What Shane Dawson DELETED From The Series.. Conspiracy Palette Tutorial


  1. Jayda Cassanova

    Jayda Cassanova10 시간 전


  2. I like Youtubers

    I like Youtubers11 시간 전

    Is the conspiracy pallet gonna come out again? I didn't get to buy it

  3. Izzy & Addie

    Izzy & Addie11 시간 전

    That door probably costs more than my house😳

  4. abby.miller

    abby.miller11 시간 전

    I know you won’t see this but I am a huge fan but my parents don’t have enough money to buy your pallet but if you see this I would love to have it for Christmas

  5. Princess black rose Luaces

    Princess black rose Luaces12 시간 전

    are you taking the beautiful oh vault closet to the new house

  6. Brooke Elizabeth

    Brooke Elizabeth13 시간 전

    Im so proud and happy for you Jeffree❤️ you’re doing great and you should feel on top of the world❤️❤️ I cannot wait till what 2020 brings you, you bad ass bitchhhh!

  7. Otekon82

    Otekon8216 시간 전

    Funny that you mention change n all. I just move to an 2 bedroom apt with my mother, my daughter and i. I lost my 1 bedroom apt because they wanted me to pay 200.00. I said fuck that my 200.00 goes to my car. So i lived with my mother at her 1 bedroom with my stepdad. I slept in the living room and so did my daughter. Unfortunately my stepdad passed away this year in april. My mothere obviously was heartbroken but she was very strong and occupied her with different thing to not feel so sad. We both needed a change and we moved to a 2 bedroom. Its bigger,finally have a dining area and living room lol. Cali is getting waaay expensive, wanna make a bigger change move out of state. We all need some better air to breathe.

  8. ella goodwin

    ella goodwin21 시간 전

    u neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to make a palette with tana

  9. Rashda Riaz

    Rashda Riaz일 전

    Hey Scorpio, my birthday is 11/21. I have been fighting ovarian cancer. Please keep me in your prayers please Jeffree. Hope you have a great Christmas and happy new year.

  10. Brendonsforeheadlovescheesewiz

    Brendonsforeheadlovescheesewiz일 전

    Omg wait jeffree my birthday is november 12th we said: scorpio gang hunny.

  11. BijornaPoof

    BijornaPoof일 전

    How many times he says “crazy” ...

  12. Robin Wyatt

    Robin Wyatt일 전

    Brilliant mind Jeffrey Star.. Dam you got some killer bussiness skills .. Like I love the 🐷 mirror.. Jeffrey Star Shane Dawson best ice cream sandwich ever.. Its been insane to follow the two of you and to be part of the journey .. Mostely the friendship jeffery that has blossemed between you and Shane is poetic.. Thank you for shining rge light on Shane and encouraging him to see his self worth and that his unique him shud be celevrated and Shane thank you for shining your down to earth your geniune loyal personality on Jeffrey as he continues to grow from who he was to the one we watch and familiarize with .. As a 44 yr old grandma I'll never be able to buy the pallet or that to die for piggy backpack and mirror ..there are so many people the fans that love the faces that are you and shane and all of the faces of friends the company and the furbabies that will purchase the merch and makeup and demand more .. Awesome job to everyone involved in this whole thing. Now whats next for all of you.. Rip diamand and to all that has been lost.

  13. Brittany Holloway

    Brittany Holloway일 전

    You're November 15th? I'm November 30th! Girl I just turned 31🤯 so weird lol.

  14. Itsdragonplays

    Itsdragonplays일 전

    I'm sad I cant get the palette no more :(

  15. Leah Time

    Leah Time일 전

    Like if he should make a foundation

  16. Sarah Reames

    Sarah Reames일 전

    Can’t wait for the conspiracy restock! I was gifted a beautylish gift card to specifically get this palette because I’ve been talking about it for months!

  17. haley bug

    haley bug일 전

    Jeffree: Da Vinci are u excited Da Vinci: 👁👄👁

  18. Annmay Estrera

    Annmay Estrera일 전

    I cant believe how real u are. I love u so much . I can even feel ur vibe how good u are...

  19. skinny legend

    skinny legend일 전

    4:43 what is that supposed to mean-💀

  20. Damien Michael Clapton

    Damien Michael Clapton2 일 전

    It was like losing a child you love

  21. Orville Redenpiller

    Orville Redenpiller2 일 전

    Ngl, I swear to god I heard him say “Cuntspiracy palette.”

  22. Madi Milligan

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  23. Jenn G

    Jenn G2 일 전

    I love your heart

  24. AJ Olson

    AJ Olson2 일 전

    Yassss Queena!!!

  25. Honey Bee

    Honey Bee2 일 전

    Will this ever be coming back out?

