Why Apollo Astronauts Trained at a Nuclear Test Site


  1. Saurabh Mehta

    Saurabh Mehta4 시간 전

    What a fake nasa mission. Lolzzzzz


    CDOSRUN4 시간 전

    & in a real case scenario anything brought back from the moon or any planet other than ours would have been transported in a quarantine section of their return pod, for all we know we could have just brought back a virus our world has never seen the lights of .... just a 💭

  3. Barry Manilowa

    Barry Manilowa16 시간 전

    Lies! The moon landing never happened!

  4. carlos oliveira

    carlos oliveira17 시간 전

    Astronauts used none of their geological training on the moon. They did use some of their experience from the golf course though.

  5. lukas oulehla

    lukas oulehla일 전

    Apollo missions were hoaxed. As John Lear said and as Swaruu confirmed.

  6. Papageno

    Papageno20 시간 전

    Don't worry. You'll get your attention soon.

  7. tHe iLLz

    tHe iLLz일 전

    Yea and we know _why_ they "banned" nuke testing in the oceans, atmosphere, and outer space only "allowing" underground nuke testing..... To hide from _them aliens_ who'd been telling them, stop with the nukes.

  8. Alexander corral ignatyev

    Alexander corral ignatyev일 전

    are you sure that it's not radioactive?

  9. Whistling Whiskers

    Whistling Whiskers일 전

    What's up with all the downthumbers?

  10. Benjamin Rassy

    Benjamin Rassy일 전

    They located a nuke 600ft underground, I presume you meant to say deposited lol

  11. David Wayne Choate

    David Wayne Choate일 전

    Everyone knows that craters are electrically escavated. And they went to the moon to find out when the moon was last hit by a CME.

  12. Anthony Harding

    Anthony Harding일 전

    I find it kind of surreal that they were transporting a nuke in a truck that was just labeled "explosives"

  13. kainpwnsu

    kainpwnsu2 일 전

    At 2:25, sumply build homes out of whatever the camera tower was constructed, to withstand bombing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  14. blue1901

    blue19012 일 전

    maybe the earth and moon not "formed together" but they didn't go to the moon in the first place :D ahaaaaaa

  15. Guillermo Hoffmann

    Guillermo Hoffmann2 일 전

    now I understand this news: "A purported moon rock given to the Dutch government to commemorate the first manned lunar landing in 1969 has turned out to be only a chunk of petrified wood. The Dutch national museum says one of its prized possessions, a rock supposedly brought back from the moon by U.S. astronauts, is just a piece of petrified wood"......... maybe NASA was concerned that rocks will ignite themselves at the contact with oxygen.....so they decided to give some fake rocks to the dutchies...... :)

  16. Jack Carlson

    Jack Carlson2 일 전

    I hope that dude who drove the truck knew what he was transporting lol also to the people back then thought using a bomb of that caliber, as a tool. You people are insane

  17. serena leung

    serena leung2 일 전

    As a resident of Rhode Island I can hear u people behind the screen saying “WhAT Is RHoDE IsLAnD, you mean BLOCK ISLAND” haha ... actually tho

  18. Duke Silver

    Duke Silver3 일 전

    Hmm, so if we set off a nuclear bomb inside of a coal mine would get diamonds?

  19. Nnelg Drahcir

    Nnelg Drahcir3 일 전

    Who knew the Millennium Falcon was actually real? 5:52 koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-6ppGNuMJ2Kc.html NASA "lets do a recreation of the moon....here" NASA "nothing to see here!"

  20. Colten H

    Colten H4 일 전

    Thank you so much for these amazing videos. They are always so well done and informative. Your dedication to this channel means a great deal to me.

  21. smawkm

    smawkm4 일 전

    The biggest lie of the 20th century. The man went to moon

  22. Papageno

    Papageno20 시간 전

    Here, there's your attention.

  23. PBMS123

    PBMS1234 일 전

    3:35 Chagan Crater is located in Kazakhstan, not Russia. It was obviously detonated within the USSR in the 60s, but that is now Kazakhstan.

  24. Josny13

    Josny134 일 전

    There were also fears of the lunar dust bringing some kind of diseases with them. The astronauts were prepared and willing to be held captive and die in such a case. So as to not spread it. They were really prepared for many many things. (Including being stranded on the moon and such) As you should when venturing to the unknown. What amazes me about this is how the astronauts were basically giving up on their life before going. Yet returned safely and none of those worst case scenarios happened despite their preparations.

  25. Carl Lee

    Carl Lee5 일 전

    Whoever made the English caption, "Buzz Lightyear" really made me burst into laugh. LOL

  26. Michael Taylors

    Michael Taylors5 일 전

    What explains the transparent astronaut at the :004 ? Anyone ?

  27. Alex Whitton

    Alex Whitton5 일 전

    Dont fall into that crater when raiding Area 51

  28. Glitched Blox

    Glitched Blox5 일 전

    11:00 Why is the earth flat?

