What's Biting Me? (GAME) ft. Coyote Peterson


  1. Mr Celtic

    Mr Celtic시간 전

    Woah coyote from brave wilderness

  2. Hassan Imran

    Hassan Imran6 시간 전

    Cyote ain’t hit puberty

  3. Drinor Shamolli

    Drinor Shamolli6 시간 전

    11:58 it’s a skateboard Im dying HAHAHAH LOL😂😂😂!

  4. Danielle Davis

    Danielle Davis일 전

    I can't brather

  5. Kimberly Sublett

    Kimberly Sublett일 전

    Did anyone else see what happened in 8:04

  6. Cynthia Vazquez

    Cynthia Vazquez일 전

    If you’re sad. Read the comments

  7. JonathanYT Vendel Nielsen

    JonathanYT Vendel Nielsen2 일 전


  8. Dani Marie

    Dani Marie2 일 전

    Yay! I love Coyote!!!

  9. Lazy Dolphin

    Lazy Dolphin2 일 전

    Coyote had a major handycap in the lightning around


    xXIDOLHANDZXx3 일 전

    10:02 I laughed so hard that i wheezed.

  11. Esse Yaj

    Esse Yaj3 일 전

    The vampire though... 😂

  12. Tim Weldon

    Tim Weldon4 일 전

    I looked up pinser and pinsir is all that comes up ots a pokemon lol

  13. Joey Werts

    Joey Werts4 일 전

    I love how Link tries to eat Rhetts arm

  14. Dporticus

    Dporticus6 일 전

    welp coyote peterson is not a great actor lol his fake pain is a little cringy

  15. Divine Dino

    Divine Dino7 일 전

    This was uploaded on my birthday xD

  16. Toys And games

    Toys And games7 일 전

    AEEEAEOOOEAAAA......okay - rhett

  17. lucy sterben

    lucy sterben8 일 전

    Is that a barbeque sauce

  18. Slytherin fan girl

    Slytherin fan girl9 일 전

    who else went to the comments for comfort?

  19. TCG_AssassinoBro

    TCG_AssassinoBro9 일 전

    🖕points, ✌️points!

  20. Totino's Other Boy

    Totino's Other Boy9 일 전

    Theres so many funny moments in this, definitely the funniest gmm vid

  21. Rylie Hawthorne

    Rylie Hawthorne10 일 전


  22. Superpikachu Rick

    Superpikachu Rick10 일 전

    Middle finger link to the rescue 8:04

  23. Misha Lugo Davila

    Misha Lugo Davila10 일 전

    so tasty for a dog

  24. Audrey Taylor

    Audrey Taylor10 일 전

    Thanks for sticking up the middle finger Link

  25. Thomas El

    Thomas El11 일 전

    Man this video really proves to me that coyote really exaggerates his pain

  26. stormywolf25 howls

    stormywolf25 howls11 일 전

    yay my fav youtuber


    BLURD BOY11 일 전

    8:04 link is mad

  28. 3 Knuckle Productions

    3 Knuckle Productions11 일 전

    I miss the 2012 episodes. I don't care for most these newer ones.

  29. Jude Fillenberg

    Jude Fillenberg12 일 전


  30. emilyvos

    emilyvos12 일 전

    Link biting rhett XD

  31. big me

    big me12 일 전

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  32. beachprosta

    beachprosta13 일 전

    *this isn’t my cousin is it*

  33. Abir TonyST

    Abir TonyST13 일 전

    8:04 you know what that means

  34. Mad Zoroark

    Mad Zoroark13 일 전

    5:20 coyotes cousin

  35. Heather Quince

    Heather Quince14 일 전

    Mice actually don't like cheese

  36. Quiwi Lin Lisolet

    Quiwi Lin Lisolet14 일 전

    Forget Gom Jabbar. That's more scary

  37. random smhuck is random

    random smhuck is random15 일 전

    Infinity war is the most ambitous crossover in history Me an intellectual:

  38. Off 19

    Off 1916 일 전

    Me at 0:25 in video : brave wilderness!

  39. Gacha Hannah;-;

    Gacha Hannah;-;16 일 전

    GMM S14 E60

  40. floralfurycuphead 2

    floralfurycuphead 216 일 전


  41. Max Merrill

    Max Merrill17 일 전

    8:00 lmao mood

  42. Max Merrill

    Max Merrill17 일 전

    pincers are the things the animal uses to pinch, and the animal itself is a pincher bc it pinches

  43. OohSorry

    OohSorry17 일 전

    Link was really enjoying Rhett getting bit by Chase at 10:15

  44. janjr. s

    janjr. s17 일 전

    at 6:11 to 6:13 its over 9000

  45. Brandy Bear

    Brandy Bear17 일 전


  46. E J O

    E J O18 일 전

    Seeing Coyote biting down and yelling "I CAN'T REACH IT" is priceless

  47. yewwowduck

    yewwowduck18 일 전

    Wow. Claiming vampires aren't people. That's pretty regressive.

  48. Zoey Vincent

    Zoey Vincent19 일 전

    12:56 he started biting him! 😂

  49. Gen Gg

    Gen Gg20 일 전

    Love coyote :)

  50. Aidan B

    Aidan B20 일 전

    I half expected rhett to just slap chase

  51. 300inch Rusputin

    300inch Rusputin20 일 전

    8:03 middle finger up😂🤣🤣

  52. Absolute Trash

    Absolute Trash21 일 전

    What is chases job title

  53. Aadya Pai

    Aadya Pai21 일 전

    3:48 excellent observation

  54. Cu_tt ___

    Cu_tt ___22 일 전

    You triiid tut put ChEeSe!

