Which Makeup Counter Gives The Best Custom Makeover? • Candid Competition


  1. The Try Guys

    The Try Guys5 개월 전

    Who's cancelling Candid Competition?! Give us your best guesses bc we really need to get to the bottom of this.

  2. iiDesoluii

    iiDesoluii7 일 전

    I've cracked the code...It's Walmart.

  3. Bob Jenkins

    Bob Jenkins개월 전

    Who. Who is cancelling Candid Competition.

  4. star gazers

    star gazers2 개월 전


  5. Karlijn Vlot

    Karlijn Vlot2 개월 전


  6. Kyla Winborne

    Kyla Winborne2 개월 전


  7. Samantha Stein

    Samantha Stein일 전

    These women were handed a hellfire task and all SNAPPED goooo offff

  8. LaurieY.

    LaurieY.일 전

    As a former Walmart employee I can say that Walmart employee is peek Walmart employee pulling a cart of go backs looking like they hate to be bothered by a customer asking a stupid question.

  9. Palim Pali

    Palim Pali2 일 전

    Becky is soooooo cuuuuuute

  10. Koda II

    Koda II3 일 전

    {\_/} ( - . -) / >☕ Goodmorning ❤

  11. Paige R

    Paige R3 일 전

    am I the only one who thought the estee Lauder one was terrible

  12. Klaunn

    Klaunn3 일 전

    Am I the only one who really loves the candid competition?

  13. Rose Martinez

    Rose Martinez5 일 전

    I love this . Everything The Try Guys do gives me happiness.

  14. Alex Roberts

    Alex Roberts5 일 전

    Hey, Try Guys! I would like to challenge you to try the app BitLife, a life simulator with different scenarios and random outcomes. For the first round, start a random life as a practice round to get the gist...jist??? You know what I mean. Anyway, after the practice round, have each Try Guy create a custom life using your names. See if you guys can get married, have kids, go to college, get a job, and end up retiring rich. If any of the Try Guys end up dying and have kids, you can continue as their children. See who can last long and find out who made bank as a senior citizen!

  15. Atlantean Cherub

    Atlantean Cherub6 일 전

    I can't even lie--I want a husband like Zach, or like Keith. They have my dream personalities in a man. Lmao

  16. haylz4000

    haylz40006 일 전

    that colour match at MAC...ooft...not good

  17. CatGirl

    CatGirl6 일 전

    At my walmart and probably many others, there is a hair salon, a makeup store where they do makeup too, and a vision place

  18. Kye

    Kye6 일 전

    literally all the eye shadow was gorgeous as hell. wtf. like i usually wear lots of different eyeshadow on a day to day basis and like id actually wear every single one of those eye shadow looks on just a regular day lol.

  19. Arielle Macuch

    Arielle Macuch7 일 전

    Why didn't the second guy shave his beard? This video made me sad, because Mac is my favorite since they are normally so good at skin matching... and his foundation was the actual horror story.

  20. Lilly-B

    Lilly-B7 일 전

    I'm not even mad at Amros tho

  21. Emma Hodge

    Emma Hodge7 일 전

    Damn Zach really just wants Walmart in all of his videos hahahs

  22. Kate Scanlon

    Kate Scanlon8 일 전

    The fact that hey said the contour was natural has really sent me :D

  23. Aussie Angie

    Aussie Angie8 일 전

    15:14 woah is he heterochromatic?

  24. Marcela

    Marcela9 일 전

    The first minute was soo cringe

  25. nicky smith

    nicky smith9 일 전

    The last guy was robbed 😭

  26. Julia Rademaker

    Julia Rademaker11 일 전

    Honestly, why is Walmart ever in the competition to begin with?

  27. Kim Namjoon

    Kim Namjoon11 일 전

    The person who cancelled it was Walmart.

  28. Leo Q

    Leo Q12 일 전

    multi-colored eyeshadow: exists Zach: "So natural!!!!"

  29. Avery Cee

    Avery Cee12 일 전

    Lmaoooo Estée Lauder is not a luxury brand.

  30. Tess W

    Tess W13 일 전

    "open. not the mouth"

  31. Lexi Grimbrooke

    Lexi Grimbrooke13 일 전

    All of the eye makeup is outstanding!!!

  32. Dora Clement

    Dora Clement13 일 전

    The second two had the colours all wrong

  33. I_Don’t_ Care_Who

    I_Don’t_ Care_Who13 일 전

    Has he never been to a Walmart??? Reminds me of Paris Hilton genuinely not knowing what a Walmart is and she thought it sold walls.