  29. Noah Joseph FENECH

    Noah Joseph FENECH5 일 전

    We seriously gonna deny the truth? Barringer crater is obviously the result of Earth being nuked by aliens

  30. silvestir123

    silvestir1235 일 전

    its not a test site, its moon you know

  31. Jeremy photographer

    Jeremy photographer5 일 전

    Aw come on man you know the landings were fake!

  32. Pneuma312

    Pneuma3126 일 전

    Harrison Schmidt on Apollo 17 is a geologist.

  33. James Donaghy

    James Donaghy6 일 전

    Very interesting stuff here although also there are some holes in the story. The light coloured deposits shown are expalined as being ejecta from volcanoes outside the mares but that surely makes them very rare finds. Also we have moon rocks landing on earth each year so why did we send fighter pilots to get more samples from the moon? You state that the missions were scientific in nature, but what discovery did science make definitively from them? You repeat the claim that the missions were supposed to make discoveries about the early solar system as well as the formation of the moon. Can you honestly hold that such information was really gathered from Apollo? What was discovered outside of what we already knew? Do you believe all the claims made by Apollo? Do you still believe the moon is as dry as was claimed? Do you believe it is hollow and rung like a bell with seismic resonance when a rocket crashed on its surface? If Apollo was a hoax we are sure to find out soon. It would explain why Van Allen's report stated that radioactive was extremely energetic around earth and that no moon excursions could be undertaken. It would explain how the terrible solar onslaught outside the atmosphere posed no problem for the crew. So many reason to believe apollo was a hoax. Ive made some little vids of my own on that subject. You can view them here, koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-Zztbw7MLlkI.html

  34. JERRYKrish M

    JERRYKrish M6 일 전

    What is your name

  35. TOXIC_Newtron

    TOXIC_Newtron6 일 전

    Turn on champions at the start they say buzz light-year

  36. Leonardo Cabrera

    Leonardo Cabrera6 일 전

    original interview too.. koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-r_Ct6z9tm0M.html CLEARLY LYING.. VOICE SHAKING FOR NO REASON; AGAIN.. ;P also look at the really worried faces of the 3 of them in every moment of the 2 interviews. why is that?

  37. Leonardo Cabrera

    Leonardo Cabrera6 일 전

    was a good 60´s movie.. just admit it, once for all.. yes, was a lie xD anyone interested please watch the video closely, is the original interview the nerves, the tension, the lack of visual contact, the move of the hands.. they were clearly lying or hidding something. 29.00 , 31.50, 48.22 min examples of weird tension and cuts while speaking, .their voices shaking for no reason (the 3 of them, so much nerves and for an interview? narrating an awesome glorious travel to the moon for the first time in human history ???) etcetcetc , common, it just hit the eyes. koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-BI_ZehPOMwI.html

  38. Stayton Drake

    Stayton Drake6 일 전

    Right astronauts were playing around in nuclear fallout. All this from the guy on bill nye's show. (No longer two genders) (global warming is real) need I say more.

  39. Business Ideas

    Business Ideas7 일 전

    11:00 flat earth confirmed

  40. Shaikh Irfan

    Shaikh Irfan7 일 전

    Your face with glasses resembles Elon Musk.

  41. sarah finlay

    sarah finlay8 일 전

    explain to me how that piddly legged device (which experts say is implausible) managed to land on the supposedly dusty surface of the moon without stirring up any dust? ... also ... who took the pictures of its landing and that famous "first step"? ... why did Neil Armstrong keep saying, "This is unreal" and not much else? .... and what did Buzz say to James O'Keefe when asked to swear on a bible? ... why did it all look like a Star Trek show? ... what happened when Myth Busters tried to duplicate the shadows? ... EH? ... just askin' ....

  42. Kdot Development

    Kdot Development8 일 전

    Where did the film at 1:43 come from?

  43. Shawn Gayner

    Shawn Gayner8 일 전

    Veritasium, italicized i, 42.0 ; truth, is complex, the search for the answer to life, the universe and everything?

  44. fritz reimer

    fritz reimer9 일 전

    In the movie, our German are just as smart as the Russian German

  45. Phil Melson

    Phil Melson9 일 전

    Wouldn't there be an implosion following an explosion ? thereby filling the hole back in .. .

  46. Michael Alexander

    Michael Alexander9 일 전

    Imagine having to tell your boss you sneezed away the moon dust

  47. Den Smith

    Den Smith10 일 전

    You should ask...."Why would NASA astronauts go to a nuclear testing ground where 900 bombs were detonated and the crater they were at was made only 3 years earlier..wearing only blue jeans and shorts?"

  48. VeniVidiIvi

    VeniVidiIvi10 일 전

    Damage control.

  49. Yume Sekai

    Yume Sekai10 일 전

    I can't find any Moon Landing Conspiracy Theorist here. GOOD

  50. Floyd Thompson

    Floyd Thompson11 일 전

    They used those sights to fake the moon landings . People knew not to go out there so the wouldn’t get caught faking the moon landings. People wake up .

