Will A Solar Beam Reflect or Melt A Mirror?




    Who watch this in 2019 r.ı.p

  2. Mars Cates

    Mars Cates11 시간 전

    you guys should colab with vat19

  3. Xander Stuhl

    Xander Stuhl22 시간 전

    Look at Nate's left thumb at 1:18

  4. Steven McNay

    Steven McNay일 전

    Why didn't you use a silver mirror, like something from the 17-1800's? Essentially polished silver... it won't break and should be able to withstand the heat.

  5. AKAAndreas

    AKAAndreas일 전

    Melt that "meer"!

  6. sharon shajan

    sharon shajan2 일 전

    Put this lightray on liquid nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen gas!!!

  7. Leonard Greenpaw

    Leonard Greenpaw2 일 전

    the metal of the pan is too reflective, you need to make it black for it to absorb light energy faster

  8. S.J. Bora

    S.J. Bora2 일 전

    5:32 here is the answer

  9. Battlefield cheese With flex tape

    Battlefield cheese With flex tape2 일 전

    Melt ing a mirror some one should post that on r/hmmmmm

  10. Graham Cartwright

    Graham Cartwright3 일 전

    "I love the smell of flowers"

  11. Harry Coker

    Harry Coker3 일 전

    What happens if you continue focusing the beam of light

  12. fire ninja

    fire ninja3 일 전

    Tyler tube?

  13. Sam Weight

    Sam Weight5 일 전

    Wonder if you used a mirror finish sheet of 310S stainless steel.

  14. Minecraft Emi

    Minecraft Emi5 일 전

    Did any one realize when the mirror was on fire it was rainbow Why did it do that?? ☺

  15. Official Brontide YT

    Official Brontide YT6 일 전

    They should have put it on a block of dry ice

  16. Josiah Stevens

    Josiah Stevens6 일 전

    Try to make the words biggest solar scorcher

  17. Marianya Klis

    Marianya Klis6 일 전

    Could you make popcorn off of corn?

  18. James

    James7 일 전

    Use titanium mirrors with the solar scorcher

  19. War Zone Champions

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  20. Braiden Newell

    Braiden Newell8 일 전

    i just want to say the question "how can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real?" is really messing with my head

  21. Rubix 1976

    Rubix 19762 일 전

    If our eyes aren't real, what does that mean of the things we see with them??????

  22. Stefanya Kitty

    Stefanya Kitty8 일 전

    It is 7 years bad luck if you break a mirror... I wonder how many years bad luck you have... 100?

  23. Anson Ang

    Anson Ang9 일 전

    If the mirror is silver on copper thick enough to conduct heat or has water cooled or air cooled to transfer heat to air it might permanently reflect the light heat to make a solar cooker. The mirror might not break

  24. Ah Boy

    Ah Boy9 일 전

    5:35 what u came for

  25. Casy Chapin

    Casy Chapin10 일 전

    Maybe make a watercooled mirror so like a big piece of super polished aluminum with holes running through it and you could have a big drum of water, simultaneously solar water boiling and reflection for cooking, it's like a solar stove

  26. Shamar Younge

    Shamar Younge10 일 전

    Imagine his hand started smoking 💀😭

  27. Alexander Productions

    Alexander Productions10 일 전

    how can anything be real if our eyes arent real

  28. Nathan

    Nathan10 일 전

    can you cook meat using the solar scorcher?

  29. Flashhh

    Flashhh10 일 전

    Try to use 1`st surface mirrors !

  30. Faruk Göcen

    Faruk Göcen10 일 전

    Doesnt breaking mirrors bring misfortune

  31. Petri Koskelainen

    Petri Koskelainen10 일 전

    what would happen to beachsand?

  32. Thad Spreg

    Thad Spreg11 일 전

    Solar scorcher vs. spray paint can. How big of a mess can you make?

  33. Phoenix115

    Phoenix11511 일 전

    okay but i felt that blister

  34. USMC0331

    USMC033111 일 전

    Anyone else getting a "Real Genius" vibe right now?

  35. Nolan

    Nolan11 일 전

    I wonder if the mirrors still would have broken if the infrared spectrum of the light could mostly be excluded. After all, most mirrors don't reflect infrared light.

  36. Sheen's Dream Channel

    Sheen's Dream Channel11 일 전

    How he die?

  37. Joel Robert Justiawan

    Joel Robert Justiawan12 일 전

    6:00 Thermally shocked 8:50 Spread the equal heat to entire surface of the mirror first before scorching to avoid thermal shock. The sun beam hits though the glass part before reflective part. Second surface glass 10:58 There even a commercially purchaseable solar cooker

  38. Kenzie Colson

    Kenzie Colson13 일 전

    see what the solar scorcher does to fabrics and maybe a window

  39. Kenzie Colson

    Kenzie Colson13 일 전

    melt a watermelon with the solar scorcher

  40. John Flores

    John Flores13 일 전

    How about a first surface mirror?

  41. Filip Cetkovic

    Filip Cetkovic13 일 전

    Next time on TKOR using selfie camera for the solar scorcher

  42. Smash Universe

    Smash Universe13 일 전

    put something very white under the solar scrchr

  43. RedGames

    RedGames14 일 전

    Make an auto firing mirror system

  44. Roh Gun

    Roh Gun14 일 전

    "Still warming up sir!" "Warming up?!... The sun is WARMIMG UPP???

  45. JacksonPea

    JacksonPea14 일 전

    The mirror would just explode with the heat

  46. Harithsyafiq Mohammad Soffian

    Harithsyafiq Mohammad Soffian14 일 전

    try this thing with oil coolant..

  47. Wachary -

    Wachary -15 일 전

    I really want to know why you wouldn’t place the hairspray bottle under heat

  48. Trey Simmons

    Trey Simmons15 일 전

    All of that bad luck....

  49. Caleb Johnson

    Caleb Johnson15 일 전

    What happens when you put a prince Rupert's drop in the solar scorcher?

  50. Yiffy Pop

    Yiffy Pop15 일 전

    On the topic of vanta black you can also buy the opposite, spectralon the whitest white. Both would be fun

  51. Marc Rosbourgh

    Marc Rosbourgh15 일 전

    Would you get better results reflecting the sunlight off the mirror, then through the magnifier onto the heating/cooking service? I imagine that the best service would be made of something like cast iron. You should be able to control the cooking temperature by moving the focal point in and out.

  52. B. Matt

    B. Matt15 일 전

    Can you get bulletproof glass to break just like the mirrors?

  53. Ahlem Sakura

    Ahlem Sakura15 일 전

    Anyone remembers the Jim Carrey movie where he uses the same concept to burn down people's houses??

  54. Brian Jones

    Brian Jones16 일 전

    You should put the spray cans under it and watch them blow

  55. kamal makwana

    kamal makwana16 일 전

    Y dun u try slow mo with ur acts.. wll b fun n intresting to watch

  56. Acc 1

    Acc 116 일 전

    dont use a mirror. aim the beam onto an aluminium oven

  57. Mother May I

    Mother May I16 일 전

    I wonder if it can boil water

  58. Zachary Byrd

    Zachary Byrd17 일 전

    hey kor can you create an experiment showing us what is going on in are stomachs when we take an ant acid pill

  59. Ron Dagaev

    Ron Dagaev17 일 전

    Did you guys try cooking steak using this, if not I think that would be awesome!

  60. Noot Noot

    Noot Noot17 일 전

    i wonder how many years of bad luck yall have now

  61. Daniel Budiono

    Daniel Budiono17 일 전

    Glass reflect light. But also absorb heat