Wakey Wakey...


  1. Nebula Cloud

    Nebula Cloud8 분 전

    (♡*♡) / ♡ \

  2. Jacob Farrell

    Jacob Farrell26 분 전

    Still waiting....... and it's still gonna be worth it.....

  3. BrokenFilmS

    BrokenFilmS시간 전

    These videos low key have a Jack Stauber feel to them

  4. BrokenFilmS

    BrokenFilmS시간 전

    I feel like there should be a Netflix original completely based off of don’t hug me I’m scared and each episode is just like an extended version of one of their videos. Like black mirror but more haunting and the ending isn’t explained after every episode

  5. Warped Glass

    Warped Glass시간 전

    If it helps any of you fellas out, I'm preeeeetty sure the pilot will be released this summer. It was supposed to be released in the spring but some idiots leaked it so the release date was postponed. To some degree, it's speculation though.

  6. Halohaloj

    Halohaloj2 시간 전

    Where the duck is it???

  7. Dominique Hopkins

    Dominique Hopkins2 시간 전

    Why is the U.S blocking them? Like let me live.

  8. Lo XVII

    Lo XVII3 시간 전

    Will us prols ever get to see this or is it going to be kept in a chained vault for the rest of time?

  9. mauricio villagomez

    mauricio villagomez4 시간 전

    pero que rallos va aber una nueva seria no manches

  10. Ed Sharp

    Ed Sharp5 시간 전


  11. DeltaTown

    DeltaTown5 시간 전

    Coming June 19th... (Prediction)

  12. Everyday Stuff

    Everyday Stuff5 시간 전

    Yellow guy is always the one getting harmed

  13. Caitlin Altamirano

    Caitlin Altamirano5 시간 전

    new one

  14. Rosiiiee

    Rosiiiee6 시간 전

    See you in a year

  15. Ibrahim Chandavarkar

    Ibrahim Chandavarkar7 시간 전

    Who else has been waiting for 1000000000000000 years

  16. el mero mero

    el mero mero8 시간 전

    We miss you :((

  17. Minecraft gold gamer

    Minecraft gold gamer10 시간 전

    *I wonder what will happen*

  18. Squelch

    Squelch10 시간 전

    its been 7 month pleas release this soon

  19. Sungie Buck

    Sungie Buck10 시간 전

    Coming soon but wya

  20. GamerBoy 05

    GamerBoy 0512 시간 전

    What is this ?

  21. Rockanator

    Rockanator17 시간 전


  22. Ivan Carrasco

    Ivan Carrasco22 시간 전

    Tmr...ya quiero verlo...para cuando...

  23. sebasanimado

    sebasanimado22 시간 전

    7 meses despues y pos nada :,u

  24. iRrEleVanT

    iRrEleVanT23 시간 전

    Does anyone know the release date?

  25. s e v i t

    s e v i t일 전

    ok it’s been like 7 months don’t tell me this was a joke

  26. Playdoh Carti

    Playdoh Carti일 전

    if its on youtube red i swear

  27. Alasdair Dickson

    Alasdair Dickson일 전

    Is this a promise of more to come?? Please make it so!

  28. Emma McCormack

    Emma McCormack일 전

    The channel is almost to two million subscribers... What if they release some special content when they reach it?!

  29. Emma McCormack

    Emma McCormack일 전

    The little tune gives me a nostalgic feel 😊

  30. Emma McCormack

    Emma McCormack일 전

    I cant wait for more!! I hope they post anything new on the channel, as I'm subscribed!

  31. Rae_Rae 10

    Rae_Rae 10일 전

    7 months ago: OMG YES ITS BACK (rewatches all of them) Now: ...why

  32. Kaden Asch

    Kaden Asch일 전


  33. Sweet ross Nikkylol

    Sweet ross Nikkylol일 전

    Yyeeeeesssssss I’m been here for 4 years and now it’s here 😭😊

  34. President swag fan club

    President swag fan club일 전


  35. francisca serrano rosal

    francisca serrano rosal일 전

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  36. francisca serrano rosal

    francisca serrano rosal18 시간 전

    Soy un nuevo sub

  37. francisca serrano rosal

    francisca serrano rosal18 시간 전

    +sebasanimado hola que tal.?

  38. sebasanimado

    sebasanimado22 시간 전


  39. icewallow come

    icewallow come일 전

    K im done waiting unsubbed

  40. The Shrek

    The Shrek일 전

    June 19 is when it might come out

  41. İske GT

    İske GT일 전

    dont hug me im scred movie??

