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  1. High End Reviews

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  2. Dhaval Patel

    Dhaval Patel11 시간 전

    Looks like SJW crap!! At least have Silk Spectre or Jupiter do a lesbian scene

  3. Anthony Dyrland-Marquis

    Anthony Dyrland-Marquis15 시간 전

    R. I. P. Rorschach.

  4. Anthony Dyrland-Marquis

    Anthony Dyrland-Marquis15 시간 전

    "White man bad!"

  5. Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?

    Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?17 시간 전

    Purely from a technical standpoint this has nothing that was great about the film or the source meterial. As far as the story, it looks like a confused mess that doesn't understand its own messa-- oh, it's Damon Lindelof? That makes perfect sense then.

  6. Bulut Gültekin

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  7. Paul Dorival

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  8. Ed Ang

    Ed Ang22 시간 전

    Any drama series are based on the Whole Quran ,Buddhist,Greek Mythology,Euro Mythology or the Whole Bible or something like The League of The Extrodinary Gentleman from UK.should be quite popular.

  9. Ruben Pereira

    Ruben Pereira22 시간 전

    Love it can't wait

  10. Agent Of Vengeance

    Agent Of Vengeance일 전

    I didn't know Buzzfeed was making movies.

  11. Elemental

    Elemental일 전

    Well I now know what I wont be watching

  12. Valentina Agelli

    Valentina Agelli일 전

    2:16 I love the way how she says "Oh, shit"...

  13. johngalt857

    johngalt857일 전

    Let da mothafuckin’ games begin!

  14. FiveofHearts1

    FiveofHearts1일 전

    Watchmen: Complex moral examination of heroes and unsettling greys, or lack of greys from your viewpoints. Is it wrong to kill thousands to save billions? Is it right to expose a lie, if that lie means destroying world cooperation and plunging it back into a cold war? Are heroes doing it for whats right or a sense of inadequacy? Are the monstrous beyond redemption? Would a walking God care about you? HBO Watchmen: OMG DEY KILLIN DA BLACK PEOPLE.

  15. Biopunk

    Biopunk일 전

    "Watchmen is based on the graphic novel co-created and illustrated by Dave Gibbons and published by DC". Heresy.

  16. Trueblue4u22

    Trueblue4u22일 전

    This looks disappointing

  17. Black Band

    Black Band일 전

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  18. Brandon Tolunt

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  19. TheCausation

    TheCausation2 일 전

    Ethnic Europeans have a right to exist and not be mass replaced or bred out of existence in their own countries.

  20. TheCausation

    TheCausation일 전

    @this sorrowful life Keep hating, anti-white.

  21. this sorrowful life

    this sorrowful life2 일 전

    TheCausation Go fuck yourself.

  22. TheCausation

    TheCausation2 일 전

    (((Anti-whites))) will anti-white.

  23. Rupert J Tingles

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  24. S R.

    S R.2 일 전

    What the fuk is this travesty and insult to Watchmen brand ?

  25. Zero

    Zero2 일 전

    If it's true about the show being about white supremacy I hope that it just doesn't repeat "white people are bad" like most of left politics and shows.

  26. Onslauhtphoenix39

    Onslauhtphoenix392 일 전

    Looks like shit

  27. Milka

    Milka일 전

    Oh shut up your fucking mouth.

  28. Honk Honk!

    Honk Honk!2 일 전

    Ahh yes the bad white guys vs the good black guys... im tired

  29. TheFauxbulous

    TheFauxbulous2 일 전

    If you watched Lindelof's last series, I think you'll know full well that things are definitely not what they appear to be. I think people are trying to hate on this series because they think it has an agenda when Lindelof never usually writes that way. His stuff is about bigger questions and themes beyond the surface and I find he does a great job at respecting different ideologies. Also, if you're doing a modern Watchmen series, how is it annoying to people to include modern issues? You're probably apart of the problem if doth protest too much, imo. Also, prematurely given to who is doing the series. This is what they do and if given the chance you'll probably change your mind, but we'll just have to wait and see.

  30. Cameron Savage

    Cameron Savage2 일 전

    why is watchmen all about black people now wtf

  31. Kaiju Addicts

    Kaiju Addicts2 일 전

    Woke Fest. Pass.

  32. jardeus maximus

    jardeus maximus2 일 전

    Looks Boring.. Hollyweird on the rise...

  33. Jonathan Nicholls

    Jonathan Nicholls2 일 전

    This looks insane and colourful and crazy and, mist importantly, new and different. It looks great something different than your bog-standard superhero show, and I really hope they push that crazy imagination that they seem to be showing in the trailer and strive to make something original, which takes the comic and creates an extension of it worth watching.

  34. WunderWafer

    WunderWafer3 일 전

    If you loved the actual Watchmen, watch The Boys. Whom are they trying to fool by slapping Watchmen logo on this shit.

