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  1. Hope the Wolf in the elemental Wolfpack ASMR

    Hope the Wolf in the elemental Wolfpack ASMR15 분 전

    OMG I haven’t watched you in a while and then I see this video oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god my oh my god oh my God how to go I don’t know I’m saying anywhere anymore I meant but bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro you’re having a baby you guys are having a baby you guys are having a baby you guys are having a baby the flip when did I not hear this I wish I didn’t even forget about your channel but I’m back on it now and I see this I see this I see this I see this I’m just going out of control what the flip you have a baby and your wife OMG

  2. MR. Ender Panda

    MR. Ender Panda15 분 전

    is it just me who is crying tears of happiness?

  3. Creed Freed

    Creed Freed15 분 전

    CONGRATS!!!!! May the Memes bless u

  4. Master BobbyDave

    Master BobbyDave16 분 전

    Congrats dan that’s great news plz put mini dan in some videos when the time comes

  5. Araib Gohar

    Araib Gohar16 분 전


  6. CutePugSquad

    CutePugSquad16 분 전


  7. TheCosmicWonder

    TheCosmicWonder16 분 전

    You will make a perfect dad Dan, so i will sing an og tdm song for u... God had a pencil Dan had a highlighter God drew the world Dan made it brighter You the boss Dan! Keep making me smile as always...,👍👍👍💯👍👍👍👍👊👊👊

  8. Bomb man

    Bomb man16 분 전

    I thought he said he wouldn’t have kids?

  9. DERPGuy 6875

    DERPGuy 687516 분 전

    Congrats dan!

  10. Mazin Fox

    Mazin Fox16 분 전

    Congratulation you are a dad now😿😿👍

  11. Verlixt

    Verlixt16 분 전

    Congrats dan and Jemma hope ur baby boy is heathy and hope u have a great family I have been watching u since 2013 and you have come this far,It’s great,AND NOW UR A DAD 😁:)

  12. Freddy Fazbear

    Freddy Fazbear17 분 전

    Congratulations I knew as soon as I saw him and jemma that they were having a baby.

  13. NoneStop Tuber

    NoneStop Tuber17 분 전

    I watched as a child and now you have one! Congratulations!!! This put a smile on my face

  14. Jimmy savvel is shook

    Jimmy savvel is shook17 분 전

    I cried at this

  15. IcyMythical

    IcyMythical17 분 전

    Congratulations Dan and Jem from your biggest fan lol looking forward to the new member of the TDM Family❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  16. El Morro

    El Morro17 분 전

    Congrats Dan man it’s been a long journey

  17. Tyler Wootton

    Tyler Wootton17 분 전

    Happy birthday dans child next january 2020

  18. One Glorious Penguin

    One Glorious Penguin17 분 전

    Awwwww that’s so cute! I’m so happy for you two!

  19. Duh_Its_ Sophie

    Duh_Its_ Sophie17 분 전

    OMG! Congrats on the baby, and I'm so happy for you both hope u have a happy family😁

  20. NeoGShepz

    NeoGShepz17 분 전

    Congrats dan^^

  21. slipery poop sellars

    slipery poop sellars17 분 전

    OMG I'm crying so hard right now congrats Dan

  22. Jakob MPT

    Jakob MPT17 분 전


  23. 石塚和久

    石塚和久17 분 전


  24. J S

    J S17 분 전

    Big deal bro, you stuck your Pee Pee in a hole, and that made another human... Can't for the next video where you tell us how to send baby shower gifts $$$

  25. Turlz Games

    Turlz Games16 분 전

    I can just imagine that But kid are here so delete it

  26. Pokemong gdog Snowy

    Pokemong gdog Snowy17 분 전

    Will you still do youtube

  27. Turlz Games

    Turlz Games16 분 전

    Not in January I thnik

  28. Gamer S

    Gamer S17 분 전

    Congrats Dan and Jemma good luck

  29. Sarah Fletcher

    Sarah Fletcher17 분 전

    hes no longer DanTDM he is now DadTDM congratulations dan and jemma you will be brilliant parents! xx

  30. Dissgirldoes YEAH

    Dissgirldoes YEAH17 분 전

    Incoming Baby DanTDM! Congrats!

  31. X_ Eraser

    X_ Eraser18 분 전

    Congratulations on your baby boy Dantdm

  32. リフキ2509

    リフキ250918 분 전

    おめでとうございます ダンーさん 幸せな生活を送る (^_^)/

  33. Caitlin Cooney

    Caitlin Cooney18 분 전

    Congrats guys😊🎉

  34. shadowcreeper8

    shadowcreeper818 분 전

    lol dad don"t be the dad in whos your daddy

  35. Mistakxn

    Mistakxn18 분 전

    This brought a tear to my face, Congratulations Dan,


    FISH FACE18 분 전

    Hell na

  37. Trần Quang Bách

    Trần Quang Bách18 분 전

    Congruates on your baby i hope to see him one day (PS sorry if i typed wrong im vietnam so yeah)

  38. Linda Ravakai

    Linda Ravakai18 분 전

    Congrats DAN 😭😭😭😭😭

  39. Younis Al Riyami

    Younis Al Riyami18 분 전


  40. Everyday Gamer

    Everyday Gamer18 분 전

    Oh boi Dan is gonna go great as a father and I swear if u don’t call urself dadtdm then we will revolt 😂😂😂

  41. Owen D

    Owen D18 분 전

    Congratulations dan!

