What Happens If One Million People Actually Stormed Area 51?


  1. What If

    What If개월 전

    The only way you probably get to see aliens is if they come to us: koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-jpaHRQl6wG0.html

  2. kbogle798

    kbogle798일 전

    What If, one million people fucked you in the ass

  3. Merly Aguilera

    Merly Aguilera2 일 전

    1.7 million pepole Will storm area 51

  4. Benjamin Temple

    Benjamin Temple2 일 전

    What If I killed you

  5. Archana Kumari

    Archana Kumari6 일 전

    wow..its great

  6. Renny Zero

    Renny Zero6 시간 전


  7. XxSmolMochixX •___•

    XxSmolMochixX •___•6 시간 전

    *well u see, this will happen...* *Some stupid person is going to let the aliens and other monsters free, and the aliens and monsters are going to eat us and take over earth.* JAJAJAJAJA sskskskskkssks and I oop oop oop oop oop. ..... ....... ....... *BOO* *ALSO millions of Americans (or other travelers from different countries) will be killed and gone. That means it will be quieter.* UwU

  8. Disaster

    Disaster7 시간 전

    when someone says it is not a good idea, I dislike immediately

  9. WTF are YOU on

    WTF are YOU on7 시간 전

    No doubt the US army upped their security after this video....... just incase

  10. Mason

    Mason7 시간 전

    It’s now 2 million. Might go better

  11. CaveGame

    CaveGame8 시간 전

    What if everyone unsubscribed from you?

  12. Daniel Youngblood

    Daniel Youngblood8 시간 전

    Make sure, you bring your own bodybag, & the army asks that you not take more than 3 rounds to die. Because bullets are not cheap. That's about it!!

  13. Shark boy

    Shark boy8 시간 전

    CrIsScrIpt Its a simple spell but quite unbreakable

  14. Silver Screen Productions

    Silver Screen Productions8 시간 전

    When 1 person shows up to area 51: 😑 When its a rat: 😣

  15. gaming blogs 101

    gaming blogs 1018 시간 전

    If you're actually going to Area 51 and making a video tell me and I will subscribe to you

  16. Dokta Psykh

    Dokta Psykh8 시간 전

    The government has the technology to destroy us all. If they can keep entire countries at bay then just a million have no chance. The entire population would need to rebell and that's not in the foreseeable future.

  17. Iruka Sakana

    Iruka Sakana8 시간 전

    Area 51 is hiding the *Mcdonalds ice cream machines THAT ACTUALLY WORK*

  18. Luke Wagner

    Luke Wagner9 시간 전

    Me:Sees actually 1 million people came 😀 Also me and a ton of other people:(hear jets doing an attack run) 😑

  19. keep itsteel

    keep itsteel9 시간 전

    "you would quickly be met by camo security guards" Erm no infact if there's one million people the odds of you seeing any guards is about 10000/1 lol

  20. Ashley plays

    Ashley plays9 시간 전

    September 20 get ready brothers

  21. Spectter - 9 years of CoD

    Spectter - 9 years of CoD10 시간 전

    It wouldnt happen anything cuz they re running like Naruto At minimum, faster than Lightning lol

  22. Firefighterleee Leee

    Firefighterleee Leee10 시간 전

    all them gonna pussy out

  23. my name sucks

    my name sucks11 시간 전

    plus imagine getting inside then seeing nothing oof

  24. my name sucks

    my name sucks11 시간 전

    this is the beginning of the end boys....

  25. Tortuous Long bone

    Tortuous Long bone11 시간 전

    Stranger things (REAL LIFE)

  26. Nirmala Khatri

    Nirmala Khatri11 시간 전

    Area 51 base is literally underground

  27. Elliott Lannin

    Elliott Lannin11 시간 전

    What happens when everyone has to reload at the same time? 😂

  28. _-Gacha Nick-_

    _-Gacha Nick-_11 시간 전

    Just Cosplay As Avengers ;)

  29. Robert Carter

    Robert Carter12 시간 전

    When you are still 15 miles from the outer perimeter of the place they already know you are there !

