What Happened To Billie Eilish? | Celeb Face App Challenge


  1. REACT

    REACT29 일 전

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  2. Deathmachine 1271

    Deathmachine 127122 일 전

    AvryonBoi no it’s the app created by Russians and they now own there faces I’m not lying look it up

  3. Deathmachine 1271

    Deathmachine 127122 일 전

    Jonathan Aisel they shouldn’t do it for them because then the Russians will own their faces I’m not lying

  4. Rose

    Rose25 일 전

    elders lyric breakdown to YUNGBLUD

  5. Flaming Sparkles

    Flaming Sparkles26 일 전

    REACT to WWE

  6. Blush ALDC

    Blush ALDC27 일 전

    React to ending of stranger things!!

  7. Dominykas ProGamer

    Dominykas ProGamer15 일 전

    Hey do not download face app hes russian he can scan you

  8. Gachapotato66's world of Bishes

    Gachapotato66's world of Bishes15 일 전

    I'm a BIG Billie Eilish fan

  9. Gabriela Fernandes

    Gabriela Fernandes15 일 전

    SAME!!! Avocados forever🥑

  10. Fajar Ardian

    Fajar Ardian15 일 전

    Kylie Kadarshian like my answer too LOL 😂

  11. Axe Man

    Axe Man15 일 전

    Does Jeanie live in a forest?

  12. Paddy Delano

    Paddy Delano16 일 전

    are you crazy. how come you didn't know all those celebs. thats' toooo easy

  13. Lilgabbyj

    Lilgabbyj16 일 전

    I LOVE Daniel and Faith together!!

  14. Kalista Leal

    Kalista Leal16 일 전

    Childish Gambino is Donald Glover lol

  15. sageaps

    sageaps16 일 전

    At 14:43 Tori looks like a former Walmart employee and Brandon looks like a retired mall Santa.

  16. Priyanka Ghosh

    Priyanka Ghosh16 일 전

    Phoof. Rude.

  17. İpek

    İpek16 일 전


  18. Boogie

    Boogie16 일 전

    Russian army breaking down my door


    ORIONCOAT17 일 전

    Tom was taking it Izzy Daniel had Faith Jeannie Mikaela A.k.A Jeami Tori Brand on black shirt. Mistakes there? I'm sorry I couldn't see any better. Seany Bet.

  20. Speeff_A.R

    Speeff_A.R17 일 전

    How did nobody get Jason stathem

  21. xRuthless

    xRuthless16 일 전

    Ikr that was the easiest one. He looked exactly the same.

  22. Pennan Debussy

    Pennan Debussy17 일 전

    Arianna Grande loooks ROUGHHHH

  23. Pennan Debussy

    Pennan Debussy17 일 전


  24. Mila Marinova

    Mila Marinova17 일 전

    why does grampa holland look so much like tony goldwyn xD

  25. Truth

    Truth17 일 전

    13:19 Was cute, they synced!

  26. Khayllie Tzentel

    Khayllie Tzentel17 일 전

    8:08 OH NO TOM HOLLAND At least he lives a good life with zendaya

  27. Jonathan Schiller

    Jonathan Schiller17 일 전

    Tom Holland's old picture kinda looks like an old Daniel Craig to me...

  28. Tahitimotion

    Tahitimotion17 일 전

    14:49 OMG it's Goerge R. R. Martin ! Isn't it ? 😂 (a little)

  29. Harry Potter

    Harry Potter17 일 전

    No one: No freaking person: Tom: kYliE kArDaShIaN

  30. Harry Potter

    Harry Potter17 일 전

    Joeislayf 😂

  31. Joeislayf

    Joeislayf17 일 전

    Thought the same lol

  32. carys Rankin mills

    carys Rankin mills17 일 전

    I think there should be a video where some teens get to meet Billie eilish

  33. admir djuheric

    admir djuheric17 일 전

    you should do kids try not to cry

  34. Cool Vibes

    Cool Vibes17 일 전

    It’s hard to play this game when you don’t know the names 😂😂

  35. Courageous Nova

    Courageous Nova18 일 전

    Mikaela looks like SSSniperwolf i don’t know why

  36. PeruBall Mapping Productions

    PeruBall Mapping Productions17 일 전

    I think azzyland more

  37. Shani Nichols

    Shani Nichols17 일 전

    She does

  38. me when i see drama

    me when i see drama18 일 전

    Billie *Eyelash*

  39. Tht_Stoner_chick

    Tht_Stoner_chick18 일 전

    @7:55 Me too Daniel😂🤣🤣💖

  40. Moriah Autumns lyric

    Moriah Autumns lyric18 일 전

    I'm a simple person I see Billie I watch

  41. Kay K :P

    Kay K :P17 일 전

    Totally,I came for telling them Billie already dyed her hair green and brown

  42. carys Rankin mills

    carys Rankin mills17 일 전

    Same it's a humble life

  43. Plush Collections

    Plush Collections18 일 전

    Moriah Autumns lyric I’m a simple girl I see x I click (this doesn’t relate to this video)

  44. Gary Deschamps

    Gary Deschamps18 일 전

    That is sidermen

  45. Mia

    Mia18 일 전

    Ok, can someone tell me who is Tyler the creator and John Hill?

