what a weird day in minecraft...


  1. ThingofBorgar

    ThingofBorgar13 시간 전


  2. birdbath urinal

    birdbath urinal일 전


  3. superalmond 6

    superalmond 6일 전

    If you wanna really annoy him call him Ted xfinity

  4. Brian Don

    Brian Don3 일 전

    So was felix actually in the chat?

  5. Ganosista

    Ganosista3 일 전

    can i have that 1:00 ???

  6. Wilks777

    Wilks7774 일 전

    3:20 is that Kaya from the official podcast

  7. the

    the4 일 전

    I weezed while in the nether with headphones on and that shit sounded like a ghast, bouta suicide my cap'n crunch

  8. Fogarty Michael

    Fogarty Michael5 일 전

    You're from the same place as Jake Paul, that means your pretty much Jake Paul

  9. Craig Boi 69

    Craig Boi 695 일 전

    1:01 when The WiFi goes down one bar

  10. jesslyn

    jesslyn5 일 전

    *mmmm yeah daddy mm daddy yes spank me with your neck pillow*

  11. Yeet_e3

    Yeet_e35 일 전

    13:50 *visibly in fear*

  12. Rainbow Lemonade

    Rainbow Lemonade5 일 전

    im trying to find a clip where carson says like something something, big booone and i cant find it and its been annoying me all day

  13. Lacoulas 555

    Lacoulas 5558 일 전

    What if we liped on the battle bus

  14. Dragon Gaming

    Dragon Gaming9 일 전

    13:52 Why does Carson look like a baby that just shit himself when he’s scared?

  15. F1sh N1ck

    F1sh N1ck9 일 전

    My penis, h

  16. glassdeer

    glassdeer10 일 전

    “A body has been discovered” as aged poorly for SMP nowadays.

  17. SoupKing05

    SoupKing0510 일 전

    13:21 why my man playin lavender town song

  18. Popspaceman

    Popspaceman10 일 전


  19. The Main Adog

    The Main Adog10 일 전

    That’s my toilet fighting back after my dumpy unleashes Carson: *DIES INTERNALLY*

  20. Woozy Boo

    Woozy Boo12 일 전

    Why Carson have glo cheese on wall

  21. Kenzie

    Kenzie12 일 전

    my fucking weeb ass got so unbelievably HYPE when I heard monokuma omg i was so excited

  22. Jumbo Baggins/JelloGO

    Jumbo Baggins/JelloGO14 일 전

    Ted Nivison is Lawful Evil and is one of the only CallmeCarson characters who isn’t in the Chaotic alignment

  23. Marco Joselino Magtabog

    Marco Joselino Magtabog15 일 전

    Child friendly lips indeed

  24. Addie

    Addie15 일 전

    0:12 *carson predicts smpronpa?*

  25. sylveon 69

    sylveon 6916 일 전

    i like how that are talking about people dying to party in the usa while the lavender town theme plays

  26. Grace Korte

    Grace Korte17 일 전

    Pls pope post please pls howgay pls pls follow ya ya boy pls ya know how to get to ya ya girl ya know how to get it to me ur not really a good job 👏 is a nice day for ya girl ya know what ya think ya know ya girl 👧 ya know what ya think 💭 ya know ya like ya ya girl ya ya wowow was ya day to get ya girl ya boy ya ya boy you don’t know why y’all don’t wanna pick me too bad I don’t have any good good job to do it haha was that one thing I would want it to me and the people I want to pls make pls feel free and support me too bruh wwas was my day I got to see y’all today I wanna look

  27. Scp20000

    Scp2000017 일 전

    How do you know the USA is still going to be a thing when you die

  28. RatKin

    RatKin17 일 전

    "A body has been discovered!" you almost gave me a fucking stroke >;( h

  29. Odessy88

    Odessy8818 일 전

    1:03 android users be like

  30. dogsneaudeau

    dogsneaudeau19 일 전

    s m p r o n p a

  31. Nick Gurr

    Nick Gurr19 일 전

    13:58 is my reaction to big lion

  32. Grace Wood

    Grace Wood19 일 전

    "a body has been discovered" the panic in my system for a second then sjjfjdhdhdh

  33. Kokichi Ouma

    Kokichi Ouma15 일 전

    i wouldn’t be lying if i told you i *screamed*


    JACKALOPE20 일 전

    I don’t know why their there, but I appreciate the pride flags

  35. VoodooDoll

    VoodooDoll18 일 전

    :0 where

  36. TotallyNot AnAlien

    TotallyNot AnAlien20 일 전

    10:45 "It's still gay month bro, you're being disrespectful" Traves: WHEN DOES THIS MONTH END

  37. Emma Domak

    Emma Domak21 일 전

    “a body has been discovered!” so many emotions just went through my brain

  38. Austin007 Gaming

    Austin007 Gaming22 일 전


  39. lil dick nigga

    lil dick nigga22 일 전

    Carson danganronpa crossover

  40. elysian nati

    elysian nati22 일 전

    The “a body has been discovered!” triggered my fight or flight and I’m-

  41. Conner Johnston

    Conner Johnston23 일 전

    Carson you hilarious, but what’s that hairstyle

  42. Gaming For God

    Gaming For God23 일 전