Why Apollo Astronauts Trained at a Nuclear Test Site


  1. WILFRED1184

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    So the Earth is ~4.5B years old since the astronomical event that cause the moon to form. The universe is ~14B years old. Life evolved to the state that is in roughly 1/3 of the life of the universe. Who is to say that we are the first intelligent life forms on Earth? How do we know that there wasn't another that was obliterated by the event that cause the moon to form?

  2. Tech Point

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    Americans destroyed our planet Earth

  3. amSEC

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    Lol, people still believe in moon landing

  4. Juan dela Cruz

    Juan dela Cruz6 일 전

    the next one is Hiroshima bomb

  5. atrejuc

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    Finally someone who knows how to pronounce Nevada

  6. Ryan Bro

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    I love these vids

  7. trmk12

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    It is not where they "trained", it is where they filmed

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    Piss off

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  10. Alex.shanahan

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    Nuke town 2025

  11. Live higher

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    So they have a globe of the moon with name locations but dont know anything else about it? Ok buddy

  12. Live higher

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    Its easy to name things with out knowing but they had more than enough years to find out more

  13. Hayden Dlugolecki

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    Not true, when they “put the rocks in the module” they never let the rocks come in contact with oxygen cause they had a certain material bag that was then sealed tight, but all that is fake seeing that we didn’t go to the moon 😂

  14. Hayden Dlugolecki

    Hayden Dlugolecki8 일 전

    Nobody went to the moon

  15. Juice Of Territory

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    I don’t think he knows that the moon landing was fake

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    Rhode Island? Me when I think I’m from rhode: 😧😧😳😳😳😳

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    11:00 flat earth confirmed

  18. GGG 6

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    All fake, NASA is full of crap, never went to the moon. Stanley Kubrick filmed the moon landing. Are they going to land on the sun next?

  19. 50k subs without any vids Challenge

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    So the earth was much begger since somthing took a chunk out????????????

  20. Thanos Naked

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    is that freddie mercury?

  21. Bombing PKO

    Bombing PKO9 일 전

    A real human cant go to moon and does in moon wind? No So the moon video is fake

  22. Parallel Force ッ

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    2:00 ohh so that’s how Nuk3town was made hmm that’s pretty cool

  23. Parker's Full Throttle Adventures

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    I thought he stepped on the moon 4 days later because they were launched on that day and it takes 4 days to get to the moon

  24. Tripwire Gamer

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    Veritasium:Buzz Aldrin Subtitles:Buzz Lightyear

  25. The Whisperer

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    And then there's flat earth conference.

  26. Kezia Jiao

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    Just imagine the people behind this video have to get all permits for all the videos included in here.

  27. Man in the Park

    Man in the Park11 일 전

    If the Apollo Astronauts got stuck on the moon, my biggest worry would have been lack of oxygen. Because they would have had enough cheese to last a lifetime.

  28. Man in the Park

    Man in the Park11 일 전

    They practiced and recorded in the same spot. If you think they actually went to the moon and then “lost” the technology to get there, then I see why you push the Climate change billion year propaganda.

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    When you play Minecraft and plant so much TNT 🧨

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    every minecraft player at 3:03 : TNT fRoM MinECrAFt!

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    What if people used giant rocks for orbital strikes😭

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    Dick gordon...

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    The closed captions says Buzz Lightyear lolol

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    USA not going to moon.

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    Who in their right mind would go and check out a nuclear bomb crater? This bloke went feral! lol

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    When (we) ????

  37. Dude Bros

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    *HEY DUMMY!!!!* the moons made of cheese

  38. Patrick D

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    Plot twist-Meteorites are the nuclear bombs of 👽.

  39. Saul Savelis

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    but none was on the Moon

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    "Listened while signing shaved balls"

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    Not at how the captions say Buzz Lightyear instead of Buzz Aldrin