  46. Mia

    Mia17 일 전

    Ky thanks, is that I’m not from the US (I’m from Dominican Republic) so something’s Are weird for me 😂💥

  47. Spongebob

    Spongebob17 일 전


  48. Ky

    Ky18 일 전

    Mia Tyler the Creator is within the music industry and Jonah Hill is an actor.

  49. ImSoLament

    ImSoLament18 일 전

    Old Tom Holland looked like an older Jeremy Renner aka Hawkeye

  50. Spooter Man

    Spooter Man18 일 전

    What is the app called

  51. EmilyRose 35

    EmilyRose 3518 일 전

    Christopher Sanchez not all of them though, only the ones you give them

  52. Christopher Sanchez

    Christopher Sanchez18 일 전

    @Silver Gacha don't use it. You picture will belong to Russia.

  53. Silver Gacha

    Silver Gacha18 일 전

    Spooter Man Face app

  54. yohhh me

    yohhh me18 일 전

    faceapp ne kadar gerçekçi sizce... bununla ilgili bir video buldum... sonuçlara bakarsanız pekte tutmuyor açıkçası... izlemek isteyenler için koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-yf0vhnbDL6I.html

  55. Nigele Barclay

    Nigele Barclay18 일 전

    Tom I’m not famous Shirt but I say poor & famous😞

  56. Turtle_Overlord241

    Turtle_Overlord24118 일 전

    Brandon looked like Colonel Sanders when he used the app

  57. Official Shaw

    Official Shaw18 일 전

    On me Lizzy fine

  58. liud

    liud18 일 전

    I'm simple, I see Billie I click.

  59. Claire Campau

    Claire Campau18 일 전

    I clicked because I saw billie

  60. Snookville

    Snookville18 일 전

    Tom Holland old looks like Liam Neeson.

  61. X Y

    X Y18 일 전

    Margot Robbie was easy

  62. Cassie LeAnne

    Cassie LeAnne19 일 전

    I see Billie, I click

  63. XXXTentacion_Girl_ BigFan

    XXXTentacion_Girl_ BigFan17 일 전

    Hi billie

  64. Mahrosh Ahmed

    Mahrosh Ahmed19 일 전


  65. I ran into A wall

    I ran into A wall19 일 전

    All I got was Billie Eilish, Zac Efron, Lady GaGa, Millie Bobby, Miley Cyrus, Arianna Grande, Brown, and Will Pharell Sorry if I spelled some of the names wrong.

  66. Noah Brandon

    Noah Brandon19 일 전

    The app is by Russians and they can get your info

  67. wOnDeRfUl WeAtHeR wE'rE hAvInG

    wOnDeRfUl WeAtHeR wE'rE hAvInG19 일 전


  68. Precious Billingsley

    Precious Billingsley19 일 전

    Don't use Faceapp! Russians can use your pictures for litteraly anything and your privacy.

  69. Idaho

    Idaho19 일 전

    Jonah Hill looks like White Jussie Smollett here.

  70. Sofia Nou

    Sofia Nou19 일 전

    There are 2 guys with the poor&famous shirt

  71. Arnas Bunevicius

    Arnas Bunevicius19 일 전

    Theres no billie ellish you guys lyeing

  72. uno reverse

    uno reverse19 일 전


  73. I ran into A wall

    I ran into A wall19 일 전

    She was the first one

  74. Chantal Huerta

    Chantal Huerta19 일 전

    Edwin Rivera lmao

  75. Edwin Rivera

    Edwin Rivera19 일 전

    Cough cough first round cough

  76. Elle_Playz xd

    Elle_Playz xd19 일 전

    8:25 when say he’s “famous” his shirt says poor and famous

  77. Japkjkites Jap

    Japkjkites Jap19 일 전

    Almost nobody don't know who Jason statham is, and tori mess up the Chris terribly.

