Weki Meki 위키미키 - Tiki-Taka(99%) M/V


  1. Airon Zenabi

    Airon Zenabi일 전

    Who's here after DAZZLE DAZZLE?

  2. Ngọc Lam Nguyễn

    Ngọc Lam Nguyễn일 전




    wow this is beautiful whattttttt!!!!

  4. Becci Kinomoto

    Becci Kinomoto2 일 전

    Why i forgot this Bop!?! 🤦‍♀️ I Stan too much Girl Groups 🤷‍♀️🤣

  5. NewToYoutube

    NewToYoutube2 일 전

    First time listening to this group. This song is really catchy :3

  6. Reginev SoshiOT9

    Reginev SoshiOT92 일 전

    The song is seriusly very generic and the mv is low cost, what are they doing to Weki Meki?

  7. Levi

    Levi2 일 전

    Is Lua even there??

  8. athlosx

    athlosx3 일 전

    Stream Weki Meki Dazzle Dazzle Mv tonight 😁

  9. 태선우TaeSunWoo

    태선우TaeSunWoo4 일 전

    Automatic good mood when watching this

  10. Reynaldo Adams

    Reynaldo Adams4 일 전

    Why do Koreans look like white girls? So confused

  11. sallywalker

    sallywalker일 전


  12. grandestingz

    grandestingz3 일 전

    Omg are you dumb???

  13. Lara Simić

    Lara Simić4 일 전

    My little cousin keeps screaming- "TIKI TAKA LITTLE MORE TIKI TAKA"

  14. SE Kim

    SE Kim4 일 전

    의상, 컨셉, 노래 삼박자 다 갖추고도 타이밍을 못맞춰서 더 못해먹은게 너무너무너무 아쉬운 활동

  15. trvgf

    trvgf4 일 전

    if i am welcomed by this 1:23, i might punch myself for day dreaming. :)

  16. momokoblue

    momokoblue5 일 전

    1. I love that they had to use an old alarm clock as a stand in for an "Charlie" intercom.lol 2. I kinda wish they had gone full 1970s Charlie's Angels with the styling of the video. It would have given the mv a stronger visual and fit the opening and closing narrative a bit better.

  17. Alicia Philip

    Alicia Philip5 일 전

    This song should've win in music shows.

  18. 영상모음레전드

    영상모음레전드5 일 전

    are they new members of barca?

  19. Cou tinho

    Cou tinho5 일 전

    Barcelona fan : 🤪

  20. Lolina Fadriquela

    Lolina Fadriquela5 일 전

    This is a peace a sh*t

  21. Đạt Tan

    Đạt Tan5 일 전

    Yoojung 😱😍

  22. momokoblue

    momokoblue5 일 전

    They are so underrated. The quality of the music is always so good and they are just great.

  23. - dbyn -

    - dbyn -6 일 전

    jebaaal dance practice

  24. Louise Hoehne

    Louise Hoehne6 일 전

    I badly need the dance practiceeee🤧🥺

  25. Nico 06106

    Nico 061066 일 전

    I need a comeback now (why suyeon, yoojung and rina are so beautiful and all of weme, also I love when my bias has lines but also #JusticeForLua

  26. Your Hoonie

    Your Hoonie6 일 전

    Nico 06106 they are comeback next week

  27. SKYT

    SKYT7 일 전

    Weki Mekiを知るきっかけになった曲。 最初に出会えて良かった!

  28. MyungDdana Maknae

    MyungDdana Maknae7 일 전

    Str34m little more...

  29. MyungDdana Maknae

    MyungDdana Maknae7 일 전

    At least 5m before Feb 20🙏🙏

  30. 胡蝶しのぶ

    胡蝶しのぶ8 일 전


  31. John 29:127

    John 29:1278 일 전

    Weki Meki comeback!!! Feb.20 Dazzle Dazzle

  32. مريم الجبوري

    مريم الجبوري8 일 전

    I love you weki Miki

  33. Zayn 24

    Zayn 248 일 전

    What entertainment are they from?

  34. Secretpop

    Secretpop8 일 전

    Fantagio Music

  35. Wiktoria Mikolajczyk

    Wiktoria Mikolajczyk9 일 전

    This deserves better this song is so good

  36. Victor clarks

    Victor clarks9 일 전

    Tiki tiki taka little more!!!

