Visiting The Kombucha Lair


  1. Julia Bhansali

    Julia Bhansali분 전

    petition for cody and noel to confront every single person they have ever made a video about im looking at u the Virgin Diaries

  2. Reese

    Reese분 전

    Just because this guy was such a good sport I’m going to buy his kombucha

  3. Teu ii

    Teu ii분 전

    I love this GT Dave dammnnn if only people could be this awesome 😅😅😅

  4. Justin Porter

    Justin Porter3 분 전

    Ok. I like him now.

  5. Mikylah Seely

    Mikylah Seely3 분 전

    dude of course cody drives a fuckin audi

  6. Kendall Rivot

    Kendall Rivot4 분 전

    this is literally when Cody gets into an old persons home thats way too nice for him

  7. Kevin

    Kevin5 분 전

    Love these kind of videos

  8. paul.

    paul.5 분 전

    They probably brought home a year supply of kombucha

  9. daddy shrek

    daddy shrek5 분 전

    i died at 6:06 lmaooooooo

  10. Julie Heffernan

    Julie Heffernan6 분 전


  11. Cleo the Border Collie

    Cleo the Border Collie6 분 전

    I’ll never drink this kind again

  12. Dugiedugdug

    Dugiedugdug6 분 전

    Yo wtf GT had no reason to steal the video like that he was fuckin hilarious

  13. Just Jug

    Just Jug7 분 전

    One of the best vids

  14. 10000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    10000 Subscribers Without Any Videos7 분 전

    6:10 the boys lookin fine as hell

  15. Jean

    Jean7 분 전


  16. Joy Chang

    Joy Chang7 분 전

    Cody: “oh it’s a push” haha

  17. Average Liyahhh

    Average Liyahhh7 분 전


  18. Emma James

    Emma James8 분 전

    Good job on the sponsorship Cody! It's nice to see brands reaching out to older creators :)

  19. sulky

    sulky9 분 전

    wth is up with your camera's exposure man.....aside from that this is prob one of your best vids

  20. MissyMelissy

    MissyMelissy9 분 전

    This is really the BEST youtube channel ever created!

  21. Nommi E

    Nommi E10 분 전

    GT is either gay or just a virgo

  22. emichos erit

    emichos erit10 분 전

    he seems like a total bro tbh. usually uber rich people let it go to their head or develop bad social skills from limited exposure. i like this guy though haha.

  23. Kjeller

    Kjeller10 분 전

    Cant wait for "Visiting Dre Drexler with our Girlfriends"

  24. Вигита навсегда

    Вигита навсегда10 분 전

    Dude I kinda love gt Dave like wat

  25. Poptart life

    Poptart life11 분 전

    Get GT on a track

  26. mmumford mumford

    mmumford mumford11 분 전

    So is Kombucha good for you? I keep hearing mixed reports, I like the one with turmic.

  27. Labhar Youssef

    Labhar Youssef11 분 전

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  28. Samuel Desire

    Samuel Desire12 분 전

    That's how you respond to parody and comedy, with a sense of humor. You have my respect GT. Someone translate this to parseltongue for me.

  29. Emily Du

    Emily Du13 분 전

    god damn this video felt way shorter than 20 minutes that's quality content for ya


    ERIXAAA13 분 전


  31. poopik

    poopik13 분 전

    He is hilarious

  32. Ian Urtiaga Alvarez

    Ian Urtiaga Alvarez14 분 전

    10 out of freakin 10 video dude

  33. Eddy Rose

    Eddy Rose14 분 전

    This dude is a genius.

  34. Lukaku Michael

    Lukaku Michael14 분 전

    12:33 When says OK to anal

  35. Perrine Bk

    Perrine Bk14 분 전

    GT is fucking cool i didn't expect that, this is perfect content guys, now i'm sad i can't find kombutcha in France.. (yea you hav french subscribers Cody aha)

  36. Phoenix King8115

    Phoenix King811515 분 전

    I’m going like all the videos of my next 10 subscribers

  37. alexander gonzalez

    alexander gonzalez15 분 전

    This is awesome lmao GT dave is actually super dope!

  38. Amaia Arizmendi

    Amaia Arizmendi17 분 전

    Fucking love you

  39. rasyoot

    rasyoot17 분 전

    dude's looking at Noel too much

  40. Time Code

    Time Code18 분 전

    So glad your channel is huge now. Always make laugh

  41. Tayla Stevenson

    Tayla Stevenson19 분 전

    When Cody says “ we tried it” and it cuts to Noel pacing around the room I WHEEZED

  42. • alyssa

    • alyssa19 분 전

    no WAY

  43. Aamir's YT

    Aamir's YT19 분 전

    This was a dope video!

  44. Henacie Boss

    Henacie Boss20 분 전

    Okay but did y’all ever tell him about the spilled drink👀

  45. Ryan Donnelly

    Ryan Donnelly21 분 전

    I was not expecting GT Dave to be so funny lmao! This video is amazing

  46. Арслан Тачмурадов

    Арслан Тачмурадов21 분 전

    Is a nice and funny guy, isn’t he?

  47. Icyy Zxy

    Icyy Zxy22 분 전

    He’s bout the chillest person ever

  48. SaltwaterLove

    SaltwaterLove22 분 전

    So, GT Dave is awesome and we love him now. Nothing like someone who can take a joke~

  49. Jon Nimmer

    Jon Nimmer23 분 전

    Jesus is Love.

  50. dragosanie

    dragosanie23 분 전

    Watching you hang out in that house while you cram in like 50 unskippable ads really made me question what the fuck I'm doing with myself.

  51. MadiMiernik

    MadiMiernik24 분 전

    ayyyyyye #1 on trending!!!!

