We Tried Breastfeeding In Public • Ladylike


  1. salena y

    salena y2 개월 전

    Any mommas breastfeeding their babies while watching? 🙋‍♀️

  2. Quills Light

    Quills Light7 일 전

    Jazzy Dancing Studios You should wait longer than *17* kiddo-

  3. Joanna k

    Joanna k12 일 전

    My two and a half year old

  4. Johanna Banks

    Johanna Banks15 일 전

    Yesss meee

  5. Melon Creamy Doggo

    Melon Creamy Doggo20 일 전


  6. - Flower Bunnies -

    - Flower Bunnies -29 일 전

    CallmeFab. io why are you watching this then?! 😡

  7. Caitlin Kimble

    Caitlin Kimble시간 전

    I’m glad you guys made this. When I was breastfeeding I was too scared to even breastfeed in the pediatricians

  8. Alexander Hammy Ham

    Alexander Hammy Ham14 시간 전

    Back in my day women couldn't even be seen with their shoulders showing during the day!

  9. Absynthe

    Absynthe19 시간 전

    Y’all could have done one of two things, got real parents who breastfeed to do the experiment with or gotten one of those reborn babies that look very real.

  10. Madeline Borski

    Madeline Borski일 전

    Did they keep the second baby in their purse??

  11. Taylor Hunnicutt

    Taylor Hunnicutt2 일 전

    Don’t hide ur inner boobie

  12. GloFreak

    GloFreak2 일 전

    When I was out on public I used to breastfeed in my car. I know not everyone has that option but it worked for me.

  13. Jimena Alexander

    Jimena Alexander3 일 전

    Anybody notice that they were watching supernatural in the BuzzFeed office? Just me?

  14. Aryanna Austin

    Aryanna Austin4 일 전

    It'd be really awkward if someone noticed that they were using fake babies

  15. Willow Greenwood

    Willow Greenwood5 일 전

    I love Chantels hair!

  16. savage wolf

    savage wolf6 일 전

    Devin, Freddy, kristian,jen, AND chantel But my favorite is freddy..shes just very pretty!

  17. xxLunarWolfxx

    xxLunarWolfxx6 일 전

    Did anyone see Kelsey from the Sims 4 100 baby challenge?

  18. Stupid Muffinz

    Stupid Muffinz8 일 전

    I would leave out of respect. Im a girl. I would feel weird, eventhough I want to do it one day. Maybe if there were other moms.

  19. Silly Bean

    Silly Bean9 일 전

    "Even if you don't approve, just get up and remove yourself". Exactly! I wish everyone was like that with things they don't like! Just be respectful and move on with your life! Tbh I would probably leave too. Not because I don't approve, but because I'd just feel uncomfortable seeing someone doing that. It's kind of a private thing, in my opinion. But if you have to, you have to! Oh, and on a slightly related note, my niece is due to have her first in a few days!

  20. Crista Zellmer

    Crista Zellmer9 일 전

    I think if the top of the breast or the whole breast was exposed, you guys would have gotten a different reaction.

  21. Sara Mc Lean

    Sara Mc Lean12 일 전

    I really like watching mothers breastfeeding, because they look so proud of themselves and you can see how much they love their children.

  22. Vanessa Scalf

    Vanessa Scalf13 일 전

    I was so distracted by Supernatural playing in the background.

  23. Maddie Jones

    Maddie Jones13 일 전

    I’m dying laughing cause they brushed the babies hair with a toothbrush.

  24. Abisola Ayoola

    Abisola Ayoola13 일 전

    Devon seems like a future pta mom. 😂

  25. Bozoolie Montalto

    Bozoolie Montalto14 일 전

    This video isn't very recent and probably someone said it already but most people don't care if you breastfeed as long as you suffocate yourself and the baby with a sweaty blanket. If you just breastfeed and let your shirt drape over the baby with minimal boob showing but people catch a glance of your nipple when the baby is latching on and off I think people are still just as ignorant as they have ever been.

  26. Gabe is bleach

    Gabe is bleach15 일 전

    Chantel and Devin are your two lesbian mums and Devin is the one you talk about when you get a tattoo or wanna dye your hair and chantel you'll talk about with when you've started your period or you're being bullied

  27. Old Soap

    Old Soap15 일 전

    Man my mother never breastfeeded me

  28. lluvia aguilar

    lluvia aguilar15 일 전

    I freaked out when I saw they were watching Supernatural on the TV 7:00

  29. Felicity Fewings

    Felicity Fewings15 일 전

    I agree with breast feeding but in personal experience it can become quite uncomfortable when someone is breast feeding and their child runs off and they just sit their boob out

  30. Erika Smith

    Erika Smith15 일 전

    ok but Asia looks exactly like the tia and tamera

  31. cherry darling

    cherry darling15 일 전

    I used to love the smile and nod from other mums when I was nursing my son. It's kinda like a little comforting "good job mum". I now always smile when I see a mother breastfeeding. It's important to support each other

  32. Chicken Nugget

    Chicken Nugget16 일 전

    I love that Chantel’s voice completely changed😂😂😂

  33. Rayray W

    Rayray W16 일 전

    Also some baby's don't like to be covered up while feeding mine would pull the blanket off and so I'm just like whatever it's fine

  34. Mommy plus two

    Mommy plus two16 일 전

    My son is a month old and i remember my first-time breastfeeding in public they told me to go do that in the bathroom. I was PISSED. I was covered and everything needless to say i stayed right where i was and i got so many dirty looks from the older people where as younger parents looked and smiled at me or nodded. I was so close to having a breakdown that day and now i juat couldnt care.