  37. jecy_バラ

    jecy_バラ9 일 전

    Where did that feeling? The feeling of being happy in certain years suddenly came out of disbandment. My I.O.I's still here or not, Kim Chung-ha. Chu Khiet Quynh Kim Se-jeong Choi Yoo-jung Kim Do-yeon Jung Chae-yeon Yoo Yeon-jung Jeon Somi, Kim Sejeong, Choi Yoojung, Kim Chungha, Kim Sohye, Zhou ... My 11 members i Love you I.O.I I remember the fun days with songs like Very Very Very pick me crush Whatta Man When the Cherry Blossoms Fade Dream Girls I Love You, I Remember You But the song I hate the most I don't want to go there is DOWNPOUR endless sadness Thank you for coming but wish you success. Where they are now: Somi: Solo Chungha: Solo Kyulkyung: Solo in China, was in Pristin Doyeon: Weki Meki Yoojoung: Weki Meki Sejeong: Gugudan Mina: Gugudan Yeongjung: Cosmic Girls (WJSN) Chaeyeon: DIA Nayoung: was in Pristin Sohye: Actress

  38. 김조르지오최아르마니

    김조르지오최아르마니10 일 전

    진짜 숨은 명곡인데.. 숨어만 있지 말고ㅠㅠ 타이틀이었으면 좋았을텐데

  39. Moon Iwakura

    Moon Iwakura10 일 전

    Getting ready for Dazzle Dazzle! Yeah! 위키미키 화이팅! 위키미키 사랑해요!!!!

  40. Son Seung-Wan

    Son Seung-Wan10 일 전

    Let's support our queen on Feb 20! ❤

  41. Ms. Shin-Ae Yoo

    Ms. Shin-Ae Yoo10 일 전

    They deserve more than just 4M views✔

  42. theHAvlog 하킴

    theHAvlog 하킴10 일 전

    Why Lua only get 1 line?

  43. hope

    hope10 일 전

    please support weme next comeback and help the girls with their first win

  44. hope

    hope10 일 전

    give my girls their 1st win 😔😔

  45. Lola W.

    Lola W.11 일 전

    There's something about this song that sounds really warm and full and i looove it:) been listening to this since eveeeer Stan Weki Meki!

  46. oh ophelia

    oh ophelia11 일 전


  47. Carmen Cordova

    Carmen Cordova11 일 전

    Weki mekiiiii

  48. 권대혁

    권대혁11 일 전

    WekiMeki comback on 2/20. Plz stan wekimeki!! ❤️☁️🦊🌻❄️🌱🌈🦄🌙

  49. Sam- aroha

    Sam- aroha11 일 전

    Weki Meki's comeback on 20 Feb 💃❤❤

  50. Lavieenrose

    Lavieenrose11 일 전


  51. Jungkook He is mine

    Jungkook He is mine12 일 전

    They deserve to be well-known

  52. Jungkook He is mine

    Jungkook He is mine11 일 전

    @권대혁 yes ofc❤️❤️❤️

  53. 권대혁

    권대혁11 일 전

    Weki Meki comeback on 2/20. Plz stan them :) ❤️☁️🦊🌻❄️🌱🌈🦄🌙

  54. Kaioh ru

    Kaioh ru12 일 전


  55. Bagas Sapto

    Bagas Sapto12 일 전

    @annasfasabi @rokemzzero

  56. Roses_are_rosie 41

    Roses_are_rosie 4113 일 전

    The message of the song + the vocals + visuals = a new stan

  57. 橙鹿鹿

    橙鹿鹿13 일 전

    The most adorable summer concept ever ~

  58. 권대혁

    권대혁11 일 전

    Weki Meki comeback on 2/20. Plz stan them :) ❤️☁️🦊🌻❄️🌱🌈🦄🌙

  59. kim sookyung is the love of my life

    kim sookyung is the love of my life14 일 전

    this is so unfaire for lua, she got NO LINE, she does not even say tiki taka or some shit.... i don't understand why fantagio does not give her more lines and screen times, she truly deserves it...

  60. Akio Kim

    Akio Kim14 일 전

    They are having a comeback

  61. くろばんKuro

    くろばんKuro15 일 전

    i'm so ready for their comeback, so excited!!! i just wish that it will be a mini or full album.....Weki Meki hwaiting!!!!

  62. Whined_Chenderella

    Whined_Chenderella11 일 전

    Its a digital single ablum but at least we'll get a single.

  63. 권대혁

    권대혁11 일 전

    Weki Meki comeback on 2/20. Plz stan them :) ❤️☁️🦊🌻❄️🌱🌈🦄🌙

  64. here is seoneonyeon

    here is seoneonyeon16 일 전

    comback here after fantagio announce they will comeback in the mid of feb

  65. Fabian TWICE

    Fabian TWICE16 일 전

    Fighting 10M !!!!!

  66. Whined_Chenderella

    Whined_Chenderella16 일 전


  67. Whined_Chenderella

    Whined_Chenderella11 일 전


  68. 권대혁

    권대혁11 일 전

    Weki Meki comeback on 2/20. Plz stan them :) ❤️☁️🦊🌻❄️🌱🌈🦄🌙

  69. Sam- aroha

    Sam- aroha16 일 전

    Weki Meki is having a comeback this month 💃❤

  70. ᄒᄒ

    ᄒᄒ16 일 전

    최유정 존나 이쁘네

  71. joe opa

    joe opa16 일 전

    "Tika _Taka"