What's Biting Me? (GAME) ft. Coyote Peterson


  1. Anneliese Macgregor

    Anneliese Macgregor5 시간 전

    COYOTE!!!!!!!!!!!! FROM BRAVE WILDERNESS!!!!!!!!! *gives him a trophy* That’s for getting bitten so many time Mr invincible!!! I love you coyote Like if you think of all this is what you would do and feel! (Edit): YOU HAVE OFFENDED COYOTE!!!!!!

  2. Unicorn Labonna

    Unicorn Labonna6 시간 전

    I just notice link stood up the middle finger at 8:05

  3. Terra Craft

    Terra Craft6 시간 전

    I went to red lobsters one day and took a claw off and pinched my hand with it It a good thing that it wasn’t the sharp claw

  4. Thecatkingofcats 1

    Thecatkingofcats 17 시간 전


  5. Dylan V

    Dylan V8 시간 전

    8:03 middle finger link

  6. Erin Miller

    Erin Miller14 시간 전

    8:04 LINK WHY!!!!

  7. Bell GamerX3

    Bell GamerX317 시간 전

    "Is that my cousin?!" XD

  8. light fury night fury

    light fury night fury20 시간 전

    OML COYOTE PETERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU

  9. Trialexol12

    Trialexol1223 시간 전

    Am I the only one that's wondering and maybe worried about if that blood is real and where'd it come from.

  10. Fin Barltrop

    Fin Barltrop일 전

    I liked as soon as I saw Coyote

  11. Game Time

    Game Time일 전

    Flipping us

  12. RiceNinja Purple

    RiceNinja Purple일 전

    I love 8:03

  13. Oski H

    Oski H일 전

    fun episode

  14. Slimy Slime

    Slimy Slime일 전

    When they were kissing and biting the toilet seat😭😂😂😂😂

  15. slimey anniahlation decxstar

    slimey anniahlation decxstar일 전

    did link just made a middle finger accidently

  16. Blayz Heat

    Blayz Heat일 전

    Milde finger 8:01

  17. Dom I

    Dom I2 일 전

    this comment is amazing

  18. Zombie

    Zombie2 일 전

    wtf you guys are gay

  19. Ajia Hill

    Ajia Hill2 일 전

    Holy dad trinity

  20. Julia Vento

    Julia Vento2 일 전

    link was licking the toilet bowl so much XD ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  21. Rocky Rugar Rockstar Horne

    Rocky Rugar Rockstar Horne2 일 전

    10:02 oh my gosh that scream

  22. The Cupcake Cool Channel

    The Cupcake Cool Channel2 일 전

    Hey Coyote Peterson!

  23. Marlon Balingit

    Marlon Balingit2 일 전

    Brave wilderness

  24. Cathy Montgomery

    Cathy Montgomery2 일 전

    This video was trash

  25. Lol that was funny

    Lol that was funny2 일 전

    Coyote pack where you at?

  26. Ozzy Delrio

    Ozzy Delrio3 일 전

    Coyote sound like that dude from horrible bosses

  27. Lena Hudson

    Lena Hudson3 일 전


  28. The Mask

    The Mask3 일 전

    I’m brave wilderness 13,438,857th subscriber

  29. Slamin Salmon 1024

    Slamin Salmon 10243 일 전

    Coyote is high energy man

  30. AJGaming64 !

    AJGaming64 !3 일 전

    Bru 11:45 lol coyote

  31. Melody Anderson

    Melody Anderson3 일 전


  32. Jacob Standeford

    Jacob Standeford3 일 전

    Hahahah how does chase still get ropped into these 😂

  33. allen borja

    allen borja3 일 전


  34. allen borja

    allen borja3 일 전


  35. Captain Davy Jones

    Captain Davy Jones4 일 전

    My all time hero, coyote Peterson!!

  36. Asia Ant

    Asia Ant4 일 전


  37. Da Thunder Boi

    Da Thunder Boi4 일 전

    I came for coyote....

  38. Rattiegamer 6

    Rattiegamer 64 일 전

    Such a great guest! He really fits in with the spirit of the show.

  39. Shannon

    Shannon4 일 전

    Omg coyote

  40. r burridge

    r burridge4 일 전


  41. Haydee Rivero

    Haydee Rivero4 일 전

    YASSS Coyote Peterson I LUV U!!!!

  42. Phyllis Fouts

    Phyllis Fouts4 일 전

    I know himm

  43. goracks69

    goracks695 일 전

    Chase’s wife: How was work today? Chase: Great! I bit my boss!

  44. Julia Vento

    Julia Vento2 일 전

    IKR XD +DrakoneW

  45. DrakoneW

    DrakoneW3 일 전

    The mouse trap and chase are the first things to have me actually bursting out laughing.

  46. Tyce Pach

    Tyce Pach5 일 전

    That guy ment to put up two but you put up the middle finger

  47. Nina Playz

    Nina Playz5 일 전

    12:03 something you do not want to see in a public bathroom

  48. Huggleston

    Huggleston5 일 전

    8:03 the background team notices his mistake xD

  49. The Dude

    The Dude5 일 전

    Link is 6’0” I’m 6’0” Link is I, I am link.

  50. Yoke Chin Chong

    Yoke Chin Chong5 일 전

    Link just *filp us off*

  51. Callie Martin

    Callie Martin5 일 전

    Let’s talk about that..... 👏

  52. Anthony Seth

    Anthony Seth5 일 전

    8:04 god damn

  53. Doggo Ben

    Doggo Ben5 일 전

    I just watched Coyote Peterson! No wonder this video pulled up!

