🥊🥊🥊

  74. Devin Howell

    Devin Howell4 개월 전

    Sushiloaf looks good and amazing because I love sushi with that sushi will it meatloaf yes👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🥋🥋🥋🥋🥋🥋

  75. Chandni Ajanel

    Chandni Ajanel4 개월 전

    "ah cen see fethas!"

  76. Tigerjack0320

    Tigerjack03204 개월 전

    i promise i will like this comment you promised :)

  77. Mark Molloy

    Mark Molloy4 개월 전

    4:23 honestly thought he was gonna try headbutt it

  78. TTVFireBlue

    TTVFireBlue4 개월 전

    You should play fortnite and 1v1 each other

  79. WiseThecoolkid

    WiseThecoolkid13 일 전

    Rhett is 41 and link isn't that far behind. Good luck getting that to happen

  80. Hoang Trinh

    Hoang Trinh4 개월 전

    I hate the Duck embryo-thing at first,but i guess eating it several times a month does make it good...love from Vietnam XD

  81. Arianna Carulli

    Arianna Carulli4 개월 전

    12:08 I'm feeling so bad for those little birds

  82. MediWolf 26

    MediWolf 264 개월 전

    Good mythical 2019

  83. Three Out Of Four

    Three Out Of Four4 개월 전

    Rhett must have watched that game grumps video beforehand "In'a betweena ma crotch isa ma penis!"

  84. E. C. Sherman

    E. C. Sherman4 개월 전

    Oh my gods that first loaf looks like heaven. Add some more jalapeños and I'll be all over it.

  85. ChungKingCanSuckIt

    ChungKingCanSuckIt4 개월 전

    #1, the bacon isn't even cooked. It's raw.

  86. Jack Bolander

    Jack Bolander4 개월 전

    2018: Year of the duck 2019: Year of the twink

  87. Patrick's Channel

    Patrick's Channel4 개월 전

    14:52 Rhett's expectations were let down.

  88. Jayce D'rick

    Jayce D'rick4 개월 전

    That balut loaf though… I’m a Filipino and I don’t even eat it as it is then you loaf it? That’s… extreme. From my perspective as a local.

  89. Bet.

    Bet.4 개월 전

    I want the sushi one so bad, I love sushi

  90. thekidwithnofriends

    thekidwithnofriends4 개월 전

    My culture is not you meatloaf

  91. nst låse

    nst låse4 개월 전

    I am watching this only a few Days after New year's Eve so 2019 now 🤣

  92. K-dude 121

    K-dude 1214 개월 전


  93. Cole Strickland

    Cole Strickland4 개월 전

    all you made were pockets lol. go to jail and youll eat plenty of them

  94. Tonya Ramsey

    Tonya Ramsey4 개월 전

    The sushi loaf looks, and sounds delicious and I want one right now!

  95. Wes Kay Animations

    Wes Kay Animations4 개월 전

    Will it omelet?

  96. Positive JoJo

    Positive JoJo4 개월 전

    What’s the recipe for the Pizza Meatloaf

  97. Gilgamesh Of Sumer

    Gilgamesh Of Sumer4 개월 전

    the answer is no. nothing will meatloaf.

  98. katedorianphotography

    katedorianphotography4 개월 전


  99. SQU1RT5

    SQU1RT54 개월 전

    How much did the production of that Sushi Loaf cost? At least a few hundred from a restaurant...

  100. Trebned

    Trebned4 개월 전

    Balut is common for us Filipinos Yah its real good

  101. 6laderunner

    6laderunner4 개월 전

    I NEED a Taco Bell loaf.

  102. Heather Kuhl

    Heather Kuhl4 개월 전

    Balut is from the Phillipines...right?