What Would You Do with Unlimited Cotton Candy? • This Could Be Awesome #3


  1. Vat19

    Vat19개월 전

    Watch until the end to see how we cleaned all of the cotton candy up! koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-uOkyyTA0A9Y.html

  2. Wolfy gacha Life lover

    Wolfy gacha Life lover3 일 전

    And also make toys but ...... But made out cotton candy!

  3. Wolfy gacha Life lover

    Wolfy gacha Life lover3 일 전

    Next vid making a house made out of cotton candy and lollipops!!!

  4. Mark Talbot

    Mark Talbot3 일 전

    It reminds me of the wicked wich of the west Oh noooo immmm mmmmeeeellltttiiing😭

  5. breann thomas

    breann thomas6 일 전

    I did and I really hope no 5 yr olds see this bc a melting unicorn is kinda terrifying lol

  6. Emily Duncan

    Emily Duncan7 일 전

    You should make a life sized gingerbread man using actual cookie

  7. Warren Morgan

    Warren Morgan4 시간 전

    Waterproof cotton candy🤔🤔🤔

  8. Ethan & Sissy's House of Games

    Ethan & Sissy's House of Games4 시간 전

    Should have bagged it and gave it away

  9. warrior rabbit

    warrior rabbit7 시간 전

    RIP. For the person who died in king of random.... Sorry forgot the name

  10. Taya Archuleta

    Taya Archuleta9 시간 전

    Him hosing down the unicorn made me cry.

  11. curtis wilkins

    curtis wilkins9 시간 전

    needs a cotton candy horn. but the other kind of horn ;)

  12. Jeremy Vasquez

    Jeremy Vasquez9 시간 전

    Them:And now colors Me:It’s the same???

  13. Brandon Murphy

    Brandon Murphy12 시간 전

    I don’t like the camerstrl

  14. Abbey Mosteller

    Abbey Mosteller17 시간 전

    Anyone else ever wonder how the videos would be different if Eric was still here?

  15. John Jackson

    John Jackson18 시간 전

    Sad unicorn 😔😔🦄🦄

  16. Feloshas Kanal

    Feloshas Kanal19 시간 전

    8:03 - 8:05 i love that he is sticking a pin into the horses behind in the background 😂

  17. Shannon Billy

    Shannon Billy21 시간 전

    I feel bad for the unicorn all it wanted was to get cleaned and it gets disintegrated ;-;

  18. 5 a k u r a C h a n!

    5 a k u r a C h a n!일 전

    I’d be blowing up the toilet

  19. Sam Paul

    Sam Paul일 전

    Who is the unicorn

  20. Punny Gaming

    Punny Gaming일 전

    Adults: eating the fairy floss Kids: what about us?

  21. Rosie Briar

    Rosie Briar일 전

    Rip Rhonda!

  22. kasey centanni

    kasey centanni일 전

    Me at the end of the video, “ IM MELTING IM MELTING,” from THE WIZERD OF OZZ BBC

  23. Alan Gaming

    Alan Gaming일 전

    I went to that Home Depot

  24. Tate Azzolin

    Tate Azzolin일 전


  25. Rocketkat50

    Rocketkat50일 전

    So that's where all the unicorns went.

  26. Robert james Galinato

    Robert james Galinato일 전

    Any unicorn s watch ing this don't watch the end

  27. Gaming Newt

    Gaming Newt2 일 전

    Vat19: *Exists* Original candy: Am I still relevant?

  28. Andrew Williams

    Andrew Williams2 일 전

    I would have named it diabetes

  29. John Heffernan

    John Heffernan2 일 전

    Did anybody else reads that guys shirts at the beginning

  30. Grace Boyle

    Grace Boyle2 일 전

    Love your videos.

  31. Vayda Favela

    Vayda Favela2 일 전

    low key i was so sad when they dissolved the unicorn lmoa

  32. Blade VR

    Blade VR2 일 전

    I came here for candy.. Then ended up watching grown men eat my childhood......

  33. Giblets I Am

    Giblets I Am2 일 전

    11:40 Vat19 version of The walking dead in ATL

  34. Shadow_Sasuke

    Shadow_Sasuke2 일 전

    You guys could’ve put a skewer on a drill it would’ve been way faster

  35. Lillian House (Student)

    Lillian House (Student)2 일 전

    like to save the unicorn!!! :( poor dissolved unicorn...

  36. Jessica Jenson

    Jessica Jenson2 일 전

    They killed it. 😭

  37. Rokas Miniotas

    Rokas Miniotas2 일 전

    I would call it candycorn

  38. I Luv To Grub

    I Luv To Grub2 일 전

    1:24 so sad he passed away :’(

  39. macadoodle !

    macadoodle !2 일 전

    "Did you just eat sugar!" Nope..yes

  40. Joelle and Jath

    Joelle and Jath2 일 전

    Vat19 can you finish the Cotton candy One minute

  41. Carollene Sum

    Carollene Sum2 일 전

    Why doesint Jamie work on anything

  42. Noah Holland

    Noah Holland2 일 전

    did you just eat sugar Danny: No ,, uhh. Yes

  43. ilikecheese7

    ilikecheese72 일 전

    wait so do unicorns turn to rainbow glue?

  44. Gracen Pitts

    Gracen Pitts2 일 전

    You could make a person out of gummy but the hair cotton candy

  45. Gracen Pitts

    Gracen Pitts2 일 전


  46. Cardboard Doughnut

    Cardboard Doughnut2 일 전

    I wannna eat it

  47. Lola Mouzay

    Lola Mouzay3 일 전

    Why is literally nobody talking about the fact that we need to figure out who it is with the unicorn head on

  48. JDUBS 100

    JDUBS 1003 일 전

    50c is sooooo hot for me

  49. mightymarshadow7

    mightymarshadow73 일 전

    6:40 you’re eating the unicorns skin

  50. sape616

    sape6163 일 전

    when are u gonna sponsor tkor

  51. first destroyer

    first destroyer3 일 전

    Unicorns are real they are the main animal in Scotland

  52. Jack ky

    Jack ky3 일 전

    Vegans: *I N T E N S I F I E S* 😧

  53. arsyfa channel

    arsyfa channel3 일 전

    Nooooo the poor unicorn!!!!

  54. Elva Lalita

    Elva Lalita3 일 전

    You should do a colab with tkor

  55. Garcia Aurora

    Garcia Aurora3 일 전

    Can you do a bed made of cotten candy pleas

  56. Ryan Yang

    Ryan Yang3 일 전

    0:09 4 Year olds be like: *cries*

  57. Fluffy Onions

    Fluffy Onions3 일 전

    Magic? More like Diabetes

  58. Kylie J

    Kylie J3 일 전

    All of that hard work, wasted. 😥

  59. Rylie Greggo

    Rylie Greggo3 일 전

    At 5:45 that noise

  60. dt shadow

    dt shadow3 일 전

    You wasted so much

  61. Coco 2280

    Coco 22803 일 전

    11:54 looks like zombies eat the horse seen XD

  62. Samantha Weber

    Samantha Weber3 일 전

    You just created, consumed, and melted a unicorn

  63. Samantha Weber

    Samantha Weber3 일 전

    Did you just eat sugar? No....... yes

  64. Samantha Weber

    Samantha Weber3 일 전

    Hardware store: Oh crap these guys again

  65. Alina Bishop

    Alina Bishop3 일 전

    Now it just looks like the Trojan horse lol

  66. Owen's Everyday Life Videos

    Owen's Everyday Life Videos3 일 전

    Next time, just give the leftovers to me!