What's Biting Me? (GAME) ft. Coyote Peterson


  1. Alexander Powers-Witowski

    Alexander Powers-Witowski13 시간 전

    Reeeeal subtle, Link.

  2. rocketfuel 204X

    rocketfuel 204X19 시간 전

    13:17 this is messed up out of context xD

  3. Savage_ Wolf_Gaming

    Savage_ Wolf_Gaming23 시간 전

    why why why why why why why WHY would they make Coyote Peterson Bite a Tolite

  4. Two DudeZ Doing ThingZ

    Two DudeZ Doing ThingZ2 일 전

    The accidental middle finger? 😂😂😂 my brother did that too!!!

  5. Two DudeZ Doing ThingZ

    Two DudeZ Doing ThingZ2 일 전

    Omg this is hilarious 😂😂😂 this reminds me of our mystery box video where a tokay lizard bit my brother! The funny thing is, the tokay was featured in one of cayotes video as the most aggressive gecko species. So we mentioned that in the video and shared a clip. Now get this...good mythical morning is part of who mainly inspired our channels theme of content. Doesn’t that seem a little ironic? 😂 I think I may know our next video idea 👀

  6. Two DudeZ Doing ThingZ

    Two DudeZ Doing ThingZ2 일 전

    And a mouse trap?!?! 😂 I’m done 😂😂😂😂😂😂 we literally utilize mouse traps in a lot of our vids!

  7. Two DudeZ Doing ThingZ

    Two DudeZ Doing ThingZ2 일 전

    And we make sure we don’t cuss on our channel 😂 this is too much of a coincidence 🤔

  8. Travis Berenyi

    Travis Berenyi3 일 전

    Does he like pain!?

  9. KingsleyIII

    KingsleyIII3 일 전

    Link: In the end, the two losers have to sniff coyote urine. Coyote: But not my urine, right? Link: Did they ask you to pee in a jar, because . . . ? Coyote: I'm sure we could work something out!

  10. icediamonds553

    icediamonds5533 일 전

    Ngl I get theres a lot of younger auduence But the dire need for Rhett and Link include more profanity in their show would be amazing. Link flipping us off is the peak of this show 😂😂😂

  11. Baby rhymes

    Baby rhymes4 일 전

    COYOTE im s fan of him

  12. potatoe head

    potatoe head4 일 전

    At 7:20 through 8:06 is funny!!

  13. Alanna Anderson

    Alanna Anderson5 일 전

    Awesome! I've been waiting for ya'll to do a video with Coyote!

  14. Jude Schryver

    Jude Schryver5 일 전

    Bullet ant is the all time worst

  15. Aaron Kiessling

    Aaron Kiessling5 일 전

    8:04 Link!!! What did we do to you?

  16. Angelyce Phipps

    Angelyce Phipps5 일 전

    This cyote guy should have a channel

  17. Aiden Hortillosa

    Aiden Hortillosa6 일 전

    I'm Coyote Peterson's great fan.... Even know I don't get the chance to comment.

  18. In Mar Mars world

    In Mar Mars world6 일 전

    12:44 "I PUT A HOLE IN IT"

  19. Shanna Grandjean

    Shanna Grandjean7 일 전

    8:03 rett putt up the middle finger on acadiant

  20. EmilyAnne

    EmilyAnne7 일 전

    Link: "If you don't know...Coyote Peterson...." me: "oh WE know."


    DavidROBLOXLOVER YT7 일 전

    Aye brave wilderness

  22. Off Road Religion

    Off Road Religion7 일 전

    what coyote peterson is on the show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Bushanan Is pointless1122

    Bushanan Is pointless11227 일 전


  24. Rainbow Dash

    Rainbow Dash7 일 전

    10:14 You can hear screaming and psychotic laughter.

  25. Rainbow Dash

    Rainbow Dash7 일 전

    *let's go catch a female*

  26. Derpyplayeraj

    Derpyplayeraj9 일 전

    10:34 when your boss says no to a raise.....