  42. JadoLive Yiğit

    JadoLive Yiğit일 전

    When will Dhmis 7 be out?

  43. Moon Wolf

    Moon Wolf일 전

    Bitch lasagne

  44. Solrac y Ragde

    Solrac y Ragde일 전

    Para cuando la serie papu, lo espero

  45. Chris Just Chris

    Chris Just Chris일 전

    c'mon i'm even more excited for this than avengers end game!

  46. Vedji

    Vedji일 전

    They showed the first 7 minutes of Wakey Wakey. Search it up, its there

  47. DragonRider51

    DragonRider51일 전

    Where? Mind givin me the link?

  48. Jonnyman19

    Jonnyman19일 전

    0:09 the clock is Tony

  49. oriel e

    oriel e일 전


  50. iLl DrAg yOU

    iLl DrAg yOU2 일 전


  51. video gamers YT :] #FBX

    video gamers YT :] #FBX2 일 전

    dont hug me im scare 7 has cancelled , sorry guys

  52. David Lintner

    David Lintner2 일 전

    Don't hug me I'm scare 7😱

  53. Christopher Parrillo

    Christopher Parrillo2 일 전

    How much longer i have been waiting for 7 month's?

  54. The Dominator

    The Dominator2 일 전

    Christopher Parrillo Same I forgot for like 5 months

  55. Clarisa Centeno

    Clarisa Centeno2 일 전

    The red guy did it

  56. TX1C SHARK

    TX1C SHARK일 전

    bruh why you got to spoil it

  57. toasty slimes asmr

    toasty slimes asmr2 일 전


  58. Ann Stougaard

    Ann Stougaard2 일 전

    Is this gonna be a movie?

  59. chomp The shark

    chomp The shark2 일 전

    Its been 7 months


    MARKET LEE2 일 전

    I will SCREAM if somebody shows me this again

  61. Flux Pan

    Flux Pan2 일 전

    When does it come out???

  62. Anyah_ 203

    Anyah_ 2032 일 전

    There’s a theory it’ll come out on the 19th of June, if you haven’t watched leaked footage dhmis 7, here’s a link koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-qSA1e8YHjmY.html (there’s spoilers tho).

  63. Birdie

    Birdie2 일 전

    It's been 7 months guys where's the trauma at??

  64. onüç

    onüç2 일 전

    It was posted on my birthday. What a great present!

  65. evie young

    evie young2 일 전

    Watch it come out on June 19th Edit: I’ve received a few likes and I’m assuming they just keep coming back to the channel occasionally to see if there’s any updates and just scrolling through the comments like me😂

  66. Jaime Torres Sala

    Jaime Torres Sala16 시간 전

    It may be the 20th of june due that the 19th already passed

  67. evie young

    evie young16 시간 전

    JustJigglypuff it’s a theory due to the date June 19th being a big part of last season

  68. Anna Vsz

    Anna Vsz22 시간 전

    yes i did hahah

  69. JustJigglypuff

    JustJigglypuff23 시간 전

    Is that an official date or just an especulation?

  70. Phoenix Williams

    Phoenix Williams일 전


  71. GIitz and Glam

    GIitz and Glam2 일 전


  72. David Hatch

    David Hatch2 일 전


  73. jessie lei

    jessie lei2 일 전

    It’s been about 7 or 6 months

  74. Burn Me Please

    Burn Me Please2 일 전

    I feel like im waiting for another mystery skulls video.

  75. Xavier Earl

    Xavier Earl2 일 전

    Come on release date at least

  76. Viel Jethro Moreno Pasal

    Viel Jethro Moreno Pasal2 일 전

    Who else is waiting for this?

  77. godjosh savageZ

    godjosh savageZ2 일 전

    Post post post post post post post post post post post

  78. 1,000 subscribers with no videos

    1,000 subscribers with no videos2 일 전

    2018: digital dancing, hey this is fun 2019: oh look, nothing Finally in 2020: Digital styles

  79. Aryan Agarwal

    Aryan Agarwal2 일 전

    Any day now

  80. Your mom gay.

    Your mom gay.2 일 전

    This is more over due than half life three.

  81. Gray stripe

    Gray stripe3 일 전

    I have a felling that this means what they went through was just a nightmare and his friends dieding where what he felt when his father didnt care. It was all just the yellow guys nightmare. And when he was dreaming he was kidnapped and the red guy reading help was gonna be a message but the kidnapper found him...