  42. Fahim Ali

    Fahim Ali18 분 전

    Ive been watching since 2015 all those times were so fun.Dan is tottaly cgonna be an amazing parent. (My friend told me about this ☺☺

  43. Pokemong gdog Snowy

    Pokemong gdog Snowy18 분 전


  44. Noah Carmichael

    Noah Carmichael18 분 전

    I’ve been watching this guy for a very very VERY long time. So many years have past and now ur having a baby. Congrats DadTdm 😎😎

  45. The Filming Legends

    The Filming Legends18 분 전


  46. Rupashree Mukherjee

    Rupashree Mukherjee18 분 전

    This is emotional OMG I SUBBED SINCE YOU STARTED

  47. Joyce Freitas

    Joyce Freitas18 분 전


  48. Amix 123

    Amix 12318 분 전

    I have been watching ur vids for over 5 years, and you always picked me up when I was feeling down. Your videos made me smile every day. So I know for a fact, that that is the least you will do for your sun. I am really happy for you Dan😊 congratulations!!

  49. Flying Pugtato

    Flying Pugtato18 분 전


  50. Raiyan Kaicer

    Raiyan Kaicer19 분 전

    Congrats DAN THE DAD

  51. Stefan Jay

    Stefan Jay19 분 전

    Congratulations DanTDM or do I mean DadTDM

  52. Gamer A

    Gamer A19 분 전

    2k dislikes how dare they

  53. RA1NB0WTH3K1D

    RA1NB0WTH3K1D19 분 전

    This shall be a happy family! It will be interesting seeing a baby in you're videos in the near future.

  54. Ryan Walsh

    Ryan Walsh19 분 전

    Well done can I'm crying 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  55. jared sarmiento

    jared sarmiento19 분 전

    Congartulation DanTDM/Daniel Robert Middleton your gonna be a great father to you new baby Congrats again

  56. Alexander vgjghgjfhfhbgh chichiing

    Alexander vgjghgjfhfhbgh chichiing19 분 전


  57. Vatank Sokny

    Vatank Sokny19 분 전

    I am so happy for you

  58. Dan The King Of Bis

    Dan The King Of Bis19 분 전

    so cute

  59. sumalee niamsombat

    sumalee niamsombat19 분 전

    Congratulations Daniel you’re going to be a dad

  60. Iain Cedric Climacosa

    Iain Cedric Climacosa19 분 전

    In Mario Odyssey, there is a 8-bit costume. Also I'm retiring from the dab police, sorry. And I'm 8 years old.

  61. Aayush Bathia

    Aayush Bathia19 분 전

    Congratulations TDM family

  62. jake son

    jake son19 분 전

    Congratulations DanTDM and Jemma

  63. ECL 2008

    ECL 200819 분 전

    I can imagine DanTDM doing a video with MiniTDM

  64. JediWedi

    JediWedi20 분 전

    Everybody else is emotional about this while I'm sitting in my chair hoping the baby will be born on January 8 which is my birthday lol but seriously Dan that's the best victory royale you have had right there.

  65. TheColdMiners

    TheColdMiners20 분 전

    Aww Your Kid Is Gonna Be Perfect... Dan I've Watched you for a VERY long time.. and I know you are gonna make a great dad... That kid will be lucky to have you as a father....

  66. Cassie K

    Cassie K20 분 전

    DAN can u do gaming with ur son when he is born plsssssss play father son game plsssss

  67. 1000 subs with a single video?

    1000 subs with a single video?20 분 전

    1# ON TRENDING :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Edit: omg CONGRATZ! :D K now I'm crying to this beautiful video •́ ‿ ,•̀

  68. Pixel Ty

    Pixel Ty20 분 전

    lol the ultrasound already shows the kids a gamer he has a mouse cursor? WOOOOOTTT Congrats Dan :) you'll be a good father

  69. Poppy Harlow

    Poppy Harlow20 분 전

    Congratulations, you wonderful kids! You're going to be smashing parents. So happy for you!!! My baby boy was/is the best thing to have ever happened to me. He's just stared 6th grade.

  70. Angus Corr

    Angus Corr20 분 전

    Why is the theme from Lord of the Rings playing in the background?

  71. Platoons Of mincraft

    Platoons Of mincraft20 분 전

    WWWWHHAAAT?!Dan your gunna be a father YAHOO

  72. Stefan Jay

    Stefan Jay20 분 전

    Omg it’s could be on my birthday

  73. Ryan Gamer

    Ryan Gamer20 분 전

    Congratulations Dan Make this blue, so that We all know, and support Dan who is the going to be the best dad ⬇️

  74. Alan Feril

    Alan Feril20 분 전


  75. Spider TDC

    Spider TDC20 분 전


  76. MINE MAX

    MINE MAX20 분 전

    Yaaaaa! Dan will have a sheriff at teh dab police

  77. Zoraiz Shaikh

    Zoraiz Shaikh20 분 전

    Congrats on the Baby, Have you told Trayaurus he’s going to be an Uncle? 😂😂😂

  78. Arlyn Reyes

    Arlyn Reyes20 분 전

    Been watching since 2012 i remembered all the times your videos gave me courage when i needed them and the smile and laughters that i did during in my childhood days it was a great experience i wont forget it one channel and one man that will always be at a special place at my heart forever looking for the future Dantdm! Looking forward to be a great fan and yeah! Congrats have a good day MUCH LOVE THANKS!

  79. fan9775

    fan977520 분 전

    Riddles When will I learn to break them.

  80. kitty2010

    kitty201020 분 전


  81. Adit the gamer

    Adit the gamer20 분 전

    Don’t worry about anything Dan, you will be awesome at being a Dad

  82. Imani is better than you

    Imani is better than you20 분 전