  35. Jade Murillo

    Jade Murillo17 일 전

    BRING BACK WET NURSES. Back in the day, those who couldn't breast feed would speak to a wet nurse (someone else who was able to breast feed) and they would provide milk for the babies who didn't have access to it. It is healthier for baby. It builds immunity. 💚

  36. Black soul Or white

    Black soul Or white17 일 전

    Im from Germany and womans even breast feed in a bus and nobody cares

  37. Emily Slaton

    Emily Slaton17 일 전

    Pediatricians recommend breastfeeding over formula if it is possible for you to breast feed for at least 3 or 6 months up to 1 year. Formula is suitable but breast milk is even better because it has antibodies from the mom that can support the child’s immune system. It’s important to at least try breast feeding and to make sure there is no alcohol in the breast milk.

  38. Geeky Dino Kid

    Geeky Dino Kid17 일 전

    Once I was at a park and my mom was breastfeeding my brother and this man was like um can u do this somewhere else and I’m like no

  39. Danielle Moran

    Danielle Moran17 일 전

    Would like to see this test in a couple other states so see if there is a different response. Thanks for the cool content 👍🏻

  40. Summer Stillwell _

    Summer Stillwell _18 일 전

    All the guys I know leave when people like my mom or my sister starts breastfeeding there babies and they do that so that way she can have privacy they don’t care they just want to be respectful

  41. Amanda B

    Amanda B18 일 전

    Yeah it could also have been them moving because they thought it was more respectful to the "mother" to give her space to nurse her baby....just saying.

  42. bnwing

    bnwing18 일 전

    I give the ladies lots of credit for trying out this test! But, as a breastfeeding Mom, I can see how unrealistic it is with a doll. A real child is much more difficult to maneuver & handle holding onto, especially with a cover being knocked off. And all the sounds they make. I’m sure some looks they received from people might have been them noticing something was up & not a real baby. And some may have left the area out of respect. I would love to have seen this done without any cover at all; just using their shirts to hide all but the nipple that the baby would be latched onto. Either the shirt pulled up or pulled down. Or even better, the breast fully exposed! Of course, this would be extremely difficult to pull off with a fake baby. LOL. Also, a scenario of them walking, while pushing the stroller (or shopping cart), and breastfeeding at the same time... That happens a lot! ;) I’ve had 3 children. The first never was able to latch. I pumped some for the first two months & then he was on formula. My second son nursed 16 months. And exclusively for the first 8 months. My third child is 3 years & 8 months old & still occasionally nurses at night. But quit nursing regularly when she was 3 years & 5 months. When I had my third child I quit even trying to use a nursing cover. They are so much hassle, the babies hate being covered & hot, & they more trouble than they are worth! With my first two children I was always trying to hide out in bathrooms, cars, etc. to nurse. Once my third came along, I just nurse anywhere, anytime! :) It is so much easier & more stress free! And I feel less outcast from events.

  43. Lemon Squares

    Lemon Squares19 일 전

    Was that supernatural I saw playing on that TV, i certainly saw Jensen Ackles 🧐

  44. Stupid Sundays

    Stupid Sundays19 일 전

    I think breastfeeding is normal 🤱🤱🏻🤱🏼🤱🏽🤱🏾🤱🏿

  45. Giselda Lopez

    Giselda Lopez19 일 전

    Didn’t anyone see Supernatural playing in the background while the girls were trying to figure out how to cover the baby?!!

  46. Josephine Benner

    Josephine Benner19 일 전

    Devin and Chantel where a lesbian couple

  47. Maddhatter1217

    Maddhatter121720 일 전

    Does anyone not notic mr dean Winchester at 6:59 on the tv! He is so perfect.

  48. Laurilee Scott

    Laurilee Scott20 일 전

    Devin: I decided to push the stroller into the restaurant first because I’m a fake mom that takes charge. Ok!

  49. Carlysaurus

    Carlysaurus21 일 전

    If I was sitting near a woman breastfeeding in a semi public place, but slightly private I may get up and leave if I felt the woman was trying for privacy. If she just whipped it out at a thoroughfare, I think I may just chill while not gawking

  50. godsfiddler

    godsfiddler21 일 전

    People DO have the right to not be around someone when they are breastfeeding...nothing wrong with them leaving the area, no matter what the reason.

  51. Human Being

    Human Being21 일 전

    i just think U can breast feed in public as long as ur like not doing it in areas where a lotta kids will be.. let them be innocent and don’t let the sexual people see

  52. Who I?

    Who I?22 일 전

    Aunty Fred oh so cute

  53. Rhyming Redvines

    Rhyming Redvines22 일 전

    The fact that the word tit was censored in this video seems ironic

  54. Maya Hansen

    Maya Hansen25 일 전

    koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4--nCjtYZ-cpQ.html More breastfeeding videos

  55. Huckleberry Winn

    Huckleberry Winn25 일 전

    Were built to be mother's though. So haters can shut the fuck up