  27. markeye

    markeye9 일 전

    8:56 OMFG Its so CUTE!!!! Its ADORABLE

  28. markeye

    markeye9 일 전

    As Soon as I Saw ft. Coyote Peterson I Clikced on it and dropped EVERYTHING!!!

  29. ryder pobst

    ryder pobst9 일 전

    12:08 was link just ............ 💋💋💋💋👅👅👅👅👅💍💍💍👄👄👄💋💋💋👅💄💄💄

  30. Adorablelovetacos Chipsnsalsa

    Adorablelovetacos Chipsnsalsa9 일 전

    Poor chase he’s probably thinking “I don’t get enough money for this”

  31. Adorablelovetacos Chipsnsalsa

    Adorablelovetacos Chipsnsalsa9 일 전


  32. ben hammack hammack

    ben hammack hammack9 일 전


  33. Cian O' Brien

    Cian O' Brien10 일 전

    Executioner wasp

  34. 69 subscribers With No Videos

    69 subscribers With No Videos10 일 전

    I thought it was tanner in the thumb nail from dope or nope

  35. Island Girl Designs

    Island Girl Designs10 일 전

    Just three grown men chewing on a toilet seat

  36. Mountain Drew

    Mountain Drew10 일 전


  37. cribz12345678

    cribz1234567811 일 전

    Chase looked too happy there for a few moments XD

  38. Stephanie Halim

    Stephanie Halim11 일 전

    Rhetts in the middle thats cheatin

  39. Blaze Wolf

    Blaze Wolf11 일 전

    Thanks for the 1 like. wait why is my like button blue?

  40. Kevin Nguyen

    Kevin Nguyen11 일 전


  41. slntry rt

    slntry rt11 일 전

    8:50 what type of dog is that?

  42. Zorica Dimic

    Zorica Dimic12 일 전

    8:04 lol

  43. Sabian Sawicki

    Sabian Sawicki12 일 전

    at 8:04

  44. Sabian Sawicki

    Sabian Sawicki12 일 전

    he flick us of

  45. Colin Craig

    Colin Craig12 일 전

    Dat finger tho

  46. Maniac YouTube

    Maniac YouTube12 일 전

    12:56 link ur so weird

  47. The Girl Sam

    The Girl Sam13 일 전

    12:35 I actually have that floaty

  48. M VLOG

    M VLOG13 일 전

    11.52 i just can't .

  49. Hadi Sina

    Hadi Sina13 일 전

    Incorrect coyote

  50. Stranger Brinks

    Stranger Brinks13 일 전

    1.5k dislikes PETA followers?!?!?

  51. Johnny Thao

    Johnny Thao13 일 전

    Coyote is like that little brother who gets last to stuff in that lightning round

  52. Lorie Reardon

    Lorie Reardon13 일 전

    How does he not die!😎

  53. Lorie Reardon

    Lorie Reardon13 일 전

    Ok his name is coyate Peterson

  54. Lorie Reardon

    Lorie Reardon13 일 전

    Dude the wilderness man is there

  55. chase squires

    chase squires13 일 전


  56. Parkour Panda

    Parkour Panda13 일 전

    For once someone doesn’t look shy on the show

  57. Aussie Woah

    Aussie Woah13 일 전

    A pinsir is a pokemon 😂

  58. the ditty kitty

    the ditty kitty14 일 전


  59. the ditty kitty

    the ditty kitty14 일 전

    8:27 that's also what she said

  60. Omar Med

    Omar Med14 일 전

    Was that a real vampire?!?!

  61. Susan Mora

    Susan Mora14 일 전

    hes ben bit by bullet ant

  62. Landon Harris

    Landon Harris15 일 전


  63. Ashwini Kumar

    Ashwini Kumar15 일 전

    8:04.... I laughed so hard this

  64. alexiswaters 11

    alexiswaters 1115 일 전

    At 8:04 or 8:05 link flipped us off

  65. alexiswaters 11

    alexiswaters 1115 일 전

    Correction 8:04

  66. Chandra Gurung

    Chandra Gurung15 일 전

    in 8:04 link did the middle finger

  67. Journey Bourney

    Journey Bourney15 일 전

    I love Rhett and link and I love coyote Peterson! Awesome collab!!!

