Why Starters Are DISAPPEARING! | The SCIENCE of... Pokemon


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    why am i watching Austin but listening to ilMango

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    Basically: For every seven males there is one female, the females are the ones who make and carry the eggs, less females = less babies, and with females being rare already...at a certain point, there would be no females. If it were reversed and there were seven females for one male, then that would be fine because one male can fertalize all of the females and thus have more babies, more females and the males would be fine because there are more and more babies constantly being made with so many females! If any altering factor were to jump in front of train tracks that lead the breeding train, then the Bulbasaur's would go extinct faster then they could evolve to adapt.

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    Whos the new guy?

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    The idea of pokemon making love with the sexy jazz music in the background made me laugh with embarrassment

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    me when I see game theory video:😁 me when I see that dear (name)intro and hear his voice:🙁

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    did the tepig is shiny?

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    ohmygod, the subtitle just says eggplant at the end XD i'm dying

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    ok ok ok there has to atleast be some starter pokemon because in one game (heartgold/soulsilver) there is one trainer in that game that has a charmeleon hmmmm

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    I saw 2 seconds of the intro and... im not ready for this

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    Which mites is he talking about?

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    I played this one roblox pokemon game and i got a female starter and i was so proud of myself and had so many delphoxes it was great.

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    yeah but the og starters are the most op

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    Why are you using shiny bulbasaur to represent male bulbasaur?

  15. USSSR -speedruns and more

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    I’ve got 5 female starters to 3 male starters on average

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    Cough cough let's go cough

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    You can catch the starters in the new game

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    So if starter Pokémon is 1:7 does that make 6 starter Pokémon is a virgin

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    Dude, Generation 1 players unite!!!

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    you know pokemon can evolve and that will make breeding more productive if they evolve... or something, but you forgot some stuff there my guy! ;)

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    Shiny tepig?

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    mudkip gang anyone who picks anything other than mudkip officially has major gay

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    How dare u trash talk shiny torchic

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    And who said breeding for shinies is pointless

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    The music is ilmangos intro.

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    I love Bulbasaur!!!

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    austin, as a 17 year old who has taken basic python, that “non-pythonic” scene was horrifying

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    "Professor Trees" is my favorite joke. Well played Austin... also I love your intro

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    Plot twist: Next Pokemon game region will _only_ have starter Pokemon.

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    *Austin has evolved into Darwin!*

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    Damn it, you punked me again with another Austen video. Nahh im good.

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    Didnt finish this

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    What’s that dramatic opera song at 10:45?

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    Ditto is a transgender pansexual... Oh how I love ditto

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    More like a non-binary or gender-fluid pansexual, haha.

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    Tbh, the example of the Panda kinda bugged me. Since Pandas are fairly useless to the environment and have such a stupid digestive system that only let's them properly digest useless foods. I don't think keeping those animals alive is worth any work. Life is not worth anything just by being life. After all, life is just something we defined. I could very well call the next stone I see life as a part of nature. Also, since we are all made of stardust essentially, I could also strike an argument from there for "lifeless" things to be the same as us. My point is, actively keeping alive species that would die 100% without our work to keep them alive is a waste of time if the species is useless. I can understand why we would try and keep Bees alive, but Pandas? Why? I love animals, I don't hate Pandas. But disrupting evolution, our scientific rise and nature to keep them alive? Seems crazy to me. Just let them die out.

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    Nice shiny Tepig. Edit: And Squirtle. Didn't actually notice that until I paused to write the comment

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    What song is that in the background tho 🔥🔥🔥😂👌🏻👌🏻

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    After min 4 💀

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    4:05 Background song? 😂

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    Here’s a theory. Wild Starters and Captivity Starters may lay their eggs differently. Lets say Bulbasaur have a Queen, lets say a Venusaur, and the males are like her works, just like actual bees. Venusaur Queen is able to lay more lays, like the so call frogs their referees too, then a normal caught Bulbasaur or any of its evol forms. So in the wild there are many wild Bulbasaur but they may live only in one place, like one of those “out of bounds” areas that none of us can reach and, like in Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, they do sometimes appear for the catching. The same is said about Charmander and Squirtle in that game. Shoot I was able to catch wild Charizard’s like they Rattata. This can be said for the Gen 1 Red and Blue games but those starters just never leave their homes, EVER. Leaving us to accept aid from another game and trade to finish the Pokédex.

