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    He probably paid youtube to be on trending

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    Awww I can’t watch the rest I went to www.cartersharer.com and you have to pay to watch th rest of it

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    Keep going Well done!

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    Omg been waiting

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    so excited

  9. LPS Emearia

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    That was so good!! I loved it!! Can't wait for part 2 because I can't watch it on your website. 👌 👌

  10. Kaylin See

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    Roi wassbi was there

  11. M! Pinto

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    # 1 in trend is good the vlog

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    How is this on trending it doesn’t even have one million views

  13. Ella cool kid

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    we all want to watch the movie so make it free

  14. Madison Molina

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    It is so creepy

  15. Cetanium

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    Omg Ryan George perdicted it right!

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    Congrats on #1 on trending

  17. Nia Thomas

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    Why are u guys always leaving Stephen Out?

  18. Madison Molina

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    I so creepy

  19. Billy Basher

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    The thumbnail will be memed

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    why do we have to pay this is unnessesary ;like if u agree

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    Do you have to pay for it

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    Oh wow!

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    This is max 🐶 He can’t swim very well So don’t let him sink to the bottom of the comments

  27. I fucking Hate homosexuals and bts

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    How do people watch this garbage?

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    Who tf is this? Why is he on trending?

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    4:55 owl in the back

  32. noahkjs YT

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    Comment how old u are I am 9

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    Paying for trending once again?

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    Why did I click on this

  36. aneta malisz

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    i belive you

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    #1 on trending in the UK congrats bro!

  38. Blaze The Kid

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    So you get 1 trending when you don’t even have 1 mill views with only 8.5k comments but pewdiepie has 4 mill views and 50k comments in the span of like 15 hours but doesn’t even get close to being on trending

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    Guava juice

  40. Raven Brown

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    will it be on dvd

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    I love it

  42. Abu

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  43. Maricel Enache

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    Make the film free pls .

  44. Kaden Stilson

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    Im 8 and i want to see the movie but it is not free. like if you think he should make it free

  45. Madison Hicks

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    Hello carter I love your vids can i please get a shoutout

  46. Nathan Hunt

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    Is this movie real

  47. waleed mohamed

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    I saw the move and it was osme.love it

  48. Roopsi Ali

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    Why cant it be free🤔😥😥😥

  49. Numaan Maroof

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    adverts come on the worse time 😤😤😤😤😠😠

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    Wow good thing that guava juice is there because he is my biggest fan

  51. Mr. cheesecake

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    Stop being like that thats not carters fault that you can't buy it

  52. Dale Sibley

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    Why do we have to pay for the movie it should be free what if you have no money like if you aggree

  53. SilverTeal Gaming

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    I’m not allowed to pay for the movie... I’m 10

  54. Wafaa Abdo

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    COOL 😎

  55. Just Monika

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  56. Teresa Idalia

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    Why do we have to pay

  57. Ninja Gamer

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    I'm living in Bulgaria and i can't watch the movie

  58. Kerry Allington

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    Is this pg

  59. killer vlogs

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    I'm not paying 5 dollars for a movie that youtubers are in you can't even watch it for free there always a catch

  60. lolbithacker fan

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    Is this actually true were you got shocked by lightning

  61. Trinity Key

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    Yay its finaly here

  62. Jessica Watts

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    I was scard

  63. Riley Comes at you

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    0:09 love the straight hair!!

  64. Baran Razekony

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    Make the full version free please

  65. juan minyety

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    Is the movie in theaters

  66. Stephanie Fulford

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    Do part two plz

  67. Pat Gazaille

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    Guys project zorgo is watching

  68. juan minyety

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    Isa the

  69. Erin Gillick

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    👌 perfect

  70. Mohaned Esam

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    Guava juice

  71. Renee Widener

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    Turn on subtitles and start from the beginning lol.

  72. Kerry Allington

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    This movie is great it's amazing

  73. DeathBoxer

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    finnaly an original idea

  74. DustinAndThe AdventuresOfBucky

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    ha ha ha ha I was messing around with you

  75. Heidy Santamaria

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    Me and my little sister saw the full movie it was so good

  76. خالد ال ثاني

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    Do you play Fortnite

  77. Orange Justice 273145

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    I got the whole movie 🎥

  78. Brianna Wang

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    Yeah Carter make it free make it free!!!!!'!!'!!!!!!!!

  79. Antnony Wallace

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    keep up the good work

  80. Antnony Wallace

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    love it

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    It sooooo goood

  82. Ally wolf Kawaii

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    Omg nooooo

  83. JMO Gamez

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    Anyone get that

  84. Yhael blas

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    That is the dollmaker's mask

  85. JMO Gamez

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    If there dating why is her name tag say Liz sharer

  86. Erin Pratt

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    Why are you making people pay to watch the movie some people don't have the movie and have been waiting to watch it for like 2 months

  87. Mary Haynes

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    Make it free =12356 Q

  88. Gumaro Balderas

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    Why all the KOreporter's were ther?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  89. Duan Janse van Vuuren

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    When is the movie

  90. Lynden Calvin-Pinder

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    yes man pls make the fullmovie free nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww xoxo lizzy

  91. brandywhalen1

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  92. gacha cookie

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    I want to watch it "wahhhhh wahhhhh

  93. Elisa Carrillo

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    I love the part one

  94. raj kapoor

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  95. FORTNITE Hassan Gamer

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    AWESOME hyped out for part2 but plz plzzzzzz carter make the whole version for free so every one can watch it plzzzzzzz carter and also that many kids are watching u to and they arent allowed to buy stuff so plzzz make the full version for free

  96. Night Soldier 23d

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    Hey shouldnt have lightning killed him since it bit him head on

  97. Alex Pospichal

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    What is your snap chat username

  98. Ring Edition

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    Make the movie free it’s not fair👀👅

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    Cool movie