What's The Best Mascara To Cry In


  1. Dyan Hillman

    Dyan Hillman10 시간 전

    6:52 got wasted for the first time and on your first date, crying because you're puking your life out on the sidewalk

  2. Gipsi WoW

    Gipsi WoW23 시간 전

    "And for it to take off my self tanner" LMFAO I love you lolololol

  3. Samantha Haerther

    Samantha Haerther일 전

    I cry A LOT. I wear better than sex mascara (not waterproof, the pink tube like she had) and it NEVER MOVES. that shit holds up thru everything. but catch me buying the peacock one, or a better drugstore one that is recomended here, because theres no way im buying dior just as my crying mascara

  4. Just trash현실 심오

    Just trash현실 심오일 전

    Kermit : * cries on Korean * Jenna : * cries in tears with a blue eye * Me : * cries in Korean / English / gibberish*

  5. lorellilly

    lorellilly일 전

    The ELF Plump it Up mascara is ugly cry tested, and approved after I watched Beaches last night, and my Boyfriend did not tell me it was sad. 10/10 would recommend for your next breakdown.

  6. HoloCatNerd 4Life

    HoloCatNerd 4Life2 일 전

    Im just generally curious now. Which lipstick will be there for you and just leave a ginormous lip mark on their face? Like u want everyone to know and there is no chance to get that lipstick off. (May or may not be influenced by my friend who dared me to run up to someone and kiss their cheek, leave a mark, and run)

  7. Madison Jenkins

    Madison Jenkins3 일 전

    Please do a best mascara to cry in part two, that was probably one of my most favorite videos!♥️♥️

  8. Espy_Kinz

    Espy_Kinz3 일 전

    No one Spinel:

  9. Dawson Grunzweig

    Dawson Grunzweig3 일 전

    dior dior dior - JAMES CHARLES APPEARED

  10. Kianna Cardinal

    Kianna Cardinal3 일 전

    Jenna as a Cancer woman I can tell you the best mascara to cry in is The Great lash mascara its build able and suitable for crying lol

  11. Idk What

    Idk What3 일 전

    When I was a kid I would take the whole toilet paper roll and flush it down the toilet

  12. A is for Annihilation

    A is for Annihilation3 일 전

    See? Dior, L'Oréal, others, not much difference. No such thing as waterproof. Only means whatever runs on your eyes will b harder to clean off.

  13. Rylee Homan

    Rylee Homan4 일 전

    i had to pause the video because i was laughing like mad when Julien nonchalantly came on screen with the mascara splotched on his face, i lost my shit

  14. Marcii TheBunny

    Marcii TheBunny4 일 전

    I love your work

  15. kuroku

    kuroku4 일 전

    this whole video is spinel trying to find our with mascara makes her look more dramatic, and julian is like the imaginary friends she made up out of the flowers

  16. Shante Domond

    Shante Domond4 일 전

    00:00 restart

  17. Lucas the Crazy

    Lucas the Crazy4 일 전

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  18. jade overman

    jade overman4 일 전

    #virgang the thing i love ab being a virgo, is knowing jenna is too

  19. Katarina Short

    Katarina Short5 일 전

    I didn’t this this video would actually add anything to my life but it came in handy for Halloween

  20. victoria brill

    victoria brill5 일 전

    Neutrogena hydro boost mascara and tarte's Amazonian clay mascara both delivered so strong on the crying breakdown look that I was told to stop bc I looked crazy, so add those to the list for the follow up video I was going through some stuff

  21. Dream Thread

    Dream Thread6 일 전

    I already forgot what was the best to cry in, and I'm too lazy to rewatch the video. Someone wanna tell me so I can have that good Britney Spears breakdown look?

  22. SillyAbbs21

    SillyAbbs217 일 전

    The green and gold made me think of loki from the mcu

  23. LittleCutie ABDL

    LittleCutie ABDL7 일 전

    Harley Quinn is shookith

  24. Kelsey Femi

    Kelsey Femi7 일 전

    No no no “Cries in 32 Year Old Lady” you’re welcome

  25. Kelsey Femi

    Kelsey Femi7 일 전

    You know what’s better than sex? Crying! (Every girl on their period)

  26. C H

    C H8 일 전

    2:43, I actually did cry at a middle school dance once, it was my first one without my parents and I was 13 or so and it was their anniversary, I didn't let them leave until my friend came cause I was so terrified and socially awkward to be alone at a middle school Halloween dance. I just remembered, now i'm in online school and haven't been to a school dance in years :)

  27. kala marie g.

    kala marie g.8 일 전

    get the pacifica mascara and cry in it. trust me it’ll give you black tears cause i have had multiple mental breakdowns and it had black tears all down my neck.

