Why Isn’t White Castle A Fast-Food Giant?


  1. Kaikyouto

    Kaikyouto23 분 전

    I remember eating at White Castle's in KL in the early nineties, square sliders were a revelation to me. I was really disappointed when they closed down their Malaysia restaurants.

  2. Heather Bergstad

    Heather Bergstad6 시간 전

    Their in store burgers don't taste the same as fresh they are still very yummy it would take me a day and about $500 to drive to a store so I will keep buying the ones in the store it is much cheaper and still get the great burger.

  3. John McMahon

    John McMahon6 시간 전

    Fast Food? You gotta be kidding, every White Castle restaurant is so slow to get your order. It shouldn't take so long to cook a small burger.

  4. Losttouchjs

    Losttouchjs7 시간 전

    If you’re not going to expand in the United States then why would you expand overseas? 😂

  5. enkadu007

    enkadu0078 시간 전

    Live near one, its meh

  6. Hey Mister DJ

    Hey Mister DJ12 시간 전

    Because they don't franchise their restaurants out to mfs from India and Africa that's why!!

  7. Zack Smith

    Zack Smith13 시간 전

    I drive over an hour to the Belleville location... please put one in Marion IL lmao

  8. David Hampton

    David Hampton15 시간 전

    We’re about to have the worlds largest and the 1st in Florida White Castle down here in Orlando soon!!🤤🤤🤤

  9. Jersey point guard

    Jersey point guard15 시간 전

    1st off if they franchised the restaurant instead of keeping it family owned it would have been HUGE! Way bigger than Burger King and McDonald's

  10. gamer pro omg

    gamer pro omg16 시간 전

    White Castles all over the midwest except for the Hawkeye state.

  11. Brian Maass

    Brian Maass16 시간 전

    It's because they are nasty tasting burgers and thank god not on the west coast.

  12. bob lask

    bob lask17 시간 전


  13. Mikey Lejan

    Mikey Lejan20 시간 전

    Cnbc is awesome with their company case study ! Why don't they make a store in California ?

  14. Chilled Reaper

    Chilled Reaper20 시간 전

    I feel bad for people who haven't had white castle

  15. Angel Avila

    Angel Avila22 시간 전

    There not that good

  16. grumblesNgrumbles

    grumblesNgrumbles22 시간 전

    globe/??? lmao... they got you.....hehe

  17. Dana Ventura

    Dana Ventura23 시간 전

    We need one in Seattle!

  18. ATCkeepsUsafe

    ATCkeepsUsafe일 전

    "famous for small cheap burgers'. Yea, in the 70's but they are not cheap today!

  19. guicho

    guicho일 전

    Please bring a white castle to San Diego please

  20. jon allen

    jon allen일 전


  21. Bill Shull

    Bill Shull일 전

    Long time fan of the Brand and really loved your piece. It really explained a lot about the brand. We really need one to be opened in the Poconos.

  22. Downtown Indy

    Downtown Indy일 전

    Well, a few years ago they got the boned headed idea to divide the stores into half W/C and half BBQ. The BBQ side failed miserably.

  23. K K

    K K일 전

    White Castle near me is falling apart and when I see how clean and modern the one at the end looked, it makes me want to go there and try it out.

  24. Marten Franzel

    Marten Franzel일 전

    Cheap my ass

  25. Heinrich Muller

    Heinrich Muller일 전

    i could go for a "crave-case" ... oddest thing, i just watched harold n kumar go to white castle a couple days ago... is the algorithm monitoring me?

  26. Rico Alexander

    Rico Alexander일 전

    It's criminal that they aren't in LA. Why are they doing this to me!?

  27. J Dog

    J Dog일 전

    Have you ever been to a Krystal's we got them down here in Florida the sandwich looks just exactly the same, like they copied them?

  28. The_PG

    The_PG7 시간 전

    J Dog they’re def not the same. I’m from the Midwest and Atlanta and outside of circumference their very different. However it’s rumored that the founder of Krystal was affiliated with White Castle early on in its existence but im unsure of how.

  29. KM

    KM일 전

    Introduce vegan or veg options for profit.

  30. Jewleeus

    Jewleeus일 전

    I tried White Castle for the first time ever in the Detroit area. Those burgers are terrible, I don't understand the hype over its burgers or any burgers from the other chains. Bleh!

  31. Ziolek2000

    Ziolek2000일 전

    One day Il fly to the US get really stoned and go to white castle 😂

  32. big russian man

    big russian man일 전

    I would eat at white castle more if the line wasnt 3 hours

  33. Matt’s Fixit Shop

    Matt’s Fixit Shop일 전

    Because they’re a family owned business who doesn’t want to franchise if they just got their head out of their ass and franchised they’d be a mega billion dollar business

  34. john Britt

    john Britt일 전

    10 cheeseburgers with a cheese cup, small fry and a large big red😎😎

  35. Ricardo Brizuela

    Ricardo Brizuela일 전

    Well I'm a fan and I never eat their

  36. arotom

    arotom일 전

    because its got white in the name

  37. Billy Jackson

    Billy Jackson일 전

    Easy VALUE a nobite burger for 2 bucks

  38. Chris Blake

    Chris Blake일 전

    White Castle is disgusting.. just a sloppy mess

  39. Mario CFC

    Mario CFC2 일 전

    It's not that great period.

  40. mrman487

    mrman4872 일 전

    Because eating more than 2 creates enough gas to power your car.

  41. Cameron Ermini

    Cameron Ermini2 일 전

    Give us White Castle on the west coast