1. David Ferrari

    David Ferrari25 일 전

    Archie, you said the Aston sounds the best of all the GT1 cars but remember theres 2 other stunning cars also with V12's and sound amazing. im gonna go out on a limb here and say the Murcielago R-GT is the best sounding GT1 car, the other GT1 car i was thinking as the McLaren F1 GTR

  2. Tyler Crippen

    Tyler Crippen26 일 전

    I remember going to the petit Le Mans with my dad when I was younger and I’ll never forget the Aston martins, they were the absolute loudest cars on the track and I loved it!

  3. Liam Murphy

    Liam Murphy27 일 전

    I really want to see you in a race car again

  4. Lucid

    Lucid27 일 전

    Ummm I like V12s smooth torque/power.. this one sounds mad but I've heard some road versions and they might do some thunderstorms too.. I enjoy race cars but road versions of Aston Martin are mile eaters, coast to coast in comfort and style. I Soo want one.

  5. Martha Rojas

    Martha Rojas27 일 전

    What dreams are made of!!! ❤️

  6. Chris Dorgan

    Chris Dorgan27 일 전


  7. IIIlllIII

    IIIlllIII28 일 전

    make that sweatshirt LONGER

  8. Boston Bmx

    Boston Bmx29 일 전

    Go for a ride in a original Ford you'll love it!

  9. Muammar Gibran

    Muammar Gibran29 일 전

    The GT1 cars were awesome, but then the money just spiraled out of control to run them, making less teams run in the series, moving to the more affordable GT3.

  10. sd70m2man

    sd70m2man29 일 전

    Well mate if it’s the dbrs9 it was outclassed by newer gt3 cars. If it’s the dbr9 the regulations changed and it was no longer legal😂

  11. Drive Logic

    Drive Logic29 일 전

    GooD Lord ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Epic mate Epic ~!!!!!!!!

  12. Hamish McEwan

    Hamish McEwan개월 전

    Shut up and let your guests talk.

  13. Luke Daniel Galon

    Luke Daniel Galon개월 전

    What exactly happened to GT1?

  14. iiPolaris

    iiPolaris개월 전

    Because it’s s gt1 and gt1 doesn’t race anymore?

  15. O G Moustache Male facial companion

    O G Moustache Male facial companion개월 전

    Next video: Why breathing is good gor you.

  16. Danny Zuko

    Danny Zuko개월 전

    He's got money - Balmain dripppp

  17. Timothy Peterson

    Timothy Peterson개월 전

    I’m in love

  18. Fearless Vulcan

    Fearless Vulcan개월 전

    Sad that it’s banned :(

  19. Yaseen Ali

    Yaseen Ali개월 전

    im a straight guy and ur really handsom

  20. SAS Productions

    SAS Productions개월 전

    that car is angry. give it more throttle

  21. Zack E

    Zack E개월 전

    This is why I will never have a fully electric car

  22. JoeMaters

    JoeMaters개월 전

    Try to test a Prodrive 550 GT1

  23. Soul Hacker

    Soul Hacker개월 전

    That's one aggressive car!

  24. motor racer monaco

    motor racer monaco개월 전

    Is this the same Nick Leventis who was recently banned from motorsport for four years for failing two drug tests..........

  25. motor racer monaco

    motor racer monaco29 일 전

    @syed bokhari yeap. Google it

  26. syed bokhari

    syed bokhari개월 전

    Is this true comrade ?

  27. Tripod

    Tripod개월 전

    motor racer monaco steroids and a medication against the side effects. And he isn’t even that old

  28. Thierry Godard

    Thierry Godard개월 전

    Is this guy wearing jeggings?

  29. Baz828

    Baz828개월 전

    Best racing car i've heard is the Lister Storm at Croft. Nothing and i mean nothing on the grid could be heard over the Lister, you could still heard it over at Sunny in sunny out standing at the first turn.

  30. Sir Daniel

    Sir Daniel개월 전


  31. The Annoying Tourist

    The Annoying Tourist개월 전

    I remember the first time hearing this car on Top Gear years ago, still gives your spine a tingle

  32. darren gooding

    darren gooding개월 전

    as James would say, it gave you the fizz

  33. hugo cahill

    hugo cahill개월 전

    My cousin has won le Mon too

  34. MrVocalist101

    MrVocalist101개월 전

    Great sounding car, the f50 sounds better for me though.....

