WELCOME TO THE *ROYAL GAMES*! | Minecraft (Oh, and Squirrel's Tree Burns Down!)


  1. Steven Flores

    Steven Flores5 일 전

    Your video is so funny 😂

  2. Vanessa Siler

    Vanessa Siler12 일 전

    I died when they were all frantically running to Squirrels tree and then when he puts his daughter on his shoulder and Cartoonz just panics like “DID YOU JUST SUCK YOUR CHILD UP”

  3. S†ørm

    S†ørm12 일 전

    Cartoonz is hella underrated, keep doing whatcha do brother.

  4. Jaxcraft 28

    Jaxcraft 2814 일 전

    21:43: CartoonZ is a madman!

  5. Jaxcraft 28

    Jaxcraft 2814 일 전

    3:20: YES! He's giving them the grand tour!

  6. Jaxcraft 28

    Jaxcraft 2814 일 전

    Oh, Squirrel looks so pissed in the thumbnail. Out for revenge.

  7. Jaxcraft 28

    Jaxcraft 2814 일 전

    Love the intro. Holy crap, man!

  8. Jaxcraft 28

    Jaxcraft 2814 일 전

    CartoonZ looks evil as heck in the background of the thumbnail there! XD Almost looks like Infinity War or something.

  9. Kelechi Onyeiwu

    Kelechi Onyeiwu15 일 전

    How come I wasn’t invited

  10. Rafael.

    Rafael.15 일 전

    10:16 that skeleton wants to join the Royal Games

  11. Michael Lance Steenberg

    Michael Lance Steenberg16 일 전

    The intro was golden the spectator, the music and Cartoonz’s speech.

  12. Trashy Boi

    Trashy Boi16 일 전

    Ayeeeee, i didn't know that you were from Missouri too

  13. Joel Bravo

    Joel Bravo17 일 전

    I like how cartoonz just became king lol

  14. Normally normal Man 38

    Normally normal Man 3817 일 전

    The royal games are on and you will die or win

  15. Natalia Korvesk

    Natalia Korvesk19 일 전

    the tree keeps burning because of the torches it came in with one of the older patches, it occasionally lights wood on fire. you need to replace the torches with glowstone

  16. PUBG GUY

    PUBG GUY19 일 전

    My ugly face will make bloody Mary not come

  17. PUBG GUY

    PUBG GUY19 일 전

    If a person dies in the crew ima do bloody Mary four times

  18. Less Energy

    Less Energy19 일 전

    Does ohm annoy anyone else when he always tries to make alliances instead of just playing? He does it in every game they play against each other.

  19. Orcrist

    Orcrist19 일 전

    One of your finest episodes

  20. Wobbmin

    Wobbmin21 일 전

    The best part is that Squirrel’s tree may have been saved if Cartoonz didn’t turn off the rain that would have put it out.

  21. Tiny Cucuy

    Tiny Cucuy21 일 전

    29:00 where's the free tote bags, t-shirt, the stuff squirrel doll and a picture of one of squirrel's kids for giving the LIKE to help prevent this from ever happening again?

  22. Potato Head

    Potato Head22 일 전

    can we talk about how delerious cheated on the catacombs by bringing boots?

  23. Benjamin Jackson

    Benjamin Jackson22 일 전


  24. 18x__.nobxdy.__x17

    18x__.nobxdy.__x1723 일 전

    Best Fuckin video I've ever seen

  25. Zach Dolgin

    Zach Dolgin23 일 전

    The snowman dies and then squirrels house is on fire😢. Imagine if Luke’s castle was destroyed😭. I do agree that squirrels’ tree was probably struck by lighting

  26. Dexter Moscarello

    Dexter Moscarello23 일 전

    Lol Delirous was wearing golden boots the whole time 😂

  27. 213AnimeFreak213

    213AnimeFreak21324 일 전

    So what was the prize?

  28. CallyTeddy

    CallyTeddy24 일 전

    Ohm's tryharding attitude really pisses me off

  29. Alex Bava

    Alex Bava24 일 전

    I liked the spleef game

  30. Laci Trach

    Laci Trach25 일 전

    This was a cute video!loved the royal games!!

  31. Chad Landon

    Chad Landon25 일 전

    I made a chair in minecraft

  32. Dun Dos

    Dun Dos25 일 전

    19:15 order of fall 1 Delirious 2 Squirrel 3 Ohm

  33. Laura Soask

    Laura Soask25 일 전

    That ending is everything and more!!

