Why Machines That Bend Are Better


  1. varun009

    varun0095 일 전

    Why not have burglar bars? I love how Americans will buy a gun and install alarms as well security cameras yet won't put in burglar bars, reinforce their doors and other entryway, or just remember to lock their doors!

  2. sutil Al

    sutil Al7 일 전

    cheep?? you guys never get it. if it hit the market, they will force you to buy 6 peaces of the same tool, and throw in cutter, and a another potato pealer , in the end you will pay as usuall 19.99$ what are you wating for!! if you order now, we give you mini knife and 2 plastic forks

  3. fun with technical

    fun with technical9 일 전

    *Humans who bend are also better*

  4. Conrad Hergott

    Conrad Hergott10 일 전

    Super brilliant

  5. Frey Faust

    Frey Faust11 일 전

    excellent reporting. my two cents: stick to reporting rather than uninformed opinion pieces promoting hysteria over climate change.

  6. nogosnoqt

    nogosnoqt13 일 전

    Oh I just love everything about this.

  7. Carbon

    Carbon13 일 전

    Saying that you can fatigue test a machine to over a million cycles without failure sounds impressive but you don't say if that's more or less than the machine they'd be replacing.

  8. Stephan van Ingen

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  9. kasznix TV

    kasznix TV16 일 전

    You're looking like krolek96 youtouber i think

  10. Austin Felker

    Austin Felker17 일 전

    Doesn't this just look like a figure nail clipper

  11. Yinhang Lingden

    Yinhang Lingden17 일 전

    I like my machines like I like my women

  12. Tavas

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    Proof of he pewdiepie chair superiority

  13. Bandushi Singh

    Bandushi Singh19 일 전

    you come off as a huge dick all the time idk why

  14. Garrett Anderson

    Garrett Anderson19 일 전

    ahhh BYU. I used to aimlessly wander around that campus. I also used to go jogging there, they have a pretty gnarly set of stairs... I now live in Austin.

  15. Jason Lieberman

    Jason Lieberman21 일 전

    And if you're still not convinced, you can bite my shiny metal ass...

  16. ClaudioArrau

    ClaudioArrau23 일 전

    I really liked all this "safety" with the nuclear weapons. But this compliant mechanism should be applied to stupid humans so they don't let them go off or better yet not create them.

  17. X Wilson

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  18. Pandoran listener

    Pandoran listener23 일 전

    scientists are just big kinds showing off their cool toys to the world

  19. umbraemilitos

    umbraemilitos23 일 전

    Bender is now proven to be the best robot.

  20. DavidFMayerPhD

    DavidFMayerPhD23 일 전

    Look at the many flexible couplings out there. Here is a company that specializes in flexible couplings. www.linkedin.com/company/coupling-corporation-of-america/

  21. Dreadog

    Dreadog24 일 전

    WOW that was mind engaging. More American tech to be stolen by China.

  22. Kiran Kumar

    Kiran Kumar24 일 전

    I thought this video was sponsored by apple's bending ipad

  23. Klemen Vidmar

    Klemen Vidmar24 일 전

    Siplisafe? Didn't lockpickinglawyer do a vid on it?

  24. Random !

    Random !24 일 전

    i fount when i take a half filled metal glass filled with water and i strike that glass with say a pen then i noticed a amazing criss cross wave formed due to the specific vibration of the metal glass but it was to fast to be observed... please if you can film this with a slow motion camera and please make me understand why does this kind of several criss cross waves forms....please help me out... i tried to figure it out but i couldn't....please help...

  25. Glenn Slendrian

    Glenn Slendrian25 일 전

    *bender enters the chat*

  26. New Soul

    New Soul25 일 전

    shut up youtube

  27. J XBL

    J XBL25 일 전

    So where can I buy those vice grips?

  28. Rahul Carnalious Snal

    Rahul Carnalious Snal26 일 전

    This is great !

  29. Spirit Bomber

    Spirit Bomber26 일 전

    Am I the only one who got wierd feeling after watching the thumbnail...

  30. ABaumstumpf

    ABaumstumpf27 일 전

    Or in short - no they aren't.