  28. sens4tress

    sens4tress9 일 전

    "This is me puttin' on my mascara with confidence, knowing full well, that later on in the middle school dance.. I will lock myself in the bathroom and fucking cry." And thus a TikTok audio was born.

  29. Brian Lewis

    Brian Lewis9 일 전

    Jenna: I used an whole bottle of tear drops. *cuts back to julien making a waterfall with the bottle of tear drops.*

  30. Macaroni Cheese

    Macaroni Cheese9 일 전

    Heres Jen We do fun things here

  31. XGN Øblivion

    XGN Øblivion9 일 전

    The fact that it looks like her crying, makes me wanna cry lmao.

  32. Tessa Fontaine

    Tessa Fontaine10 일 전

    The hero we needed

  33. Missy Montgomery

    Missy Montgomery10 일 전

    Jenna: is that Spanish in the arms of an angel? Are you trying to get me to think about dogs who need homes? A few months later: here comes bunny!

  34. Reina Beatty

    Reina Beatty11 일 전

    I realized in my many, MANY rewatchings of this, that I rate them with Jenna like, "wow that one really didn't do shit for the opacity of the tear." And I stopped myself to realize THEYRE FORMULATED TO BE WATERPROOF DUMBASS

  35. Drama LlamaZ

    Drama LlamaZ11 일 전

    Combine all the ones that worked the best and see what happens

  36. an idiot

    an idiot11 일 전

    billie eilish should make a mascara called “billie eyelash” and it makes u cry pure black thick teardrops ..just sayin

  37. PsychoKitty사랑

    PsychoKitty사랑11 일 전

    Part two should be best foundation to hug someone in a white t-shirt in and then Part three should be the best lipstick to makeout in.

  38. Martha A

    Martha A11 일 전

    From my own mental break down experience, mascara really shows up after you rub your eyes

  39. Megan D

    Megan D12 일 전

    I would just like to update that BareMinerals Lashtopia gives you that good black tear all the way down to your neck.

  40. Tegan Parish

    Tegan Parish12 일 전

    I wore too faced bts mascara to work the morning after a breakup, and can confirm the fibres get all up in your eye and scratch them

  41. destiny

    destiny12 일 전

    this video title is a mood

  42. Lára Ingþórsdóttir

    Lára Ingþórsdóttir13 일 전

    My dudes I just got a Gordon Ramsay cooking ad !! *yeet*

  43. no thanks.

    no thanks.13 일 전

    i lost it when julien started singing the intro to the prince of bel-air.

  44. Ichimellow Draws

    Ichimellow Draws14 일 전

    No one: Spinel: 10:57

  45. Rhys Merrett

    Rhys Merrett15 일 전

    Green for the money, gold for the honey

  46. Jade Fraser

    Jade Fraser16 일 전

    this is the greatest thing I've ever seen

  47. Chantel

    Chantel16 일 전

    why is nobody talking about "do do do dooo do do doo *nOT TOO LONG AGO I WAS DANCING FOR DOLLARS* "

  48. Mickie Hoffman

    Mickie Hoffman18 일 전


  49. Salma Mahmoud

    Salma Mahmoud18 일 전

    anyone else watch this like LMAO UGh what a shitty mascara can't even be thick enough to fall down your face... and then it takes you two months to go wait???? you don't want that in a mascara

  50. I AGoodWasteOfTime I

    I AGoodWasteOfTime I18 일 전

    14:08 something about that thicc green tear falling makes my eyes water 😂😂

  51. Satan's Arsehole

    Satan's Arsehole19 일 전

    Finally..some mascara I can make a fucking scene in. Jonathan, you think I won't make a performance about the fact you didn't dance with me at the school disco 8 years ago? Think a-fucking-gain. Bitch

  52. Bean Bean

    Bean Bean19 일 전

    "I can't open this" "open it" "I CaN't!!"

  53. Haley Echols

    Haley Echols19 일 전

    my favorite break down mascara by far is the mac in extreme dimension 3D black lash mascara, gives you all the tear marks. really a true look of you ask me

  54. Dez Elizabeth

    Dez Elizabeth21 일 전

    *LETS GET emotional*

  55. NeNa GeeZ

    NeNa GeeZ21 일 전

    Lol I just love jenna marbles shes funny as.f

  56. Water Sheep

    Water Sheep21 일 전

    Jenna pretending to be Kermit for 15 minutes and 51 seconds

  57. Megan Michaels

    Megan Michaels22 일 전

    I've watched this too many times

  58. Lauren Lee

    Lauren Lee22 일 전

    What’s the best mascara to craft in?

  59. Victoria Reynoso

    Victoria Reynoso23 일 전

    I would like to purchase “Cries n Tears”

  60. Jonathan Lopez

    Jonathan Lopez23 일 전

    Maybelline works bitches