  30. Joshua Christensen

    Joshua Christensen13 시간 전

    They.. The dummies will be shot

  31. This Guy

    This Guy13 시간 전

    Okay, let me be abundantly clear because some people think this is funny, others do not realize the influence they have on unstable people. It is a military base, specifically an outer portion of an air force base. Forget Aliens, imagine rubber bullets, and gas masks. Then some idiot from bumblefuck pulls out of his pickup truck and decides to fire a shot from his granddaddy's rifle into the sky, now you are literally a legal mob attacking an American military base. Forget jail time, look at bloody Sunday in 76' and how bad that went down because of one call, now imagine 50 cal. machine gun checkpoints with nervous men and hairtrigger m4s. You'll have better luck going to war with Spain. DO NOT DO IT.

  32. napuseni papucar

    napuseni papucar13 시간 전

    noa na aparatima

  33. Luz Velez

    Luz Velez13 시간 전

    I know as i work for area 51, as they are planning to move the artificial creatures "aliens" to area 69. So dont even try, it wont work.

  34. FBI-Duck loli twine

    FBI-Duck loli twine15 시간 전

    someone work there and get us in or we get the runners and said person can open the gates and WE STORM WITH A BETTER CHANCE

  35. Yung_Jay _

    Yung_Jay _15 시간 전

    People gone be mad asl when they enter area 51 and there no aliens

  36. master Chu

    master Chu15 시간 전

    Im gonna make up for all the probing

  37. Jessica S

    Jessica S15 시간 전

    There would be 1 million less people in AMERICA. Dumb asses. Hope they do

  38. Chocolate C

    Chocolate C16 시간 전

    They store a lot of 💩💩💩💩💩 in area 51 🤣

  39. Norbert Gnat

    Norbert Gnat17 시간 전

    *What happened 1 million people raid Area 51?* Me: 1 million idiots doing Naruto run.

  40. Marco Sch

    Marco Sch17 시간 전

    how to get in: apply as a camo dude

  41. Big Chungus

    Big Chungus18 시간 전

    Okay here is the plan we need people to come early so we need 10 groups coming at 2:00am to camp out and each group has one to stay up. Then we will be calling in another 10 groups and as we build there will be not as much traffic which means we will ask raid it and gas mask will he provided and bullet proof vest. Guess what were READY! edit: we will have the first 10 groups at 2:00am to rent white trucks and we will give them a replica of the suits the guards wear and then hats and sunglasses. These will be the most important groups. Our naruto runners will come from the left and right . If you fall or get hurt the 5 trucks in the back will be a recovering center with 7 healers in each. Foods and drinks will be stored in the back seat of each white rental truck.

  42. atinybitmad

    atinybitmad18 시간 전

    how much did "they" pay you to make this video?

  43. ChannChann02 Deox

    ChannChann02 Deox18 시간 전

    They would all die, all jokes aside you would get your shit blown up

  44. The_PotatoAim

    The_PotatoAim19 시간 전

    Sponsored by government!

  45. charlie dee

    charlie dee20 시간 전

    It would be squelched before it started. It is very easy to disrupt a gathering of that many people.

  46. DramaticYT

    DramaticYT21 시간 전

    What we neeed for the battle: ■Naruto Runners □Shovels to build trenches like in ww2 □Nerf Guns ■Human Shields □Large Battle Scream ■Billions of Parents sue the military for killing their children □Riot Shields

  47. savage gamer

    savage gamer21 시간 전

    What if 1 million and 1 people raided area 51

  48. Classic Z

    Classic Z22 시간 전

    Imagine if a million people actually did storm the base, wouldn't the military get a lot of shit if they killed everyone? Area-51 would then have the same amount of lives claimed in minutes as Auschwitz had in 5 years.

  49. legend472 lel

    legend472 lel22 시간 전

    We narruto runners are ready

  50. Cooper Wilson

    Cooper Wilson22 시간 전

    First me need riot shields

  51. Big Gaymer

    Big Gaymer22 시간 전

    By the way there are some top secret developments like the SR - 71 BlackBird

  52. Big Gaymer

    Big Gaymer22 시간 전

    If a guards says gtfo , then always say "no u".

