What happens if you photocopy water


  1. Ceapa Cool

    Ceapa Cool개월 전

    For people who are curious: Nothing interesting actually happens if you photocopy water. It only prints the outline of the puddle.

  2. An Dreo

    An Dreo2 일 전

    That's cool too though😛

  3. Shawn Pita

    Shawn Pita3 일 전

    Ceapa Cool then what was the stream of water lol

  4. Viper Assasin

    Viper Assasin4 일 전

    Why your printer cam out water🇵🇭😂😂

  5. Gacha Dreamer YT

    Gacha Dreamer YT5 일 전

    I know that would possibly happen only the "borders"

  6. A Human

    A Human6 일 전

    I knew it. Also you spoilered it. I didn't watch the video yet

  7. Mohit Pareek

    Mohit Pareek3 시간 전


  8. Allan Purl

    Allan Purl3 시간 전

    This popped up in suggested videos. I did not expect that result. Good one.

  9. REEE Khan.jr.

    REEE Khan.jr.5 시간 전

    *didnt expect that to happen*

  10. Prasad Hejeebu

    Prasad Hejeebu6 시간 전

    Can you disclose the model number and specifications of the machines please. I want to buy one.🤫😉

  11. onion king

    onion king7 시간 전

    Nice squirt

  12. Hylian Man

    Hylian Man7 시간 전

    Top 10 pictures taken before death.

  13. Raimond GALAXY

    Raimond GALAXY12 시간 전

    What happens if U photocopy a CD ?

  14. confuzzled animations

    confuzzled animations13 시간 전

    You should photo copy a photo copyer

  15. Kordex Roblox

    Kordex Roblox13 시간 전

    Me: prints water printer: spits it out

  16. littleGamerkid 039

    littleGamerkid 03914 시간 전

    0:28 when you haven't used the bathroom in years

  17. Neissンエイッス

    Neissンエイッス15 시간 전

    If it’s so wet with just some water I can’t imagine what he gets when he photocopy porn magazines >.>

  18. Raaj Patil

    Raaj Patil16 시간 전


  19. Mayura

    Mayura16 시간 전

    Wait was that real or...? Cuz I’m so confused even after reading your comment lol 😂

  20. Alfa tutorial

    Alfa tutorial17 시간 전


  21. ahgastay

    ahgastay17 시간 전

    wt actual fuck lmao

  22. Azil Anne Segovia

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  23. Spoken Word Poetry

    Spoken Word Poetry21 시간 전

    Lol 😂 Come To my channel ehhe

  24. kaykay

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  25. Mi Cara

    Mi Cara23 시간 전

    When you have so much money to waste!

  26. • Blcssomxx_ •

    • Blcssomxx_ •일 전


  27. Nathan !?!

    Nathan !?!일 전

    *He just discovered a way to end dehydration*

  28. Rex Storm

    Rex Storm일 전

    Photocopier use water gun... [photocopier uses hydro pump]

  29. Jovan Carillo

    Jovan Carillo일 전

    I knew Minecraft infinite water source can be done IRL

  30. Riley Clendenning

    Riley Clendenning일 전

    I tryed it it just printing blank piece of paper with outlines



    A cereal box?

  32. Yousho Kamaike

    Yousho Kamaike일 전


  33. Memes by ADVALs Channel

    Memes by ADVALs Channel일 전

    I think machine is high on orgasm 😂

  34. Lxucid Dreams

    Lxucid Dreams일 전

    What happenes if you photocopy air? I don't need sleep I need answers

  35. Daniel Figueroa Flores

    Daniel Figueroa Flores일 전


  36. annika s

    annika s일 전

    Never would've expected a random video like this to have such an award winning comment section

  37. I’m That Fieryy Guy

    I’m That Fieryy Guy일 전

    In America, you see snow. *But in Soviet Russia, snow sees you*

  38. Mobile Games Musics

    Mobile Games Musics일 전

    penis photocopy

  39. X wan

    X wan일 전

    Unlimited waterrrr

  40. Dez Travis

    Dez Travis일 전


  41. Magnus Guglius Vuglius

    Magnus Guglius Vuglius일 전

    Water crisis solved

  42. Soumya Chandra

    Soumya Chandra일 전

    Imagine if he tried to photocopy shit

  43. Rushini Dilesha

    Rushini Dilesha일 전

    That was creepy

  44. Itz Lks

    Itz Lks일 전


  45. vishal raj

    vishal raj일 전

    *What happens when you photocopy water* Machine becomes SQUIRTLE.

  46. GachaTuber 125

    GachaTuber 125일 전

    Person: Imma just pour water on this printer cuz nothin will happen..😏 Printer: UNO REVERSE CARD!!!

  47. 22k subscribers challenge

    22k subscribers challenge일 전

    0.34 SCAM

  48. Jasonmf123

    Jasonmf123일 전

    *So how you gonna clean it up*

  49. Abandoned Vippaley

    Abandoned Vippaley일 전

    Want your own personal water fountain? Photocopy some water and you’re good. Just don’t choke.

  50. Act Complicated

    Act Complicated일 전

    In Mother Russia, copy machine pours water on you.

  51. Lymphtron

    Lymphtron일 전

    Now, we can save Africa!!!!!

  52. Lydia Chalvatzhh

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  53. Sooner

    Sooner일 전

    r u out of ya mind?

  54. JackJKRoblox

    JackJKRoblox일 전

    I bet the photocopy was a uno reverse card xD

  55. janmarie prado

    janmarie prado일 전

    I didn't expect that 😅

  56. Muhammad Alfatih Azka

    Muhammad Alfatih Azka2 일 전

    spray time! ,😭

  57. Filza K

    Filza K2 일 전

    You are CRAZY 😂😂😂😂

  58. Kenny

    Kenny2 일 전

    Technology level 1: normal drinking water Technology level 999999999: help Africa buy sending paper with water for only a penny for shipping!

  59. Shay TheDragon

    Shay TheDragon2 일 전

    Wowwwww. We will always have fresh water now :D

  60. MsOscara

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  61. Amara’s Lifestyle

    Amara’s Lifestyle2 일 전

    Hahahahaha h

  62. Pinto Bean

    Pinto Bean2 일 전

    Who's here from a hellopet link?

  63. KJ

    KJ2 일 전

    Take was fake

  64. WI Patriot

    WI Patriot2 일 전

    Gee, really...??? /sar

  65. abhishek pandey

    abhishek pandey2 일 전

    best solution of water crises😅😅

  66. barry lucas

    barry lucas2 일 전

    OK...that was funny