  68. Monica Nguyen

    Monica Nguyen16 일 전

    who's Wushu's owner?

  69. Grapefruit Attacks

    Grapefruit Attacks16 일 전

    Mice actually like peanut butter and not cheese. I'm not sure where the cheese thing came from.

  70. CrazeeKidd TeeVee

    CrazeeKidd TeeVee16 일 전


  71. Jackson Redard

    Jackson Redard17 일 전

    So peta gets mad at big boi and not this XD

  72. TSM Katsumo

    TSM Katsumo18 일 전

    Is it a monkey😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  73. Gary Edmunds

    Gary Edmunds18 일 전

    Thats what she said 7.11

  74. Gary Edmunds

    Gary Edmunds18 일 전

    7:11 sorry

  75. Gabby Webb

    Gabby Webb18 일 전

    Yiggbbbbbvv 😜

  76. Martin Vickroy

    Martin Vickroy18 일 전

    My butt

  77. Ryan Bouchard

    Ryan Bouchard18 일 전


  78. shaggy

    shaggy19 일 전

    10:02 I'm freaking dying here.

  79. Roxxiee _

    Roxxiee _19 일 전

    The last round was...weird

  80. GhostPitch_ YT

    GhostPitch_ YT19 일 전

    Brave wilderness your so funny! I love your shows this helps me to learn about animals! amazing work!

  81. Tommy Be

    Tommy Be19 일 전

    that was entertaining and hilarious

  82. Danielle Joy Delizo

    Danielle Joy Delizo19 일 전

    8:04 look at link smh

  83. Israel Narez

    Israel Narez19 일 전

    Lol you stuck up the middle finger😂😂😂😂😂😂

  84. Delta Sqaud

    Delta Sqaud20 일 전

    People that are rude to other people go to 8:04 and pause it.

  85. Emayleth Everett

    Emayleth Everett20 일 전

    I’m subbed to all of you

  86. EaterOfWorlds

    EaterOfWorlds20 일 전

    b trashbag? B TRISHA

  87. Mrs Afia Ahmad

    Mrs Afia Ahmad20 일 전

    My favourite boy is here yoooo

  88. HeavyTuber

    HeavyTuber20 일 전

    Coyote is sexy 😍

  89. MatteaDoesStuff ••

    MatteaDoesStuff ••20 일 전

    Link put up his middle finger 🖕🏻

  90. Goodstuff Isgood

    Goodstuff Isgood20 일 전

    12:04 so funny watching them eat a toilet seat😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂

  91. Flappy Bird

    Flappy Bird20 일 전

    How Rhett got a hand piercing 6:10

  92. Jesse Ybarra

    Jesse Ybarra20 일 전

    8:03 LMAO

  93. XRanger_SniperX

    XRanger_SniperX20 일 전

    Coyote in the quick round XD

  94. Rebeltwist

    Rebeltwist20 일 전

    Coyote is on my top twenty favorite people list

  95. Bishop Collins

    Bishop Collins21 일 전

    I watched these all morning, I’m now about to pass out

  96. afshan roohi

    afshan roohi21 일 전


  97. Micr0iX

    Micr0iX21 일 전

    8:04 F***

  98. Dan Mlinar

    Dan Mlinar21 일 전

    when u sscream, u sound like a bear

  99. Taylor Delay

    Taylor Delay21 일 전

    Omg I love both of your channel 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  100. PanNugget

    PanNugget21 일 전

    “*I can’t reach it”*

  101. 『Crying Water』

    『Crying Water』21 일 전

    Well that was awkward

  102. PeterOCE

    PeterOCE21 일 전

    Oh I thought they were gonna use real live animals lol

  103. Fred PepperSchroeder

    Fred PepperSchroeder22 일 전

    i love cyote petyerson

  104. HazelNuttie

    HazelNuttie22 일 전

    Lol they put Chase in a box and let him bite people. What a job XD

  105. cullencullen

    cullencullen22 일 전