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    Can you do the game "What remains of edith finch"?

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    When Austin said sex I looked down at the like count and it just happened to be 69k... nice

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    All Pokémon are Mews

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    Dude i just noticed the music in this was the same as ilmango's intro. I forget what the artist is though. Also the tepig was shiny.

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    Lol i like bubasor oof lol

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    Realizing that Charicific Valley is just a conversation area for Charizard’s. Also that Charla is really outnumbered.

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    Ditto is bi-sexual just saying...

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    5:12 Rival MatPat 😂

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    my head is spinning (he talks so fast)

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    Surprised when suddenly hear flight of the bumblebee

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    Is no one gonna talk about that high school joke that was gold😂

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    Jack Bananzau it was 😂

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    So that's also why there's only one Eevee in R/B/Y/Green/Fr/Lg/Gold/S/C/Hg and Ss. Thank you.

  56. will bedard

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    I've got an idea : 1 like gave to that video= 1 pokedollar gave to proffessor tree to help him save the starters species and one game theorist's subscriber =2 female starter hatched. So there was more than 11,000,000 female baby starter pokemon and more than 136,000 pokedollars gave to proffessor tree when i whrote that comment. (Sorry for the orthograph mistakes).

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    Brick bronze

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    I think Oak takes the pokemon and kills or he dispose it

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    The song is Urgent by Foreigner

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    That song at the end sounds familiar

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    We like mudkipz so we'll protect him

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    Wouldn't inbreeding be a big problem too?

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    If you turn on captions, it just says eggplant at the end. X)

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    Fine, I'll watch this video. Christ.

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    Tldv And thats why Chinas one child was doomed to failure

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    I had all 3 the starters and then I gave it to my little brother and I let him save over it fuk I lost a shiny machamp...

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    Other tree professors 😂

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    You lost me at, "ok got it?" At 4:25 lol good vid.

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    Only starter(kinda) that doesn't work is Pikachu. On the Bulbapedia it states that Pikachu's gender ratio is 50:50.

  73. ZombieKillerThe

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    Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hitmontop, Tyrogue, etc which are 100% male and havent die out yet, if these can survive I think starters can survive

  74. KSound Kaiju

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    doesn't XY have an area where you can catch the kanto starters?

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    Yep he just made video for a quick buck. No dignity!

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    Bulbasaur is for those that want to breeze through the gen 1 games. Those who want a real challenge, pick Charmander.

  77. RumAndPancakes

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    I don't know how I did it but I found a totodile in the wild once, legitimately, in Pokémon Gold. I spent the next few days in that same area trying to find it again. No joy

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    X and y friend safari

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    Time to get breeding.i feel kinda stupid for saying this.but more useful or how strong the rare it is.imagine mewtwo a common pokemon like zubat in firered.pseudo easier sometimes but the growth rate.i dont feel starters extinct do

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    Why the hell is tepig the only shiny?

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    0:38 ... Is that a shiny Tepig?.. And a shiny Squirtle?

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    One day a year... we all go on the old ds games and randomly start a bunch of new games of our own choice of cartridge and keep one of each we choose to get, and wonder trade out all the others.. that day shall be called revival.. may we all embrace

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    Austin, nu

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    Good thing my cousin traded me his starters from his Emerald and Leafgreen into my emerald and leafgreen, I actually save/transfer the mons before resetting instead of thinking them as binary colors on a screen. alright maybe that’s a problem but my baby charmander sizzle has flamethrower so you shush-

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    Whats up with the mexcian music 🤣