Will It Meatloaf? Taste Test


  1. cleaning mafia

    cleaning mafia일 전

    Poor birds I hope there just rejects(unhealthy)and not healthy birds

  2. Lumen Dusk

    Lumen Dusk일 전

    As a Vietnamese, I can say that we often eat Balut after the eggs was laid 7-8 days so they won't have feathers yet but only eyes and blood vessel, feathers rarely appear. Also, we eat Balut with Fish sauce, salt and pepper so it doesn't taste all that bad

  3. Corina Vigil

    Corina Vigil2 일 전

    I agree with the person you need to publish a cook book that got a yes on it

  4. Camay Waikiki Morton

    Camay Waikiki Morton2 일 전

    Yall messed up on that chip one. That's basically a prison burrito but hard and too many corn chips when you need to stick to cheesy flavors. You should do a will it prison burrito

  5. Los.Trevor SanAndreas

    Los.Trevor SanAndreas3 일 전

    The Balutloaf looks like fresh elephant droppings.

  6. Xythrr Wolf

    Xythrr Wolf3 일 전

    I didnt even realize these were premium

  7. Icebearplayz

    Icebearplayz8 일 전

    What about Will it Sprite Cranberry?🤔

  8. Logan Brown

    Logan Brown8 일 전

    10:13 biggest gag in history

  9. russman 59

    russman 598 일 전

    Lol the pizza one looks good



    I need that sushi loaf to get me through next semester

  11. Vasilica Stratanoiu

    Vasilica Stratanoiu8 일 전

    11:23,just why did they boil little ducks that are still in the eggs

  12. Roberto Cardoza

    Roberto Cardoza9 일 전

    @goodmythicalmorning I love you guys show.. Awesome! I dislike the fact you guys waste lots of food. So my question is.. What you guys do with the rest of the food that is use in the show?

  13. Chelsey Hart

    Chelsey Hart11 일 전

    This would be fun! 😋

  14. Possum Queen

    Possum Queen11 일 전

    okay I need to know. where did Rhett get that sweater? I want one, I love plants.

  15. Harry Lê Hoàng

    Harry Lê Hoàng12 일 전

    What happen to the food after testing tho?

  16. koalapresidents

    koalapresidents13 일 전

    hearing them pronounce "balut" wrong is almost physically painful

  17. Joselynne C

    Joselynne C13 일 전

    guys, if ya'll gonna feature balut in future videos, you don't eat the hard white part. that's inedible. UNLESS, you got an egg that has the white hard part SMALL, then you can eat that. Its like the soft white bones you get on chicken (there's one near the breast) Don't actually know what it is named technically, but... THE WHITE HARD PART IN BALUT IN INEDIBLE!!!

  18. Sherwin Ordanes

    Sherwin Ordanes13 일 전

    *BALUT* is tasty! Like if you agree.

  19. Valentina Leon

    Valentina Leon14 일 전

    2:17 vegans have *left* the chat

  20. Carson Thiel

    Carson Thiel15 일 전

    "Duck it and sick it"

  21. Rayo Gaming123

    Rayo Gaming12315 일 전

    I watch these if I’m hungry

  22. OB1KaToby

    OB1KaToby16 일 전

    dude that sushi loaf looks like it could be sooo good if they did it right. Like just a massive sushi role that's like a ton of other sushi roles smashed together. That sounds really good honestly.

  23. That random kid artycraft & foxy

    That random kid artycraft & foxy16 일 전

    the chip loaf is of coarse hard,IT'S A CHIP!and chips are hard :) (this is not hate,in case of you people who might think it is)

  24. Shining Sakura

    Shining Sakura17 일 전

    its pronounced BUH-LOOT (buh like in buddy) (loot as in loot from pirates)

  25. ye_boi_jo_the_bro

    ye_boi_jo_the_bro17 일 전


  26. Goodhue House Vlogs

    Goodhue House Vlogs18 일 전

    i'll let you make the jokes

  27. Anne Mac

    Anne Mac18 일 전

    “Don’t say the C word!!” 🤣😂

  28. William Reid

    William Reid18 일 전

    The balot 😂😂😂

  29. Emme Bivens

    Emme Bivens20 일 전

    Link is so extra😂. I watched this when it came out, but it watching it again😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  30. static beats

    static beats21 일 전

    That pizzaloaf looks like its been taken straight from an epic meal time video.

  31. Family Account

    Family Account22 일 전

    You mean pemal

  32. Apple

    Apple23 일 전

    In our country, balut is everywhere, but my allergies doesnt allow me to eat it. I've always wanted to eat it. Now you've dashed my hopes and dreams.