  54. Wandering African Lizard

    Wandering African Lizard5 일 전

    Intro cringe level 749

  55. KayGamer

    KayGamer5 일 전

    That’s 2 points 🖕2 points ✌️(background laughter)

  56. AngelIs TheBomb

    AngelIs TheBomb5 일 전


  57. M&V Gaming

    M&V Gaming5 일 전

    10:13 lol

  58. Chris Helton

    Chris Helton5 일 전

    Link sticks up the model finger

  59. unfolding slayer

    unfolding slayer5 일 전

    He is crazy... And an idiot... I LOVE HIM!!

  60. DabeastOf Land

    DabeastOf Land5 일 전

    11:46 do coyotes eat grass?

  61. Oliver Sharkey

    Oliver Sharkey6 일 전

    Finger up 8:04

  62. Steven Barrack

    Steven Barrack6 일 전

    I'm gonna fant

  63. Adri Acoustics

    Adri Acoustics6 일 전

    Casually biting your boss for"work purposes"

  64. EPiC -Beast

    EPiC -Beast6 일 전

    I roasted my friend so bad i said not even coyote peterson could explore his hair line

  65. Abrar Mustafa

    Abrar Mustafa6 일 전


  66. virginia keller

    virginia keller6 일 전

    Hi cyoty

  67. slimey dime

    slimey dime6 일 전

    Is that a real vampire

  68. Extr3meGamerHD

    Extr3meGamerHD6 일 전

    I’m a toilet seat and I’m about to enter the chimp zone.. with a Coyote Peterson! Lol

  69. Radioactive Music

    Radioactive Music6 일 전

    I deserve a like if I trick you Read More

  70. Meadow Porter

    Meadow Porter6 일 전


  71. Meadow Porter

    Meadow Porter6 일 전

    aww Coyote is so beautiful and cute ! 😭❤️❤️

  72. Lol that was funny

    Lol that was funny2 일 전


  73. Sara Sliger

    Sara Sliger6 일 전

    Y’all deserve more views, your videos are hilarious

  74. Keegan Canada

    Keegan Canada6 일 전

    My name is Keegan I love finding games

  75. Savage LongDick

    Savage LongDick6 일 전

    Coyote should be a frequent guest, his energy matches theirs

  76. A.L.

    A.L.6 일 전

    Coyote was so high energy, this was great.

  77. Shea Sweeney

    Shea Sweeney6 일 전

    8:01 *known for keeping it pg

  78. Julie Baughn

    Julie Baughn6 일 전

    R.I.P cousin coyote 😢🐺

  79. Randomly Awesome

    Randomly Awesome6 일 전


  80. Adan Fernandez

    Adan Fernandez6 일 전


  81. Luke C

    Luke C6 일 전


  82. TheTrollBusters12

    TheTrollBusters126 일 전

    Reminds me of the saw trap

  83. ItzShadowHyper

    ItzShadowHyper6 일 전

    Peterson I fell like he Vsauce

  84. Yeleiny Zumba

    Yeleiny Zumba6 일 전

    *That’s Frickin A Freakin Mouse Frickin Trap*

  85. ItsFizzy 3444

    ItsFizzy 34446 일 전

    Top 10 anime crossovers

  86. kitty cat 《Â Ř Ť Î Š Ť》

    kitty cat 《Â Ř Ť Î Š Ť》6 일 전

    Omfg some people told he died and now i see him in gmm .-. Im glad hes alive xD i enjoy his tv show

  87. Normal insane Gamer

    Normal insane Gamer6 일 전

    I never thought I would see coyote biting a toilet seat

  88. Dresden Borges

    Dresden Borges6 일 전

    Snapping turtle

  89. Nora Has

    Nora Has7 일 전

    Pause at 8:04 and look at link look at his finger HES POINTING THE MIDDLE FINGER OMG

  90. Alther PH

    Alther PH7 일 전

    this guy is rich

  91. Evernton James

    Evernton James7 일 전


  92. Doggo

    Doggo7 일 전

    Coyote kinda sounds like jacksepticeye

  93. Dawn kaiser

    Dawn kaiser7 일 전

    8:04 boiiii u say u dont cuss

  94. Dragon Snipers

    Dragon Snipers7 일 전

    10:15 link just screams maniacally!

  95. cole sykes

    cole sykes7 일 전


  96. Eunice Jin

    Eunice Jin7 일 전

    12:52 Coyote- I can't reach it! RAWR RAWR RAWR RAWR!

  97. DragonslayerX Lol

    DragonslayerX Lol5 일 전

    Lol for days rawr rawr rawr rawr

  98. Artsy Fandom

    Artsy Fandom7 일 전

    That poor left arm!

  99. Timothy Cooper

    Timothy Cooper7 일 전


  100. Linea Petersen

    Linea Petersen7 일 전

    I couldn't stop laughing at this xDDD

  101. Coral Reefer

    Coral Reefer7 일 전

    Why didnt they show the part where they got their prize (smelling coyote urine)?

  102. Kamransher Singh Samra

    Kamransher Singh Samra7 일 전


  103. Ray Monster

    Ray Monster7 일 전

    Link showed the finger

  104. Josefin S.

    Josefin S.7 일 전

    Very often when they have a guest on the show, my first reaction is: "Am I supposed to know who that is...?" Two minutes into the video: "I LOVE THIS PERSON!! I feel so ashamed that I didn't know know them before, they deserve to be recognized!"



    I love brave willederness