1. Jose Cruz

    Jose Cruz9 시간 전

    20:40 Oh my God 😂 I love to see Dashie and Lamar together and everytime Dashie has a guest over. Also, would pay anything to see them both together in a Wheel of Fortune episode or any other game show 😂😂

  2. baldu_JW

    baldu_JW14 시간 전

    its hard... id say lamarr

  3. Divinity Rosas

    Divinity Rosas2 일 전

    I feel like lamarr is smarter than dashie...just sayin🤷‍♂️

  4. Dead Pyro

    Dead Pyro3 일 전

    Dashie. He also lookin thicc

  5. Brittany Holden

    Brittany Holden4 일 전


  6. Brittany Holden

    Brittany Holden4 일 전


  7. kidcode46

    kidcode464 일 전

    10:38 *that dance was pretty white* 😂

  8. Big thick Papi

    Big thick Papi4 일 전


  9. Yung H3

    Yung H35 일 전

    4:54😂😂 can’t stop laughing

  10. Salty Octopus

    Salty Octopus5 일 전

    5:23 is it weird that my name is Nathan and i kinda want to say "your welcome Charlie".

  11. Jason Black

    Jason Black5 일 전

    I love this

  12. LPRM_legit

    LPRM_legit6 일 전

    *"Excuse me, it's Janice's turn."*

  13. Dragon Boy

    Dragon Boy6 일 전


  14. AngryCalf YT

    AngryCalf YT6 일 전

    When Dashie says fuck 13:50

  15. DM Tombstone Belts

    DM Tombstone Belts7 일 전

    I'm laughing when Lamar says Alex...Lamar wrong game show that's Jeopardy....it's Pat

  16. Matthew Raynor

    Matthew Raynor8 일 전

    "Let me get that d" "If you insist" XD

  17. stephanie rocha

    stephanie rocha8 일 전


  18. Corina N Herman

    Corina N Herman9 일 전

    Dashie and Lamar are perfect together (NO PAUSE)😂💀

  19. RathsBone96

    RathsBone969 일 전

    Dashie must have a Rabbit’s foot for most of the time.

  20. That1crybabyboi

    That1crybabyboi10 일 전

    how the hell lamarr go bankrupt when he broke

  21. Ke'Ivana's World

    Ke'Ivana's World11 일 전

    Dashie 🤣🤣

  22. Joseph Holland

    Joseph Holland12 일 전

    My boy Lamar tried to school dash with bread and butter pickles 😂

  23. Xbox Demolished

    Xbox Demolished14 일 전

    Dashie salty as hell 😂

  24. Melva Lewis

    Melva Lewis20 일 전

    Because I'm smart Alex I'll take a M.... Ummm sir that is PAT SAJAK

  25. erica denkhoff

    erica denkhoff20 일 전

    lamar like hacking dude i don't know how he does it

  26. Ramiah Me’Lajah

    Ramiah Me’Lajah21 일 전


  27. Asgard Ninja

    Asgard Ninja22 일 전

    4:52 MY BOI!

  28. Edgar Gonzalez

    Edgar Gonzalez25 일 전


  29. Everything Thrice

    Everything Thrice28 일 전

    Poofesure also played this

  30. Lilspooderman 18

    Lilspooderman 1828 일 전

    2:28 y does Lamar have to stick his tough out 😂

  31. Beginning

    Beginning28 일 전

    16:52 Cryinggg💀

  32. Balis Sam

    Balis Sam29 일 전

    Lamar you got this

  33. adixes30

    adixes3029 일 전

    I love you guys video and I love you DASHIE and LAMAR and I love your game play and my name is Xavier shaw

  34. Hansa Roos

    Hansa Roos개월 전

    10:47 ” We gonna go hard yall, lets see how yo ass do this time ” 🤔. 🤭

  35. Jerilyn Rosa

    Jerilyn Rosa개월 전

    Ya look like fraternal twins

  36. debbie thomas

    debbie thomas개월 전

    DashieGames Shirt Ghost Rider Movie Shirt

  37. kynandesouza

    kynandesouza개월 전

    one of the best duos on YT

  38. Jalen Allen Thompson

    Jalen Allen Thompson개월 전

    You stupid jk

  39. Aniyah McIntyre

    Aniyah McIntyre개월 전

    I lost it when Lamar choked him 18:27

  40. Cleetus

    Cleetus개월 전


  41. Karakuntie2019

    Karakuntie2019개월 전


  42. Ayden a Fish

    Ayden a Fish개월 전


  43. Ricardo

    Ricardo개월 전

    “You bout to be blacker when you come back from this trip”

  44. GamingDiary

    GamingDiary개월 전

    18:27 lmfao 😂😂😂

  45. Bendy Gallego

    Bendy Gallego개월 전


  46. Alton Kimbrough Jr.

    Alton Kimbrough Jr.개월 전

    llamar you dumb its a type of pickle

  47. Diamond Lucas King

    Diamond Lucas King개월 전


  48. Colin Perez

    Colin Perez개월 전

    Don't bent my sh*t 10:32

  49. ʝαѕσи ๒คووร

    ʝαѕσи ๒คووร개월 전

    crackhead energy‼‼‼‼‼‼

  50. Kia Kia

    Kia Kia개월 전


  51. Terry Gray

    Terry Gray개월 전

    Lmfao ! 😂😂 y’all are too much I can’t

  52. Davin Becker

    Davin Becker개월 전

    A nator 600 sokeig his ass😆😆

  53. Nicole Watterson

    Nicole Watterson개월 전

    Lamarr was clearly the smarter one. Dashie just gave the opportunity to him.

  54. Edgar Gonzalez

    Edgar Gonzalez개월 전


  55. Sasha Tasmin

    Sasha Tasmin개월 전

    I would love more of these, i could watch em all day!

  56. solange garnier

    solange garnier개월 전

    i love these mfs with all my heart.

  57. country boy rich

    country boy rich개월 전

    Dashiegames gonna win

  58. Inktendo 64

    Inktendo 64개월 전

    I can even feel the salt coming out of my screen

  59. 9• 23

    9• 23개월 전

    No it’s two different things bread and butter and butter and pickles 😂😂 Lamar: 😒🙄

  60. Baechu wanna Baechu wanna dance like this

    Baechu wanna Baechu wanna dance like this개월 전

    oh love dashie