WELCOME TO THE *ROYAL GAMES*! | Minecraft (Oh, and Squirrel's Tree Burns Down!)


  1. Knight in shining armor

    Knight in shining armor3 일 전

    Hey it's not fair delirious has golden boots so he will probably win the catacombs

  2. Fox gamer Girl

    Fox gamer Girl19 일 전

    Just the way he says “squirl.... your tree is on fire” and then epic music XD

  3. Max Willett

    Max Willett23 일 전

    9 inches oh dangly death Og reamebers

  4. Reuben Matthias

    Reuben Matthias29 일 전

    You are king arther and squirrel is Merlin

  5. Austin jaden Dingle

    Austin jaden Dingle2 개월 전

    That what u get squirrel u get your house dead

  6. The REAL Phille Phil Games

    The REAL Phille Phil Games2 개월 전

    26:20 I literally could not stop laughing, LOL LMAO

  7. Mark Esguerra

    Mark Esguerra2 개월 전

    H20 is damn cute hahahaha

  8. Isaiah Kajoba

    Isaiah Kajoba2 개월 전

    "Um Squirrel...Ur house is on fire"🤣🤣

  9. channing helmke

    channing helmke2 개월 전

    i hate spuirrel

  10. Julia Missey

    Julia Missey3 개월 전

    Good clever games! Thanks for the video!

  11. Samuel Hogg

    Samuel Hogg3 개월 전

    Cartoonz: Squirrel.... Your tree's on fire. Squirrel: WHAT? Everyone: *Panic Mode* 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. Ian Crisp

    Ian Crisp3 개월 전

    Cartoons didn't notice delirious still had his gold boots on the entire time

  13. georkel shelton

    georkel shelton3 개월 전

    This was awesome guys

  14. Sherlock150

    Sherlock1503 개월 전

    Dude that panic set in so fast and i was laughing my ass off. Good shit bro... Lol hail King toonz

  15. Steven Flores

    Steven Flores3 개월 전

    Your video is so funny 😂

  16. Vanessa Siler

    Vanessa Siler4 개월 전

    I died when they were all frantically running to Squirrels tree and then when he puts his daughter on his shoulder and Cartoonz just panics like “DID YOU JUST SUCK YOUR CHILD UP”

  17. S†ørm

    S†ørm4 개월 전

    Cartoonz is hella underrated, keep doing whatcha do brother.

  18. Jaxcraft 28

    Jaxcraft 284 개월 전

    21:43: CartoonZ is a madman!

  19. Jaxcraft 28

    Jaxcraft 284 개월 전

    3:20: YES! He's giving them the grand tour!

  20. Jaxcraft 28

    Jaxcraft 284 개월 전

    Oh, Squirrel looks so pissed in the thumbnail. Out for revenge.

  21. Jaxcraft 28

    Jaxcraft 284 개월 전

    Love the intro. Holy crap, man!

  22. Jaxcraft 28

    Jaxcraft 284 개월 전

    CartoonZ looks evil as heck in the background of the thumbnail there! XD Almost looks like Infinity War or something.

  23. Kelechi Onyeiwu

    Kelechi Onyeiwu4 개월 전

    How come I wasn’t invited

  24. Sheo

    Sheo4 개월 전

    10:16 that skeleton wants to join the Royal Games

  25. Michael Lance Steenberg

    Michael Lance Steenberg4 개월 전

    The intro was golden the spectator, the music and Cartoonz’s speech.

  26. Trashy Boi

    Trashy Boi4 개월 전

    Ayeeeee, i didn't know that you were from Missouri too

  27. Joel Bravo

    Joel Bravo4 개월 전

    I like how cartoonz just became king lol

  28. Normally normal Man 38

    Normally normal Man 384 개월 전

    The royal games are on and you will die or win

  29. Natalia Korvesk

    Natalia Korvesk4 개월 전

    the tree keeps burning because of the torches it came in with one of the older patches, it occasionally lights wood on fire. you need to replace the torches with glowstone

  30. PUBG GUY

    PUBG GUY4 개월 전

    My ugly face will make bloody Mary not come

  31. PUBG GUY

    PUBG GUY4 개월 전

    If a person dies in the crew ima do bloody Mary four times

  32. Less Energy

    Less Energy4 개월 전

    Does ohm annoy anyone else when he always tries to make alliances instead of just playing? He does it in every game they play against each other.

  33. Orcrist

    Orcrist4 개월 전

    One of your finest episodes

  34. Wobbmin

    Wobbmin4 개월 전

    The best part is that Squirrel’s tree may have been saved if Cartoonz didn’t turn off the rain that would have put it out.

  35. Tiny Cucuy

    Tiny Cucuy4 개월 전

    29:00 where's the free tote bags, t-shirt, the stuff squirrel doll and a picture of one of squirrel's kids for giving the LIKE to help prevent this from ever happening again?

  36. Potato Head

    Potato Head4 개월 전

    can we talk about how delerious cheated on the catacombs by bringing boots?

  37. Benjamin Jackson

    Benjamin Jackson4 개월 전


  38. 18x__.nobxdy.__x17

    18x__.nobxdy.__x174 개월 전

    Best Fuckin video I've ever seen

  39. Zach Dolgin

    Zach Dolgin4 개월 전

    The snowman dies and then squirrels house is on fire😢. Imagine if Luke’s castle was destroyed😭. I do agree that squirrels’ tree was probably struck by lighting

  40. Dexter Moscarello

    Dexter Moscarello4 개월 전

    Lol Delirous was wearing golden boots the whole time 😂