  31. Xehemoth

    Xehemoth29 일 전

    God, I feel like a cave man looking at a modern combustion engine. I would be all freaking out like "How is it making noise?!" And this guy is over here behind me like "You're really excited about the wrong aspects of this object."

  32. James Roberts

    James Roberts29 일 전

    I thought this video was about aphex twin...

  33. Search Engine

    Search Engine29 일 전

    Real talk I've been clickbaited

  34. teipkep

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    9:09 Fidget spinner

  35. Chris Austin

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  36. Fearghus Keitz

    Fearghus Keitz개월 전

    Bender bending Rodriguez is happy with this video.

  37. P Ling

    P Ling개월 전

    Just need to say that prof. Howell is certainly not the first to write a book on the subject. Already in 1996 prof. Koster wrote the dutch book "Constructieprincipes voor het nauwkeurig bewegen en positioneren" (EN: Construction principles for precise moving and positioning). This book is not only about compliant mechanisms, but a large part of it, and for example the cover picture shows one. sites.google.com/site/bromarmesac/home/construct-hrkdthcwivt4vp So now I'm wondering if there are earlier written works on the subject?

  38. Zecurix Helion

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    Thumbnail looks somehow sexual

  39. Mo G.

    Mo G.개월 전

    That was super cool!

  40. BoxHillStrangler

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    thumbnail looks porny

  41. Eli Z

    Eli Z개월 전

    BYU isn't even a real university; its full of kooks trying to tout it as a legitimate school.

  42. Alex T

    Alex T개월 전

    That titanium thing that he bent to a 90* angle has a single member in the center that bends. What's all the other stuff for?

  43. Depot msa

    Depot msa개월 전

    my girl Bends so she's better

  44. Skeptical

    Skeptical개월 전

    One of your best episodes veritasium. Love it.

  45. Pingu Thing

    Pingu Thing개월 전

    That looks like a sign involving two people having sex.

  46. Camamations 1

    Camamations 1개월 전

    I thought it would bend in one place

  47. apples arenice

    apples arenice개월 전

    simpli safe can be very easily bypassed with a signal sending thing

  48. Ashley Snaith

    Ashley Snaith개월 전

    Why am I suddenly thinking about Aphex Twin?

  49. replicaacilper

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    Why aren't you always thinking about aphex twin?

  50. a644cr

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    because of the thumbnail

  51. Manuel Bahena

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    Bite its shiny metal ass

  52. Crystal 959

    Crystal 959개월 전

    This shows simplicity can make things better

  53. FIREFIRE CPB:- Advance Beyblading

    FIREFIRE CPB:- Advance Beyblading개월 전

    Ipad Pro also bends. Does that means it's better?

  54. Austin Hightower

    Austin Hightower개월 전

    Where can I buy a compliant mechanism like the vice grip tool in this video?

  55. yueshijoorya

    yueshijoorya개월 전

    I feel like we already have all the technology to build a futuristic, efficient, clean city. We just need some motivation to do it.

  56. Daniel Ginther

    Daniel Ginther개월 전

    I can see ailerons application for gliders assuming thermal variations, oxygen degradation, or solar issues such as seen on some carbon fiber materials.

  57. My Tech ID

    My Tech ID개월 전

    imho looks like aphex twin

  58. Lumps Aaron

    Lumps Aaron개월 전

    Wonderful video. Thank you.

  59. Wood Rhyme

    Wood Rhyme개월 전

    I'd be really worried about durability. I know he said they tested them and they lasted 1,000,000 uses but I feel like that's not really enough. A lot of mechanical things like switches are used in things that are supposed to last years, and it just seems like 1,000,000 would pass too quickly.

  60. VoidSmile

    VoidSmile개월 전

    your mom

  61. Supergaming101

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    *_If I bend my arm would it get better?_*

  62. Alberto Birbone

    Alberto Birbone개월 전

    7:38 YEA BUDDY, LIGHT WEIGHT!!!!!!

  63. Pablo Aguilar

    Pablo Aguilar개월 전

    I don't know about that. Last time my iPhone bent, it didn't work anymore.

  64. Ignacio Barocchi

    Ignacio Barocchi개월 전

    what? this video isn't about aphex twin?