  35. amd87ts

    amd87ts개월 전

    The same Nick Leventis thats just been giving a 4 year ban for testing positive for 2 illegal drugs? And the car wasn't banned......

  36. Koraxi

    Koraxi개월 전

    @ 3:30 That dude got dressed in the dark or something?

  37. Tripod

    Tripod개월 전

    amd87ts steroids in motorsport...

  38. Tim Bell

    Tim Bell개월 전

    Nice man

  39. Mark Tucker

    Mark Tucker개월 전

    The car that got me interested in GT racing back in 2005

  40. MrCourty89

    MrCourty89개월 전

    I miss watching these GT1's race, the sound and speed is incredible

  41. Luke Daniel Galon

    Luke Daniel Galon개월 전

    There will be another just like but hypercar racecar

  42. Adebola Ladies

    Adebola Ladies개월 전

    What happened to GT1?

  43. Dylan Hoare

    Dylan Hoare개월 전

    Really cool video archie

  44. J_Grindel

    J_Grindel개월 전

    Love the mirror adjustment knob is straight out of fords parts bin!

  45. MrCourty89

    MrCourty89개월 전

    Quite a few things were Key Key phob Window switches Bonnet release Indicator and wiper stalks The engine is based of a Ford 3.0 V6 and shares many internals such as the pistons and rods Got one on the ramp at work for some major work

  46. Charles Jones

    Charles Jones개월 전

    most successful?? didn't the factory corvettes win it 4 times in the GT1 era?? making them twice as successful.

  47. e36328isport

    e36328isport개월 전

    Man Accident ALERT 👌🏻

  48. john jackson

    john jackson개월 전

    Archie you lucky bloke, makes me want a go!

  49. Warren O'Connell

    Warren O'Connell개월 전

    Nick Leventis - now known for being banned for doping.....

  50. Topgun 86

    Topgun 86개월 전

    Your a madman Archie! 😲

  51. James Egan

    James Egan개월 전

    What a SOUND👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  52. ctrda23

    ctrda23개월 전

    Flipping hell mate. That was Chaos! Love the sound of racing cars.



    Why is this car banned Arch?

  54. Donovan Griffiths

    Donovan Griffiths개월 전


  55. paul jones

    paul jones개월 전

    Electric sucks. Internal combustion for ever.

  56. Gary English

    Gary English개월 전

    Whst s awesome csr and video the sound the sound the sound so good

  57. Chuck Fickens

    Chuck Fickens개월 전

    Always lovely to see a DBR9, I was working for Gigawave Motorsport around 2008 with DBR9 #6 and agree it's one of the best looking racing cars ever.

  58. Matthew Coles

    Matthew Coles개월 전

    Great video, more of this please

  59. Matthys Strydom

    Matthys Strydom개월 전

    Holy Sh!t, that's brutal. Gave me goosebumps

  60. Gonzo GB87

    Gonzo GB87개월 전

    This is a quality video mate 👍

  61. PaulyB

    PaulyB개월 전

    GT1 DBR9

  62. Alan attack

    Alan attack개월 전

    That car hates the world, sounds like it wants to hurt you.

  63. Quentin Carre

    Quentin Carre개월 전

    What do you think of the porsche rsr 2019 sound?

  64. Vasracing

    Vasracing개월 전

    Shut up and let me enjoy it lol. He had to put a bloody mic in his helmet

  65. Ben Beasley

    Ben Beasley개월 전


  66. Vipstarizm

    Vipstarizm개월 전

    Great video Archie. Hope you get a seat soon. It's in the blood no denying it ✌

  67. Twitter Pexcey

    Twitter Pexcey개월 전

    Why does the front look like a Whale Shark 😂

  68. M WJ82

    M WJ82개월 전

    All the kids going "Where's the pop and bangs map??"

  69. M WJ82

    M WJ82개월 전

    Zerofightervi exactly mate, I would rather have out and out power. This pop and bang scene can do one very quickly as far as I am conceded

  70. Zerofightervi

    Zerofightervi개월 전

    Most adults think their pop N bangs Audi RS (insert number here) is doing it because its powerful. No, it's doing it because Audi has allowed the car to do it via ECU mapping.

  71. Yep Yep Yep

    Yep Yep Yep개월 전