We met our TRIPLET!


  1. Lucas and Marcus

    Lucas and Marcus5 개월 전


  2. Brittany Melton

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    @Luiza Bilinska sssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmm

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    Ur welcome and hi shout out pllssssss i have subscribed to u , dobre brothers and Cyrus and Christina!

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    @RBDN - Reese’s Baby Doll Nursery I Love yall youtube I watch yall everyday and I was hoping that yall will give me a shout out please

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    Omg I love u guys so much

  6. Matelita Qoro

    Matelita Qoro7 일 전

    I love your chanle

  7. Jahidul Islam

    Jahidul Islam5 시간 전

    The thumbnail was great. But the video was a prank

  8. Karyn Manley

    Karyn Manley8 시간 전

    I love Lucas and Marcus am your biggest fAnM

  9. Jannat Naseer

    Jannat Naseer9 시간 전

    Marcus didn't get a high five though......🙄🙄

  10. Jonathan Morales

    Jonathan Morales17 시간 전

    I'm sorry

  11. silent ninja

    silent ninja19 시간 전

    They do not look like Marcus and lucas lol

  12. J J

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    My baby marcus is crying I have a crush on Marcus like every girl have to like someone am I right!

  13. Henry Guzeika

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    This is a prank

  14. Nicolae Acul

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    I love All Ur VIDS

  15. Nicolae Acul

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    Lucas and Marcus I'm Romanian and my whole family

  16. Brayan Deoliveira

    Brayan Deoliveira일 전

    Idk brothers that don’t look like ur other twin like triplets he has black hair!?



    I love your videos so much

  18. Baby Roz

    Baby Roz2 일 전

    Title: we meet our triplet what there saying : it is a prank me: are u Kidding me

  19. Shakaiya Sinclair

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    I am your biggest fan.

  20. Wolf Sniper

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    Like from romania

  21. Wolf Sniper

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    Your mom is romanian?

  22. Mihnea's Vlog

    Mihnea's Vlog2 일 전

    He is from romania from my country and you are of oricum romanian beacause your grandma is romanian

  23. Gaelle Konian

    Gaelle Konian2 일 전

    That’s nice but I know it’s not real

  24. A1M_Cozmix _

    A1M_Cozmix _4 일 전

    I’m confused he looks nothing like the twins

  25. claudio gamer

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    Sunt roman❤️❤️

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    Me I was like omg I screemed and the last I in like

  27. Daniela Pruteanu

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    I knowd

  28. Monique Martinez

    Monique Martinez4 일 전

    You guys have 4 brothers

  29. FaDe Sludge

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    He looks nothing like you two

  30. life hacket name

    life hacket name5 일 전

    She got them good 👍

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    You guys are cool

  33. Duglas Ortega

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    I. Love. You. Marcas and. Lucas

  34. RyZeY ツJ

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    10:54 I laughed so hard 😂😂😂

  35. brandy tallent

    brandy tallent5 일 전

    That is a prak so i do not like this

  36. brandy tallent

    brandy tallent5 일 전

    I meant prank

  37. Kimberley Redhead

    Kimberley Redhead6 일 전

    Love you bros ❤️❤️ good luck

  38. J. H

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    Only true fans can like

  39. Simon Stokes

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    It better just twins 🤘🤘🤘

  40. Fortnite Xbox 278

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    I'm a romanian

  41. Elryana Zeltrisya

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    Wait a minute,I think that is steve

  42. Cindy Bevill

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    Who else clicked on the video just to see if they actually had a twin 😢

  43. Ronnie Shanahan

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    It's all for likes and views people

  44. Lany_G3 #1

    Lany_G3 #18 일 전

    And this is a prank cuz he looks nothing at all like the dobre brothers and it’s there friend christen

  45. Lany_G3 #1

    Lany_G3 #18 일 전

    Lol I’m an actual triplet!! Love you dobre

  46. Bubble gum

    Bubble gum8 일 전

    Yeah...she speak romanian language ❤I LOVE YOU ROMANIA💕

  47. Jem Jem

    Jem Jem8 일 전

    The twins look way more better because he doesn’t look like them no offence

  48. Peta Woodward

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  49. Eric Stefan

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    I know romanian too

  50. Tech Gingsangta

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    Is dis truth

  51. Samuel Grosu

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    I’m Romanian 🇹🇩

  52. Viper Claps

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    What is the triplets name

  53. Chyna S

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    I like your video make more videos

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    Like cine e roman

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    Hiiiiii Marcus and Lucas🥰🥰🥰🥰😚

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    Your triplet

  57. Omar Camargo

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    I like your move

  58. Miracle Blackman

    Miracle Blackman9 일 전

    It's funny how Marcus is the mean twin but is also very emotional.

  59. Miracle Blackman

    Miracle Blackman7 일 전

    @Abdul ahmed I don't mean he's mean like a bully like he's that playful type of mean if u know what I mean

  60. Abdul ahmed

    Abdul ahmed7 일 전

    He's not mean

  61. Ira Creativegames

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    Do Chrys and deraeist now about this

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    Lucas and Marcus is I love u guys so much

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    I can to roumain

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    I am Românian too

  66. Dawens Benoit

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    It's obviously Christian

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    Hi I wish I can be at your House🤣

  68. Dope Dealer

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    After when she said don't be mad at me I know it was a prank