  53. Naruto Videos

    Naruto Videos22 시간 전

    You can’t stop me I am still gonna naruto run through them halls and find the deathnotes

  54. Joseph Patton

    Joseph Patton23 시간 전

    There's no need to fear, Underdog is here !! Superman, "Who the hell is Underdog ?" .

  55. flower

    flower일 전

    the existence of aliens is not revealed because wil bring the progress of all societys. in this times is a scandal that humans to do work 8 hours every day for all yers of theyrs life. it is arrived the hour wich to do we all fight for the liberty or our world will do collapse.

  56. infinity banana playz

    infinity banana playz일 전

    If they free the aliens of a prison IT could be bad they maybe want to kill us all maybe that's why area 51 is secret? Or Just super secret weapons

  57. Strxngy Fra

    Strxngy Fra일 전

    There is probly a dollar in it

  58. Arnab Gogoi

    Arnab Gogoi일 전

    Plot twist: area51 doesn't exist

  59. Death Otaku

    Death Otaku일 전

    Nah they probably hide it because its a paradise and they just kept it only for trump

  60. Fade

    Fade일 전

    Me and the boys storming area 51

  61. Austin Angeles

    Austin Angeles일 전

    Forget area 51, lets Hunt the Big Foot. It can't kill us all

  62. Ryan clr

    Ryan clr일 전

    *mr. Beast is laughing*

  63. Robux Billionaire

    Robux Billionaire일 전

    This means war…

  64. Brocolli Hair

    Brocolli Hair일 전

    The naruto runners will take over

  65. Fire Fox Gaming

    Fire Fox Gaming일 전

    What About Misdirection And Storm Them From Behind :v

  66. Arindam Acharya

    Arindam Acharya일 전

    Don't forget to use NUTTERTOOLS while entering

  67. polx

    polx일 전

    Soldiers, do not respect stupid orders! American soldiers will kill american teenagers, what a stupid idea. Better wear alien mask then people do not hurt you.

  68. remember me 2

    remember me 2일 전

    We all die some just like the Dinosaurs

  69. Skrill

    Skrill일 전

    Plot twist: the commentator works at Area 51

  70. Jason Faith

    Jason Faith일 전

    The area 51 guards or scientist are planing to build a laser tank

  71. trail runner

    trail runner일 전

    This would make a great online Game.



    What if i cum on a deep fryer

  73. globalgaucho

    globalgaucho일 전

    they most use giant inflatable AT-AT to invade

  74. Gopi chand gopi Remo

    Gopi chand gopi Remo일 전

    It was god mgs for a people

  75. Tony Basinger

    Tony Basinger일 전

    wrong its actually 3 million pepole not 1 million

  76. MagmaLion

    MagmaLion일 전

    Area 51 is actually running out of test subject *Naruto RUNNERS*

  77. Oakmeal

    Oakmeal일 전

    The raid is 10 days after my bday lol

  78. uomo d'onore

    uomo d'onore일 전

    What if the 1 million people did have guns and were all good shots? Could some break though the military presence then?

  79. G- mannaro

    G- mannaro일 전

    They are probably hiding the soap that kills 100% of germs

  80. Miguel Marshall

    Miguel Marshall일 전

    If one person shows up to Area 51 Guards: ? Goku: hi I’m goku Guards start shooting* Goku: Hey! Throws a spirit bomb* All the naruto runners show up from their hiding spots and open the gates* Looks at the ashes of aliens* The end. At least they saw one alien, Which was goku that is LMAO

  81. sire cheese

    sire cheese일 전


  82. Xoxoaryy Xoxoarii

    Xoxoaryy Xoxoarii일 전

    The real question is.... Who even made the myth of having aliens in Area 51? And who created the name?

  83. Mr Weedle

    Mr Weedle일 전

    Well in the Purge just raid Area 51

  84. Major Minor

    Major Minor일 전

    The US military will defend the base by doing what they do best, rendering flesh. Storming a military base will get you the Darwin Award's #1 spot