  33. TheVidMonster

    TheVidMonster23 일 전

    3 things meatloaf is always great Pizza is always great If something’s not great ranch makes it great

  34. Brian Collins

    Brian Collins23 일 전

    I’m going to need the recipe for that Taco Bell meatloaf

  35. derek stewart

    derek stewart23 일 전

    The sushi is a big yes it looked perfect

  36. Meili Monk

    Meili Monk24 일 전

    I’m so happy they ditched the multi episode format

  37. Boo Buddy

    Boo Buddy24 일 전

    What about Herrs Chips

  38. RaeKtvdotcom

    RaeKtvdotcom24 일 전

    OOh, Balut Meatloaf

  39. Devin McGathey

    Devin McGathey24 일 전

    You guys didn't host Meatloaf for your Will It Meatloaf. 2/10

  40. V Larsen

    V Larsen25 일 전

    Will it sushi!!

  41. Pinkish Floyd

    Pinkish Floyd25 일 전

    Baby duck loaf was sooo nasty 🤢

  42. Asap Design

    Asap Design27 일 전

    I will say, I’m Filipino, but I personally don’t eat nor enjoy balut😂

  43. ellohareeye4

    ellohareeye417 일 전

    Same here. I'm afraid to try it. I'm just getting back into GMM a bit more. I discovered it in first half of 2016 but didn't watch all of the older material. Today's my first viewing of this ep. They've had balut at least once already lol (or was that only Link who ate it? I forget). I'm wondering what the moment it comes on here will be like! I'm at the chips part atm while scrolling comments

  44. XCAltoona

    XCAltoona28 일 전

    Epic Meal Morning

  45. funny ent

    funny ent29 일 전

    The duck egg loaf looks nasty i cant eat it.never will

  46. funny ent

    funny ent29 일 전

    I love sushi but the sushi loaf looks nasty

  47. Sharp Shogun

    Sharp Shogun개월 전


  48. Onyxiate

    Onyxiate개월 전

    “College students all around the world...Taco Bell loaf” Um, it’s not called college everywhere and Taco Bell isn’t everywhere.

  49. Shayla Hamady

    Shayla Hamady개월 전

    I used to be hungry.

  50. D Days

    D Days개월 전

    When you said college students get ready i thought ramen

  51. obbldude TV

    obbldude TV개월 전

    After watching so many will it's you'd think I'd stop eating while watching

  52. Mad Law

    Mad Law개월 전

    These "Will it...." episodes need to be renamed to "Will it taste good..." since it is what they think is good and not the fact if it actually turned into whatever the episode is about.

  53. sade allen

    sade allen개월 전

    Don't know if you've already done this but, u should so will it lolipop or will it soda

  54. Hippy Fuckerson

    Hippy Fuckerson개월 전

    *Just putting it in my mouth is just something iv grown to do* 🤷🏻‍♂️

  55. Thenutcase1

    Thenutcase1개월 전

    *putting french bread pizza in mouth* Rhett: It was either french bread pizza or a burrito

  56. p13ls

    p13ls개월 전

    isnt that pizza loaf just a pizza from chicago?

  57. Dot Dot

    Dot Dot개월 전

    You shouldnt eat balut cold its disgusting but it taste quiet qood if hot

  58. Gage Rogers

    Gage Rogers개월 전

    Ahhhhhh, they shouted out Dunn, NC!!!! MY HOMETOWN!!!! Love y'all, Rhett and Link!!! (I probs won't get a shout back, but it would be cool! Still love y'all, though lol)

  59. melissa jackson

    melissa jackson개월 전

    You know, you two didn't have to eat that nightmare for me to know that it is a bad idea.

  60. Paq_

    Paq_개월 전

    "Hairy duck embryo feather thingy" has to be the funniest collection of words I've ever heard

  61. Isaiah Albert

    Isaiah Albert개월 전

    I think I should write a sympathy card for their toothbrushes...

  62. Anthony Rosales

    Anthony Rosales개월 전

    2:56 Rhett was the ice berg and link was the titanic

  63. Dakota Sanders

    Dakota Sanders개월 전

    I'm so glad you guys like the pizza loafs and if your ever in pinconing Michigan stop by the pinconing bread shop and get a fresh pizza loaf

  64. Andrew Batts

    Andrew Batts개월 전

    I use quick oats instead of bread crumbs

  65. Ashley Timm

    Ashley Timm개월 전

    Why does everyone assume that. giants have poor grammar?

  66. Lana Duddy

    Lana Duddy개월 전

    Get me to 500 likes on my comments please thanks

  67. Lana Duddy

    Lana Duddy개월 전

    I love your show

  68. Lana Duddy

    Lana Duddy개월 전

    These make me feel like I’m there

  69. Don Dietrich

    Don Dietrich개월 전

    What do y'all do with all the extra food?

  70. Jorge Robles

    Jorge Robles개월 전


  71. Rebel Love

    Rebel Love개월 전

    Did Rhett just throw low key shade at community college students?........... WHY ?