  35. A_Stoic_Master

    A_Stoic_Master3 일 전

    Craigs' sister from Friday.

  36. Real WiLL

    Real WiLL3 일 전

    I’m so confused

  37. Chucky Lee ray

    Chucky Lee ray3 일 전

    When rorshach went from bad ass too random cult for black lady too beat up 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  38. Mann Made

    Mann Made3 일 전

    Adding Bowie's Life on Mars is genius!

  39. Hannu Suoniemi

    Hannu Suoniemi3 일 전

    This will be very interesting tv-series.

  40. S R.

    S R.2 일 전

    not at all

  41. Dodec84

    Dodec844 일 전

    Sorry Alan Moore. We could not stop this.

  42. Fear57

    Fear574 일 전

    This looks worse than the borefest that was the movie. Do yourself a favor, only stick with Moore's graphic novel.

  43. Isaac Vargas

    Isaac Vargas3 일 전

    The movie was near perfection fuck off

  44. UDR I Ya

    UDR I Ya4 일 전

    2:50 HRK in thailand

  45. 0 0

    0 04 일 전

    in a nutshell doctor Manhattan is on mars rorschach makes a fan base and the heroes are taking laxatives looks great

  46. Michael Parker

    Michael Parker4 일 전

    I have lived in a big city for the last ten years and have never once encountered a white supremacist. Sometimes it feels like the media just tells us what is trending, and what to hate, and what to be afraid of, and how much to hate and fear it, and we all just nod our heads. It would be nice to have good storytelling instead of more indoctrination.

  47. SistemaGaming

    SistemaGaming4 일 전

    This looks like its going to be a hit....

  48. zeke145 145

    zeke145 1454 일 전

    this looks fucking stupid

  49. Ezekiel Glenn

    Ezekiel Glenn4 일 전

    This looks terrible. Watchmen 2009 was great but fuck this show

  50. Art Fan

    Art Fan4 일 전

    The fuck. This is gonna suck

  51. Todd Williams

    Todd Williams4 일 전


  52. light saberAddiCt

    light saberAddiCt4 일 전

    WTF did they do to the Watchmen?! Now I guess it is another SJW "evil white man" shit. We are all evil, and racist and hate black people! So not watching this shit.

  53. swatbot2611

    swatbot26113 일 전

    @Nerd Empire You know that meme of the idea flying over the guy's head as he says "wow cool superhero movie"? It's this guy

  54. Nerd Empire

    Nerd Empire4 일 전

    light saberAddiCt „WTF did they do to the Wachtmen“ are you serious? Watchmen was always a political statement against racism

  55. Kothar

    Kothar4 일 전

    The boyz and now this, goddamn.

  56. Dan TheMan

    Dan TheMan4 일 전

    this reminds me of the days of getting vhs cartoons that were not the official disney version.

  57. TimeForAReview

    TimeForAReview4 일 전

    Looks just as shit as the movie was.. No thanks. The Boys makes this subpar show with a similar premise pointless

  58. Jason Stroud

    Jason Stroud5 일 전

    Oh look, HBO went and f’d it up, neat-o

  59. Parker Storms

    Parker Storms3 일 전

    Hey, they're bringing back some of the original team. Like, we saw Silk Spectre (Laurie Blake), Doctor Manhattan, Ozymandias (Jeremy Irons), and Nite Owl, Possibly* (Hence the Appearance of Archie)

  60. Luke Daykin

    Luke Daykin5 일 전

    wtf is this? NO!

  61. Nerd Empire

    Nerd Empire4 일 전

    Luke Daykin This is the Trailer to a Show named „Watchmen“ which is a Sequel to the Graphic Noble „Watchmen“

  62. Ernesto Caro

    Ernesto Caro5 일 전

    Quite frankly, I want to watch what HBO is going to do with this, they had make some of the best shows ever so at least we should've give them the benefit of the doubt.

  63. niggacamo

    niggacamo일 전

    Fax !

  64. berner

    berner5 일 전

    Oh look, a franchise that had nothing to do with white supremacy, made about battling white supremacy and by proxy helping to shove more of that "The world's a cesspool full of white supremacy" message down our throats.

  65. rhn94

    rhn945 일 전

    stop smoking c rack delusional

  66. avi gutierrez

    avi gutierrez5 일 전

    🤪🤯😂. Hope half of everyone in that show has a watchmen toy set used as good investment😏.

  67. Δημήτρης Ζέρβας

    Δημήτρης Ζέρβας5 일 전

    Ozymandias is Alfred? That we call plot twist.

  68. J Z

    J Z5 일 전

    I don't get the correlation honestly.

  69. Get_It_Up_Ye_Ya_Prick!

    Get_It_Up_Ye_Ya_Prick!5 일 전

    WTF is THIS?????