  52. bangtanclip

    bangtanclip24 분 전

    he was so chill, this is the funniest video omg

  53. Erika Esch

    Erika Esch24 분 전

    Don't you ever look at a comment and think "I wish I said that" Just like this one (Subscribe to me)

  54. andras major

    andras major25 분 전

    Such a cool dude

  55. schpast

    schpast25 분 전

    GT Dave seems like such a sweet person and it was really fun to watch this!

  56. Alexander Condos

    Alexander Condos25 분 전

    Wtf wow number 1 trending kombucha really brings people together

  57. João Fardilha

    João Fardilha25 분 전

    yo kudos on GT, he sounds like a fun guy.

  58. Deena alhusseini

    Deena alhusseini25 분 전

    I love you

  59. Poppy Harlow

    Poppy Harlow26 분 전

    Imagine hanging out with these guys.

  60. Nasty Nato

    Nasty Nato27 분 전

    That was fukin cool man

  61. JP Salazar

    JP Salazar27 분 전

    KoO fuckN video cody... #goodvibes

  62. ashlyn fisk

    ashlyn fisk27 분 전

    soemthing about noel’s face makes me feel like he’s about to murder me but i’m the kindest way possible. i love it

  63. MROskarLundquist

    MROskarLundquist27 분 전


  64. JP Salazar

    JP Salazar27 분 전

    GT koO asf🤘 ... that end part... 1 percent reptilian 😂🤣🤣🤘

  65. soft bucky

    soft bucky28 분 전

    cody and noel share one braincell and 99% of the time its with noel

  66. Taco Joustra

    Taco Joustra28 분 전

    GT seems like a cool dude

  67. yuka a

    yuka a28 분 전

    wow he actually seems like a nice dude lol

  68. Ihasan epicwiener

    Ihasan epicwiener29 분 전

    I cant believe this guy could have this much hatred

  69. Mikio Gaming

    Mikio Gaming29 분 전

    *#2 ON TRENDING*

  70. Mikio Gaming

    Mikio Gaming29 분 전

    im just sayin ignore this comment

  71. sophie lisi

    sophie lisi30 분 전

    “Yo what’s up Beyoncé”

  72. meek m

    meek m30 분 전

    Why was cody so pale after like looking at the painting

  73. girlgirl123

    girlgirl12330 분 전

    This video was perfect!

  74. C alin__

    C alin__31 분 전

    BARS !!

  75. Aryanna Sabourin

    Aryanna Sabourin31 분 전

    So nice seeing an old man travel around and meeting new people post retirement☺️

  76. Travel nomand

    Travel nomand32 분 전

    The people Cody and noel roast like gt Dave & Matty smoke are okay with it and thinks it funny & jake is just nagging about it what a pu....

  77. David Zvonaryov

    David Zvonaryov32 분 전

    This guy is awsome!

  78. abigail_eve

    abigail_eve34 분 전

    okay but seriously what does he eat

  79. Kay Truth

    Kay Truth34 분 전

    This is so great. GT is just a funny chill dude...who happens to be rich. Roast and meet more people.

  80. 1000K subs with no videos challenge

    1000K subs with no videos challenge34 분 전


  81. Matthew Bes

    Matthew Bes34 분 전

    6:06 to 6:35 is a collection of some of the most screenshotable frames of 2019

  82. Adam Smith

    Adam Smith34 분 전

    Feel bad for laughing at him now

  83. Hannah Kennedy

    Hannah Kennedy35 분 전

    #3 on trending yes daddies xxxxxxxx

  84. xoxogossipgoat21

    xoxogossipgoat2135 분 전

    #1 on trending in Australia - what a fucking MOVIE

  85. mrmarcusfarcus

    mrmarcusfarcus35 분 전

    i loved this!! GT Dave is awesome :) this is one of my fave videos

  86. scarlett bazah

    scarlett bazah36 분 전

    this might be your best video to date

  87. Kitty Starbuck

    Kitty Starbuck37 분 전

    Well that was epic

  88. house of Niwa Tori

    house of Niwa Tori37 분 전

    #1 trending in Australia! 🇦🇺

  89. Keepin it Kenji

    Keepin it Kenji37 분 전

    “F*** jokes I need to be selling kombucha”

  90. mali beee

    mali beee38 분 전

    3:05: *You cannot skip the cutscence*

  91. Waffles 12

    Waffles 1238 분 전

    You should make a video on a channel called Stephen Sharer if you haven’t already

  92. ball

    ball38 분 전

    5:20 Maybe it's not the sofa, maybe it's your bones

  93. Peta Innes

    Peta Innes38 분 전

    I told u he had an owl, fmd, this guys house WTAF😂😂😂😱😱😱😱

  94. William Pappalardo

    William Pappalardo39 분 전

    This dude is low key funny

  95. Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :*

    Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :*39 분 전

    was worried this was gonna be some awkward shit, but god damn gt dave feels like he is part of tmg

  96. zero red

    zero red13 분 전

    Begone Thot.

  97. caitlin small

    caitlin small39 분 전

    lh MY GOD

  98. Colin Pickering

    Colin Pickering40 분 전

    theyve come full circle

  99. Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :*

    Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :*40 분 전

    I love how you just find him in the mansion while he's holding an owl like he's an npc in some videogame.

  100. Xqb Oz

    Xqb Oz10 분 전

    Oml this bitch legit stole another comment 💀

  101. jojo

    jojo40 분 전

    cameraman kinda cute tho js

  102. 阿闍梨 --

    阿闍梨 --40 분 전


  103. Airen Castillo

    Airen Castillo41 분 전

    It’s good that Cody is getting his daily exercise