  72. Lennart Wardekker

    Lennart Wardekker개월 전

    Where is the meatloaf (the singer) meatloaf ??? :(

  73. Denny A

    Denny A개월 전

    I feel like puking whenever i see anyone eat balut

  74. Curruthers

    Curruthers개월 전

    They need to re-try that exact chip loaf, but use it like cornbread w/chili.

  75. Kerstin Nilsson

    Kerstin Nilsson개월 전

    I’m a college student and that Taco Bell loaf is my dream 😂

  76. Phuc Pham

    Phuc Pham개월 전

    Bulat? I don't know how to spell it but it is tasty. The thought is just gross for most/some people.

  77. Johnny Nunez

    Johnny Nunez개월 전

    I want the recipe for the pizza loaf

  78. The Arcane Two

    The Arcane Two개월 전

    MMM i loaf meat, that pizzameatloaf looks delicious!

  79. Jagged Tooth Tackle

    Jagged Tooth Tackle개월 전

    Baja blast wrecked the whole loaf of taco bell even before trying it

  80. OurNewHorizon

    OurNewHorizon개월 전

    Am I the only person who has never tried meatloaf?

  81. Zaid

    Zaid개월 전

    5:00 it’s not supposed to be a chip,it’s supposed to be a loaf

  82. Sining Tadhana

    Sining Tadhana개월 전

    I am a Filipino, and I understand why they can't eat a balut. Its because of culture. I think I can't also eat other weird foods from other countries like fried scorpions, fried spiders, Surstromming, or Vegemite, even though I never tried any one. Not all Filipinos also do enjoy eating balut, but some eat it on a daily or weekly basis. My dad and younger brother loves eating balut, but I don't enjoy it much. I do eat it and I can, it's just that I don't enjoy eating balut.

  83. Sining Tadhana

    Sining Tadhana개월 전

    The balut they had I think wasn't even the real balut delicacy....and it should be dipped in cane vinegar with chilis. :) When boiled, the balut egg has the yolk being cooked, the duck embryo part, and the hard and rubbery egg white part which is usually not to be eaten. The inside of the egg is also full of membrane like blood vessels. It also has a broth inside it, and the yolk is usually so soft. Hehe. I am a Filipino, and I personally am able to eat balut but I don't enjoy them too. Why? I can't handle the sensation of the feathers and tiny bones of the embryo in my mouth and it's so expensive nowadays. One egg costs Php 19.00 in where I live from Php 15.00 - Php 16.00 last year. Money is so hard to earn in the Philippines. It is also so valuable and worth keeping for buying needs, and our country is still currently having an inflation in some of our food supplies especially in rice and goods. :D

  84. useraccount333

    useraccount333개월 전

    The PizzaLoaf looked like something straight out of Epic Meal Time!

  85. Daniel Cooney

    Daniel Cooney개월 전

    As a college we put all kinds of random stuff together to make a meal out of.

  86. AbleSable

    AbleSable개월 전

    Bah-loot y'all are saying it Wrong

  87. Kaguya

    Kaguya개월 전

    I gotta love those eggs, I eat them once in a while(I’m Vietnamese btw) but I eat it with salt and pepper

  88. Kedrick Moore

    Kedrick Moore개월 전

    That duck embryo loaf looks like a dinosaur turd

  89. Monica K

    Monica K개월 전

    naw man that sushi loaf was amazing

  90. BIK3 F0R LIF3

    BIK3 F0R LIF3개월 전

    Make the la beast eat those loafd

  91. ok so basically I’m monky

    ok so basically I’m monky개월 전

    When who where when why Then tho there then thy

  92. Kristian Mendoza

    Kristian Mendoza개월 전

    Balut is not from Vietnam you uncultured swine Love, Kris

  93. Rainbow Unicorn

    Rainbow Unicorn개월 전

    Y’all are going to choke on that pizza

  94. Jessica Stalter

    Jessica Stalter개월 전

    Haha Rhett!! It smells like a horror movie"

  95. ZFrenks

    ZFrenks개월 전

    what is the french onion sauce ? Im french and i never heard that sauce lol

  96. Sexy Meatloaf

    Sexy Meatloaf개월 전

    Why hello there😎😎

  97. Frankenwolfer Guy

    Frankenwolfer Guy2 개월 전

    Frankenwolfer: Candy Will it Meatloaf Yes

  98. Harasen

    Harasen2 개월 전

    9:00 That thing's beautiful! Pretty much just a giant sushi roll that hasn't been cut yet. Gonna need a strong grip on your chopsticks and a big mouth, though.

  99. Olivia C.

    Olivia C.2 개월 전

    When I'm feeling a bit digestive-ly off, I like to take myself to Taco Bell for a Steak Quesorito Cleanse.

  100. HolyPastrami

    HolyPastrami2 개월 전

    Sashimi rollin, they hatin.

  101. Brent Delong

    Brent Delong2 개월 전

    Rhett, "Going back to college"... as he deep throats a thumb. LoL. What about chicken parm loaf.