  70. Nerd Empire

    Nerd Empire5 일 전

    Get_It_Up_Ye_Ya_Prick! It‘s a trailer for the Tv show named Watchmen, which is a Sequel to the Graphic Noble Watchmen

  71. Elliot

    Elliot5 일 전

    Just get Christopher Nolan Alan Moore and Peter Ramsey (the guy Woh directed Spiderman into the spider verse) stick them into a room give them the Watchmen graphic novel and tell them to make a animated movie with almoste the same dialog.

  72. swatbot2611

    swatbot26113 일 전

    Just read the graphic novel then, why even adapt it if you want the same exact thing?

  73. Christian Newaye

    Christian Newaye5 일 전

    You should’ve kept the alternative 80s aesthetic it doesn’t even feel like a watchmen show.

  74. Christian Newaye

    Christian Newaye2 일 전

    Zeus 789 me and 9 people do

  75. Zeus 789

    Zeus 7892 일 전

    Christian Newaye no one cares

  76. Shubham Pathak

    Shubham Pathak6 일 전

    kya bakchodi hai

  77. pindrop

    pindrop6 일 전

    No thanks

  78. robby robv

    robby robv6 일 전

    SUPES, more like a bunch of fookin wankers P.S. - go watch THE BOYS, it's much better than this shitty remake!!!

  79. Domino Godbane

    Domino Godbane6 일 전

    The first teaser was awesome but this trailer and the slam sound effect is so fucking bad

  80. Uncle Sheogorath

    Uncle Sheogorath6 일 전

    Everyone is upset about the way this is adapted while I'm sitting here angry that they ruined the part with Bowie's song with those annoying slams.

  81. jmo

    jmo6 일 전

    ......I dunno?🤔

  82. John Stefanov

    John Stefanov6 일 전

    This is gonna be shit. Oh well at least "The Boys" got a great adaptation. Can't win them all I suppose.

  83. happyhappyjoyful

    happyhappyjoyful6 일 전

    We see u Mrs King.."a bish stayworkin, u didnt know" yasss!!😎💪

  84. Shadow Hunter

    Shadow Hunter6 일 전

    If they ruin my favorite super hero movie, I'm gonna be bad af

  85. greenious

    greenious6 일 전

    I'll be saddened if this series is mainly focused on white supremacy and gun/police violence. Watchmen has always been a psychological study of the masked vigilante and the consequences and hardship he/she suffers for living that life. I want to see their perspective in our modern society.

  86. Rolling Stone

    Rolling Stone7 일 전

    Idk what to feel

  87. Vaktaren :

    Vaktaren :7 일 전

    Absolute trash. The people behind this, especially those who pitched it, are subhuman oxygen thieves. Leeching off from a work of artistic integrity and turning it into pandering, substandard runny shit is a very Hollywood thing to do. Choke and die HBO.

  88. Jon Snow

    Jon Snow7 일 전

    How about you follow your own advice and do it yourself you scumbag, no one is forcing you to watch



    Avengers:We have a Hulk Stranger Things:We have an Eleven Watchmen:We have Dr Manhattan. Square Up

  90. comic ndn

    comic ndn7 일 전

    This show looks stupid as fuck; no wonder Alan Moore hates it.

  91. John Doe

    John Doe6 일 전

    alan moore hates capitalism so of course he's gonna hate it lol.

  92. Jon Snow

    Jon Snow7 일 전

    Alan Moore hates everything so that doesn't matter nor does your shitty opinion

  93. OmegaX 99

    OmegaX 997 일 전

    You know, for as bad as this SJW piece of shit looks, I will say they have managed to achieve something many believed to be impossible: Make the Zack Snyder version look like a f**king Shakespeare play by comparison.

  94. swatbot2611

    swatbot26113 일 전

    @Jon Snow Jesus, dude. It's just some idiot with a idiotic opinion, no need to be so cruel

  95. Jon Snow

    Jon Snow7 일 전

    Your mom should have done the wise thing and swallow or at the very least flush the toilet after she shatted you in it head first

  96. Throw communists out of helicopters

    Throw communists out of helicopters7 일 전

    Looks like shit. Alan Moore has a right to be angry.

  97. Kev Foster

    Kev Foster7 일 전

    there was not one second of that trailer that looked like a show i would want to watch

  98. John Farson

    John Farson8 일 전

    Who watches watchmen? The end is night!

  99. samira cake boss

    samira cake boss8 일 전

    TIC TOC TIC TOC Dr.Manhattan is coming for you

  100. just pouring some of that salt you know

    just pouring some of that salt you know8 일 전

    Boi this comment section is like watching Rome burning back in the day.

  101. swatbot2611

    swatbot26113 일 전

    I don't know what the fuck is going on and why are there so many pissy people. It looks fine