  51. Party Tomorrow

    Party Tomorrow11 일 전

    Yeah I’m starting to regret even mentioning 😒🤔

  52. Super Beast Gamer

    Super Beast Gamer11 일 전

    2:05 :cod black ops 1-nuke town.

  53. weetjewatikwil1

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    Its a lie... they were never been to the moon :)

  54. Grimble Grumble

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    8:50 "aaa-aaachooo......"

  55. mian fazle razik

    mian fazle razik11 일 전

    00:02 are those rayban avitors. Have the same.

  56. ANANYA M

    ANANYA M11 일 전

    I bet this video was made on demand by Raquel and was also sponsored(especially the lunar dust, the lunar globe) by her.

  57. Andreas Hansen

    Andreas Hansen11 일 전

    The moon wasn´t melted. Surely, you meant to say it was milk? And then curdled?

  58. Andreas Hansen

    Andreas Hansen11 일 전

    That is why we find milk here on Earth too. We´re related.

  59. E-Nonymouse

    E-Nonymouse11 일 전

    US Gov actually envisioned creating the highway along the nevada desert using nuclear detonations for um 'excavation purposes'. Lunacy!

  60. escorpiuser

    escorpiuser11 일 전

    Maybe I missed something but wonder why seems no one in the comments is worry about radioactivity in that site. There is not only one crater, but many of them manmade with nukes...

  61. Fuad Mohamed

    Fuad Mohamed11 일 전

    it was mentioned in the quraan 1400 year ago about the explosion that happen

  62. Lelouch Yagami

    Lelouch Yagami11 일 전

    What is quraan?

  63. Hane ullim

    Hane ullim11 일 전

    Lol I always knew the earth was flat ever since I slipped on an almond

  64. North Georgia

    North Georgia11 일 전

    This tells me 2 things: that this is where the filmed the real "moon landing", and that nuclear radiation must not be as bad as they tell us if 900 bombs were detonated there and 40 years later you're walking around without radiation suit. Wonder how much NASA and the DOD paid for him to make this propaganda film.

  65. Silver Spoon

    Silver Spoon12 일 전

    4:30 "historical sign" it will be in about 200 years.

  66. D.O.A.

    D.O.A.9 일 전

    Future people will add a new sign reading "historical sign sign", and it will be a historical sign sign sign.

  67. Noah abrahamsen

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    Imagine sand sledding in the crater. 😱😆🤔

  68. RTG The Best

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    Who wanted him to go in it

  69. Eso Merik

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  70. Britney Spaulding

    Britney Spaulding13 일 전

    How did you get moon dust, i just watched a vid where they had everything in sealed cabinets and were strict about its handling?



    U talking about deustin from smarter every day

  72. Jonathan Turner

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    This is also where they filmed the moon landing

  73. Ferrariman601

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    *Historical sign sign intensifies*

  74. Anand Saxena

    Anand Saxena13 일 전

    Barringer Crater: 10 megaton Tsar Bomba: 50 megaton

  75. Richard Costa

    Richard Costa14 일 전

    Such a b.s. explanation of why all of moon's craters are circular. Any projectiles striking at an angle will create an oblong or streak marks.

  76. escorpiuser

    escorpiuser11 일 전

    Projectiles maybe, but if they EXPLODE when impact the ground, that is a very different scenario. Don't think you can recreate it at home with a piece of chalk and some talcum powder on a plate. Perhaps if you try with some fireworks...

  77. Pineapqles

    Pineapqles14 일 전

    The moon landing was fake and you can't deny it. Here it proof. koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-dQw4w9WgXcQ.html

  78. Daichi Maru

    Daichi Maru14 일 전

    anyone here that sometimes gets emotional of how beautifull our universe is? how many details and things to discover, how we manage to overcome the things so we could go to the moan and have a siencelab orbiting in space? And then we're only talking about space and its origins we are researching! what about Evolution and biology? its amazing how such complex procceses can make such a dreamy almost sureal space that we creatures call home. like, no one can come up with that stuff! Even a freakin almighty person, no one can make this complex system by its self...its amazing

  79. poop face

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  80. Hola Maui

    Hola Maui15 일 전

    Hey Veritasium, could you do a video on if gravity is different at the equator than it is at the poles due to the rotation of the Earth. And if so, how much would that change be.

  81. victoremorozov

    victoremorozov15 일 전

    Chagan Crater in Soviet Union, now Kazakhstan

  82. Alysson Duarte

    Alysson Duarte15 일 전

    Obrigado pelas informações! Muito bom!

  83. tariq fidaie

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    where did you get the moon dust from

  84. justin h

    justin h15 일 전

    1:33 thats a cool photo. I wonder how many moon lander deniers think that was created for the landing "conspiracy"

  85. seddik meddah

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    It looks like the moon ...to shoot man to shoot ...then trick fools like me ... actually they go there to the moon...

  86. indobleh

    indobleh15 일 전

    7:22 is a fantastic picture, at the time of writing those named on the right are still alive today, those named on the left are not. It's a great picture taken.

  87. Benny Piaggio

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    They never been on the moon