What is the Coolest Accidental Death?


  1. CollegeHumor

    CollegeHumor3 개월 전

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  2. Ian Rivers

    Ian Rivers개월 전


  3. m0neez

    m0neez3 개월 전

    at least continue the episode.

  4. quiroz923

    quiroz9233 개월 전


  5. Alvin Carter

    Alvin Carter13 일 전

    Ok i kind of see where he's coming from with the liquid nitrogen. 🤔

  6. Alvin Carter

    Alvin Carter13 일 전

    Lab accidents/accidentally eating a poisoned sandwich.

  7. Potato Kitty

    Potato Kitty개월 전

    the coolest death would be global cooling. Where your death somehow caused the earth to start to cool.

  8. Cailean Morrison

    Cailean Morrison2 개월 전

    Question when the bits of frozen body thaw , dose the skin muscle and bones act like ice and lose shape or whould they retain their pervious state ?

  9. Andy Jacobs

    Andy Jacobs2 개월 전

    Hangliding =/= Hangliding with a line from a boat... ?

  10. Ferret Voltage

    Ferret Voltage2 개월 전

    This was stupid until Patton Manning

  11. Seth Tibbs

    Seth Tibbs2 개월 전

    I live for Katie oml! Also if you were parasailing could you pull yourself to the boat by the rope attached to yourself and the boat?

  12. Lauren Jones

    Lauren Jones3 개월 전

    This is just adult stupid deaths from horrible histories

  13. Glitchy Gaming

    Glitchy Gaming3 개월 전

    “I’ve been in a hot tub for two hours and I didn’t feel 10% dead” nice math

  14. rylee burnand

    rylee burnand3 개월 전

    Did they....kill Raph...???

  15. Artsingitup

    Artsingitup3 개월 전

    #2 Should have been called CARdiac arrest.

  16. Backupop

    Backupop3 개월 전

    5:13 Katy misses so many, I'm so sorry

  17. Token Black

    Token Black3 개월 전

    The coolest accidental death would be suffering a heart attack while laughing at Peyton Manning jokes.

  18. Corbin Barron

    Corbin Barron3 개월 전

    I hate the ocean Not because of what’s in it, I like sea life, but the ocean itself sucks

  19. D Lamb

    D Lamb3 개월 전

    You and your mortal enemy punch each other so hard that you simultaneously create a super nova and a black hole, destroying the earth

  20. The Floppy Kangaroo

    The Floppy Kangaroo3 개월 전

    i'm subscribed

  21. Lauren Shinn

    Lauren Shinn3 개월 전

    Stop making me pay for things. I'm poor.

  22. Reubs Walsh

    Reubs Walsh3 개월 전

    Heart attack isn't an accidental death though, it's death from heart disease...

  23. suzuki chan

    suzuki chan3 개월 전

    Missing a pool from a balcony.

  24. OligoST

    OligoST3 개월 전

    Of course KOreporter recommends this the day my friend is accidentally crushed by a bulldozer...

  25. Osodaaries

    Osodaaries3 개월 전

    @6:15 when guys turn everything into sports in the middle of a completely different conversation. "I don't like this"

  26. I'm Sofia

    I'm Sofia3 개월 전

    i fucking love this show. my study breaks just consist of me watching one episode every time. quality content.

  27. Chase Davis

    Chase Davis3 개월 전

    But what if the shark ate you but hung on and the the Shark also parasailed by hanging onto your body

  28. Bree Taylor

    Bree Taylor3 개월 전

    It just feels so awkward that it made it uncomfortable to watch. Like it had the same air as 4 people who hate each other but the teacher makes them work together on a skit.

  29. literaryloser1

    literaryloser13 개월 전

    Zac losing his mind over Paytons Manning

  30. charmsz566

    charmsz5663 개월 전

    the shark sounds like cardi b

  31. Kat

    Kat3 개월 전

    Can y’all stop interrupting Katie lol

  32. Jahl Volcano is tonight’s big loser

    Jahl Volcano is tonight’s big loser3 개월 전

    Isn’t all death accidental

  33. Ella River

    Ella River3 개월 전

    I thought they were gonna rank real accidental deaths....

  34. mellmaroon

    mellmaroon3 개월 전

    Electric Guitar Electrocution

  35. joseph reis

    joseph reis3 개월 전

    I love how sports totally hijacked Katy’s story lol

  36. I don't know man

    I don't know man3 개월 전

    The hot tub one happened to a relative of mine, he had a heart attack and then became person soup.

  37. Tj Perry

    Tj Perry3 개월 전

    Heart Attack jump

  38. bobby288

    bobby2883 개월 전

    If the hot tub is 98.6 degrees, would you still die?

  39. Wiley Johnson

    Wiley Johnson3 개월 전

    One of these deaths was just the beginning to Jurassic Park III.

  40. Lynea Oak

    Lynea Oak3 개월 전

    Ni puta gracia

  41. Curly D

    Curly D3 개월 전

    Ugh. Why does every channel have a seperate service they want me to pay for..

  42. Tom Riddle

    Tom Riddle3 개월 전

    The biologists liquid nitrogen death normally works like this: Too much evaporates and fills the room. You faint and suffocate.

  43. weskos

    weskos3 개월 전

    Of all these ideas, the most salient and abiding, is that Zac's hot, and his reduced appearance in sketches means less fun.

  44. romxxii

    romxxii3 개월 전

    Today I learned his Zac Oyama's a Yashihiko. Did his parents conceive him during a Rurouni Kenshin marathon or something?

  45. Tobias Damisch

    Tobias Damisch3 개월 전

    Did anyone already point out that the (by that time not so liquid) nitrogen will probably kill everyone in the room way before the shattering body thing occurs...?

  46. Crust Nust

    Crust Nust3 개월 전

    I really enjoy this and I do find it funny but just from a critical point of view it feels slightly slow paced like a podcast with video but this is just constructive criticism. P.S keep up the awesome content I love you guys

  47. Brandon Burd

    Brandon Burd3 개월 전

    The temperature of a hot tub should never be hotter than 40°C (104°F) (or 38.9°C (102.0 F) if you are pregnant). Sitting in hot water for a long time can cause severe heat-related illnesses, such as nausea, dizziness or fainting, and even death. Avoid staying in the hot tub for more than 10 minutes at one time.

  48. Matthew Zaldarriaga

    Matthew Zaldarriaga3 개월 전


  49. Caleb Antonio

    Caleb Antonio3 개월 전

    Final destination 6

  50. J Paterson

    J Paterson3 개월 전

    I remember piranhas eating a woman's legs while she was parasailing in one of those god awful piranha movies.

  51. Rwededyet

    Rwededyet3 개월 전

    Stan is now a stain.

  52. AwesomeCowDoesStuff AndRandomChannel

    AwesomeCowDoesStuff AndRandomChannel3 개월 전

    I’m sorry, but the answer is anime style battle to the death.

  53. Dark Ventus

    Dark Ventus3 개월 전

    Zac is back?!!