  78. Hannahdestinyyy

    Hannahdestinyyy19 일 전


  79. Bri G

    Bri G19 일 전

    Why :,(

  80. Hanna Baldysz

    Hanna Baldysz19 일 전

    Hannahdestinyyy and I love Tori

  81. Potato

    Potato19 일 전

    I got disappointed when Jennie didn’t know that it was Chris evens

  82. Lil NiBBa

    Lil NiBBa19 일 전

    7:55 he just came again wth

  83. Lil NiBBa

    Lil NiBBa19 일 전

    5:03 my man just came

  84. Rebecca O

    Rebecca O20 일 전

    Tyler the creator billie and Tom Holland I got all of those in a flash it was so obvious

  85. Pastel Vxbes

    Pastel Vxbes20 일 전

    I don't know any of these celebs but billie and Kylie and stuff

  86. Hell Fire

    Hell Fire20 일 전


  87. Unknown Dreamer

    Unknown Dreamer20 일 전

    Hun, Hell no.

  88. noa babishov

    noa babishov20 일 전

    u guys shouldn't use face app bc of these russians

  89. Assè Xentia

    Assè Xentia20 일 전

    14:44 Brandon you cutie😍

  90. Shawnna Farley

    Shawnna Farley20 일 전

    Omg the reactors look adorable old!!!!

  91. ArtisticWolf 27

    ArtisticWolf 2720 일 전

    Am I the only one who thought Margot Robbie was Heidi Klum for a second? Just me? Ok.

  92. ari be rad

    ari be rad20 일 전

    tyler the creators elder self lowkey looked like denzel washington 🤔

  93. Heather De Rose

    Heather De Rose20 일 전

    + russia has entered the chat..

  94. Heather De Rose

    Heather De Rose20 일 전

    how many points did y'all get? I got 6 !! (normal round) I got 12 !! (speed round) I died !! (their photoshoot)

  95. Adam A.

    Adam A.20 일 전

    Who else is distracted with the sub title. 🙄✌😅

  96. Esther Exploits

    Esther Exploits20 일 전

    Why do I see most comments 9 days after the video was postwd

  97. funloldash roblox

    funloldash roblox20 일 전

    Dont use Faceapp Russians take your secerts and Everyone pls delete Faceapp its In All the news

  98. Muqadus Fawad

    Muqadus Fawad20 일 전

    I am a normal person I see Billie Eilish I click

  99. htx_. d3m0n

    htx_. d3m0n20 일 전


  100. eilish fan

    eilish fan20 일 전

    14:58 best part

  101. 『테이리』

    『테이리』20 일 전

    Kylie Kardashian Im dying😂

  102. 『테이리』

    『테이리』16 일 전

    @SharmGiri Yes

  103. SharmGiri

    SharmGiri16 일 전

    BTS? Jimin? Army?

  104. Jonathan Ortiz

    Jonathan Ortiz20 일 전

    OMG that part was so funny

  105. BlackSkyz _101

    BlackSkyz _10120 일 전


  106. bils avocado

    bils avocado20 일 전

    so u basically just used billie eilish in the title for clout

  107. Soumen Adhikari

    Soumen Adhikari21 일 전

    Russia send ya regards

  108. • emixvia •

    • emixvia •21 일 전

    I only clicked on this video for Billie Eilish

  109. Afroditi Veneti

    Afroditi Veneti21 일 전


  110. Julia Niel

    Julia Niel21 일 전

    It seems like they've been in college for a long time. What happens when they graduate?

  111. Olivia Golick

    Olivia Golick21 일 전

    Delete it NOW

  112. Olivia Golick

    Olivia Golick19 일 전

    @lush' it was all over the news

  113. lush'

    lush'20 일 전

    @Olivia Golick how do you know it's made by russians lol

  114. Olivia Golick

    Olivia Golick20 일 전

    @lush' it's made by Russians and they get all your personal information

  115. lush'

    lush'20 일 전

    Why? There's nothing wrong with the video, personally, I think it's kinda cool.

  116. VfB 0711

    VfB 071120 일 전


  117. Ammor 7

    Ammor 721 일 전

    9:30 who also thought she was Lauren german from lucifer

  118. i wish i was people

    i wish i was people21 일 전


  119. Genesis Royball

    Genesis Royball21 일 전

    thats from russshu

  120. Gabriela Rivera

    Gabriela Rivera21 일 전

    Instantly one of my faves 😂❤️

  121. Marshmallow Gaming

    Marshmallow Gaming21 일 전

    It's soo easy for these ppl to guess what celebrity they were bc it only shows white celebrity's 🤦🏿‍♂️

  122. Marshmallow Gaming

    Marshmallow Gaming20 일 전

    @noa babishov oh and there isn't no Tyler the Creator n the replys of my comment SRUPID 😂 u must b blind

  123. noa babishov

    noa babishov20 일 전

    tyler the creator, r u color blind

  124. Phips Khaleesi Targayryen

    Phips Khaleesi Targayryen20 일 전

    What has this to do with ANYTHING?

  125. Marshmallow Gaming

    Marshmallow Gaming21 일 전

    @linasyay IK

  126. linasyay

    linasyay21 일 전

    Marshmallow Gaming but but you just said ONLY white?