  34. y i k e s t e h e

    y i k e s t e h e13 일 전

    i absolutely love candid competition

  35. Mr. Panda

    Mr. Panda14 일 전

    4:56-5:00 The picture is different

  36. Mr. Panda

    Mr. Panda14 일 전

    Then back again at 5:08

  37. Elizabeth Hamilton

    Elizabeth Hamilton14 일 전

    Why did the edit in a deer here? 0:09

  38. Keya 15043

    Keya 1504314 일 전

    Your story could have been ‘I am a clown at a birthday party and this is how the birthday child wanted me to look like’ - 😂

  39. G. G

    G. G14 일 전

    "open" "not the mouth"

  40. William Davis

    William Davis15 일 전

    I appreciate the obnoxious amount of unnecessary drama in all of the candid competition videos.

  41. Victoria Ashlyn

    Victoria Ashlyn15 일 전

    That hairline mark on the MAC foundation hurts me inside.

  42. Elizabeth Life

    Elizabeth Life17 일 전

    2020 peeps anywhere?

  43. SpeedyGD

    SpeedyGD17 일 전

    Amro is confirmed to be James Charles.

  44. Someone , Not No One

    Someone , Not No One18 일 전

    "We're both stylish, We're both tiny" 3:55-3:57 My mind does not immediately go to hight, it goes to something else...

  45. rose petal dancers /koalatarpawslps

    rose petal dancers /koalatarpawslps18 일 전

    can we talk about that spill the cocoa cup?

  46. Weirdo

    Weirdo18 일 전

    I’m really getting into this candid competition storyline

  47. Becci TheRainbow

    Becci TheRainbow19 일 전

    Jaysis Christ, I confess I have a weakness for Miles, bloody hell ugh 😍

  48. Frensham CC

    Frensham CC19 일 전

    Wanna know how I got these scars?

  49. Lauren Simon

    Lauren Simon19 일 전

    Noooo Walmart

  50. Apples And oranges

    Apples And oranges20 일 전

    Stop this series.... I watched the whole video😫

  51. The Unimportant

    The Unimportant20 일 전

    Why do I feel like Eugene is the one writing those scary notes trying to cancel candid competition? Lol.

  52. WeAreTheTwintails

    WeAreTheTwintails22 일 전

    I totally want Miles to be my agent. He looks great in a suit.

  53. Crescent Moon Gaming

    Crescent Moon Gaming23 일 전

    this series is so chaotic i love zach sm

  54. baroquecouture

    baroquecouture23 일 전

    I don’t trust Keith’s wife.... how can you call yourself a makeup artist when you don’t wear any makeup?!

  55. Crescent Moon Gaming

    Crescent Moon Gaming23 일 전

    baroquecouture she could just be doing a more natural look idk



    🙏🙏 1:15 🖤🔥 👇👇👇🔥

  57. Danny Gregoric

    Danny Gregoric26 일 전

    "When women put makeup on, how do you itch your face?" you don't

  58. sweatpantsprincess

    sweatpantsprincess27 일 전

    There is. SO much to unpack here. And SO MUCH effort that went into this one.

  59. Ace

    Ace27 일 전

    Bob Ross Tutorial!


    EMCAT THE BEST28 일 전


  61. Amanda Kang

    Amanda Kang29 일 전

    Zach: Daddy would approve. Me in December 2019: Daddy's favorite

  62. Aleksilly

    Aleksilly개월 전

    "How do women itch their face when putting make-up on."? Same as how men itch their face when putting make-up on?

  63. Jackie B

    Jackie B개월 전

    MAC was a nightmare, but Estee Lauder didn't even do the red lipstick..? Sephora's was pretty good but the eyeliner is awwffull. I got my makeup done at Sephora for a wedding this summer and they didn't do great with winged eyeliner, either. They definitely need more training on it.

  64. Molly Singleton

    Molly Singleton개월 전

    Anyone know where Zach’s jacket is from?? I need it

  65. TomatoBoy20

    TomatoBoy20개월 전

    “Here’s the look, are you ready to see?” “I’ve- born”

  66. נועה גבעתי

    נועה גבעתי개월 전

    Im sorry, can anyone explain to me why he thought Walmart had a custom makeup counter?

  67. Tess Billingsley

    Tess Billingsley개월 전

    "I'm not here to make friends" I held it together pretty well before, but that made me choke