  82. averyxxbingham

    averyxxbingham3 일 전

    please come out with more stufffff

  83. como cuando no te puedes cambiar de imagen lol

    como cuando no te puedes cambiar de imagen lol3 일 전

    And the 19 june?

  84. Haydo Mo106

    Haydo Mo1063 일 전

    Are you releasing everything at once or something? Because it’s been a while~

  85. Cole Albrecht

    Cole Albrecht3 일 전

    it's been seven months now

  86. Cristina baratech baratech

    Cristina baratech baratech3 일 전

    Plis they have to come back

  87. Baran

    Baran3 일 전

    Aye we are waiting here

  88. Princess Dumbuya

    Princess Dumbuya3 일 전

    Most of the comments are how impatient we are *CHOP CHOP*

  89. Andrew Hambridge

    Andrew Hambridge3 일 전

    This should actually be a movie 🍿

  90. Andrew Hambridge

    Andrew Hambridge2 일 전


  91. EricLikeFries!

    EricLikeFries!2 일 전

    +Andrew Hambridge I mean that 23 minutes long count as a movie?

  92. Andrew Hambridge

    Andrew Hambridge3 일 전


  93. EricLikeFries!

    EricLikeFries!3 일 전


  94. Maanii Mariiee

    Maanii Mariiee3 일 전

    bruh hurry df up !

  95. Ghost gamer xoxo

    Ghost gamer xoxo3 일 전

    7months of crying

  96. BirNazi Subayı

    BirNazi Subayı3 일 전

    We Have All Waked Up Where The Fuck Is The Story



    Adaldan gelenler

  98. Tunahan Güder

    Tunahan Güder3 일 전

    cmon do somethink

  99. Min Lee

    Min Lee3 일 전

    So that was a fucking lie

  100. Stephen Foster

    Stephen Foster3 일 전

    Concept. Every time we ask when it’s coming out it gets pushed back another week.

  101. BitterPeachll

    BitterPeachll3 일 전

    I feel like this is going to ruin dhmis

  102. withanimepls this username sucks to

    withanimepls this username sucks to3 일 전


  103. Kerem Aksu

    Kerem Aksu3 일 전

    Adaldan gelenler +1

  104. YepStillMe Potato

    YepStillMe Potato3 일 전


  105. StraX #TropaDoCafé

    StraX #TropaDoCafé3 일 전

    cadê a porra do meu filme krl

  106. Ashlee Church

    Ashlee Church3 일 전

    Still waiting 🤔

  107. #nur Zoe

    #nur Zoe3 일 전

    I’m waiting for a new video like 7 months now🥵😫

  108. I'm not grumpy

    I'm not grumpy3 일 전

    Dhmis is coming out on june according to blink industries and conaco

  109. The Random King

    The Random King일 전

    June 19!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. Ellen Lehr

    Ellen Lehr2 일 전

    I'm not grumpy, Bish what?!?!??!?!? Also... Frick Roy and Punish Land

  111. Rick

    Rick2 일 전

    I'm not grumpy Link?

  112. 김정균

    김정균3 일 전

    Digital dancing!

  113. Vini é só isso mesmo Silva

    Vini é só isso mesmo Silva3 일 전


  114. Maxori Gaming!

    Maxori Gaming!3 일 전

    I "love" how they're just letting all of us down. A select group of people got to see it but they won't let anyone else see it or even give us an update. Social media is dead. Like, at least tell us a little bit of something. It would be awesome to see just a picture of a new character or something like that. But no, nothing. Plus they released this teaser way to early if this ends up coming out on June. 9 months of silence other than a few fans and don't care about the rest of us enough to even tweet anything about it. "Thanks."

  115. Aaliyah Ortiz

    Aaliyah Ortiz3 일 전

    I know this ain’t coming out in June 😒

  116. Anime Otaku

    Anime Otaku3 일 전

    Still waiting my dides

  117. Coach Renaldo

    Coach Renaldo3 일 전

    Where one nightmare ends, another begins...

  118. Uganda Luigi Uvuemubuen Osás

    Uganda Luigi Uvuemubuen Osás3 일 전

    I think first episode will be on 19th June

  119. wakute keeble

    wakute keeble4 일 전

    Hello people patience.....imagine you're the one working on all that puppetry, animation and puppet making......yeah difficult....... and even i think this would take time.....even the time they need to finish......

  120. Maxori Gaming!

    Maxori Gaming!3 일 전

    Yeah but they already had a premier for it so people got to see it. They just won't let everyone see it for some reason.