  55. Maximilian PabonYoung

    Maximilian PabonYoung22 일 전

    coyote: let me ease into that hole

  56. Maximilian PabonYoung

    Maximilian PabonYoung22 일 전

    this isnt staged?

  57. xXxXCaptin CrunchXxXx

    xXxXCaptin CrunchXxXx22 일 전


  58. The Godfather

    The Godfather22 일 전

    9:44 you've been gnomed

  59. Annika Peachy

    Annika Peachy23 일 전

    Coyote is my favorite KOreporter Gmm is my favorite KOreporter channel Perfect collaboration

  60. uprising_shinigami

    uprising_shinigami23 일 전

    You should have Rob Irwin on the show!! And have him bring animals too

  61. Heather Cain

    Heather Cain23 일 전

    I wonder how the crew talk Chase into doing the weird parts all of the time.

  62. FNAF_Jay

    FNAF_Jay24 일 전


  63. Lyla Cin

    Lyla Cin24 일 전

    Wow, I'm subscribing to brave wilderness. I like this guy, especially because he doesn't cuss.

  64. PersonAmongDudes

    PersonAmongDudes24 일 전

    do you think Coyote would have been worried that Rhett and Link would poop on him?

  65. iMeMyself

    iMeMyself24 일 전

    Pinsir is a pokemon

  66. Zoey Thomas

    Zoey Thomas25 일 전


  67. kyle hux

    kyle hux26 일 전

    Coyote is a good actor

  68. Single Pringle 553

    Single Pringle 55323 일 전

    I don’t think he acts

  69. Mr.meows alllot

    Mr.meows alllot26 일 전

    You met so meny youtubers and celebrity

  70. Alyssa Allen

    Alyssa Allen26 일 전

    I love puppies are so cute

  71. Alyssa Allen

    Alyssa Allen26 일 전


  72. Alyssa Allen

    Alyssa Allen26 일 전

    Coyote Peterson got bit by a coyote Skeleton that is so creepy I don’t get it 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🦋

  73. Alyssa Allen

    Alyssa Allen26 일 전

    I hate getting bitten by things

  74. Alyssa Allen

    Alyssa Allen26 일 전

    I love coyote Peterson. He is one of my favorite KOreporterr. Besides Rhett and Link

  75. Lyam Maloney

    Lyam Maloney26 일 전

    It's a wushoo

  76. Daniel Hurst

    Daniel Hurst27 일 전

    Do a vid with slogoman

  77. Za World

    Za World27 일 전

    Bruh dead animals give Coyote more pain than an alive one

  78. Satan

    Satan27 일 전

    These three together are chaotic

  79. game over

    game over28 일 전

    2:39 😑😑😑

  80. Derek Backofen

    Derek Backofen28 일 전

    coyote on the show was fricken awesome I love his channel

  81. Amy Park

    Amy Park29 일 전

    Coyty cant get the stuff to bite

  82. James Carbone

    James Carbone29 일 전

    Yayyyy Coyote

  83. Sam The man

    Sam The man29 일 전

    I did not want to see this video but when I saw coyote I was like OMG I NEED TO WATCH THIS!!

  84. Jazzy Wolf

    Jazzy Wolf개월 전

    Oh, I have actually watched Coyote’s videos, didn’t know he was on gmm..

  85. Oblivion Bush

    Oblivion Bush개월 전


  86. caitlin fulham

    caitlin fulham개월 전

    when they kissed the toilet

  87. MaclaineMoo

    MaclaineMoo개월 전


  88. Jesus Rocha

    Jesus Rocha개월 전

    Coyote trying to bite in the lightning round is so funny 😂

  89. Pixiewings504

    Pixiewings504개월 전

    Coyote: You guys are gonna put a bear trap in here. they might actually consider it

  90. Mary Ann Johnson

    Mary Ann Johnson개월 전

    Weekend Kaleb weekend

  91. Mary Ann Johnson

    Mary Ann Johnson개월 전

    Diueyt Ru. Sorry rumour eoyrottt work

  92. Lil Welch

    Lil Welch개월 전


  93. Katrin Golshan

    Katrin Golshan개월 전

    Link did the middle finger on the mouse trap

  94. Misty Doggu X3

    Misty Doggu X3개월 전

    I just saw 3 grown men fighting to lick a toilet seat.... mMmmmMmMmmmMMmMmm The internet

  95. apex cow

    apex cow개월 전

    Id say snaping turtle

  96. Cubing Gamer

    Cubing Gamer개월 전

    I saw ur sign for the show in henderson nv I wish I could meet you but too expensive I am so sad

  97. Grace Taylor

    Grace Taylor개월 전

    this is an awesome guest. i love it

  98. Stella Misa

    Stella Misa개월 전


  99. gestatree

    gestatree개월 전

    8:03 lol

  100. Ana Sadlon

    Ana Sadlon개월 전

    10:18 when my brain gains a brain cell and the other two are showing it around

  101. KingK21 !!!

    KingK21 !!!개월 전

    Is that Charlie Day?