Westworld III - HBO 2020


  1. cynthia burns

    cynthia burns43 분 전

    Its simple really. Noah was real. The Nephalim(sp?) in his time before the flood needed to be destroyed. The understanding of that will come to light if the truth of what is happening now here on Earth is brought to light. (brought out in the open for all to see). Future proves past. WWG1WGA

  2. Gürkan ILGIN

    Gürkan ILGIN4 시간 전


  3. Jonah Liu

    Jonah Liu6 시간 전

    Anyone knows the glasses that Aaron Paul wears at the 0:26? Thanks!

  4. Candid Sky Productions

    Candid Sky Productions15 시간 전

    Looks like they ruined another one.

  5. RonaN

    RonaN일 전

    0:36 I noticed that Aaron Paul's accomplice shirt represents the emotions he's feeling, changing from BORED to AMUSED when the explosion happens and in 0:56 when he punches the man's face, the shirt shines in ANGER. so fucking cool.

  6. Nakharin Wareesuwan

    Nakharin Wareesuwan일 전

    ahh my brain !!

  7. Lazy Daisee

    Lazy Daisee일 전

    The robots are breaking bad too!

  8. Emilio Santana

    Emilio Santana2 일 전

    Okay, I'm hyped now.

  9. a man name Jaqen H'ghar

    a man name Jaqen H'ghar2 일 전

    Yo it's Jesse Pinkman

  10. Mahan

    Mahan2 일 전

    to be honest i was waiting for this part of the show since first season ended, i don't like robots in a wild wild west theme :|

  11. FcoRT

    FcoRT2 일 전

    I hadn't seen WestWorld yet (it was on my watchlist though), but someday I randomly watched the trailer, and in the moment I listened to Brain Damaged I went and watched the 2 seasons. I hope the inverse happens to someone that hasn't got into Pink Floyd yet :)

  12. Габриель Солков

    Габриель Солков3 일 전

    We cyberpunk beeeeotch

  13. DwadeFL4SHMV3

    DwadeFL4SHMV33 일 전

    The way the monologue this male guy said in this trailer reminds me so much of what Dolores thought of her world in season 1. He has a much different opinion tho

  14. It's worth it.

    It's worth it.3 일 전


  15. Howard Levine

    Howard Levine4 일 전

    Science fiction bitches. Yeah!

  16. Beerbottles123

    Beerbottles1234 일 전

    Westworld Season 1 = Red Dead Redemption Westworld Season 2 = Sekiro Westworld Season 3 = Cyberpunk 2077

  17. Phoenix

    Phoenix5 일 전

    im crying

  18. peppe peco

    peppe peco5 일 전

    Jessie PINKfloyd?!!......Science biiitch ;)

  19. Gep D. Locke Walker

    Gep D. Locke Walker5 일 전

    Yo yo yo! It seems that u take too much blue meth biatch !!

  20. Shuvo Speaking

    Shuvo Speaking6 일 전

    Yeah! Singapore, BITCH!!

  21. Jeff Dur

    Jeff Dur6 일 전

    Even a bottle of his new shit booze couldn't make me watch this.

  22. Oliver Palafox

    Oliver Palafox6 일 전

    The entire westworld plot is a prequel to bladerunner

  23. Schwarzer Ritter

    Schwarzer Ritter5 일 전

    Haha maybe😂😂

  24. a samurai of sorts

    a samurai of sorts6 일 전

    Doesn't look like anything to me

  25. Zippy The Clown

    Zippy The Clown7 일 전

    I guess they’ve officially beaten that horse to death.

  26. Carl Kuuk

    Carl Kuuk7 일 전

    for a moment i though that robot next to jesse was one of the first versions they made up before WW, but i think that chick was dolores so i'm confused, others said that this is one of the futureworld in the game

  27. Stop and go garage! Performance

    Stop and go garage! Performance7 일 전

    Jesse get back to work!

  28. Umesh Upadhyaya

    Umesh Upadhyaya7 일 전

    She will be cooking meth in no time.......Jesse got a robot now put her to work my man

  29. Jad Walieddine

    Jad Walieddine7 일 전

    Dumb friends: Season 2 of westworld was tra... Me: *FREEZE ALL MOTOR FUNCTIONS!*

  30. Adrian!

    Adrian!7 일 전

    0:59 ayyy Need For Speed 2 everybody

  31. Adrian!

    Adrian!7 일 전

    0:28 whats happening here????


    ANDRES FULL8 일 전


  33. ŚHÀDØW X

    ŚHÀDØW X9 일 전

    Westworld Season III = Cyberpunk 2077

  34. Abdullah

    Abdullah9 일 전


  35. Shoug Arifi

    Shoug Arifi9 일 전

    Is this even the same show?!

  36. Gautam Chatterjee

    Gautam Chatterjee9 일 전


  37. Sindri Snær Sigurðsson

    Sindri Snær Sigurðsson9 일 전

    I’m so happy about the music choice in this trailer, that I’m finally gonna go watch season 2

  38. Demetre Lor

    Demetre Lor10 일 전

    Mmmmm is HBO gonna start messing up good tv shows now?! Like Game of Thrones and now WESTWORLD?! Rip to the characters now I guess 😒

  39. DioSundoro

    DioSundoro10 일 전

    How is this related to the previous seasons?

  40. Vasto Lorde

    Vasto Lorde10 일 전


  41. Bilal Pervaiz

    Bilal Pervaiz10 일 전

    I use to skip and move forward while watching but watching this one I was unable to do because its very creative and you can't skip in order to properly understand the plot and every episode makes it better. till now I considered that the Game of thrones is the best of show of "HBO" but after watching this one I was wrong becasuse "west world" have done the realism at its best "NO F**king bullsh*t censors" and this one is the best show of "HBO" in my List. This is one of my favorite tv shows & very excited for season 3 (2020). Best Regards

  42. rami sarkis

    rami sarkis11 일 전

    pink floyd!!!...this shit is getting deeper

  43. Brandon Urrego

    Brandon Urrego11 일 전


  44. Guy

    Guy11 일 전

    Westworld, but with no Westworld anymore.


    CMLAFLAMME12 일 전

    Wish Anthony Hopkins was in this season.. and pretty much the whole first season cast, but it will still be fun to watch Delores fuck up Futureworld.

  46. DarthFargus Productions

    DarthFargus Productions12 일 전

    lol they were filming a scene in my brothers school in Singapore

  47. NihilarV

    NihilarV13 일 전


  48. David List

    David List13 일 전

    1:14 that's the maze painted on the wall isn't it... he's in a park

  49. Grover Monster

    Grover Monster13 일 전

    Cool bro!

  50. Leda

    Leda13 일 전

    Yeah, maybe you guys are right and this is FutureWorld... or Maybe Aaron Paul's character is a host that has been placed in the real world.

  51. Gabriele Tarallo

    Gabriele Tarallo6 일 전


  52. Mandeep Dhami

    Mandeep Dhami13 일 전

    Every android will be smoking dope and there will be peace in there world anytime soon