  26. Haylee pugh

    Haylee pugh2 일 전

    I just realized Jeffree didnt have eyebrows

  27. A Wiseman

    A Wiseman2 일 전

    When is your bday

  28. Maddie Dunn

    Maddie Dunn2 일 전

    I've been good. Still struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety but I'm getting there. I'm so happy for you with all the new things happening in your guys life! Love you!


    NICO'S MOMMA2 일 전

    Scorpio here! Hi. How are ya!⭐


    NICO'S MOMMA2 일 전

    Diet rootbeer is effing gorgeous! Jeffree... girl... this look is stunning! Elegant, on point. ❤

  31. FayePuffJams

    FayePuffJams2 일 전

    Y’ll whoever gonna be buying jeffrees house in the future. Bruhhh you lucky 😭😭😭😭

  32. Katarina V

    Katarina V2 일 전

    flashback to when Shane first came to Jeffrees house and Jeffree said that he's probably going to live in that house for the rest of his life :( i am also very happy for him and wish him the best

  33. Siti rasyidah Lamran

    Siti rasyidah Lamran2 일 전

    ❤u're my idol jeff When i grow up , i want to be like u💃🏼

  34. Raunaq Narwal

    Raunaq Narwal2 일 전

    Jeffree: "it looks like trisha paytas peed in my eyes" Also Jeffree: "i love it"

  35. karissa

    karissa2 일 전

    Wait when did daddy die ?! Wtf I’m so sorry

  36. karissa

    karissa2 일 전

    The realest bitch out there

  37. domreo

    domreo3 일 전

    He said make up expired and things to donate. Its nice for him to donate not just throw away

  38. Dulce Toledo

    Dulce Toledo3 일 전

    I hope that you and Nate get better and it's realy hard to deal with everything and anything your going through I hope you get through it I love you and your channel I wish you the best :)

  39. Rachel

    Rachel3 일 전

    after all the shit you've gone through, you then break a mirror.....yikes

  40. Angela Barajas

    Angela Barajas3 일 전

    Jeffree I just want you to know you could infuse your leg hair into a pallet, lipstick, lipgloss, ANYTHING and I would say thank you GODDESS. I’d be LYING if I said there is anything you or Shane could do to make me regret buying conspiracy. And, I haven’t yet, 😭😭😭😭 but it’s perfect.

  41. Kayla Renee

    Kayla Renee3 일 전

    If only I could buy your house 😭😭😭😭💔

  42. Anita Russum

    Anita Russum3 일 전

    I’m so happy for you and your love, and the kids🥰

  43. Pixi

    Pixi3 일 전

    That "DEBRIS!" got me yall...

  44. Tea Time

    Tea Time3 일 전

    I’m telling my kids Jeffree was the president😂😌

  45. Janine Weatherhead

    Janine Weatherhead3 일 전

    Did you shave your eyebrows

  46. Erika

    Erika3 일 전

    Is this gunna have a re-order???

  47. Alyssa McCloat

    Alyssa McCloat3 일 전

    eyebrows? we don't know her,,,,

  48. Niki A

    Niki A3 일 전

    The only thing I have in common with Jeffree is we both have mono-lids LOL

  49. spicy drama

    spicy drama3 일 전

    I was scared when he was applying primer cuz i thought those nails are gonna stab his eyes or smth it was scary

  50. Vaishnavi Haldankar

    Vaishnavi Haldankar3 일 전

    Bath robe and a Birkin that's a look sis

  51. Awkward Unicorn

    Awkward Unicorn4 일 전

    Omw i love you guys together Perfect.... I live your house its soiii beautiful

  52. LawrinBrittany

    LawrinBrittany4 일 전

    I want to know what the “random palette” is! It’s the only thing he didn’t go into detail about...something we might see in the future??

  53. devyn humble

    devyn humble4 일 전

    Imagine being the person to buy this house from him

  54. Titty Perrone

    Titty Perrone4 일 전

    Lovely Jeffree 💋💕

  55. Molly Bribiesca

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  56. skyott

    skyott4 일 전

    Anyone wanna do a group pool and buy the mansion? 😂

  57. Luna Hooki

    Luna Hooki4 일 전

    Friend: I need some good great make up. And how to put it on different. * Me plays Jeffrey star video of conspiracy make up* Friend: are we still friends?? Me: yyyaaazzzzzz bitch!!!!!

  58. Ala Collins

    Ala Collins4 일 전

    I was tired of house tour videos but girrrrrl! I’ve never wanted to see a new house tour video in all my life until now!!! J 💫 you gotta give us ☝️!!

  59. Hailey Blunt

    Hailey Blunt4 일 전

    Debating if I really need eyebrows cause I need more lid room 😩 Gotta go back to the eyebrow wig and see if those were a flop or not cause I cant draw them for the life of me 😂

  60. Hailey Blunt

    Hailey Blunt4 일 전

    This is my happy place. Doesnt matter if I'm watching a new video or one from years ago. When ever I'm having a shitty or sad day, I put on some Star and its impossible to stay sad while his boss ass attitude is playing 💗