  34. Burning Delphox

    Burning Delphox26 일 전


  35. Dutchman 75

    Dutchman 7526 일 전

    Over 400 k views and only 30k like. Come on guys these guys deserve much more love than that

  36. oi oof

    oi oof27 일 전


  37. Tyler Shark9

    Tyler Shark927 일 전

    Maybe squirrels tree got struck by lightning in the beginning

  38. Flare Nin

    Flare Nin27 일 전

    Ah yes achery my favorite activity

  39. UnknownPlayer Lazereth

    UnknownPlayer Lazereth27 일 전

    They never got their loot lol

  40. Trenton Brooks

    Trenton Brooks27 일 전

    No one gets the reference of delirious' 9 inches of dangling death? XD


    BIG HEROS27 일 전

    H2O: it’s gonna be mailed to my house *DEAD* LMAO

  42. Nova Shorty

    Nova Shorty28 일 전

    I love how much effort and time you put in to make this whole arena it is dope asf

  43. michael kula

    michael kula28 일 전


  44. Nick Seaman

    Nick Seaman28 일 전

    you are a boss, man. this is dope as hell.

  45. Christopher Santiago

    Christopher Santiago28 일 전

    😳......Umm......Squirrel?...............You're tree house is literally on fire!

  46. Kizkuz Gamer

    Kizkuz Gamer28 일 전

    Cartoonz its called spleef but there is only one floor so i guess snowfall works.

  47. _Bia_

    _Bia_28 일 전

    so what did they end up getting?

  48. owo yeet

    owo yeet28 일 전

    Someone should tell toonz that snowfall is spleef

  49. Jon Higdon

    Jon Higdon28 일 전

    18:50 you guys are seeing the screen glitch too right?

  50. The Caveira

    The Caveira29 일 전

    KOreporter is no longer dead!!! It is back in its prime due to Minecraft!!!

  51. blisterypoet Estrada

    blisterypoet Estrada29 일 전

    I need to hear a in the arms of a squirrel LoL

  52. Cuba buba

    Cuba buba29 일 전

    do more

  53. Uncontrollable Mamba

    Uncontrollable Mamba29 일 전

    Oh, is that a new youtuber? To replace ohm?

  54. Cannelloni

    Cannelloni29 일 전

    Delirious used a golden boot..... RIGGED

  55. CreativeRose Official

    CreativeRose Official29 일 전

    8:31 _"Achery"_

  56. Exotic_ Dummy

    Exotic_ Dummy29 일 전

    Cartoonz:” Squirrel, your tree’s on Fire.” Squirrel: 😱 Everyone: 😱😱😱 Me: plot twist 😂

  57. SlutteySpider 69

    SlutteySpider 6929 일 전

    I love this💗💗💗💗💗

  58. Mr Irrational

    Mr Irrational29 일 전

    I burst of laughter when the tree caught on fire 😂 it was unexpected

  59. Arrow 33155

    Arrow 3315529 일 전

    Man I Love Fishing



    The minority squad did it

  61. Tatiana Bedolla

    Tatiana Bedolla개월 전

    29:32 ITS SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEE :3 😆😆😆

  62. Rex the Extreme Werewolf

    Rex the Extreme Werewolf개월 전

    Go Delirious!

  63. Pastel Dummy Thicc

    Pastel Dummy Thicc개월 전

    They should have hit him with a bow xD

  64. Melli Mel

    Melli Mel개월 전

    Wha? Huh? But... what was going to happen at the castle before the fire? I must know!

  65. Tom Smith

    Tom Smith개월 전

    21:55 let the last game BEGIN!

  66. Will Ross

    Will Ross개월 전


  67. Tyrek Johnson-Williams

    Tyrek Johnson-Williams개월 전

    Hey cartoonz,can you do a superhero mod for this

  68. Chill

    Chill개월 전

    Have you known that squirrel have been slaving his Children in his tree house

  69. Alkzues

    Alkzues개월 전

    Anyone else mad we didn't get to see why cartoonz was addicted to fishing and his extra reward???

  70. bobby big t5tt

    bobby big t5tt개월 전


  71. neolithiumproduction

    neolithiumproduction개월 전

    Funny thing is, you can see at 2:45 that the tree is starting to go up in flames. xD Anyways, this was a great episode. Good work on the games, Cartoonz.

  72. christopher rubio

    christopher rubio개월 전

    That was amazing!! Love the video!!😊 this is why I love Toonzie!

  73. Blueninja Zombie

    Blueninja Zombie개월 전

    Do you have mending for a fishing rod because if you do it repairs itself using the exp that you get from fishing

  74. potato Sig

    potato Sig개월 전

    Minecraft Medieval King skin for our boy Toonz? Yes :D

  75. Kasandra Cristal

    Kasandra Cristal개월 전


  76. MrTerror923

    MrTerror923개월 전

    29:11 Do not leave a like, that squirrel is DEAD!

  77. Jason Whittington

    Jason Whittington개월 전

    This is the best youtube video ive ever seen. Hands down.

  78. Rouge war

    Rouge war개월 전

    Do u have tik tok

  79. Pain

    Pain개월 전

    How do youtubers like morgz, t series and guava juice has more subscribers than cartoonz

  80. DanMadviking H

    DanMadviking H개월 전

    one word awesome